Dear Friends,

Thank you all so very much. We are sooooo close. Just a little bit more and we will hit our goal.

If half the people who read this announcement in the next 10 days donated 5.00 dollars Websleuths would be in great shape

Please DO NOT DONATE if it puts even the slightest strain on your finances. Many members have contacted me to apologize for not donating. Please, there is absolutely no need to apologize whatsoever. No one is obligated to donate one single penny. There have been times where 5 dollars was all I had to buy food so I understand how difficult things can be for many of you.
I am only speaking to the members who can afford to donate.

Thank you for all your kind emails, private messages, text messages, and letters. Yes, go old-fashioned letters. Your words of encouragement mean everything to me.

There are several ways to donate.

CLICK HERE to visit our GoFundMe page

Donate at or to Google Wallet and use the email