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    Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth. Buddha

    Kissimmee Police Looking for Help W/Missing Man/Might Be Unidentified Somewhere in the U.S.

    On July 3rd I received and email from Detective Corporal Charles Hess of the Kissimmee Police Department. asking specifically if we could help find missing Marvin Holderman.

    Detective Hess saw Websleuths on A Killing Season on A&E and, as he put it "Decided to give you a try".

    Background on Marvin Holderman;

    Marvin Holderman was/is a homeless man. Every month he received approximately $1000.00 a month from a trust fund in check form. In October 2008 Mr. Holderman stopped cashing his checks.

    When Marvin Holderman went missing he was 55-56-years-old. Now he would be 65.

    He is a white male with reddish hair and has a mustache and beard. Nickname "Rusty"

    Height in Inches: 70.-74
    Weight: 160 to 240

    Tattoo on right shoulder "Born to Raise Hell"
    Tattoo on right arm of a panther
    Tattoo on left arm of a peacock

    He is a Vietnam Vet who had trouble adjusting and was self-medicating. However, he wasn't on the police radar at all. Didn't cause problems for law enforcement in Kissimmee.

    It safe to say the odds are Marvin "Rusty" Holderman is deceased and died shortly sometime after he cashed his last check in Oct. 2008.

    His sister is looking for him and would like to bring him home.

    There is a good chance that Marvin Holderman is unidentified in a morgue somewhere

    While all of our missing are important Marvin Holderman is different. A member of law enforcement reached out to Websleuths and asked for help.

    I would like to thank Corporal Detective Charles Hess of the Kissimmee Police Department for contacting us.

    To email Detective Hess use: CHESS@kissimmee.org

    We will do our very best.



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    Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth. Buddha

    We Need a Minute of your Time Please

    Dear Websleuths Members,

    We have over 1000 cold cases on Websleuths. Some of them decades old others fairly recent.

    If you could please take a moment and look at our cold cases. CLICK ON THIS LINK to see the Cold Case Forum.

    All we ask is you look over the cases and if so inclined post a comment on one or more of the cold cases.

    By posting a simple note of encouragement to the loved ones dealing with a cold
    case you can make a difference.

    I can tell you it means the world to people who find Websleuths while looking up information about their loved one's cold case and reading a thoughtful post from a stranger.

    Most of these people feel forgotten by everyone. A simple post from you lets them know people do care and have not forgotten.

    There are 45 pages of Cold Cases on Websleuths, 25 threads to a page.

    Please take a moment and post on one of these cases. You could help a total stranger not feel so alone.

    Thank You,

    Tricia Griffith
    Owner/Websleuths.com, LLC

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    Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth. Buddha

    Visitors & Members/ Chrome Users/Fix for Shock Wave Crash

    I use Chrome and tried this and the problem was immediately fixed.

    Please understand I am not a technical person at all. That's why my directions for technical issues sound just like when I give directions to anyone who is lost. I don't use tech terms. I describe everything in easy to explain landmarks.

    Here goes:

    Type into your address bar: chrome://plugins

    Then scroll until you see "Adobe Flash Player".

    Make sure where it says "Adobe Flash Player" that the blue line underneath says, "Enable". This should grey out your box and disable your Adobe Flash Player. This is where the problem originates.

    If the blue line below Adobe Flash says, "Disable" then click on the word Disable and "Enable" will appear.

    The blue line below Adobe Flash must say "Enable".

    Then close out the screen.

    This took care of the whole issue for me.

    This is an Adobe Flash issue and is happening everywhere.

    If you are a visitor or member and have issues please email websleuthscomments@gmail.com

    Dave continues to work hard to see we are doing everything possible on our end to make sure the site runs smoothly and without interruption.


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