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    Unusual Suspects - Investigation Discovery Wants WS Stories

    The producers and researchers at UNUSUAL SUSPECTS are looking for your stories.

    Now in its 7th season, UNUSUAL SUSPECTS is an award-winning documentary series
    for INVESTIGATION DISCOVERY that profiles some of the most notable and
    challenging investigations faced by contemporary law enforcement cases in
    which the perpetrator turned out to be someone the community least expected.

    Each one-hour episode explores how the dedicated police officers, detectives and
    prosecutors brought their experience and insights to bear, sifting through all
    leads until the unlikely perpetrator was caught and tried for the heinous crimes
    they committed.

    Crimes include murder, extortion, sexual assault and kidnapping. Using a
    combination of news footage, 911 calls, public records and re-creations, stories
    are told through eyewitness accounts and interviews with the investigators and
    prosecutors who solved the cases and brought the criminals to justice.

    Please send your ideas and contact information to:

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