Dear Websleuths Members,

We have over 1000 cold cases on Websleuths. Some of them decades old others fairly recent.

If you could please take a moment and look at our cold cases. CLICK ON THIS LINK to see the Cold Case Forum.

All we ask is you look over the cases and if so inclined post a comment on one or more of the cold cases.

By posting a simple note of encouragement to the loved ones dealing with a cold
case you can make a difference.

I can tell you it means the world to people who find Websleuths while looking up information about their loved one's cold case and reading a thoughtful post from a stranger.

Most of these people feel forgotten by everyone. A simple post from you lets them know people do care and have not forgotten.

There are 45 pages of Cold Cases on Websleuths, 25 threads to a page.

Please take a moment and post on one of these cases. You could help a total stranger not feel so alone.

Thank You,

Tricia Griffith
Owner/, LLC