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  1. Warren Jeffs FLDS compound in Texas surrounded by police
  2. Warren Jeffs FLDS compound in Texas surrounded by police #3
  3. FLDS compound in Texas Court proceedings ONLY please!!!!!
  4. Warren Jeffs FLDS compound in Texas surrounded by police #4
  5. Warren Jeffs FLDS compound in Texas LINKS ONLY. No discussion.
  6. Warren Jeffs FLDS compound in Texas surrounded by police #5
  7. Did Texas CPS do wrong?
  8. Flds - Follow The Money
  9. Cult or Religion and Is There Even a Genuine Difference?
  10. Prosecuting the Crime of Bigamy
  11. Possible Hoax Call
  12. Should Texas have Raided FLDS?
  13. Dateline Recap
  14. Bad News or Overdramatization?
  15. News from other sites
  16. The FLDS Temple and compound
  17. More than half teenage girls have been pregnant!
  18. The "Lost Boys" Of The FLDS
  19. FLDS - Politics
  20. FLDS - Court Proceedings and Rulings
  21. FLDS - The Children
  22. First Phase complete!
  23. WETV -- In a Polygamist Cult (TV SPECIAL) Recap
  24. Genetic Issues and the FLDS
  25. State investigates sexual abuse of boys; 41 sect children have numerous injuries
  26. Dr. Loyd Barlow
  27. Flora Jessop's Organization-Child Protection Project
  28. Weird Connection
  29. Flds- Court Hearings & Convictions
  30. Poem FOR the FLDS
  31. Were some of the Children from YFZ Warren Jeffs?
  32. The FEDS
  33. Bishop's List
  34. Escape by Carolyn Jessop
  35. Off Topic News - Another Cult
  36. Terms Of Service
  37. Recommended Reading-"His Favorite Wife-Trapped in Polygamy" by Susan Ray Schmidt
  38. Decriminalizing Polygamy
  39. FLDS appeal to President
  40. O/T, but related: Romany wedding ceremony
  41. House of Yahweh, weapons, murders?
  42. Book by Benjamin Bistline / FLDS Background
  43. Family Service Plans
  44. New raid very possible to rescue additional kids!
  45. Larry King Live - Thursday, May 22, 2008
  46. Appeals Court: TX Had No Right to Remove Kids
  47. "Banking on Heaven" by Laurie Allen
  48. "Stolen Innocence" by Elissa Wall
  49. Special on 48 Hours Now
  50. Texas Supreme Court Rules Children go back
  51. Court Hearing in San Angelo- Today 5/30/08
  52. Reunification
  53. Sect to forbid underage marriage...
  54. FLDS men "disappeared"
  55. The Rest of the Story...
  56. Police Protection for Judge and Witnesses
  57. have the children went home
  58. Grand Jury June 25, 2008
  59. Mothers say Texas raid forced them to market their clothing style
  60. The Process to Follow Going Forward.
  61. Which FLDS Rumors do you believe
  62. Warren Jeffs Hospitalized
  63. Legalizing Polygamy?
  64. Matters for ongoing concern
  65. Warren Jeffs apparently married his daughter Teressa to 30-something man
  66. Former polygamist sect members speak out on SLC TV show
  67. Jeffs and 5 others indicted in TX
  68. Sects center of federal investigation
  69. Five members of polygamous sect arrested
  70. 370 texas cps workers have criminal histories
  71. Texas wants 8 kids from Polygamist Sect back in State Care
  72. FLDS - Colorado -"Grandma's Refuge"
  73. If someone else does something wrong, is it ok for you to do it too?
  74. Texas Ends Cases Involving 34 FLDS Children
  75. Texas authorities seek custody of FLDS kids, again
  76. Warren Jeffs 'wife' back in custody of CPS
  77. Records show more Texas sect members wed minors
  78. Grand Jury Returns 3 More Indictments
  79. Bigamy charges filed against three FLDS members
  80. CPS Dismisses Cases for 235 FLDS Children
  81. Advertising/Support Websleuths
  82. 3 More Men Indicted By Grand Jury on 9/23
  83. Question? About Flds Women and Child support
  84. FLDS Winston Blackmore & Jimmy Oler Arrested 1-7-09
  85. History of Joseph Smith & Polygamy
  86. Colorado City Land Ownership
  87. One year later..this week in People magazine
  88. The Truth Comes Out
  89. Tomorrow on NPR
  90. My Trip To Colorado City
  91. Jury selection to begin - the Trial
  92. Texas polygamist sect member guilty of sex assault
  93. Merrill Leroy Jessop - trial on sex assault
  94. New Raids 4-6-10 Utah & Arizona
  95. Lehi Barlow Jeffs, Michael George Emack Sentenced to Prison - 15-Apr-2010
  96. Investigator stopped by Colorado City marshal
  97. New Photo Of Warren Jeffs
  98. Suicides or Murders
  99. Utah Supreme Court Reverses Warren Jeffs' Convictions
  100. Warren Jeffs to return to Schleicher County TX to face charges
  101. April 18th, 2011 William E. Jessop, 41, was cited late last week for trespassing
  102. Colorado City and the Underground Railroad - FLDS documentary by Mike Watkiss
  103. Tonight Websleuths Radio Discusses Warren Jeffs.
  104. Life After Jeffs: Civil War in the FLDS?
  105. Jeffs gets own jail cell
  106. Jeffs In Critical Condition
  107. One of Warren Jeffs 78 Wives Escapes Compound
  108. Unidentified Persons and the FLDS
  109. Texas attorney general seeks to seize polygamist ranch
  110. AZ AG Horne says criminal probe under way into Warren Jeffs polygamous sect