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  1. The headblow first and why
  2. timeline
  3. Would you move in the Ramsey's House?
  4. another slip of the tongue
  5. a "zonked" theory
  6. who latched the door?
  7. Another one...
  8. Trace Evidence and the Intruder Theory
  9. DNA Under Nails Matches Panty DNA?
  10. Black fibres on the thigh and crotch areas of the body
  11. Urine stains on JonBenet's longjohns
  12. the strange marks
  13. Size 12/14 Bloomies
  14. Many weapons.
  15. Was Christmas night special?
  16. Reality and Dreams and initialisms
  17. Want to buy Jameson's play??
  18. Size 12-14 Bloomies "modelled"
  19. Jon Benet is on CTV Now
  20. Flashlight
  21. Steve Thomas Update
  22. The Importance of DNA
  23. Heads up for UK tv viewers...
  24. phone records
  25. name that game!
  26. Arrest Made in JB Murder - Aug 16th, 2006
  27. Rest In peace now JonBenet and Patsy
  28. Karr A Possible Krank?
  29. Arrest in JBR case part 2
  30. Let's Make a Deal!! New version of old gameshow...
  31. Now the TRUTH is coming out. A Shout out to Carol McKinnely and Fox for the truth.
  32. Just WAIT A MINUTE!!
  33. Other teacher pedophiles prosecuted in Thailand
  34. Patsy's Plagarized Painting
  35. MSNBC Reporting Karr Admits Killing
  36. CNN Press Conference on Now!!!
  37. He Knew The Family
  38. Let's Bring It Back Around
  39. Karr admits infront of camera
  40. revealing evidence
  41. so they've got one of them
  42. Looks like he's reading from a script
  43. Michael Tracey is a proven liar. He is in this up to his neck. Be wary
  44. What Led Them to Karr???
  45. Polly Klass?
  46. Facts
  47. Karr's Interview
  48. Warning
  49. I gotta admit.....
  50. 8/17 News Conference/News updates for worker bees
  51. Questions - Merged
  52. Karr's Family Clueless
  53. Heads Up, 12 EST today Col District Attorney will be on
  54. Legal analyst: break in Ramsey case could be hoax
  55. Brother's story changing?
  56. Dna -Merged-
  57. drugging and raping JonBenet???
  58. PowerWurks...MERGED
  59. Passing the buck--something needs to be done
  60. OMG!! What do you think of this?
  61. Is Karr the guy?
  62. Karr Does Look Like Sketch Man!
  63. Jon Benet Died Of A Chloroform Overdose.. Per Karr, Allegedly
  64. I suspect Mary Lacy's career will be over soon
  65. John Karr... Morgan Nick composite sketch...
  66. Confession in JonBenet Case Questioned
  67. Christmas 1996
  68. Karr's Ex Wife Hires High Profile Attorney
  69. 25 dollar gift certificate from Amazon for the first person to figure this out.
  70. Is It Just Me?
  71. 14 year old ex-wife?
  72. Case being covered on abc now
  73. check this out...stuff like this really makes me mad
  74. Michael Tracy
  75. California charges
  76. JMK has his own myspace page (parody)
  77. False Confession Accepted?
  78. Arrested in case he harmed a child?
  79. Has anyone read John Douglas' book?
  80. Thailand now backing off some statements...
  81. New developments
  82. They were lovers?
  83. Fox Says That Thailand Officials Back Away From Prior Reporting
  84. What other evidence could they have?
  85. Thank you RST for all the red herrings over the years.
  86. The Pineapple
  87. Other Child Murders being investigated -Merged_
  88. Karr's Emails with Tracey
  89. If Karr was e-mailing Patsy...
  90. Where was Waldo aka Karr on 12/25/1996/Where's Geragos?
  91. Breaking on CNN
  92. For those who believe Ramseys guilty....
  93. Keep this in mind.....
  94. Autopsy Report didn't contain all info
  95. I think I need to point out the fact.....
  96. Multiple Personality Disorder Channelling Pasty Ramsey
  97. Michael Tracey Thread
  98. Karr's Demeanor After Murder
  99. White Teddy Bear
  100. woman claims Karr confessed to her 5 years ago
  101. S.B.T.C. / Ransom Note Merged
  102. secret details
  103. For Karr to be a red herring.....
  104. Richard Allen Davis's cell searched for Ramsey link
  105. Assuming Karr's Confession Holds Up, What Was His Intent?
  106. Karr tells Dad 1st arrest was for JB
  107. Cause of death?
  108. A loner
  109. If Death was accidental then why the elaborate cover up?
  110. A religious element?
  111. Q & A Thread..Merged threads... 8/18
  112. Marc Klass on CTV
  113. Ironic
  114. A chance encounter led to Karr's arrest - merged
  115. What if it was a private snuff movie broadcast over the internet?
  116. Breaking News Thread 8/19
  117. Q & A Thread 8/19
  118. Major inconsistencies are raising doubt...
  119. Seems to me there are some rather huge holes...
  120. Who stands to gain from a conviction resulting from Karr's false confession?
  121. A little history on JMK....
  123. Did Karr Sleuth the Sleuths?
  124. Media Contact List
  125. WHAT Is The Ramsey/Karr Connection?
  126. Time out to remember JonBenet
  127. Karr & gender re-assignment & the sex-change clinic -Merged
  128. Karr delivered deceased twins
  129. Karr Requested News Conference To Correct Misreporting Of Him Drugging JonBenet
  130. Steve Thomas
  131. What the meaning of 'sex' is....
  132. The Big Question
  133. John Ramsey moving/media -merged-
  134. Please Read. The JBR forum is just a wee bit different than the rest.
  135. Anyone Ever Heard...
  136. 118000 Would this strap up evenly?
  137. Karr Will Arrive on US Soil Sunday
  138. For The Media. The Truth About Michael Tracey.
  139. Great Talking Points Sent By A Friend
  140. A Glass of Tea and DNA.
  141. Burke and Karr?
  142. Anyone remember whose idea it was to invite all the friends over when JBR was found?
  143. Insanity!
  144. Q & A 8/20
  145. Breaking News Archive - 20th - 26th Aug
  146. ATTENTION : Please Read
  147. Oil Painting of Jonbenet
  148. 13 Separate Similarities Convinces Handwriting Expert
  149. DA Did not know
  150. CNN - Larry King for 08-20-06
  151. "Don't attempt to grow a brain!" from the movie Speed 1994
  152. In light of recent events...
  153. What happened to the "members theory" sticky thread?
  154. The Plane Has Landed.
  155. Just watched Ramsey special on E....
  156. Where are the Ramsey's friends...
  157. Over The Top
  158. Sexual Assault -Merged-
  159. Questions and Answers
  160. What Happened to the Stun Gun?
  161. Parody -- This is too funny!
  162. Apology To The Ramseys?
  163. The Scream in the Middle of Christmas Night.
  164. Childhood Friend of Karr's on Catherine Crier
  165. Pictures of the Karr Family Christmas of 1996 Have Been Found
  166. Who reported Karr for the Kiddie Porn on his computer?
  167. Ramseys/Karrs related?
  168. Somone who has time on there hands.....
  169. The Annie Muss posts
  170. Wendy Murphy
  171. The Palm Print Has Been Identified.
  172. What do you think the headlines say in 30days?
  173. " other little girls'
  174. I think that there is more to this than meets the eye
  175. I'm so confident that....
  176. Investigative failure?
  177. Oh no... Not another theory!
  178. Evidence of IDI...?
  179. Questions and Comments On Breaking News 08- 22
  180. Karr's mother tried to kill him.....
  181. Didn't JonBenet mention a visitor was coming?
  182. Will Karr support confession?
  183. The Counts Of The Charges Against Karr
  184. What would you have done differently?
  185. Karr and the Patricia letters
  186. Photographs of JonBenet in the Basement?
  187. Why I Think The Arrest Was So Close To Patsy Ramseys Death
  188. Primetime Now
  189. Peter Boyles Show Tomorrow. A Must Listen.
  190. Packng Popcorn found in room with body
  191. What's the best Site
  192. LKL Aug. 22: Karr's legal advisors state no DNA taken as far as they know
  193. A DNA poll for IDIs
  194. Nancy Grace last night.....CO press release?
  195. Breaking News Comments Thread 8/23
  196. Are YOU KIDDING ME?
  197. Q/A for 8/23
  198. Ramesy's Damed if they do, Damed if they don't, or is there more than meets the eye?
  199. Money grubbers at it already
  200. JMK is Albert DeSalvo all over again
  201. Nancy Grace program tonight 8 PM EST- 6 PM Mountain time DNA has been contaminated
  202. Karr wrote the ransom note-my analysis
  203. One Toke Over The Line Sweet Jesus
  204. Ann Rule
  205. Calif. Officials Told of Karr in 2001
  206. Not Much of an Investigation
  207. JonBenet Murder Suspect's Relatives Offer Book, Movie Rights to Agent
  208. Two Questions
  209. What made investigators take John Karr so seriously?
  210. S.B.T.C ... The real meaning ?
  211. Tricia Thread
  212. Karr's Lawyer said NO DNA taken yet?????
  213. Is Jane Harmon/Harmer of BPD the sister of Karrs Lawyer?
  214. Michael Tracey Miscellany
  215. Could somebody please inform me why we are treating this known Phedohile as Royalty?
  216. Alert Tricia Up To Bat---please Read Here
  217. JMK's Email == JonBenet's Date of Death!
  218. Here is my John Karr did it theory. whaddya think?
  219. WHAT in the hing hang does the DA have to make her so BRAVE?
  220. Patsy's Short Leash
  221. 2 Things that have me wondering
  222. I was wrong!!!
  223. Why don't you state in the headers...
  224. Astral Projection/Remote Viewing?
  225. SOUND OFF! What would you like to say to Karr?
  226. Taking the rap for a capital crime.
  227. Karr's psychological profile on Wendy Hutchen's site...OMG!
  228. How has John Karr changed your life?
  229. Maybe someone should put up a theory page, with no responses allowed.
  230. Ebay - Making $$$ off a Tragedy
  231. Media Links Only
  232. Nancy grace,....is it just me or
  233. CODIS Subject: DATA banks for DNA
  234. The Water in Hamilton, AL ???
  235. Evidence I never heard of or saw
  236. MONDAY 9AM MT - JMK's 1st Boulder Court Hearing
  237. Contractions: Ransom Note, Patricia Letters, JMK EMails
  238. ATTN: DA's Office and Media - More of Karr's Writing!
  239. Court Appearance
  240. A Question
  241. Why Was Jonbenet Wearing The Wrong Sized Panties When She Was Found?
  242. To Much Coverage?
  243. TV Alerts
  244. Daxis??? Anyone remember?
  245. Wood threatens to sue
  246. LOL! Karr says his DNA "might not match"
  247. Nancy Grace Show News
  248. Lingering questions?
  249. Question about Grand Jury
  250. Finding a focus to the constellation of lies