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  1. Kitten Born With Two Faces
  2. Florida Toilet Paper Tax
  3. Madonna Sued for Sexual Harasement
  4. Violent sexual predators wander "staggering drunk" at state facility
  5. Bottled water....... for Dogs
  6. 30 Muslim workers fired for praying on job at Dell
  7. Cafe owner uses hot fries to fend off gun-wielding robber
  8. Man poses as mother for two years to get pension
  9. Man with two penises loses wife
  10. 'The girl who makes your ears ring'
  11. Doctors remove wedding ring from penis
  12. Chihuahua adopts chick
  13. Man cuts off, eats own penis
  14. Perv Busted After Willy Wash Incident
  15. This is NOT a PENIS story.... 18" Dog swallows 16" stick
  16. Media barred from Charles and Camilla's wedding.
  17. Man wants the right to have his eyes closed in license photo
  18. Webster's dictionary adds additional definition for "wedgie"
  19. Teen burglar says he learned a lot by watching "CSI"
  20. Sex Doll sparks bomb alert
  21. "Tipsy" Vanity Plate Bad News
  22. Police Chief Charged With DUI Twice in One Day
  23. THIS IS MY NEW HOME.... all welcome
  24. Robber uses banana as weapon
  25. $10,000 Haircut
  26. Fake pill gives man a HARD time
  27. And u thought the guy with the ring was stupid
  28. Supernatural Beings causing Prison deaths
  29. yoohoo BLUECLOUDS!
  30. Former Officer Charged for flashing his Banana
  31. Man loses his memory on his wedding night.
  32. Husband leaves wife who gave him her kidney.
  33. Drs. grow micro-penis on man's arm
  34. Candles that smell like Jesus
  35. Child Prodigy... KILLS himself.
  36. out of love for animals
  37. Five-year-old cuffed and tossed in police car after school tantrum
  38. Easter Bunny Arrested For Harrassment!
  39. Judge refuses to marry two first cousins - they promise not to have kids.
  40. Satan's Image on Turtle Shell *picture*
  41. Mermaids for hire
  42. Hairy Stone
  43. Burned Doll mistaken for injured alien
  44. Sleepwalker mows lawn naked
  45. Smuggler insists bears are puppies to Airline staff
  46. 'Mr. Spock' publishes book of fat bottomed girls
  47. Erotic Bakery
  48. Leprechaun robs laundrymat
  49. 30 Mall of America visitors hung upside down
  50. Man survives 1000 foot plunge
  51. Celine calls her audiences sleepy drunks
  52. Man grows penis on his arm
  53. Sailed from Cuba in a 1951 TRUCK - picture included
  54. SNL Penis Nose
  55. House Stolen Brick-by-Brick
  56. Woman marries clay pot
  57. Teacher accused of getting homeless man to take exam for him
  58. Driver takes sleeping senior citizen instead of corpse to morgue
  59. Two men eat 350 Easter eggs
  60. Finger found in Chili
  61. Penis explodes during sex
  62. Billy shaves his testicles
  63. Man has permanent erection
  64. Student posts unflattering photos of Principal on website
  65. Prankster Smuggles Art Into Museums
  66. Sumo World Says 'No Thanks' to Pants
  67. Sperm whales...
  68. Waitress sees a familiar face -"Shroud of Turin" in old rag
  69. Mom trying to prove she was sober arrested for DWI
  70. Where do I apply?
  71. Easter Bunny Gets Pummeled by Boy at Mall
  72. Parents wait all night in freezing weather to enroll kids in preschool
  73. Mother and daughter found living among more than 100 rats
  74. Cheating wife gets millions in divorce
  75. It's not easy being a pudgy pachyderm
  76. Change Machine spits out hundreds instead of 20's for 6 hours
  77. Inmates use toenail clippers to attempt escape
  78. Sex with Cows
  79. Pole dancing the latest fad
  80. Shell Shocked ~ family home hit with stray artillery
  81. Man Pierces Glasses Permanently On Face
  82. Grow Your Own Breast Implants???!
  83. VERY SAD! Man Drowns in 8 inches of Water.
  84. Boy’s limbs reattached after freak accident
  85. Deputies arrest Bible-toting, heavily armed motorist
  86. Feel Good Story ~ $4,500 returned to Maine woman
  87. commute to school by mule
  88. Two Charged for Forcibly Tattooing Boy
  89. Inmate swallowed potential key to freedom
  90. Chihuahua Terrorizes Ind. Postal Workers
  91. Poll finds Americans too sleepy for sex
  92. airport worker takes unexpected trip
  93. Men swipe house, brick by brick
  94. National Odor-Eaters Rotten Sneaker Contest.
  95. Student helps foil robbery attempt with bananas
  96. Trooper says 'too bad' in response to 911 call
  97. Death sentence thrown out because of Bible reading jurors
  98. Homeless man leaves hospital in stolen ambulance
  99. Doing the Big Mac rap
  100. Magician's rabbit dissappears during Magic Act
  101. Anyone loose a FOOT??
  102. GODDESS WITH 100ft. breasts.... OH MEN
  103. Officer hiccups to death - he was 33
  104. Police officer in trouble for ticketing doctor on way to deliver baby
  105. "You're in a car going off a bridge -- you think you're done"
  106. First Cousins Cross State Lines To Marry
  107. Dog Tries To Snuff Out Smoking
  108. Women Allege Witchcraft Used As Treatment
  109. Alabama boy drives off in father's truck
  110. Don't just sit there. . .
  111. Man receives 'Fecalgram' in the mail.
  112. Farmer Delivers Calf & Baby in one Day...
  113. Cereal Lawsuit
  114. Dog survives for 6 weeks on a cliff
  115. Skeleton of Boy found stuck in Chimney
  116. Thief steals bag of poop from woman walking her dog
  117. Woman disappointed to learn on 106th birthday that she's not 105
  118. World's longest lecture
  119. Taxidermist turns pets into pillows
  120. Accused Of Urinating In New Home
  121. Police pull guns on woman giving birth
  122. You found WHAT in my car?
  123. Twins have surgery to be different
  124. Woman sexually assulted on Commercial Flight
  125. DUI suspect eats feces to foil breathalyzer test
  126. Family eat 20,000 Kit Kats
  127. Ms. Wheelchair Wisconsin stripped of crown after caught standing
  128. Police arrest jogger who ran with the barest of necessities
  129. Dead Dogs
  130. Man Convicted of Tricking Men to Strip
  131. cleaned out, and cleaned up by a burglar
  132. Postal Worker Found With Mail From 1996
  133. Heavy sleeper
  134. Has the Flower Fairy visited you yet?
  135. The BBC wants to interview Bob Marley
  136. Legally Blind Golfer Gets Hole-In-One
  137. 911? There are body organs laying on the sidewalk
  138. Woman is informed by federal agency that she's alive
  139. Woman too drunk to drive gives keys to underage, drunk nephew
  140. Pay to Pick Idiot's Middle Name
  141. Stone age porn
  142. Woman breastfeeds tiger cubs
  143. 'Left Lane Law'
  144. False teeth spark murder hunt
  145. Making Whoopie With the Warden's Wife
  146. Mamas Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Boxers
  147. Help?
  148. Someon's stealing horse tails
  149. Worst Kind of Opportunist
  150. Can't Wait to Get to Jail!!
  151. Thieves Chop Off Finger to Steal Car!
  152. Delivery Man Stuck in Elevator for Three Days
  153. Court: There's No Constitutional Right To A Lap Dance
  154. Bookies offer odds on aliens and other mishaps at royal wedding
  155. Cops aren't buying the artistic value of "art night" at Erotic City
  156. Burglars call 911
  157. Gamblers Turn to Pope for Lucky Number
  158. Parents Blast School's Sex Survey As Pornographic
  159. Ladies do you want to pee standing up?
  160. Smelly Money gets man arrested!
  161. Man defends self claims Incompetence
  162. Harvard Prof. accused of stealing $hit
  163. Photographer finds hand in ice
  164. Not for the squeemish
  165. Bloodsucking leech spends month up nose
  166. Enterprising 12 yo student arrested
  167. Cockroach Control Snafu
  168. Hacked Highway Sign
  169. Teacher Makes Girl Unclog Toilet
  170. Secret Service Guards Mother Duck, Eggs
  171. Smellavision
  172. Celibate monk cleared of soliciting Sex
  173. 12-year-old nabbed for printing $1 bills
  174. 'Star Trek' Bit Players Cling On
  175. 28 year old guy in his 11th year of University
  176. Federal Court Judges discuss peanut butter sandwiches
  177. Worker gets into passenger's luggage, dresses up in camel costume
  178. Sheriff goes too far to find letter writer who called him fat
  179. Suspect's accidental cell phone call tips cops to burglary plot
  180. Grace Jones kicked off Chunnel train
  181. Missouri Man Sues Over Sexy Billboard Ban
  182. Teen wrestles pizza burglar
  183. Could we all have a moment of silence? For the great loss of Canadian Beer!
  184. Whose pot is it?
  185. Woman Bails Out Wrong Man
  186. Man Waits 30 Years For Revenge..........
  187. TEACHER disciplined for fight at school!
  188. Teacher Allegedly Smokes Pot With Students
  189. Wisconsin may legalize cat hunting
  190. Alarm Hides From Sleepyheads Who Want To Snooze
  191. Ga. School Offers Cash Rewards To School Snitches
  192. Horse Rescued Upside-Down From Ravine
  193. Home Alone
  194. US teens snatch keys from limo driver
  195. 2 pitbulls RESCUE woman!
  196. Dog saves dog;
  197. Man reinacts crime.... immediately after his sentencing
  198. Wayward whale gets lost in New Jersey
  199. Talk about Rotten Luck! Half blind man shot in good eye
  200. Indians Charged for Burying Children Alive
  201. The Pig Olympics!
  202. Frozen birdies but no polar bears allowed
  203. Where to house homeless sex offenders: at the DA's house
  204. Man admits leaving photos of genitals on cars
  205. Finally, cookies that both dogs and their owners can eat
  206. Man Reports $2000 Cash Found in Bargain Shirt from Goodwill
  207. Extra moist KFC
  208. Man upset with PENILE surgery . . .
  209. Grandma & her Garden Gnome
  210. The mother who suckles pet monkey
  211. Man finds $10,000 in his recently purchased home
  212. Man claims mouth-to-beak resuscitation in chicken survival story
  213. Surfer fends off shark attack
  214. Drunk prankster tragically killed during prank
  215. Living on "Dork Street" in California
  216. something to think about before signing the consent form
  217. WHOLPHIN..... Part Dolphin / Part Whale
  218. Zoo wants CHIMP to stop smoking
  219. OMG, look at the name this kid got stuck with!
  220. Man catches fire during surgery!
  221. Rubber Ducky you're so fine!
  222. Size does matter
  223. Yawn costs $1000
  224. Mom puts eye up for sale
  225. LA Attorney moonlights as PORN STAR
  226. Cross-Dressing Bank Robber
  227. Teen accused of having BMW stolen so he could get new Bentley
  228. Finger Finder FINGERED BY SAN JOSE Police
  229. Officer on Toilet Accidentally Fires Gun
  230. Mayoral hopeful has his twin brother take his place in a parade
  231. Brother(44) & Sister(41) charged with incest~ ewwwww!
  232. Smoking chimpanzee
  233. Porn replaces Disney from county library
  234. Do you like salad? Check for a new ingredient.
  235. Shooting rampage leaves one car deceased
  236. Hey Officer, can you give me a ride?
  237. Convicted of Bird Feeding!
  238. Ah, Love...........?????
  239. 90 year old saves one kitty from bobcat, feels grief over the one she lost
  240. Bad luck or bad driving turns into good luck
  241. Woman ticketed for honking claims it's her right to free speech
  242. X-ray vision girl amazes scientists
  243. Hearse has bar and DVD player
  244. Prince Edward's lonely Royal visit
  245. Man Finds Skin in Arby's Sandwich
  246. Letournea child lover wedding to be televised
  247. Herd of buffalo back home after roaming off range
  248. Drs. remove 50 maggots from man's ear
  249. Man who hid mom's body in freezer for years feared murder charges
  250. Two men hunting die of heart attacks