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  1. Two men hunting die of heart attacks
  2. Teacher's Aide Stripped Naked In Class
  3. People Can read minds
  4. State blocks Abortion
  5. www.i66.com Site makes the stories easier to find.
  6. Park has explosive problem
  7. Extra-credit burrito leads to school scare
  8. Can you imagine???
  9. 2 yo girl saves father from diabetic coma
  10. HS play to feature . . . .
  11. Deadbeat cookie buyers beware!
  12. Men cited for making snow penis
  13. Man tries to pay for pizza with pot
  14. Man tries to pay for sex with meat
  15. Men are stupid . . .
  16. ANOTHER Finger!!!!
  17. Not Bizarre....but intersting
  18. Condom to keep users at attention
  19. The burger wars rage on...
  20. Super fast pizza, fresh from the oven
  21. Senior prank?
  22. Police Called To Church Because Bald Marines Attend Services
  23. Brothers Take Mom's Car For Spin
  24. Snake in Box of Cereal
  25. Woman Arrested At Job Interview
  26. Band Banned From Performing "Louie Louie"
  27. New Mark of the Beast: 616
  28. Student suspended over call from mom in Iraq
  29. HIV+ Foster kids are guinea pigs
  30. Viagra for the MOB?!?!
  31. Boy being sold on ebay
  32. Carjacker reports *his* car stolen!
  33. Enroll at "Whore College"
  34. Stay Dog Protects Infant
  35. EBay Bidder Won't Pay for Runaway Bride Toast
  36. Outlaw Manicurist is busted in NH
  37. Visit to mother's grave
  38. 60 visitors locked in cemetery
  39. Couple Faked Death With Stolen Corpse
  40. orgasm day
  41. Woman strangles neighbor with bra
  42. And My Kids Call ME a Packrat!!
  43. Cat Survives Fire, House Explosion
  44. Ice Cream Man Calls Kid Fat then Attacks Him...
  45. Woman assaults hubby after he refuses to "bite her on the butt"
  46. Dating agency for the celibate
  47. Deputy injected with glitter instead of medication at hospital
  48. Bikini wearing real estate agent sells
  49. Court rules against penis that tells jokes on TV
  50. Shoplifter requests 10 second 'headstart' before calling police
  51. 1st Annual Bizarre Penis Story Awards
  52. Impotent ex must pay damages
  53. Taking a BITE out of crime!
  54. Customer Tackles Deer at the Wal-Mart
  55. Fractured Penis
  56. Eiffel Tower parachutist killed
  57. Why didn't I think of this?? MisMatched Socks-$100 million dollars
  58. Woman charged with cutting husbandís penis
  59. The Chili Penis!
  60. Union launches push for prostitute rights
  61. The Birds II
  62. Trooper says alleged drunk driver started hitting on her
  63. Pastor's computer porn
  64. Mom Mad Over Son's "Most Whipped" Photo
  65. Child gets stuck in "The Claw" vending machine
  66. Kinky shopper KOed by vibrating knickers
  67. Porn Star Attorney!
  68. Woman chops of man's penis
  69. 200 cat carcasses
  70. Girl Pitches Perfect Game!
  71. Circuit Judge Richard Albritton, 57 May Be Benched
  72. Unbelieveable.. Medicaid providing sexual predators with free Viagra.
  73. man muttering 'sexy feet' arrested for indecency
  74. Man sued for mowing lawn during outdoor wedding
  75. Store owner steals customer's winning lottery ticket
  76. Girls barred from prom for their future plans
  77. Boy injured by woman allegedly trying to steal beer
  78. Pope's apartment for sale
  79. Man pulls car with ears while standing on eggs
  80. Stroke a chicken over the internet
  81. Bear Takes Dip in Suburban L.A. Pool
  82. Chinese Man Gets Prison For Eating Dead Body
  83. Road Kill Man
  84. Weird laws in PA, NJ, DE, MD - 35 question interactive quiz
  85. Bizarre News Lurkers/Guests
  86. One Year Old Arrested
  87. Study: Kudzu helps curb binge drinking
  88. F.B.I. Agent Accused Of Shoplifting 36 Cents Worth Of Wire From N.J. Store
  89. Toddler Leads Deputies To 1,700 Pounds Of Pot
  90. Pipe Bomb Closes Interstate - was a paper male organ
  91. Grandma goes to jail for calling 911
  92. "Snipper charged"
  93. Storks Hatching A Nest Of Golf Balls
  94. Tinfoil hat time!
  95. Cop Breaks Up Drug Deal Next to Squad Car
  96. Man hurt after jumping out of moving car to grab cigarette
  97. Dentist got patient drunk
  98. 7 x 3 foot Apartment ~ "tiny but trendy"
  99. Dieting boy ate dog's dinner
  100. 124 lb Catfish!
  101. Stupid Criminal of the Year award goes to....
  102. 124 pound Catfish!!!
  103. deputy finance commissioner - stuck- because phone bill wasn't paid
  104. Man arrested for wearing Grinch mask
  105. Man Broke Into Apartment, Rented It Out to 11 Different People
  106. Banana Prop Lands Flasher In Jail
  107. Man arrested after asking girls about feet
  108. Grapefruit smell makes women look younger to men
  109. Great Grandma Gives Birth To Twins
  110. Teacher berates naughty students, essay style
  111. Buckeye Girls - Be Afraid...Be Very Afraid
  112. Woodpecker attacking cars
  113. H.S. Yearbook Publishes Assassination 'Joke'
  114. "We love you, Mr. Pearson."
  115. Police "weeds" mall flower beds
  116. Sisters that do "everything" together
  117. Display of Plasticized Corpses~ oozing ~
  118. Cuss a cop= Free speech?
  119. College progessor's "blog" discusses students
  120. Mom Indicted for Hiring Stripper for Teen
  121. Jaywalking chicken ticketed
  122. Reporter Squashes Baby Squirrel :(
  123. Night Clerk scratched off 1400.00 worth of Lottery tickets
  124. Man set his own home on fire because guests wouldn't leave
  125. Garage sale habit pays off in surprise cash find
  126. Message in bottle saves drifting migrants
  127. Dressmaker snips Penis!
  128. Penis Pullin' wife murdered!
  129. Bomb Squad Removes Paper Penis
  130. Indian call staff quit over abuse on the line
  131. Pet Owner Says She Caught Boy Molesting Dog
  132. Neil Armstrong Sues his Barber
  133. Girl,5, survives having skin peeled back in fact. accident
  134. Boy, 8, takes 20-mile midnight ride
  135. Man won't claim the $617,000.00 that court says is his
  136. School won't erase 'beautiful' vandalism/Senior prank
  137. "Trucker Bombs"
  138. Want to take part in a cell phone throwing contest?
  139. Man Injured in Toilet Blast Files Suit
  140. The neighbor is a bear
  141. Serial Impersonator Arrested Again
  142. County deputy fired after shooting sheriff's dog
  143. Remember this guy?
  144. Restaurant Serves Food in Toilet Bowls
  145. These Peppers Shall NOT Be Found in MY Garden!
  146. LE busts 80 year old madam
  147. Custom Officials Find 51 Live Tropical Fish Under Woman's Skirt
  148. Police Officer Pulls Over His Stolen Car
  149. Dolphins use sponges as tools
  150. Woman in brothel sting may be oldest profession's oldest madam
  151. Carrying ricin as a weapon not connected to terrorism
  152. Lost fishermen found after 57 days
  153. Rare white buffalo born
  154. Pizza delivery man continues his deliveries after being shot!!
  155. Go Granny!
  156. Watch out, Son... women have TEETH down there!
  157. Alleged rapist killed by the son of his victim while in jail
  158. Man w/Bloody Chainsaw Allowed to Enter U.S.
  159. Tempted to do something to your boss?
  160. Stowaway's body parts rain down
  161. Busboy bags Buffett's VIP-filled cellphone
  162. Oops! Wrong victim
  163. Man Riding Lawnmower At 3 A.M. Gets DUI Charge
  164. Cats use fax as toilet, spark house fire
  165. Maryland school withholds diploma over bolo tie
  166. 11-yo drives mini-van
  167. Potato Chip Can Found In Place Of Woman's Remains
  168. Girl With Half A Brain Going To College
  169. Ex-stripper elected to term as Nevada judge
  170. Officer quits after getting Tasered
  171. Surgical Instruments Washed in Hyd. Fluid
  172. Expensive soup:a delicacy
  173. 144 arrested at cockfight: the largest cockfight in the United States'
  174. Poll: Nearly 40 Percent of French Men Wish They Could Be Pregnant
  175. Futuristic office: "ultimate office makeover."
  176. Boy, 4, dies after riding Epcot attraction
  177. Teen charged with vomiting on teacher
  178. Headline for an ad: Marriage Died Before Husband Did
  179. Students Benefit From Pot Bust
  180. Flying Car That Works
  181. Having an Eagle drop in makes a mess
  182. Boozing Bear
  183. Divorcing Couple Selling Casket
  184. Yet ANOTHER Iraq returnee goes off
  185. Ice Cream Truck Driver Charged With DUI
  186. Can you guess what this attorney's card said?
  187. Attention all single women: He is hungry for a wife
  188. Sean Penn.. on assignment for the San Francisco Chronicle!!??
  189. Two-faced cat
  190. Stop His Snoring
  191. PETA Employees Arrested After Dead Dogs Found in Dumpster
  192. Woman Survives Garbage Truck Dumping
  193. Wrong house, you got the wrong house!!!
  194. Was that a kangroo? A live kangaroo?
  195. He gives a new meaning to "Joy ride"
  196. ! Say Goodbye to Big Bird and Cookie Monster
  197. Cop forces young couple to strip!
  198. Can I grow some tomatoes Grandma?
  199. Bogus 'Jackass' Kidnapping
  200. Vehicle Lands On Sleeping Man
  201. Tropical Storm Returns Cross Lost In Hurricane Ivan
  202. Chimpanzee Painting Outsells Warhol and Renior
  203. Freedom isn't all that great- to a monkey anyway
  204. 95 year old man sets 100m record!!!!!!!!!!!
  205. Ahhh that good old country air
  206. Artist's code stumps CIA
  207. Parents are fighting over where to bury Marine son
  208. Her 50th wed anniversary presided by 99-yr-old dad
  209. Brain areas shut off during female orgasm
  210. Lions rescue kidnapped girl....
  211. Man Wakes Up And Finds Bullet Lodged In Tongue
  212. After 53 years, other spouses, engaged pair marries
  213. 9-Year-Old Changes Law; Endangered Can Carry Anti-Shock Epipens
  214. Drivers get tickets AFTER meters installed
  215. Alligator Caught in Massachusetts Creek
  216. Workers Escape Freak Accident- *wow*
  217. Jacksonville man woke-up with bullet in tongue
  218. 20-ton popsicle melts in N.Y.
  219. Mother Prays Daughter Born with 3 Legs Will Have Normal Life
  220. Cleaning crew downs $4k worth of booze
  221. Spectacular Conjunction of Mercury, Venus and Saturn
  222. School bans skirts
  223. Common virus kills cancer, study finds !!!!!
  224. Wife Gets Revenge- Buy selling sports Car on ebay for dirt Cheap
  225. Drunk takes a joy ride
  226. Wife teaches hubby lesson about not sitting down to eat
  227. 911 Won't Come Pick Up Your Garbage
  228. Chicks Saved From Compost Heap
  229. Woman won "100 Grand" not 100k Sues radio station
  230. raffle for new "eco-centre" prize.... a HUMMER...
  231. Here's my name and address, now gimmie all your money!
  232. Woman Fired After 21 Years For Not Wearing Makeup
  233. Gas station owner cashes in $1.4M pennies
  234. Woman Found With Thousands In Bra Suing
  235. Senior citizens have become very vocal art critics
  236. Music industry getting into file swapping business
  237. 3 hospitals got hydrolic fluid instead of cleaning liquid
  238. Warning for WS Members
  239. It took 71 days to get to the wedding
  240. Navy invites great-grandmother, 81, to enlist
  241. Man Swallows Key, Locksmith Uses X-Ray
  242. Canadian women ride their mules
  243. Slim-Fast Saves Man In Car Crash
  244. Boo-Boo bit the clerk
  245. Nebraska Man Has Lost 573 Pounds in a Year
  246. Found: One caiman, lots of sharp teeth. Contact. Please. No questions asked.
  247. Mom Has Big Baby No. 3, 'Big Enchilada'
  248. Why would a deer hop on its back legs?
  249. Are the fish keeping you up at night? Fla.
  250. Man arrested, found hiding in public outhouse tank