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  1. Shark Washes Up On Beach in QUEENS
  2. inmates had consensual sexual while being transported
  3. Restraining Order Romance
  4. Man Accused of Reckless Driving on Shopping Cart
  5. Students Get Passing Grade For Torching Teacher’s Car
  6. Thai fishermen catch and eat grizzly sized catfish
  7. Pot flavored candy won't be sold in Chicago
  8. It is the sparkle not the size when choosing to mate
  9. For $10,000, Woman Tattoos Ad on Forehead
  10. Is there a Websleuther in this bunch?
  11. Jack Nicklaus will be featured on a 5-pound note
  12. SAN DIEGO Flushes nearly $600K Down the Toilet
  13. Woman Claims She Found Rodent in Peanut Butter Jar
  14. what do battle-hardened Marines in Iraq look at on the WWW?
  15. Courtroom judge may have violated the 1st amendment rights of juror
  16. Landlord Evicts Victim Of Murder Attempt For 'Being Too Loud'
  17. Smuggling pot into prison- in baby's diaper
  18. Astrologer sues NASA for messing around with Comet
  19. Knock Knock... who's there?
  20. Sleepwalking girl found in crane
  21. Man Arrested For Exposing Breasts
  22. A True Steeler Fan
  23. 13 years in frozen suspension as an embryo- Healthy Baby Girl
  24. Archeologists discover another Stonehenge in the Russian city of Ryazan
  25. Drug dealing really may be rocket science.
  26. Bush involved in Bike crash.... AGAIN...
  27. 1.75M for lost testicle
  28. World's most expensive teddy
  29. Man sets himself on fire before proposal to prove his burning love
  30. Fetching terrier killed when firecracker explodes in mouth
  31. Man faints, dies after seeing epidural during wife's labor
  32. Bank robber dressed in drag
  33. Police Find Abandoned 44-Car Train Idling In San Diego
  34. Billy Graham's dau. smites hubby!
  35. Animals are smarter than we think
  36. Handcuffed man steals police crusier- still at large
  37. New Potter book leaks in Canada
  38. Mmm, Hufu
  39. Can you hear me now?
  40. Mariah Carey Wardrobe malfunction
  41. Woman loses 33lbs on McDonald's diet
  42. Naked man arrested for shouting at trees
  43. The will happen to Dark Knight one day
  44. Celebrity Tans
  45. Mom arrested for driving w/girls in trunk!
  46. Police: Idaho boy died after playing choking game
  47. Going home- the tortoise way
  48. Woman recieves $74,326.66 water bill
  49. Devon Boothe, boy killed by 10yr old sister
  50. Should I post this in the Missing Forum?
  51. Corpse Falls Into Traffic in Texas
  52. Three-year-old hurt when firecracker explodes in mouth
  53. Man cuts feet off 'promiscuous' wife
  54. City cancels Whorehouse Days festival
  55. Firemen save mouse
  56. Blue Pigeons of Manchester
  57. 90-Year-Old Woman Locked In Sweltering Van For Hours
  58. Woman 'miraculously' grows a penis
  59. The boob job to end all boob jobs
  60. Firefighter Groom Asks Judge To Prevent Firing
  61. Dog forgets owners have moved
  62. Man dies during sex with a horse
  63. golden retriever fights off record sized alligator
  64. Marfa Lights- what are they and have you seen them?
  65. Revenge of the Fish
  66. New Jersey couple has two sets of identical twins in same birth
  67. Catskills still searched for mobster's treasure 70 years later
  68. infested with maggots, womans foot amputated
  69. Get your 'Naked Gardener' calandar- at the school?
  70. Love On A Rooftop
  71. New style of "repose"
  72. Now animals are suing veterinarian
  73. Man has been turned down more that 5000 times
  74. Police powerless on outdoor orgies
  75. They're off in Nude-castle
  76. Must.... poop......NOW!!
  77. New tool in anti-porn drive: forced sit-ups
  78. Police: Man's Notes Demanded Women Strip In Parking Lot
  79. Private education for 10,000.00??
  80. Squirrel fires
  81. Man stole Police car to get to work
  82. He never spent a penny of it.
  83. Canidate for stupid criminal
  84. Granny arrested for operating drug take out window
  85. Crime Fighting Pig Dies
  86. What's the Deal With "Cat Ladies"?
  87. Gotta be careful when your huffing paint
  88. How do you convince an elephant to mate?
  89. Beware of the "Naked Tickler" Attacker
  90. Hit-run suspect runs in court for his trial
  91. Police find 550 gerbils in house
  92. Naked shopper gets off with a warning
  93. Bride marries wrong man
  94. Invisible Crust created for fussy kids
  95. Russian bakers pose naked to promote their buns
  96. Pensioners fought over TV remote
  97. Eating disorder specialist in rehab for huffing Whipped Cream
  98. Gigantic shark caught in Mass
  99. Family Can Add Deceased To Do-Not-Call List For $1
  100. Served 90 days in jail for 18 heart attacks
  101. Police officer orders 2nd woman to strip
  102. Inmate sues after finding 'finger' in prison meal
  103. Moose Carcass Stench Keeps Woman Indoors
  104. Art Meat
  105. It's never too late to come out of the closet
  106. World's oldest Mother ~ wants another
  107. Beauty queen stripped of her title after her aunt rigged contest
  108. Fire captain busted for using fire truck to water his lawn
  109. Animal abuser forced to 'wear' sins
  110. No more "singles shopping" at Wal-mart
  111. 28,000 year old penis unearthed in cave
  112. Betty Boop loses head
  113. Family sues FOX Reality Show over TV Home Renovation
  114. 79 year old crossing guard fired for refusing urine test
  115. 'Sasquatch' hair put to test
  116. Thief 'drinks' work of art
  117. Severed finger's 40 mile train ride
  118. Bachelor's friends use billboard to find him dates
  119. Amish Hooligans
  120. Invoiced Divorce: Wife Wants Back Pay For Housework
  121. Toddler flings out car window, into river
  122. Man becomes Lion's breakfast
  123. 'Bra Fence' Sparks Controversy
  124. Pregnant for 324 months
  125. Denny's really burns her butt
  126. Toothless man steals toothbrushes
  127. You probably shouldn't look here
  128. Cooking for your cat (Includes a recipe)
  129. Kittens survive 2-day shipping!
  130. Teen Sentenced To Clean Up Puke in Police cars
  131. Man arrested for tossing new bride off cliff
  132. Police return man's foot after realizing he did nothing wrong
  133. He must have had a bad vacation
  134. Calling all Martha Stewarts
  135. The kind of "sweet 16" party you remember for a long time
  136. Small, really small and tiny...
  137. Nudist's Final Wishes Rebuffed
  138. "X-Rated Prankster" Phoning Women/Police unable to prosecute
  139. Rare blue lobster found
  140. They even took her kitten
  141. Pig's head found at second cemetery
  142. Man's Ear Bitten Off At 'Carnivore's' Bar
  143. Pfffffffffffffffffft
  144. The value of sexual "favors" these days (do the elderly get a discount?)
  145. Man fakes murder to make wife leave him
  146. He paid his ticket in pennies- the court got even
  147. 3 year search for missing denture ends with bizzare xray
  148. Soldier treasure hunt.
  149. "I've never screamed so high in my life"
  150. World's first cloned pooch
  151. Kiss Prince William
  152. Woman showered with sharks!
  153. New status symbol: $135 drinks
  154. Preposterous - murderer buried in Arlingon Cemetery
  155. Nude Man in Ski Mask Enters Sandwich Shop
  156. Get Your Kleenex Ready
  157. With friends like this.......
  158. UPS Deliveryman discovers 9-ft. albino python
  159. Bankers encouraged to sleep at desk
  160. Today's the day the teddy bears have their picnic
  161. Scottish Court deals with Bizarre Fetishes
  162. Bridge draws dogs to jump to death
  163. Mobile phone used to film suicide
  164. Wife Was Battered With Fish
  165. Bank Card issued to Dick Head
  166. Be on the lookout for perv with man-breasts
  167. Hamster kills three
  168. Vaginas R' Us
  169. Denny’s maggot milk accuser made to settle case for $12,500
  170. Volunteers needed for the Bizarre board
  171. Busted! Chesty mermaid splashes debate
  172. Washington DC must see/ National Museum of Health and Medicine
  173. SAUSALITO Tourist attraction- a skinny-dipper?
  174. A super bad hair day
  175. 'What men say is not what they mean'
  176. The biggest little San Antonio Spurs fan. Poor little guy
  177. Woman taught dog to dial 911
  178. ‘Stooges’ act gets teen fine, sentence
  179. 99lb woman eats 35 Brats to win title
  180. Man forgets wife at gas station
  181. US nabsAustralian Qld-bound paedophile suspect
  182. Marilyn Monroe Death Inquiry
  183. Man charged with kidnapping retarded bride
  184. I'll go medieval on your hinny
  185. Denver: Only spanish spoken here
  186. My nomination for dumbest criminal of the week
  187. Amazing!!!
  188. I feel like chicken tonight.....
  189. What can Brown do for you?
  190. Another nomination for dumbest criminal
  191. Desperate teens sell themselves on eBay
  192. Humpty Dumpty
  193. Bear Opens Garage Door, Enters Alaska Home
  194. 'Snake!'"
  195. You never know what the sickp's will come up with next
  196. This truck driver doesn't like it rough!
  197. Two teens do emergency Csection on cat and saves one kitten
  198. And another dumb criminal
  199. Man who pulled over driver arrested
  200. You know that annoying car alarm?
  201. When you have three wives, don't get sick
  202. He doesn't want to be free!
  203. Jesus On A Pierogi?
  204. Revenge on a spammer
  205. Man says he got kidnapping idea from Dr. Phil
  206. File it under "Who Cares"????
  207. Radio stations' 'inmates' scare motorists
  208. Newly discovered falls found in Calif. Park
  209. Have you ever forgotten your wallet and ID? The bank robber did
  210. Sushi Fundraiser At Aquarium
  211. "We Don't Want Him To Go Through Life With A Pickle Jar On His Head"
  212. Mailman Bitten by Barking Man
  213. Man charged with sex with rabbit
  214. Kids get to keep $98,000 they found.
  215. PETA Rethinks Ads Comparing Abuse, Slavery
  216. This guy had a really bad day/ of course he started it
  217. Olympic hopes and dreams of athletic rodents dashed
  218. "Gulliver's Travels" started out as porn
  219. Someone's been sleeping in my bed!
  220. Remember mystery meat from the school cafeteria?
  221. 18 month old makes complaint/babysitter arrested
  222. "He Wore A Blue Bikini"
  223. He wants to sail the Viking replica on the Atlantic? It is made of popsicle sticks
  224. Police hunt nappy-clad man who pesters women
  225. Lightning Hits Man 4 Times
  226. Cops found his phone and arrested him
  227. It's toad time
  228. Police Hunting Ghost Hunters
  229. Woman acquitted in sticky threat case
  230. He WON, the lottery but can't keep it
  231. Urine battery
  232. Burglary suspect busted after calling mom for ride home from heist
  233. Paris Hilton dumps Tinkerbell for cuter dog
  234. Have You Seen This Man’s P***s?
  235. You go to work in the AM, you are half awake- OMG
  236. Looking for love- got to luv farming
  237. Tiger kills Kansas teen posing for a photo
  238. Cable company complaints
  239. Lucky Kitty
  240. So what is he?
  241. Woman chases utility workers with chain saw
  242. She did it again: 85 yo's birthday
  243. Toilet Paper Rolls Get Smaller
  244. The scream
  245. SliPKnoT Rockers Battle Burger King Over Fake Chicken Band
  246. News from Little Green Men Festival
  247. Iraq TV's 'Cops'
  248. Harnessing The Power Of Poo
  249. Don't Grow Pot Next To Sheriff's Facility
  250. 'Will you marry me'