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  1. Parents forget son, 5, at park
  2. Teletubbies In Cocaine Bust
  3. Bank worker leaves IOU letter in the safe
  4. Man Exposes Self At Restaurant, Sits Down, Eats Patrons' Food
  5. Idaho Weatherman Stands By Theory Despite National Ridicule
  6. Visit Alaska 'B4UDIE'
  7. Teacher Mistakes Boy's Insulin Pump For Phone, Rips It Out
  8. Religious DVD Mixup
  9. UFO spotters swap tales
  10. Dead goose knocks out Swedish hunter
  11. Robot racing gets under way
  12. Skimpy Underwear, Ample Commentary
  13. Beatles heads up for sale
  14. Man sends fake to take his paternity test
  15. Pamela Anderson's Stalker . . . serious nutbag!!
  16. Robotic fish unveiled
  17. Blind woman recognizes colour by touch
  18. Inventor of Fake Dog Testicles Wins Award
  19. Fishing Injury
  20. Woman Booted off Plane because of T-Shirt
  21. Firefighters let home burn
  22. Fist fight over pacifier, police called
  23. Funny Picture
  24. police arrest sex offender after bizarre episode
  25. Robber unclear on the concept of 'robbery'
  26. How dumb are you???
  27. Dane fights for state-funded sex
  28. How not to take a Paternity Test
  29. Man humped Camel
  30. Man In Wheelchair Steals Squad Car
  31. London to Get Sexual 'Theme Park'
  32. Skipping 'Oprah' May Have Saved Woman
  33. Squirrels on crack
  34. Largest human tooth on record pulled from 4th grader
  35. Psychic seeks reward for Saddam's capture
  36. Her Bra Stopped a Bullet!!!!
  37. School expels children's author for 'crap, poo, fart' talk
  38. Nine-Year-Old Boy To Swim Alcatraz To S.F.
  39. Man says he bit into severed finger in custard
  40. A Vehicle For 'Fido' - what do you think?
  41. The Ghost of Gourdzilla
  42. Unicef bombs the Smurfs
  43. Cambodian couple suck daughter's blood
  44. Police Find Naked Man Hanging From Ceiling
  45. The 3500-carat cubic zirconia
  46. Modern-day chastity belt
  47. M8k T
  48. Man enjoys road kill diet
  49. Cops Looking For $1 Million Bill Counterfeiter
  50. Elderly Lady fined for walking slowly!
  51. After-school special
  52. Police honor poodle that can walk on two legs for promoting road safety
  53. Man Eats 19 Grilled Cheeses in 10 Minutes
  54. Visitors flock to see image of dead priest
  55. Bulge in Python thought to be family's 18 pound cat
  56. Might want to rethink taking that vacation
  57. Burglar, scared by corpse, phones police
  58. Hobbit-like species once existed
  59. Man With Bow & Arrow Takes Over Train
  60. Man prefers jail to wife's nagging
  61. Pot brownies get dad in trouble
  62. Man in underwear arrested in school
  63. Giving new meaning to stepping in poo
  64. Dog Condom Recalled
  65. Pictures
  66. Burglar, scared by corpse, phones police
  67. Man drives off bridge, lands in tree
  68. Suspect caught by own dog.
  69. Cow stolen from billboard is found in Chesapeake woods
  70. Dog mothers baby squirrel that fell from tree
  71. 39-year-old Arkansas woman gives birth to her 16th child
  72. Hypnotic bank robber
  73. Sperm donor must pay maintenance
  74. Switched at birth babies - no compensation for families who won't switch back
  75. Musical breast implants
  76. N.J. License Plate Callers Get Sex Line
  77. Woman, 79, Gets Probation for Drug Dealing
  78. Husband Hangs Banner From Highway Asking For Divorce
  79. Man Arrested After Caught Operating On Vodka-Sedated Pigeon
  80. Chinese are bowled over by ancient noodles find
  81. Dispatcher tells 911 caller fire was just fog
  82. 1000 thngs made of Bamboo
  83. Ancient sciences hold key to quake prediction
  84. Addicted to plastic surgery
  85. N.J. License Plate Callers Get Sex Line
  86. Man's House Found Filled With 300 Birds
  87. Hotel bans kids, allows dogs
  88. Woman ticked off by police for "fat" comment
  89. Husband and wife air problems for all to see
  90. 100 turn out for annual underpants run
  91. Ohio Police Arrest Woman For $1 In Unpaid Taxes
  92. Orphaned Deer "Adopted" By Cows
  93. Cat got your tongue?
  94. Ever have a really lousy first day at a new job?
  95. Church for sale on eBay
  96. Getting a Tattoo proved fatal
  97. Co-worker stabbed in fight to use microwave first
  98. Hundreds Flock to Big Foot Convention
  99. Man punched out plane window
  100. Teenage Pilot buzzes local stadium
  101. Ananova: Prisoner sues God
  102. Ex-wife was 'best woman' at hubby's gay wedding
  103. Police Dog Relieved of Duties
  104. Dial B for Bizarre Bank Robbery
  105. Canadian Lake Monster?
  106. 1 million bounty to be offered for live capture of Bigfoot
  107. Man reports missing car - but fails to mention his baby was inside
  108. Second grader brings pot on school trip
  109. Married 162 times - and still wants more
  110. Women took 24 hours to get home from church
  111. 'Fat' people told to move on plane
  112. Exclusive: Pensioners Trapped In Sex-party Hell
  113. Choke the Chicken Game
  114. Bizarre crimes reported in Spokane County
  115. Drunk worker awarded $10K compensation
  116. Weather Service Accidentally Sends Tsunami Warning
  117. Patient attacks dentist with sword; says wrong tooth pulled
  118. Man costumed as feces has day in Court
  119. Boy brought grenade to show and tell
  120. Deadly snake sent through post
  121. Irony: Dog attacks Anti-Dog Bill guy
  122. Michael Jackson called for jury duty
  123. Detroit Man Wakes After EMS Declares Him Dead
  124. Man drops his pants after telling cops, "I am an American"
  125. Man robs bank with pay stub note
  126. Man finds dead woman stuck in his window!
  127. Student Suspended After Wearing Penis Costume
  128. Cop tickets car-not noticing dead guy inside
  129. Car Stops at Toll Booth, Body Falls from Roof
  130. $241,000 for Lap Dances? I'm In the Wrong Business. . .
  131. Breakdancer gives it the elbow
  132. L@@K!!! Mint Condition ~ A+++ Newborn babies
  133. Giant "corpse flower" blooms in Germany
  134. Impulse to 'cheer people up' costs UK man
  135. A bra collector
  136. Dead man gets parking ticket
  137. Rat Swims 400 Meters Across Ocean
  138. Hurricane Humor From New Orleans
  139. Corpse involved in motorcycle crash
  140. Pet owners seek grooming for rats
  141. Women parked at shopping mall get a free "gift"
  142. Coffee-To-Go Thwarts Carjacking
  143. Need A Doctor? Head To Wal-Mart
  144. Woman Finds Bullet In Pork Loin
  145. Woman Allegedly Steals to Bail Out Hubby
  146. Young Robbers Struck A Pose
  147. Outhouse Peepster pleads no contest
  148. Elmo* learns H is for Handcuffs
  149. Burgler fell asleep on the job
  150. Man creates giant kebab
  151. Sued for not giving orgasms
  152. Makeshift shrine to dead baby actually turned out to be chicken
  153. Man jailed for wearing fake Rolex watch
  154. Woman promises to pay boss for breasts
  155. Deer with Pumpkin stuck on head, poor Dear
  156. You want a loogie with that??
  157. Cashier recognises sweetheart robber
  158. Naked man orders coffee while masturbating
  159. 'Superman' Hospitalized After Leap
  160. 'Halloween' scene
  161. Suicide mistaken for Halloween decoration
  162. Man dies driving to brother's funeral
  163. Cat ran off with severed toe
  164. Escaped prisoner was left in charge of jail
  165. The "Man tax", Swedish feminist party
  166. Tribal girl wants to marry a cobra!
  167. Dumb crooks wear name tags to rob bank where they're known
  168. Looking for Elvis? - Look to TN
  169. Wife arrested after calling her husband 'lazy'
  170. Holy car! 1975 Escort fetches $690,000
  171. Cat Found Built Into Wall Of New House
  172. The first-ever "Wonders of Cannabis Festival and Exhibition"
  173. Pastor electrocuted while performing baptism
  174. Seal bites off woman's nose
  175. Drunk guy spends night in CVS
  176. Wheelchair ban for 'drink-driver'
  177. Cop Loses Gun At Doughnut Shop
  178. Woman falls after dangling from hot air balloon
  179. Old double-knit polyester never dies...
  180. Good Samaritan has run-in with Demon after stopping to help Vampire
  181. Arkansas man kills deer with his bare hands
  182. Man sues Home Depot for being glued to toilet
  183. Thief trips over baggie pants
  184. Granny nicked gems in her knickers
  185. Jury Sticks it to Woman
  186. Man's Attorney: He Just Wanted Woman To Slow Down
  187. She looks good enough to eat
  188. Car-pool dummy busted
  189. Resident's underpants stolen!
  190. 320 people arrested for sorcery
  191. Kitty Express
  192. Man marries mother-in-law
  193. Two NFL cheerleaders arrested
  194. Actress breaks arm singing "ACCIDENT WAITING TO HAPPEN"
  195. Burglar kidnaps parrot
  196. House With Bride for Sale for $600,000
  197. Three die playing catch with grenade
  198. Prisoner escapes after posing as identical twin
  199. Bachelor bequeaths fortune to cat
  200. Are you sure the man you married is who he says he is?
  201. chimeras - WHAT IF DNA IS WRONG?
  202. DUI sentences
  203. Watching over your widow 15 years after dying: Priceless
  204. Toe-Sucking Burglar Strikes Again
  205. Cat Jumps From 70-Foot Bridge, Swims To Safety
  206. Two drunken moose wander into home for the elderly in Sweden
  207. Man in coffin bag found alive!
  208. Toe-Sucking Burglar Strikes Again
  209. Those Wacky Aussies!!! Good to Their Ho's.
  210. Check this out
  211. Driver injured by flying deer when he stops car
  212. Man To Live On Billboard For One Month
  213. 2 toddlers sneak out, trash nearby residence
  214. Microwave your bra to stay warm this winter
  215. Golden Retriever Gives Birth To Green Puppy
  216. Funeral Notice
  217. Police leave drugs in bag of girl, 10
  218. Scientist invents remote-controlled turtles
  219. G-G-G-Ghosts
  220. Iowa Woman Finds Dead Turtle In P&G Product
  221. Michael Jackson's new song
  222. Mobile phone rudeness plumbs new depths
  223. ‘Wow, that was fun.’” fireman says
  224. Woman Arrested Twice For DWI Within 4 Hours
  225. Man Surrenders To Police After Barricading Himself In Bathroom
  226. Couple Says Vet Faked Dog's Death
  227. Break in at your own risk!
  228. Lovesick Giraffe needs a mate... any mate, hurry.. please
  229. Gainesville woman, 37, boy, 15, wed
  230. Customers Fill Up On 22-Cent-Per Gallon Gas
  231. Giant penguin mistaken for dead man in tuxedo
  232. The gift that keeps on giving
  233. Alien banned from Swiss Town
  234. Sauerkraut may 'cure' bird flu
  235. Man was wrong about November 11th
  236. Sparrow knocks over 23,000 dominoes
  237. Company offers salmon-flavoured soda
  238. Thieves target Trevi Fountain
  239. Giant Truffle
  240. double trouble
  241. U.S. woman plans to marry man who shot her
  242. Man can't explain why he cut his testicles off
  243. Man found naked with store manniquin
  244. Man upset about overdraft fee sues First National Bank
  245. Hate crime convict asks for reduced term
  246. Jackson's Bathroom Controversy
  247. The ultimate punishment - wearing pink!
  248. Penis + highlighter = Art or Indecent Exposure?
  249. Attack of the Night Monkey
  250. Fla. Lifeguard Drives Over Sunbather's Head (again)