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  1. Reality show sets up space cadets
  2. Motorist with "Respect Life" License Plate shoots Man
  3. Videocam was hot -- but the video was hotter
  4. Chef invents £1,000 meat pie
  5. HELP! Police!!! My rings are cold!
  6. 'Dumb' Tattoo
  7. Glow-In-The-Dark Meat
  8. Mom-to-be calls unborn a passenger
  9. Dog Stuck in Sinkhole for 16 Days Rescued
  10. Hospital circumcises wrong baby
  11. Woman sues Dunkin Donuts for 15Million
  12. High School Whiz Kid
  13. Innards, it's what's for Dinner
  14. Sweet Transvestite... not!
  15. Shoes Made Specifically For Sneaking Across Border
  16. Man Accused Of Attacking Girlfriend With Cactus
  17. zoo offers VIP visitors opportunity to eat exhibits
  18. Giant Wiener needs new home
  19. 7 year old stopped by police for speeding
  20. Hello, I'm Your Sister. Our Father Is Donor 150.
  21. Drunken smoker tries to open airliner door in flight
  22. PM Won't Answer Questions Because Planets Not Aligned
  23. Don't walk off with a Home Depot pencil
  24. Fire Safety Test - goes bad
  25. Naked man Tasered in sensitive spot
  26. Casino makes costly error
  27. Idaho town renames itself Secretsanta.com
  28. A brush with evil: Serial killer’s painting brings bad luck, owner says
  29. Fugitive hides in church only to find police praying
  30. World's Ugliest Dog Dies at 14
  31. Frozen turkey saves the day
  32. Wife wants divorce for virtual adultery
  33. Jesus On a Tailgate
  34. Chinese invent "Liquid" Condom
  35. Wizards of Winter House - amazing light show
  36. Cheating hubby exposed by parrot
  37. Santa sacked for smacking boy
  38. Man pulls truck with his penis
  39. Drunk man hops into Police Car, thinking it's Taxi
  40. Catch o' the Day
  41. Kiss My Fish
  42. Woman Ordered to Spend Night in Woods for Abandoning Kittens
  43. Offbeat Thanksgivng stories
  44. Two 'Wives' Fight Over Sergeant's Remains
  45. Police welcome drinkers to the "Lock 'Em Inn"
  46. Internet Muzac Radio for cats/dogs
  47. "Golden Girls" Mobbed
  48. Police: Man steals $200,000 worth of Legos
  49. Powerball Winner Dead For Days Before Being Found
  50. Bear shot by hunter bites back, dies
  51. Nasal Sex
  52. Passenger Urinates In Aisle, Diverts Orlando Flight
  53. Woman fatally struck by SUV after winnng on scratch ticket
  54. Baltimore dims as thieves snatch lights
  55. Scientists embrace plan for cyberhugs
  56. Scientists discover 'Singing Iceberg'
  57. Shark vs Octopus
  58. Teen With Peanut Allergy Dies After Kiss
  59. Ronald McDonald Robs Wendy's
  60. Man's body mistaken for deer, left on road
  61. A loyal Eagles fan
  62. Man slapped with 10,000-year alimony order
  63. Two headed turtle
  64. Man lodges complaint over rejected proposal
  65. Boy, 15, stole buses - and picked up passengers
  66. Man stole car with no brakes
  67. I'm so sorry I urinated.... in your City
  68. Argument Over Beer, Spaghetti Leads To AK-47 Shooting
  69. Naked Man Fires Gun at Traffic
  70. Dick Van Patten eats dog food
  71. You can own Jerry Garcia's toilet!
  72. Photo Of Dorm Sex Gets Student In Trouble
  73. Beware of Squirrel
  74. Women 'eaten alive' by bedbugs, lawyer says
  75. Boy, 13, steals police car, then calls 911 to turn himself him
  76. Give this Mom a Medal
  77. Woman Says 'Merci' After Face Transplant
  78. 2-year-old "baby" was trapped in a storm sewer
  79. One of the first Christmas Cards, at auction
  80. Robber Locks Taco Bell Manager In Freezer
  81. World's first Musical Sammich
  82. Just in time for Christmas
  83. Twins marry Twins
  84. Church group launches nude 'Bible Scene' calendar
  85. Prisoner escaped to buy McDonald's
  86. Lewd Rubbing forces authorities to erect fence around statue
  87. Take a peek at a $5,000 toilet
  88. Square-shaped flying disk spotted in Shanghai
  89. Logging on, on the John
  90. Woman Suspended From Job After Trying To Rescue Squirrel
  91. Brothel offers discounts for jobless men
  92. Woman Mistakes Cheese For Cocaine, Hires Hit Man
  93. God Bless Anna Nicole Smith
  94. Unattended Children Will Be Given an Espresso and a Puppy
  95. Antique cannonball prompts bomb scare
  96. Aunt's painting was a £26m Van Gogh
  97. Woman sent to male prison
  98. Santa drops pants at mall
  99. Desert no barrier for ski enthusiasts
  100. Another candidate for the Darwin award...
  101. Dealey Plaza, a rodent, & a maze
  102. Wow! Lawyer does 10 years & STILL counting for civil contempt...
  103. Hey, That's My Credit Card!
  104. Singing Sandwich
  105. Mr and Mrs become Mrs and Mrs
  106. Thief Captured & Hog Tied
  107. Hey! Angels don't do that!
  108. Woman, 82, Convicted of Attempted Assault
  109. Big brains mean 'tiny testicles'
  110. Man 'Blessed' By Snacks Shaped Like Jesus, Mary
  111. World's most expensive piece of real estate
  112. suspended from work over squirrel
  113. 10 year old girl takes cat on Joy ride
  114. School Officials Propose Ban of Whole Milk
  115. Contrary to popular belief, Deer cannot fly
  116. Man Tries to Rob Bank by Phone
  117. The Great Escape
  118. Ewww, man's online sweetie is his own mother!
  119. Superman's bulge worries movie bosses
  120. Man acts like a baby to fondle unsuspecting women
  121. Lion bites [stupid] woman at zoo
  122. Man, 33, seeks puberty
  123. Great-Grandmother Gets Master's Degree At Age 90
  124. Couple Having Sex Forces Plane Landing
  125. Mice grow human cells after injections
  126. Bigamist Busted After Girlfriend's Sister Spots Him On 'Dr. Phil'
  127. Navy Wife Carries Mannequin in Place of Husband
  128. Where it's now illegal to die...
  129. Drug Dealer Names Police Dog In Lawsuit
  130. Woman Killed In Crash After Husband Chokes On Coffee
  131. Was it art or was it snow porn?
  132. City May Require Transvestite Bathrooms
  133. Macabre Santa display in NYC draws stares
  134. Blindfolded Santa Hanging From Noose At Home Upsets Neighborhood
  135. Brokenhearted stranger leaves 15k ring in car
  136. Art expert fooled by chimp's painting
  137. Scientists 'crack' secret of Mona Lisa's smile
  138. women getting 'revirgination' surgery
  139. Pipe Problem Tied to Naked Man in Basement
  140. Man Gets Caught In Chimney
  141. Terrorist Baby
  142. Woman: Fiancé fed me rats
  143. Eminem Music Allegedly Used As U.S. Torture Device
  144. Anonymous E-Mail Tells Partners Of Your STD
  145. No Prostitutes Here
  146. Barbie Dolls Are Is Often Mutilated by Young Girls
  147. Oklahoma woman has 14 pound, 3 ounce baby
  148. Gorillas in Menopause
  149. Man in Santa Suit Robs Texas Bank
  150. Man Caught in Restroom After Wacky Chase
  151. Michigan man has been celebrating Festivus
  152. Dad fired for taking candy bars out of a trash bin
  153. Worm Nabs Child Pornographer
  154. Bizarre Sex Laws
  155. Ice Chunk Falls From Sky In Japan
  156. Stolen church money used for breast implants
  157. Lebanese Man serving life... freed!
  158. School gets check, note for '73 vandalism
  159. Sex toy company gets N.C. business award
  160. Dog stuck on frozen railroad tracks rescued
  161. TWO Mouthed Trout
  162. Watermelon Phenomenon
  163. Woman swallows cell phone to end dispute
  164. Man jailed for over a year with no lawyer
  165. What if He was born again today?
  166. Burglar On Ice After Getting Stuck In Driveway
  167. Man Gives Wife A Dumpster For Christmas
  168. Apologies Follow Virign Mary Condom Ad
  169. 'Fiancee' actually a man
  170. Catfish On Interstate Remains Mystery
  171. Police Stop 'Yellow Snow' Deliveries
  172. Family Finds Raw Meat Instead Of iPod Inside Sealed Box
  173. 'Acne' Robber Sought In Central Fla.
  174. Naked 'Satan' Screams in the Streets, Injures Fla. Sheriff's Deputy
  175. Fork stuck in girl's head
  176. How Stupid was That!...Can you say Busted?
  177. Good Coffee????
  178. How weird is Florida?
  179. Teen's New Name: KentuckyFriedCruelty.com
  180. It wasn't me, it was the rock! Yeah, right!
  181. Woman "marries" dolphin (yes, the actual mammal!)
  182. Swingers Scare Soccer Girls
  183. Human Head Spotted Floating Off Florida Coast
  184. Baptist leader accused of soliciting male prostitute
  185. "Mooning" not illegal says judge
  186. Elmo Book Asks 'Who Wants To Die?'
  187. Kitty goes for a ride
  188. Alleged Burglar Cooks, Makes Fresh Juice
  189. Good News Out of Florida!
  190. She was going to come back to life
  191. Free Booze Helps Homeless Addicts, Study Says
  192. Vengeful Mouse Sets House on Fire
  193. Woman's body sits in front of TV for 2 1/2 years
  194. Guillotine-Firebomb suicide goes awry
  195. 106-year-old, 30 year old caretaker die in apparent suicide pact
  196. Body Mistakenly Taken to Landfill
  197. Human Skin-Bound Books in Many Libraries
  198. Idaho ponders having prisoners sleep in shifts
  199. Not Such Good Clean Fun
  200. DNA Implicates Dog In Cat's Death
  201. conjugal visits as a reward in Beijing
  202. Tired Of Elvis, Fan's Girlfriend Stabs Him With Scissors
  203. Grand theft roof!
  204. Cyclops Kitten...really!
  205. 7 year old leads police on chase....
  206. Mich. man jailed after handshake sickens 3
  207. Green Glowing Pigs
  208. Online Chatting Leads to Virtual Wedding
  209. Man Bites Off Part Of Girlfriend's Face
  210. H.S. Homework: Research Porn
  211. Argentinia: Mom IDs wrong woman-daughter shows up for her own funeral!
  212. 2-year-old gets call for jury duty
  213. Student solves Rubik's Cube in record 11 seconds!!
  214. Mouthy Parrot Reveals Girlfriend's Affair
  215. Woman found dead in lift after 16 days
  216. Stolen Car Returned, 37 Years Later
  217. Parrot's attack leads police to burglar
  218. Strippers Protest Jersey Smoking Ban
  219. Ex-inmate tries to break back into jail using brick
  220. Peeing in Public or Performance Art?
  221. Doctors fix surgery mixup
  222. Wallet returned to woman after 56 years
  223. Hamster, snake best friends at Tokyo zoo
  224. Man gets prison in case of buried Beemer
  225. Brad & Angelina Sonogram for sale on E-bay
  226. Shatner Sells Kidney Stone for Charity
  227. Police stop her for DUI, she steals cruiser!
  228. Baseball Gloves Recalled; May Make Owners Sick
  229. Man who pulls over woman, tells her he's a cop, arrested for impersonation, Oregon
  230. 2 headed snake on eBay!
  231. Local Man Acts Dead On Web Site; Lands Job
  232. But it's just lettuce!
  233. Crook dubbed "salamander man"
  234. Colombia - Man Tried To Cure Nephew's Hiccups
  235. "Moby Sick" Fortune
  236. Man smashes three priceless vases in museum; points at shoelace, says, "There it is,
  237. Blind for 26 yrs, woman has heart attack & regains sight!
  238. Dog Involved In Death To Get Rehab
  239. N.H. Man Robbed After Refusing Wife Money
  240. Man falls asleep on the job. Wakes in Turkey
  241. Sailor gets angry reply to bottle message
  242. Australia at risk for bed bug pandemic - Ewwww
  243. Army teaching troops how to pick the right spouse
  244. Haunted by the Past
  245. Man Downs 173 Chicken Wings to Win Contest
  246. Dog finds owners breast cancer
  247. Teen saves life of woman who saved his life
  248. Texas may be growing more than wildflowers
  249. Kangroo has plastic surgery to save his acting career
  250. Woman beat herself up and reported it as a home invasion