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  1. Hundreds of dead pets found in woods
  2. Man, 94, Shoots Self, Waits Hours for Help
  3. 37 lb woman gives birth
  4. A League City woman, 87, is charged with shooting caretaker
  5. Unknown Tomb Found-egypt
  6. Human Head Found In Luggage
  7. Indiana House Wrongly Valued at $400 million
  8. Official wants coca fed to school children
  9. Security Company Puts Chips In Workers' Arms
  10. Joan Of Arc Remains????
  11. Woman Sues McDonalds Over Bloody Fry Bag
  12. If this aint Bizarre I dunno what is
  13. Teen's prosthetic leg stolen again
  14. Woman mauled by her 3 rottweilers
  15. Woman lived in fear and isolation
  16. Woman Takes Off Clothes In Court
  17. Detectives have sex with hookers to build case
  18. Man obsessed with doorknobs faces prison
  19. Man hasn't slept in 33 years
  20. Man accused of biting off girlfriend's nose, swallowing it
  21. Placerville Man Coughs Up Nail 35 Years After Accident
  22. NYC designing own condom brand
  23. Man Bites Off Girlfriend's Nose
  24. Cell Phone/Driving Horror Story
  25. Fla. Man Kills Roommate Over Toilet Paper
  26. Eeeeeeewwwwwwww!!!!!
  27. Nekid Skunk
  28. Teen arrested after MySpace posting showing guns
  29. I had no clue
  30. Customers Cook Up Trouble With Fake Penis
  31. What’s the wackiest street name?
  32. 71 Yr. Old Teacher/Sex Change
  33. 2 Million Bees Swarm Fla. House
  34. Maybe He Should Have Stayed In School Instead . . .
  35. Ohio Man to Social Security: I'm Not Dead
  36. 25 yr old woman wanted to play with the elephant
  37. Angel stolen from grave 10 years ago is found
  38. Now this is hilarious
  39. Harry Lobster...
  40. 75 year old granny robbing banks for the poor!!
  41. Leroy wanted the lamb to play
  42. Man goes from 1,000 lbs. to 400 lbs.
  43. Drunk Doctor In Operating Room
  44. The Sundae that cost a $1000.00
  45. Baby's birth to happen on Net!
  46. Beer flowing like water!!
  47. Woman Pays Ticket & Steals Courthouse Rug
  48. Man Severs Own Penis~Throws it at Cops
  49. Tiger bites Man's arm
  50. Abduction Suspect's Identity Fools Even Her Children, Feds Say
  51. Alligator knocks on Fla. woman's door
  52. Officials seek perpetrator in rape of poodle
  53. The Mobile Leprechaun
  54. Dining Out W/Your Pets
  55. Infant gets 2 fetus's removed from her...
  56. Boy gets caught in toy-filled 'claw' machine
  57. 'Shania Twain' defence works in drunk driver's favour
  58. Crazy Cat Terrorizes Connecticut Town
  59. 3 sybs share same Bday Not Triplets
  60. EPA study- pesticides in children
  61. Boylove Toyboy Breaks free!
  62. 'Dungeon' Castrations
  63. definition of a moron
  64. Bizarre Piece Of Grateful Dead Memorabilia Stolen
  65. Paperweight Severs Calif. Teacher's Hand
  66. Paris Hilton IS Mother Theresa
  67. Panty Thief Gets Sentenced
  68. Gun hidden somewhere...can u guess where??
  69. Man gets $218 trillion phone bill
  70. Book Bound In Human Skin Found In Street
  71. Woman, 82, ticketed for taking too long to cross street
  72. Geologists Find Ancient Worm Feces
  73. Psychics to try contacting Lennon in TV seance
  74. 'Skeleton woman' dead in front of TV for years
  75. Sextuplet hoax couple charged with stealing
  76. Wood Chipper Breaks Free in Pa., Kills 3
  77. Utah school books the wrong Jon Stewart
  78. Now thats one tasty bird!
  79. TRADE 1 red paperclip for a HOUSE!
  80. Not one us Brits are proud of :(
  81. 7 hour stand off ends due to no one home
  82. Serbian prisoner sews lips, tongue to avoid hearing
  83. Phony 76 year old doc BUSTED for doing breast exams
  84. The sex-change chicken that crows
  85. Sign in man's yard seeking virgin bride between ages of 12 and 24
  86. Dumb criminals
  87. Oregon man survives 12 nails to the head
  88. 76-year-old man went door-to-door giving fake breast exams
  89. Bestiality With Horse Captured On Tape
  90. Man Delivers Pizzas, Corpses In Same Vehicle
  91. Did you send a bra?
  92. Bad Hair Day
  93. N.Y. Woman, 76, Killed by Own Car While Visiting Husband's Grave
  94. Piece of worker's finger ends up in diner's hamburger
  95. Woman, 104, takes man, 33, as husband No. 21
  96. $200 per pound for coffee!!
  97. A Woman Polygamist!
  98. Men Glued To Toilet Seats At Wal-Mart, Denny's
  99. Workers dig up embalmed fetus in jar
  100. Hungarian workers get shock at bottom of rum barrel
  101. Jailed English man really 20year Missing FL man
  102. Family kicked out of all you can eat buffet.
  103. Man Arrested for Allegedly Driving Drunk on Lawn Mower
  104. What the heck?? Are people nuts?
  105. Poor puppy
  106. half polar bear - half grizzly
  107. Teen Charged After Running Friend Over 'For Fun'
  108. 'Paraplegic' Leaps From Wheelchair
  109. 11 years old - very sad ?
  110. BAT bites teen-teen dies of rabies
  111. Wife 'didn't realise husband was a woman'
  112. A baffled cabbie!
  113. Town won't let unmarried parents live together
  114. Woman's Seatbelt, Bra Strap Deflects Bullet
  115. Humans, chimps may have bred after split
  116. Trashed home filled with 70,000 beer cans (video)
  117. Suspended for singing
  118. Woman Rips Husband's Penis Off
  119. Mayor Seeks sex from women with late water bills
  120. Kitty kidnappers get community service
  121. Driver Has 18 Times Legal Alcohol Limit
  122. Woman attacks cheating husband and mistress with...
  123. Low income = higher stress
  124. 3 yr old has scorpions as play pals!
  125. Woman's fiancee dies on same highway as her late husband
  126. Catfish Recovers Woman's Stolen Class Ring
  127. How not to prove that you are faithful
  128. Man In Woman's Clothing With Flare Gun Makes A Scene
  129. Baby born with three arms
  130. 2 goat heads + 1 coconut + 1 pentagram = ?
  131. Florida man drowns trying to save toy boat
  132. Snake Bites Woman Walking Through Wal-Mart Garden Center
  133. Me & My Flying Buddy (SNAKE Thread Merged)
  134. Copperfield to Impregnate Woman Onstage
  135. Man Dies after climbing into Lion's cage
  136. Real Body at fake crime scene
  137. This is why you don't steal cell phones
  138. Woman Attacked Dog Breeder With Dead Chihuahua
  139. Do You Know What Your Husbands
  140. Worlds Oldest Condom Found!
  141. Foiled robber claims he's the victim
  142. Daryl Hannah removed from tree!
  143. Coincidence or a Conspiracy?
  144. A New Prescription Drug Plan
  145. Numbers Lady
  146. Nude Man Trying To Propose Runs Into Gunman
  147. Man Driving With Wife's Severed Head Crashes Car
  148. Bizarre Quizes
  149. Judge throws out rape case after prosecutor late to court
  150. Man wins $400K for 10 year erection!!
  151. Transvestite Gang Terrorize New Orleans Retailers
  152. Texas woman gets finger in the mail from ex-beau
  153. Plane Crashes After Taking Off Without Pilot
  154. Police Cut Naked Boat Ride Short
  155. Sleeping woman was actually skeleton
  156. Woman Comes Home And Finds Dead Woman There
  157. 15 Year Old Girl Found Chained To Her Bed For Bad Reportcard
  158. Breast Feeding Protest At Victorias Secret
  159. Little Girl Tells bloody burglar to leave her house!
  160. Oops, where's my arm?
  161. Is Putin a Freak????
  162. Husband & Wife Both Die In Car Accidents 6 Months Apart
  163. Woman Breaks Up Family Fight With Frying Pan
  164. 80 Year old man deals crack for sex
  165. Dog Blamed for Hitting Woman With Truck
  166. Gary Gilmore's Gun listed on Murder Auction for 1 Millon!!!!
  167. Triplets and Quadruplets to one mom in three years
  168. 911 Call for "Cute Deputy" Gets Woman Arrest
  169. Kitten born with 2 faces!
  170. Snake eats queen size electric blanket
  171. Blind Man holding Fried Chicken and Gun, Shoots Wife
  172. Colin Farrell confronted by woman on TV show
  173. Marlin Catches Fisherman . . . Strange Twist
  174. Florida Woman Sues Bacardi Over Injuries Allegedly Caused by Flaming Rum Shot
  175. Deadly Jellyfish
  176. Bear Wanders Into Lake Tahoe Casino
  177. Woman gets stuck on toilet seat, suffers burns
  178. Neighbors: Dog Drove Car Into House
  179. Bear Has Gourmet Dinner At Tahoe Shakespeare Festival
  180. How not to get a date
  181. Woman, 85, Left in Vault at Swiss Bank
  182. Fla. Man, 86, Pays $1 Ticket From 1946
  183. Judge Declares Lawyer Drunk In Court
  184. Woman comes home to find house cleaned
  185. Darwin Awards
  186. Texas Red Oak Tree Spouts Water, Baffles Owner & Experts
  187. Colombia's Big-Butt Ants Entice Gourmets
  188. Driver gets 70 speeding tickets in 5 months
  189. China Bans 'Simpsons' From Prime-Time TV
  190. Online Dating Is Planned for Orangutans
  191. Nebraska Man Arrested for 226th Time
  192. Rescue my cat or I'll shoot
  193. Strip poker championships bring mass a-peel
  194. Sebastian the cat gets 'grilled'
  195. Judge gets 4 years for using sex toy on bench
  196. Reveling Kenyans feast on fallen elephant
  197. Residents find corpse in water tower
  198. 13-Foot Python Tries To Eat Woman
  199. Police say shoplifters lost getaway car, driver
  200. Bartender Gets $10,000 Tip
  201. Nepal Boy Claims to Be Shortest in World
  202. Flower Bandit Leaves Thank You Note
  203. Granny give bears the boot
  204. tomkitten poo
  205. High School Student Wins Worm Eating Contest
  206. Snake kills man
  207. Teens Charged With Hate Crime
  208. Drug gang dumps five human heads in Mexican bar
  209. Dad Breaks Leg Trying to Cure Phobia
  210. Falling, Dead Pigeons Mar City Festival
  211. British tourist rescued twice
  212. Widow rented rotary phone for 42 years
  213. Robbery Suspects Fleeing Police Jump Off Dark Bridge, Miss Water
  214. Vt.;Do not glorify bunnies!
  215. Murder Suspect: Goat Turned Into Corpse
  216. X-Rated Font Used on Third-Grade Handout
  217. Doctor Accused of Stealing Cadaver Hand
  218. Police: Man Licks Woman's Feet At Wal-Mart
  219. Pa. Farm Discovers a Four-Legged Chicken
  220. Driving and Watching Porn!
  221. Patients: Doctor left us with deformed (privates)
  222. David Race Bannon a fraud
  223. 3-year-old boy buys pink Nissan on eBay
  224. Snakes on my head! In the grass! In my home!
  225. Iowa Woman Finds Drowned Bat in Tea Mug
  226. Victim's Name Tattooed On Child Killer's Forehead
  227. Squirrels Go On Attack At South Bay Park
  228. City dumps rule against sleeping near urine or feces
  229. Fla. Deputy Shoots Self Showing Off Gun
  230. Contraceptive Dart Planned for Frisky Koalas
  231. MySpace doesn't end when you die.
  232. Ark. Woman Shows Up Drunk at DWI Hearing
  233. Babysitter picks up wrong kid
  234. Man found in bed five years after death
  235. Oregon bakery worker trapped face down in dough
  236. ASU student recovers from 2-story fall
  237. R.I. Pumpkin May Be Largest Ever
  238. Hero pooch
  239. Family Sues To Get Back Dog Lost In Katrina
  240. Man Apologizes For Courtroom Feces
  241. Man Gets Naked In Convenience Store
  242. Lightning Exits Woman's Bottom
  243. Suit: McDonald's lied about ingredients in french fries that are harmful to autistic
  244. Makes you think twice about that trip to disney
  245. Man dismembers girlfriend in Quarter; cooks body parts
  246. Not It! Mass. Elementary School Bans Tag
  247. Urinals Shaped Like Woman's Mouth Cause Stir in Vienna
  248. N.Y. woman driving naked
  249. Man With Mannequin Fetish Arrested Again
  250. Man Builds Haunted House Out of Balloons