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  1. Makes you think twice about that trip to disney
  2. Man dismembers girlfriend in Quarter; cooks body parts
  3. Not It! Mass. Elementary School Bans Tag
  4. Urinals Shaped Like Woman's Mouth Cause Stir in Vienna
  5. N.Y. woman driving naked
  6. Man With Mannequin Fetish Arrested Again
  7. Man Builds Haunted House Out of Balloons
  8. Officials Probe Finger-In-Sandwich Claim
  9. Man simulated sex with statue of ram
  10. Train defecator hunted by police
  11. 2 Men Accuse Deputies Of Forcing Them To Eat Marijuana
  12. Spirit of Pol Pot
  13. State DHS worker punished for reporting illegal aliens that were applying for benefit
  14. British twins have different skin color
  15. John Mark Karr moves to tiny town w 18 registered sex offenders
  16. Squirrel Goes Postal
  17. Woman arrested for slaying animals as part of ceremony
  18. Barbra Striesand gets drink thrown at her
  19. Naked Man In Mask Attacks Babysitter
  20. Dead Candidate Runs For Office In Texas
  21. Area man charged with bestiality on a dead dog
  22. Gym Calls Police On Weightlifter Who 'Grunted'
  23. Hubby to pay alimony to 'man-wife'
  24. Man hurt after lighting firecracker
  25. Man Uses Bug Story to Make Women Disrobe
  26. Man Held in Rape Is Set Free
  27. Deer's Head Stuck in Fake Pumpkin for Days
  28. An amazing case of mistaken identity
  29. Man Dead 2 days on tiolet in hospital
  30. Drunk driver assults police with a snake
  31. Frozen Pigs Fly Onto LA Freeway
  32. Man Accidentally Shoots Himself in Groin
  33. Cat mates with dog...pics at link
  34. World Domino Record Toppled (4,079,381!!!)
  35. Orgasm for Peace
  36. Free Viagra spices up small town life
  37. Woman's body found behind bookcase
  38. Man accused of spray-painting 3 goats
  39. so what's actually in the guacamole?
  40. Fleeing thief stops to smoke crack
  41. Not your average grandma
  42. Woman finds bat in Christmas tree
  43. Half-Breed Wolf Dog Hero Rescues Elderly Owners From Snowstorm
  44. Woman lights match on plane after passing gas
  45. Mother has son arrested for playing with present before Christmas
  46. Man shocked with 7k amps stealing copper
  47. How to raise a Future President of the Homeowner's Association
  48. Man Trapped by Debris in Home
  49. Man Calls 911 to Report Stolen Marijuana
  50. Mother leaves kid in car, takes dog shopping
  51. Banned for a George Bush T-shirt
  52. Wisconsin Man Runs Over, Eats Seven-Legged Transgendered Deer
  53. Sick girl tossed from school bus
  54. Topless Granny wins in court again
  55. Funeral Worker Dies Driving Hearse
  56. Man dials 911 when nature calls
  57. Virgin dragon to give birth
  58. Women Wrestle in Mash Potatoes
  59. Their Real Name Is Christmas
  60. Woman with 2 wombs, 3 babies
  61. Woman Trapped in Elevator for 3 Days
  62. Alaskan Woman Dies After Mistaking Antifreeze For Home Brew
  63. Young Girl Facing Charges After Wetting Pants
  64. Double Barrel Boulder Holder Saves Life
  65. Fetishist Faces Life in Prison for Mannequin Thefts
  66. Hunter bags 1100 pound "Hogzilla"
  67. France: parents beheaded by crashing helicopter
  68. Va. school board fires ‘butt-printing’ art teacher
  69. Scorpion on a plane stings man multiple times
  70. High speed chase...in a Winnebago
  71. Women dies after competing in water drinking contest
  72. Giant Rabbit
  73. I'd Like To Get Even For The Pooch
  74. Cell Phone Catches Fire, Burns Man Over Half His Body
  75. Artist Serves Friends Meatballs Cooked in His Own Liposuctioned Body Fat
  76. Throw Away Babies?
  77. Who's your Daddy
  78. Isn't It Time To Stop These Con Artists?
  79. Cambodian "jungle girl" struggles to adapt
  80. Is this dumb or what?
  81. FL woman finds newborn Duck in fridge!
  82. Man survives fall from 17th floor
  83. Shot Duck Lives in Fridge
  84. Pet shop owner brews beer for dogs
  85. Mummified baby found in suitcases
  86. Buried 1957 Plymouth to be unearthed in Okla.
  87. Prehistoric Shark Filmed in Japan
  88. Warning: Limit Intake Of N.J. Squirrel Meat
  89. Never give an iguana Viagra
  90. Cat Serial Killer
  91. Butt naked bowling
  92. Crazy Pills
  93. Andrew Luster Justice Site?! NOOO!
  94. Driver is saved by a real-life Lassie
  95. Life's looking merrier for an earless terrier
  96. Corpse Flower Blooms
  97. Dog eats owner's $5,000 wedding ring
  98. Brazilian saves grandson from anaconda
  99. Another cat story
  100. Mother Cat Adopts Pup
  101. Woman Ties Up Lover And Drinks His Blood In Bizarre Valentine's Day Act
  102. Mummified Man Found In Front Of TV
  103. Tiny duckling has rare mutation: 4 legs
  104. Extra-special cat has 26 toes
  105. Sticky rice helps insomniacs
  106. Rats Run Wild in KFC-Taco Bell in N.Y.
  107. Two-legged dog reunited with worried owner
  108. Doggone! 45 days later, Chipper returns
  109. Tiger, Orangutan Babies Playmates at Zoo
  110. Doctor steals hand and gives it to a stripper
  111. Hair thief gets jail
  112. Dog dies saving family from burning home
  113. Man shares his golf cart with rabbit and bobcat
  114. Man aims to dispel fear of people in ski masks
  115. World's largest horse makes a big impression
  116. Kinky Israeli Ambassador recalled!
  117. Feline Invasion
  118. Man Gets Probation for Sexual Contact with Dead Deer
  119. Look, in the sky, it's a bird, it's a plane... no, it's a flying lawn mower
  120. Dog Sized toad Found in Australia
  121. Confiscated monkey sent sexually explicit audio tapes by Plano owner
  122. NY Bus Converted Into Oven for Matzos
  123. Man kept 77 sheep in his home
  124. Grieving couple commits suicide after dog dies
  125. Cops: Ore. Man Puts Kids in Car Trunk
  126. Couple fights to name baby 'Metallica'
  127. Coyote strolls into downtown Quiznos
  128. Asia's richest woman, Nina Wang, dies
  129. Keith Richards says he snored father's ashes
  130. Ala. Woman on Horseback Charged With DUI
  131. Falling woman saved by pile......
  132. Lost in jungle, hikers lived on frogs, spiders
  133. Woman puts most all her belongings in eBay sale
  134. Granny (81) goes to jail
  135. Panhandle crew lands 1,063-pound mako shark
  136. Man cuts off penis in restaurant
  137. Pet owner will pay $10,000 for lost pooch!
  138. Japan Scammed
  139. The Smallest Dog
  140. Man accused of exposing ex-wives!!!!
  141. Woman accused of being a vampire lynched
  142. Stolen Wallet Found 56 Years Later
  143. Couple touring home find woman's body
  144. Bring your own toilet paper!!!
  145. Wandering Dog Spray-Painted 'Go Home'
  146. Deer Teecher, Lern to Spell!
  147. No kidding
  148. try the cat and the little chickies....
  149. Man glued to his bike by home invaders
  150. Convicted Rapist Running for School Board
  151. Doctor Removes Spiders From Boy's Ears *threads merged*
  152. Elevator vandals get trapped by 'vengeful' object of their attack
  153. Serial Sock Snatcher
  154. Man Cuts Off Mom's Head With Saw, Dies Trying to Cut Off His Own
  155. Panty-Clad Man Tries Robbery With Lighter
  156. Wisconsin Festival Sells Deep-Fried Testicles
  157. Man Accidentally Shoots Himself Without Gun
  158. Illinois Issues Gun Owner ID Card to 10-Month-Old Boy
  159. Panty Raid
  160. Real men take fishing seriously
  161. A possible cure for jet lag
  162. EEK!! 60 year old has twins
  163. Beer Train Derails
  164. She's back again!
  165. Viagra Oysters Face Stiff Opposition
  166. Philippines - Man Shot Dead For Singing Out Of Tune
  167. N.H. Man Seeks Return Of Mummified Baby
  168. Komodo dragon kills child
  169. NYC man blames health drink for erection that wouldn’t go away
  170. Wild Wheelchair Ride *threads merged*
  171. Turlock woman fakes kidnapping to get out of date
  172. Officials Say Automated Toilet at Beach Eliminates Cleaning Crew
  173. Natalee Holloway's mom said to be dating JonBenet Ramsey's father
  174. Butts Charged With Stealing Toilet Paper
  175. Brothers die within hours of each other in separate accidents
  176. USB powered cushion cooler...for "hot butt"
  177. If she was scared why did she keep them?
  178. thrill ride severs girls feet.
  179. Black Lab Drives Owner's Car Into River
  180. Dog Votes in Elections
  181. Cheating Husband Busted on The Radio
  182. Man dies on stand testifying about death of California girlfriend
  183. Teen's Parents Arrested in India For Supervising Surgery
  184. World Hot Dog-Eating Champion Crippled by Jaw Injury
  185. Home is where the....
  186. New Bigfoot Video
  187. Cold Case File: The Naked Tickler
  188. New Drug Deletes Bad Memories
  189. dinner guest found the bodies
  190. Girl Seriously Injured in Swimming Pool Mishap
  191. 5-Year-Old Boy Pins Down Rabid Fox to Protect Brother
  192. Rare PINK Dolphin
  193. Man Goes to Hospital 3 Times in 3 Days, Then to Jail
  194. Missing doctor found dead in rafters after 22 years
  195. Bride hopes wedding is a touchdown
  196. Zeta Jones washes her hair in fish eggs
  197. Australia; Woman Almost Dies After Bikini Wax
  198. Condom Fashion Show~
  199. Woman finds Burglar On Her Toilet
  200. Mom Booted From Plane Over Baby's Babbling
  201. Zebra Shot Dead in Drive By. . . .
  202. A really *****ty Day Saves a Life/ Man's Life Saved By Sewage
  203. Missing Baby still in diapers ... A Baby Kangaroo, that is!
  204. Vt town considering banning nudity
  205. Squirming Fly Larvae Pulled From Man's Head
  206. Inmates perform Michael Jackson's "Thriller"
  207. Finally! A Flying Car.....honest
  208. poor pitbull attacked by porcupine
  209. Cat predicts patient's deaths
  210. Swimming Pool and Water Stolen From Yard
  211. Bizarre Sex Tape Spurs Criminal Investigation
  212. Smile & say, "CHEESE".
  213. Attention All Members "In the Shadow of Justice airs tonight on NBC
  214. Rodent Rudeness.
  215. Pencil removed from woman's head
  216. Shake 'N Bake: Wife's Cremains Found
  217. Priest Cited for Jogging in the Buff!
  218. Kidnapped Parrot IDs "Parents" To Solve Crime
  219. Karaoke singer attacked after starting song *merged threads*
  220. Puppy Born With Love Heart
  221. Adulterers, beware: Your cheatin' heart might be exposed by E-ZPass.
  222. Man Sues McDonald's After Allergic Reaction to Cheeseburger
  223. Foul-Mouthed Cockatoo Forces Indiana Workers to Avoid Bad Language
  224. Woman Buys Fake Cocaine, Calls Cops to Help Her Get Refund
  225. Pa; Woman Slices Eggplant, Finds Name of God
  226. Japanese biker fails to notice missing leg
  227. Kentucky Man Wraps Head in Duct Tape as Disguise for Attempted Robbery
  228. Fat? The new reason to ge out of a DUI..
  229. Stephen King Mistaken For Book Vandal.
  230. Outback Death.
  231. Dwarf gets penis caught in vacuum cleaner.
  232. Tots getting internet identity at birth
  233. Moose Gas Hurting the Enviornment
  234. Pot plant in court
  235. 'Spooky House' shooting divides Ohio town
  236. He's one step closer to priesthood :D
  237. Hot Marsupial
  238. Gotta love this one.....
  239. Bill Murray cruises through Stockholm in golf cart, refuses breath test
  240. Woman sets fire to ex-husband's penis
  241. Young antelope found playing with a dog
  242. News Woman Gets "Frank" Opinion on TV News
  243. Driver passed out, holding beer
  244. Brrrrrrrrrr
  245. Vermont; UVM offers gender-neutral rest rooms
  246. Bidding for Mummified Walrus Penis Bone
  247. Pennsylvania Man Charged With Abusing Corpse in Coffin
  248. Caution: gross - Austrian teen kills, partly eats roommate
  249. OU Fan Goes For The Texas Jewels
  250. Thai woman flees with husbands severed penis