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  1. Doctor Unknowingly Saves His Own Life
  2. Police: Bald man caught running away from pharmacy with hair loss products
  3. Man Builds Guillotine to Kill Himself
  4. Police: Diapered Man Sent Teen Dirty Texts
  5. Smoker refused operation on broken ankle
  6. Man Trying to Sneak Into Concert Venue Impaled on Fence
  7. Inmates go on sausage ‘temper tantrum’
  8. UI bans corn-eating contest
  9. Firefighters Save Donkey Trapped in Well
  10. 'Dead' man wakes up under autopsy knife
  11. Marryourdaughter.com
  12. Man Jailed Over 50-Cent Toll
  13. Man dies after 3 day gaming binge
  14. Man files suit against God??
  15. Would You Like A Bandage With Those Fries?
  16. Idaho Man Blames Wild Sex for Car Crash
  17. Man accused of stealing man's false teeth from his mouth
  18. Man smuggles iguanas in prosthetic leg
  19. Coughing Leads To Assault Charge
  20. Animal Shelter Worker Accused Of Sex With Dog
  21. Man selling tatooed fish
  22. Belly Stud "like bullet" in crash.
  23. Brain-Eating Organisms Kill 6
  24. Hand over your money, your cell and your toes
  25. Dead Pets & More Found In Home
  26. Girl Swims River With Hands, Feet Tied
  27. Burglar missing front teeth drinks vodka
  28. $Man arrested for trying to pass ONE MILLION DOLLAR BILL!
  29. Ultimate Identity Theft
  30. Doctors save poisoned tourist using vodka drip
  31. savefloppy.com or cookfloppy.com - You choose
  32. Olympic Bomber resides low par jail
  33. Drunk man survives crocodile swim
  34. Aggravated Stupid
  35. 5,000 toothpicks ruin high school football game
  36. Mysterious Pony Vanishes As Quickly As It Came
  37. Is that a Pug in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?
  38. Man gets shot, hops on a plane
  39. Roach gives birth to first space babies.
  40. Man Crashes into Hospital
  41. Woman stabs tied-up lover to drink his blood
  42. Barmaid busted.
  43. Dogs Shoot Hunter by stepping on gun
  44. Assaulted with pickle
  45. That Pig Is Her Life
  46. Gun in Pocket Shoots Man in Office
  47. Apparently Americans are putting sharks into the euphrates river
  48. Pillowcase burglaries
  49. Serial Laptop theif
  50. Got Milk???
  51. Cow falls off cliff and hits van
  52. Hide your pills in poop
  53. Stripper Mistakenly Sent to School, Whips Teen
  54. Popular Toy Recalled
  55. family sues hospital over snake handling death
  56. Man marries Dog!
  57. Man Dies After Getting Stuck in Girlfriend’s Cat Door
  58. Santas see red.
  59. Oil Used To Free Burglary Suspect From Vent
  60. Assault on a bike?!!!!!!!
  61. Scattering of human remains
  62. Bill Nye the Science Guy Stalked by "Recovering Oboist" Author ex...
  63. Stereotypical Crack Dealer Not
  64. Mayor Resigns, Claims Abduction By Satan Worshippers
  65. Arizona Girl Falls Off Wall, Lands on Cactus, Gets Bitten by Dogs While Playing
  66. Hedi Klum Got Machine Gun Breasts
  67. Clowning around.
  68. Terror Suspects Disguised as Bride & Groom
  69. Bracelet found in chicken after 25 years
  70. Ozzy Osbourne At The Auction
  71. Poor Senator Craig...
  72. Man injured defending his christmas decorations!
  73. Mascot Gets New Name/"Pork Chop" Deemed Offensive
  74. Face eating tumor
  75. Cop sues over his wife's meatballs
  76. Pres Bush gives out wrong hotline number!
  77. Ideal stocking stuffer: rhino poop
  78. 'Hanukkah hams' --Oops! *merged threads*
  79. NYC doorman suspended for having bad breath
  80. dont know where to put this link, bizarre or crime.
  81. Stupid Criminal With A Million Dollar Bill
  82. Obscene letters from Santa in Canada
  83. Arrested mom asks for apology
  84. Christmas card arrives 93 years late
  85. Thanks for the robbery! Did I look alright?
  86. Body found in tow yard is identified *merged threads"
  87. Woman Accused of Groping Santa
  88. Teen's car hits grandparents' head-on
  89. Woman forges documents to avoid trial on forgery
  90. Teens fight for their lives after hair styling tongs explode -UK
  91. Getting away with murder?
  92. The War on Santa
  93. School suspends girl over vodka-filled candy
  94. Snow Shoveling Women Get a Ticket
  95. Man Says MP3 Player He Bought His Daughter For Christmas Was Preloaded With Porn
  96. City to exhume, try to ID 4,000 bodies
  97. Ex-Pastor sexually harassed by 4 year old
  98. How NOT to retrieve your keys & purse...
  99. Men Shot With .357 as They Traced It for Tattoo Pattern
  100. Man stole dead babies identity
  101. Man, 75, hurt while riding pet buffalo
  102. Couple Gets Letter, $20 From Woman That Took Dog
  103. Man drives car threw roof
  104. Dingo..the drunken labrador.
  105. Surprise
  106. Man Cuts Off, Microwaves His Own Hand
  107. Seperated at Birth Twins Marry Each Other
  108. Aussie Teen Has 500 At Party Via Myspace
  109. UFO sitings
  110. 5 years for tree massacre
  111. Bumper Nuts
  112. National Lampoon's "Vacation" Come To life...Or Not
  113. A Tattoo that Lifts and Supports
  114. Judge's fantasy sex tape none of our business, court says
  115. Gamer uses virtual training to save two lives
  116. Does anyone know the follow up on this? Alligator attacker?
  117. Obese woman on couch for 6 years
  118. Naked Woman On Mars Photo?
  119. Jail term for swiping bras, panties
  120. Every Englishman's home is his castle
  121. Blue Man Group 'esophagus cam' lawsuit
  122. Man Accused of Sex Electrocution of Wife
  123. Sophie the Cat Finds Child Porn Stash
  124. I Don't! The Wedding's off
  125. Animal lovers go naked
  126. Lonely Japanese man.
  127. Kidnapped girl 'rescued' by lions
  128. Human tongue served in hospital
  129. Enounter in the Closet
  130. Ephiphany at 30,000 Feet
  131. Old Photo Helps Solve 15 YO Mysterious Death
  132. Twins Save Mom's Life, Kick Loose Deadly Tumor From Mom's Cervix While Still in Womb
  133. Goodbye Dolly
  134. Corpse found in filthy Tunkhannock Township home
  135. Man Arrested For Singing Prafane Rap Song
  136. Drivers Arrested Leaving Courthouse With Suspended Licenses
  137. Barnacles Grow Huge Penises
  138. American Woman Jailed In Saudi Arabia
  139. 10+ hour Traffic Jam
  140. Trial over Lottery Ticket
  141. Jet the Lab Flys
  142. Space songs and Aliens.
  143. Fox & Friends Snake Scare
  144. 50 chickens loose at school
  145. Mummified Corpse Found in Renter's Bathtub
  146. "Romeo and Juliet" take off in a car...
  147. Dolly's breasts cause back ache
  148. Parents Sent Detention Notice
  149. Textual Harassment
  150. 'Looking Good for Jesus' Cosmetics Line Pulled From Singapore Shelves
  151. Meth Deposited in ATM, Woman Jailed
  152. Pain Machine.
  153. NO SEX ON VALENTINES DAY - Thai police warn teens
  154. Win a free divorce - Contest ends 4pm 2/14/08
  155. Government moves secretive operating room where Kennedy was treated in Dallas
  156. Naked Cowboy Sues M&Ms
  157. $54M Lawsuit for lost Notebook
  158. DUI in Fishnets
  159. Man In Hot Car Goes To Cop Shop
  160. Kool-Aid Shoes, Oh Yeah!
  161. Teen finds Chop Shop
  162. Murder trial halted after woman flashed at by crossdresser
  163. Scott Peterson Recalled
  164. Blind Irishman sees with the aid of son's tooth in his eye
  165. Newborn falls through train toilet...and survives!
  166. Bizzare Labyrinth beneath California Home
  167. Mysterious Deaths of 9 Skiers Still Unresolved
  168. Do-Si-Don'ts? Girl Scout Cookie Fans Taste A Difference
  169. Deer Follows Runners
  170. Nascar fan gets posthumous trip around the track
  171. Deer shot too many times, motorist says
  172. "Creepy Gnome" stalking village
  173. Kansas Police: Woman Pried From Boyfriend's Toilet After Sitting on It for 2 Years
  174. Man, 47, beats pregnant girlfriend, 17, with sword
  175. Teens Try To Rob Police Station
  176. Baby born in India has two faces
  177. Lost: $12,000 Engagement ring attached to helium balloon
  178. Illinois-shaped corn flake for sale on Ebay
  179. Couple, Married 83 years
  180. Don't Forget To Ditch Your Meth When Ya Call 911
  181. Home for sale: $400
  182. Woman Goes for Leg Operation, Gets New Anus Instead
  183. Born with Too Much Skin
  184. The Gay Porn Twins
  185. Man Loses Bid To Remove Casino Self-Ban
  186. Double Yikes Couple Breaks Into Church To Have Sex
  187. Copper Thief Fried By Power Line
  188. Stop those bathroom breaks!!! Bag it!!
  189. Two 93-year-olds picked up in sex sting
  190. A pregnant man ?
  191. Craigslist hoax cost man his belongings, nearly his horse, too
  192. Priscilla Presley Victim of Phony Cosmetic Doc
  193. Demi Moore's Beauty Secret!
  194. Baby for sale on Craigslist
  195. Man Claims to Speak 'Australian' After Allegedly Being Raped by Wombat
  196. Woman's Head on Beach
  197. Idiot leaves drugs in donut box, cops open it up
  198. Lawsuit against dog nets $300K
  199. Cougar Loose in North Chicago
  200. Death By Beer
  201. Woman Bites Pit Bull
  202. The Bad BRA Lawsuit
  203. Girl attacked by Hawk at Fenway Park
  204. Marketing in a tough housing market
  205. "Fred Flintstone" -- His Car Lives On
  206. Two Men Get Into Argument During Workout
  207. Assault With A Hedgehog
  208. Feathers fly when K-9 cop confronts intruder
  209. Woman Phones Cops To Buy Crack
  210. Frequent Customer Robs Cash Checking Store
  211. Father/Daughter dating, have child togethe
  212. Simpsons vs. Baywatch
  213. Newlyweds honeymoon behind bars
  214. NJ High School Kids Gun for Chuck Norris
  215. WV Woman Finds Decomposing Body in Dead Mother's Closet
  216. Follow That Wrapper
  217. Should I Have My Toddler Join Crips Or Ballers
  219. Sex Crazed Turkeys vs. Mail Carriers
  220. Man Arrested For Selling Fake Crack To Nursing Home Patients
  221. Rocket Scientist He Ain't Selling Pot To Uniform Cop
  222. Man Grows Bark Like a Tree
  223. Mysterious Lights, Boom Befuddle Residents, Authorities
  224. 41 hours on elevator VIDEO
  225. Family wonders why medical examiner kept murder victim's skull
  226. Real Murder Caught On Tape
  227. Teens Skull Found In Dead Pathologists Personal Belongings
  228. Ten skeletons buried under dining room
  229. Legally Blind Man Corrals Burglar
  230. Tempe man with road rage shoots self
  231. 16 Pound Facial Tumor
  232. Hit In Eye By Carrot Wife Sues
  233. Prostitute Impersonating Police Officer
  234. Humans Were Almost Extinct
  235. Detroit woman lived with dead sister for 1-3 years
  236. Anybody want a pet rat?
  237. Man With Painted Face And Tiny Bat Robs Bank
  238. Paramedics Fight Over Patient
  239. Ready for a fight?
  240. Man faces prison for sharing snack cake
  241. $360 Billion Dollar Check
  242. Man asks court to change his name to 'In God We Trust'
  243. 'Don't let Grandma hear it."'
  244. Texas teens tell police they converted skull into bong
  245. This guy had a REALLY bad day.
  246. Diving pelican slams into swimmer's face in Gulf off Florida
  247. Einstein: Bible Is 'Primitive, Pretty Childish'
  248. SOULJA GIRL Arrested!
  249. flying "toilet-class" with JetBlue airlines
  250. Man Buckles up beer, Not Child!