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  1. Scientist killed by faulty stove
  2. Idaho couple 'sticks together' at prom
  3. PETALUMA Notorious cat hostel finds new life as luxury home
  4. 'Wild boys' saga turns out to be hoax by 2 brothers Urban brothers
  5. Store owner: Suicide display 'amusing way to attract attention'
  6. Birthday blues Man’s house burns, he and ex-girlfriend arrested, all on 41st birthday
  7. Jamie Oliver burns penis while cooking roast
  8. Dad of 37 calls for free vasectomies
  9. Man rescues girl from croc's jaw after poking it in the eye
  10. First condoms were made of linen
  11. J-Lo's mum hits casino jackpot
  12. 77-year-old man holds world record for blood donations
  13. In Alaska, spring means bets in the Nenana Ice Classic
  14. This too shall pass
  15. Demi Moores personal trainer one of the Americans murdered in Iraq
  16. Woman delivers own baby by caesarean section
  17. suspect plucks out own eye in jail
  18. surgeons who play video games have less errors operating
  19. 2 year old works the cash register at restaurant
  20. Polygamy CITY "colorado city" az. Girls escape
  21. election sticker ruins jacket, man suing
  22. A British man will bet everything on a single spin of the roulette wheel
  23. peeping tom leaves note & money
  24. Police commissioner complains Lithuanian prostitutes overcharging NATO troops
  25. Man arrested for punting dog
  26. Airport sex romp
  27. Nude statues get clothes -- and sales
  28. AOL giving away spammer's Porsche
  29. She Closed Airport to Avoid Vacation with Boyfriend
  30. Authorities finally catch rampaging pig
  31. Crew boats fend off otter attack
  32. Thieves steal truck containing 25,000 sets of Billy Bob Teeth
  33. Post office delivers mystery -- a 1922 postcard
  34. The case of Tongue Joy vs. The Tiggler to be tried in court
  35. R U Stealing my Car? Text Messages Turns Car Thief's Heart
  36. Flab Conceals Crack...
  37. Nashville bar covers up exposed nipples on antique photos
  38. Brits Say Chicken-Equipped Nuke No Hoax
  39. Fat cat goes on hunger strike
  40. Sticky situation angers ballroom dancers
  41. British man jailed for stealing, cleaning, returning cars
  42. Soldier in Iraq gets a break on $3,000 cell phone bill
  43. Whiskey swigging bride wants photo killed
  44. Britain's oldest citizen dies in garden at 165yrs of age
  45. Piranha found in children's petting pool
  46. Children on Easter egg hunt find guns instead
  47. Mansion sells for world record 70m
  48. Air Marshal forgets gun in Airport Bathroom
  49. Eyeball Jewelry
  50. Thieves steal Mr. Cranky Pants
  51. Owner: Virgin Mary statue weeps again
  52. Awwwww... little plastic raincoats for lambs a big hit
  53. Flush With Success, Bathroom Attendants stage a comeback
  54. Couple suprised to find themselves living in a trailer park
  55. Parking lot 'Jesus' causes stir in Albany
  56. Fiery foreplay draws sentence
  57. Scrubbers are the sexiest
  58. Dogs maintain pickup rights in Tennessee
  59. Man buys lucky phone number for $US1.1m
  60. Niagara Falls survivor planning another stunt
  61. Boston Marathon runners ~ peeing all over town... and worse!
  62. Man undergoes plastic surgery to look like J-Lo
  63. Man who lost 340 pounds inspires others
  64. Granny wins a pretty penny
  65. Murderer hired for advice
  66. Chubby, Barefoot Man Outruns Police
  67. San Francisco Selling Its List of Married Gays
  68. He Was Found Guilty of a Rare Charge.
  69. America's oldest worker retires at 104
  70. Canadian motorist caught fiddling while driving
  71. Robbery victim sues 'unsubtle' bank
  72. Cows eat herring for new milk
  73. Woman attacked boss after he attempted to fire her
  74. When trees attack ~ Danger in your local Garden Centre?
  75. 'Blonde Angel' Robs Frisky Hospital Patient
  76. car crashes as woman gives birth in back seat, husband dies
  77. Cat survives month long trip in container
  78. Artist puts sex scenes on biscuit tins in revenge
  79. Artist uses his head to drag TV
  80. Florida town may install cameras to photograph everyone driving into town
  81. German police search for 'little old lady' bank robber
  82. Prison Preggers Linked To Crawl-Space Lust
  83. $95,000 violin found in alley
  84. funeral home mixes up dead women
  85. Prince William accused of shooting Cat
  86. School play's lesbian kiss shocks parents
  87. Norwegian county declares smoking a human right
  88. Police nail aquaman for bank heist
  89. 92 year old Granny strip-searched at Airport
  90. Man gets probation, psychological testing for sex abuse of dog
  91. Officials: Man trapped under organ for 10 days
  92. Hand-holding couple deemed too raunchy
  93. Last elves fired from Santa's HQ
  94. Your Kind's Not Welcome Here
  95. Batman and Robin fighting crime - in Whitley
  96. Disney axes Winnie-the-Pooh fest
  97. Judges declare war on pet owners
  98. 'Fat' Ballerina Loses $1 Million Damages Case
  99. Civil War Sub Crew to Be Buried, 140 Years Later
  100. Man picks bad time to apply at police station
  101. Wisconsin woman gets purse back year after theft
  102. Well aimed dog bite saves hiker in bear attack
  103. Robber calls ahead to warn of hold-up
  104. Pastor auctions off eulogies
  105. Shocking Lawsuit dismissed!
  106. Koi killers net probation
  107. Drunk man dies after challenging pal in fire contest
  108. > Man sues nightclub over take-down-pants contest
  109. Canadians turn out for laughter classes
  110. Good feet, good sex
  111. 'Toothing' for Hi-Tech Sex with Strangers
  112. Edinburgh bus drivers get DNA kits
  113. Woman to sue over surgery mishap
  114. Online affairs 'are infidelity'
  115. Dead wrong - Police bust homeless man for necrophilia in Sunset funeral home.
  116. Easter robber steals a nest egg: $90,000 in cash
  117. Aborigines Put Curse on Australian Prime Minister
  118. York factory fires three over rude Aero Bar message
  119. Gals caught bobbing in Big Apple
  120. Returning a Library Book After 42 Years
  121. Cat spends 19 days in plane's hold
  122. Theme park slammed for 'Ihatework' Web site
  123. Company Sends Ice Cream to the Dogs
  124. 'Bare as you dare'
  125. Fellow diner files police report over Brithday stripper at another table
  126. A house fit for a cat
  127. Rhino gets amorous with car
  128. Dog rescues another dog from alligator attack
  129. Boy suspended for alleged snack attack
  130. Lawyer says client's rooster owned drugs
  131. Dutch artist uses own skin to make gun
  132. We should all have such troubles!
  133. Dog had 28 golf balls in stomach
  134. Tamale Chef Kills Friend, Cooks Him
  135. Gay Lovers Climb Tree, Then Have Sex
  136. Trapped boy rescued from superloo
  137. Woman, 74, dragged into lake by alligator while gardening
  138. Cops: Man used butter knife to break into apartment for coffee
  139. "if parents can't regulate what their children wear, then there should be a law."
  140. Missing Florida cat shows up in SanFrancisco - 7 years later
  141. Denture mishap leaves pensioner speechless
  142. Mailman Puts Undelivered Packages On EBay
  143. Business all at sea with burials
  144. Florida cat found years later in California
  145. Teen must wear blindfold outside shop he stole from
  146. Flasher just did it to meet women
  147. After Hoisting One, He's Accused of Heisting One
  148. Utah couple on low-carb kick booted from buffet for scarfing too much meat
  149. Drink drive lecture has them puking in the aisles
  150. Scottish teens use stolen skull as puppet
  151. Homeowners Must Remove Dead Moose
  152. Write an essay, win a bakery
  153. Inventor creates dog diapers
  154. Court official sues after toilet breaks under him
  155. Billy Joel crashes car into house
  156. Strippers seeking 'mom' for support
  157. More than 1,500 bikes blessed
  158. EBAY - we have what you're looking for!!
  159. Police Stop Drunk Bulldozer Joyrider
  160. Taiwanese cat is toilet trained
  161. Bellyflop contestant feared Dead
  162. Prom Bombs.... Must See Gallery 70's prom attire
  163. Man eats $88.95 worth of food, then tells waitress he's broke
  164. "Tupperware just didn't rock my boat," says woman
  165. Drunk Run Over by Train, Lives
  166. "Friends" Writers Named in Sexual Harassment Claim
  167. American Indian Arrested After Skinning Head Of Bald Eagle
  168. That's shorn it! Fleece cut after six years
  169. Shopping Cart helps you get fit
  170. Homeless student lived in library for seven months
  171. Britons rate what makes them British ~ (for you, Hugh)
  172. German takes woman to court for laughing too loud
  173. Boston parking spot sold for $160,000
  174. Cops Want Spider Gun to Snare Bridge Jumpers
  175. New cocaine-based drinks hit the market
  176. Flasher uses the old penis-caught-in-the-zipper trick
  177. These Poor Soap Opera Fans ~ Scammed bigtime!!
  178. Woman sues salon; says it quoted her higher, 'ethnic' service charge
  179. Explosive device wrapped it in kielbasa found; 2 accused
  180. Perv steals 4000 pairs of panties off laundry lines and balconies
  181. Rugby league player gains a tooth
  182. Newman Protests Princeton Drinking Day
  183. Kangaroo to get award for saving Australian man's life
  184. Teen fights off bear attack with punches, air horn
  185. Iranian youth warned of web hazards
  186. Woman, 97, jailed for failing to pay traffic ticket
  187. Investigation into ghostly sightings
  188. Flying saucer fever grips Iran
  189. The world's first "three-dimensional" internet church service is being launched
  190. English Town Revels In Free Money
  191. Rasputin's penis to be museum's star attraction
  192. Man snatches 30 bodies to heal wife
  193. Forgotten diver saved by Boy Scout
  194. Gadzooks! New portrait shows bare-chested Prince Philip posing with a bug
  195. Woman says driver showed his genitals during road-rage incident
  196. Man faces 7 years in prison for Beef Jerky Assult
  197. The Limitations of Worms ~ Fear Factor
  198. Woman offering house as a prize
  199. This is your pilot sleeping: Captain dozes as inspector watches
  200. Woman takes decomposing corpse on road trip
  201. Odds and Ends
  202. BMW Drivers Get Most Sex?
  203. Brits get frisky in public (Hugh??)
  204. Cemetery offers coffin with panic button
  205. Cops claim bubble bath attack
  206. Man thrown from Six Flags roller coaster
  207. Naked man hijacks school bus
  208. Rapist carrying blow-up sheep attacks teenager
  209. 13 babies (all girls!) 13 hours, 1 hospital
  210. Lottery Winner BROKE!!
  211. Canada to open prison tattoo parlors
  212. Tailor's bird has customers in stitches
  213. Passengers capsize boat to look at nudists
  214. Airline Passenger Finds Frog in Her Salad
  215. Crash of truck loaded with monkey poo closes two Milwaukee highways
  216. Miffed? Vent-Line charges $1.99 a minute to listen
  217. Woman accused of hitting boyfriend with mounted fish
  218. Cross-dressers accused of stealing cars, driving them to pageants
  219. Coaches Give Player 'Crybaby Award'
  220. Town names itself after cocktail ~ Greetings from Mojito, N.J.
  221. Man survives after nails get embedded in head
  222. Mystery shopper buys store's entire stock of Mars bars
  223. Dutch garden may hold Musketeers' skeletons
  224. Who Could Relish Bullets in a Hot Dog?
  225. Bank Robber Did It for Her Cat?
  226. Viagra User Is 99
  227. Couples line up to touch statue's nipples
  228. Foul smell leads to Milwaukee apartment zoo with about 200 live animals
  229. World's oldest woman celebrates birthday
  230. Dear Nigel, It's Bloody Over
  231. Mayor to alderman: You can keep your mannequin friend
  232. Computer glitch gives out free gasoline
  233. Famous Bigfoot videos revealed as long held lie
  234. Thief left his x-rays at the scene
  235. Gizmo owners seek $200,000 in suit over dog's death
  236. Canadian company sells modern version of the banana peel
  237. Florida dog wins hero award for fighting poisonous snake
  238. Burglar caught in bathroom
  239. Urine Good Hands, Jorge
  240. French cop arrested in fishnet tights, nothing else
  241. A scavenger hunt unlike others
  242. Man showing signs of stroke stops to vote
  243. Passerby on Bike Stole $3.5-Million Cello
  244. Student charged with theft after eating $0.41 of candy
  245. Small Alaska town stays tight-lipped on tusks
  246. Thai zoo worker mauled to death by tigers
  247. Not the brightest Bank Robber
  248. State Tax delinquents names posted on Website
  249. Director finds movie 'stars' through eBay
  250. Armless man charged with rape