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  1. Turtles Kept Lost Peruvian Fishermen Alive
  2. Driver sped to blow-dry car
  3. Web inventor finally to get rewarded
  4. Now available in select markets: orange cauliflower
  5. It's a BIRD...a PLANE...no it's Jabari the Gorilla
  6. 9 million bees loose after TC
  7. Foul Ball, Happy Ending
  8. Assault with a deadly snake
  9. Man swallows metal rods, surprised at massive stomach pains
  10. Spending all your money could save your life
  11. Man Hurls Woman Off Overpass
  12. Woman Bites Off Part of Boyfriend's Tongue
  13. Woman lays claim to world's oldest chicken
  14. neighbors seeing red over purple house
  15. British women are Europe's least hairy
  16. Condom maker gives out penis-measuring cards
  17. Fan dresses as maid to meet George Clooney
  18. The soup wasn't just good. It was downright addictive
  19. Lobster found guarding a watch
  20. Adult diapers found in Larry King's garbage
  21. University of CO President says *C* Word is "term of endearment"
  22. A Tiny Scrap Of Fabric Wins a Huge Following
  23. The Mystery of the Painted Donkey
  24. Spider in banana bunch bites man
  25. Doctor billed state after sex with patient
  26. 2 yr old twins break same arm, same day, same place
  27. Pole-dancer quits over metal allergy
  28. Northwest jet lands at U.S. air base by mistake; passengers told not to peek
  29. Woman taken off ship in irons for not securing marshmallows at Yellowstone
  30. Blind man charged after driving golf cart
  31. Woman 'starved dog' to fit in plane carry-on bag
  32. Rattlesnake Tosser Charged
  33. On a dare, 101-year-old man parachutes into record book
  34. Mad Monk's Member(abilia)
  35. UK's first ever naked shopping event held (Hugh??)
  36. Pigs soothed before slaughter
  37. Migrants wash ashore on nudist beach
  38. It's the Time Capsule That Network Forgot
  39. For Deputy Linda ~ Man would like to see a Starbucks in Lizzie Borden's home
  40. Dad says streaking son was "just showing off"
  41. 4th-graders say principal urged cheating
  42. Fourteen dead bunnies found hanging from playground equipment
  43. Doesn't anyone want stuff owned by Bon Jovi's ex-bassist?
  44. Naked man answers his door and is robbed
  45. Mother and daughter sue restaurant over spicy dish
  46. Where do I get some of this stuff??
  47. Farrell's penis 'too distracting' for audiences
  48. Graduation speaker scolds parents for their too-casual garb
  49. Cow in police custody linked to headless chicken case
  50. David Bowie hit in the eye by lollipop
  51. Panther turns out to be house cat
  52. No memory of who he is
  53. "Muscle" Toddler 1st case of gene mutation
  54. For $7 you can hear "son of sam"
  55. Where are my earplugs?
  56. Former Judge On Trial For Exposing Self In Courtroom - MERGED THREADS
  57. Shooting Spreee averted ~ lives saved ~ by friendly Dog
  58. Stray Cats Distract Drug-Sniffing Dog
  59. Microsoft 'patents human skin'
  60. Stinky flower ready to bloom
  61. Dogs gamble in Atlantic City
  62. DUI Poster Boy
  63. Hanky Panky in cars can land you in jail
  64. Vicar 'asks for notes only'
  65. Are the making a moosetake?
  66. Pot-flavored beverage
  67. Old cheque catches up with granny
  68. Woman 'gives birth to frog'
  69. Ebay prankster 'gets reply from cannibal'
  70. Mobile phones may damage men's sperm
  71. Trading Spouses anyone? ABC going to have "wife swaps"
  72. Free Python snake with every car rental
  73. Potty learning? Don't forget the cordless...
  74. Elvis couple's baby name dilemma
  75. Cane or breast for naughty pupils
  76. Beauty contest for goats
  77. Guest killed by wedding tent pole
  78. Chimps get their revenge
  79. Elvis-only station all right by fans
  80. Baby for sale... couple charged
  81. Woman finds drunken burglar wearing her clothes
  82. Woman inseminated with wrong sperm
  83. Oh Good Lord ~ Say it isn't so!
  84. Chuck E. Cheese accosted by angry mom
  85. Man files own death certificate to get out of DWI charge
  86. Man who wore pink tights, diaper to school sent to counseling
  87. Man wants to "dry out" lottery winner who shot him
  88. Ohio woman's granola pie recipe wins her $1 million
  89. Jury: Stealing a kiss isn't a crime
  90. Philly tourists still mimic 'Rocky Run'
  91. 100lb woman rank 2nd in world for eating
  92. Free meal promotion for relatives of Genghis Khan
  93. 'Worthless' painting could be worth 35m
  94. Policewoman shot brother in row over butter
  95. Sci-fi fan gets Spock ears
  96. Purdue University lab uses DNA testing to nail stolen tree suspects
  97. Coffin Show: Going Out in Style
  98. Hospital Sued Over Photo of Man's Genitals
  99. A Million Pennies Saved, Nothing Earned
  100. Potential juror once carved out girlfriend's eyes
  101. Fire extinguisher tears off arm
  102. Bags of Human Excrement Refused by City Trash Haulers
  103. Strippers Rupture Dancer's Breast Implant
  104. Pignappers demand 2 ears of corn, 1 ripe mango ~ later leave porkchop "cooked pig"
  105. couple takes home Wife-Carrying World Championship title
  106. woman accused of "plotting" to cut off husbands penis
  107. man cleared in "murder by dessert spoon".
  108. Podiatrist "billed" foot amputee for "cutting toe nails" etc
  109. No one, not even banks willing to take a million pennies.
  110. Man SUES for being fired after sleeping on job.
  111. It ONLY TOOK psychic 40 years to tell "james dean" to GET LOST
  112. "I didn't order RIBBIT RIBBIT with my salad"
  113. Man Job Hunting w/Dirty Diaper on
  114. Woman Taken Out With the Trash
  115. Women Turn To Nude Farming To Please Rain God
  116. Beckhams replaced by performing seals
  117. Fans spot mistakes in Spider-Man 2
  118. judge horrified at finding a mouse in his beer
  119. Can of Coke, spying device? Government worried
  120. Related to Genghis Khan? Restaurant to give free DNA tests...
  121. You just have to read for yourself - Adult Content
  122. Toy firm markets talking Jesus action figure
  123. Tourist got lost following 1914 guide book
  124. Man sues wife for being bald
  125. Winnipeg still world Slurpee capital
  126. Man found guilty of injuring woman during castration
  127. Couple's alleged unsafe sex leads to car wreck
  128. Chinese loansharks attempt to force man to sell kidney to pay back debts
  129. Shy moose given assertiveness training
  130. Inmate escapes while guards make rap video!
  131. car driver wrecks SAME HOUSE... TWICE
  132. Move over GI-Joe... here comes JESUS!!!
  133. Please help us Canadians... GIANT BULLFROGS are invading us
  134. Blind student denied access to class... her dog only responds to french commands
  135. Injured seagull gets Barbie's leg
  136. Man was raised by chickens
  137. Woman spent tax money on breasts
  138. What the???
  139. Talking tombstones bear messages from the grave
  140. 3 Injured as Disneyland Rail Ride Crashes
  141. DEMENTIA Ruled our world...
  142. Trooper finds road fatality was his wife
  143. 'Old, fat, lazy' George Michael shuts fan chatroom
  144. Water from Princess Diana's Memorial Fountain for auction
  145. Old woman must prove she's infertile
  146. Blind pilot set to fly
  147. Woman serves blender drink to relative, charged with murder.
  148. Synchronized swimming can kill you
  149. airport police find $47,500 cash inside passenger's stomach
  150. Chris de Burgh buys alien
  151. Mother of Jackson's accuser becomes a Jackson
  152. Englishman who shot self in groin jailed 5 years for illegal firearm
  153. 'Merlin' faces British court after going shopping with sword
  154. Tarzan actors' tiger escapes
  155. Runaway cement truck kills 17 wedding guests
  156. Queen meets BOB THE BUILDER
  157. Man swallows $47,500 to smuggle it on plane.
  158. 8'4" man still growing
  159. Misidentified body causes heartache
  160. Lionel Ritchie and Lenny Kravitz break up nightclub brawl
  161. Possible baby's foot found in chicken dinner
  162. The Birds
  163. Not a good way to die
  164. 'Moody' pooch alerts family in time to escape fire
  165. Veterinarian guilty of bludgeoning neighbor's dachshund
  166. Man writes great personal ads for lonely pets
  167. Man makes good living cleaning up bloody crime scenes, accidents
  168. Canadian gov't making new IMPROVED dope.
  169. Now this is a little freaky.
  170. Hey, what ever happened with the hand?
  171. Missing rugby player found in fridge
  172. Man kept cockroaches as pets
  173. Man Exposes Self During Airport Screening
  174. Parking Meter Fairy has Pink Curly Wig
  175. 2 yr old toddler brought back to life.
  176. THIS IS SCARY... 14 men acting suspicious on plane
  177. Public invited to take part in Uk's first porn film festival
  178. Store owner sued over phony wanted poster labeling Maine man a 'terrorist'
  179. Granny soothes intruder with stories, photos; he falls asleep
  180. Mother of three sued after winning $13,000 on Internet
  181. POLICE HUNT missing U2 SONGS. Be on look out!!!
  182. City sues homeowner for cutting tops off pine trees to improve view
  183. Man, 21, accused of serial foot kissing
  184. Cop on jet ski retrieves stolen 6-foot fiberglass lobster
  185. Scan exposes check-out worker's faked robbery
  186. Scientists find MONSTER raindrops.
  187. World's wettest area dries up.
  188. OK WHO poked a hole in the sky?????
  189. Nicole's nipple ring alerts airport security
  190. Charges dropped against Texas woman who held sex toy 'Tupperware parties'
  191. Florida man accused of attacking girlfriend with pet alligator
  192. Woman says in personal ad: I only want guys over 5'10"
  193. Cops seek man who had sex with pit bull-boxer mix
  194. Boy kills himself after arguing with Mom about Cell Phone Bill
  195. Nails Wife's Mouth Shut
  196. Crazed Surgeon Amputates Patient's Penis
  197. Kids hanging on meat hooks?
  198. In a MOCK terrorist exercise... cream cakes arrive before emergency crews
  199. Woman, 71, marries teenage student
  200. Traffic cop fired shots over pedestrians' heads
  201. Two-year-old girl takes horse world by storm
  202. Bar bans beer bird
  203. Nacho Nacho Man.. I wanna be a Nacho Man
  204. Released robbery suspect robs again,9 minutes later
  205. Linda Ronstadt kicked out of the Aladdin Hotel, Las Vegas
  206. Cyclists hurt after vandals stretch plastic wrap across road
  207. California's oldest woman loved bacon and coffee in the morning
  208. Baltimore tourists stranded in balloon 200 feet above ground for two hours
  209. 'Jap Road' to Get Name Change
  210. This should happen to Scott Peterson!!!
  211. weird looking beast in Maryland. Photos incld
  212. man order to move out of 1/2 of his home
  213. IDIOTS (you have to read to understand)
  214. Man Accused of Hitting Woman with Gator
  215. Ice cream burglar slips up
  216. Drunk Flight Attendants attack passenger
  217. Inmates go on a beer run
  218. Man has Potty Rage at Burger King
  219. School time capsule 'disappears', ruins garden
  220. Smoking stunts penis growth
  221. World War One Claims Another Victim
  222. Burger fan wolfs down 20,000th Big Mac
  223. Sprinklers come on during the movie "Singing in the Rain"
  224. Nothing like a stupid Inmate How bout 4
  225. Dad to comatose son: I'll buy you a Corvette if you wake up
  226. A freakish accident stuns police, teen's friends
  227. Don't let your 12-year-old drive the car -- even if she begs
  228. Who's taking swear words out of "Murder, She Wrote" books?
  229. Here's One for Tybee
  230. Airline passenger steals baggage tractor and drives it onto runway
  231. Judge denies murderer's request to wear makeup in prison
  232. Tybee has WMD's
  233. "chuckle" 1500 HOMING pigeons get LOST
  234. Man finds LOST Keys... in his leg!
  235. WANT BIGGER BOOBS??? Join the army, they're free.
  236. Firemen called to free man in SEX ROMP!
  237. Some GUIDE dogs for the blind are BLIND!
  238. Tybee -help us on the barracuda story
  239. Italian town bans goldfish in bowls
  240. 'GOTMILF' number plate upsets women
  241. Ohio man found dead on hospital lounge couch was thought to be sleeping
  242. Ex-panhandler donates $10,000 to gallery
  243. Woman in court after allged naked motorcycle ride
  244. Suit claims man found maggots in Denny's milk in Norfolk
  245. Forgery suspect tries to eat evidence
  246. Teen tells cops he's going to be honest about why he stole SUV
  247. Why did the chicken(s) cross the road?
  248. Man vs. Train
  249. Woman glued herself to floor
  250. Postal Workers not amused at 'mailman shaped' doggy treats