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  1. Dentist accused of making patients swallow semen
  2. Man ordered to stop wearing dress to work
  3. Vote ~ which one of these people should win free tattoo removal?
  4. WHAT man has the ONLY name in the world called...
  5. A Donkey WINS Colorado Mayoral Election!
  6. Do YOU believe in MIRACLES
  7. Knife stab resistant clothing! OMG
  8. Summer camp teaches kids how to steal.
  9. Primary School Cafeteria workers charged with spicing up food
  10. Legend grows around giant hog reportedly killed on Georgia plantation
  11. American woman's postcard to mother takes 37 years to arrive
  12. Child's joyride on luggage belt creates stir at Norwegian airport
  13. Judge 'finds defendant food'
  14. Golf Politics
  15. County sues jailed suspect for cost of facial surgery
  16. Man finds 46,000.00 at Landfill ~ turns it in to Police
  17. Curious black bear opens pipeline valve cover; causes oil spill in N.W.T.
  18. Caller: Stuff $500 in a hollow tree to get your cow back!
  19. Lucky bunny escapes explosive demise
  20. Man dies after head partially torn off in industrial accident
  21. A Catholic priest and nun have been convicted for having sex in airport lot
  22. Suicide by train seems popular in Florida
  23. Bleeding Virgin Mary just another hoax
  24. all-you-can-eat whalebone buffet
  25. "Let Me See That Thong"
  26. Hogzilla! 1000 pound pig
  27. Big Brother and YOU capturing stolen cars
  28. Lobster rage senior shoots at divers
  29. Escaped tiger causes pileup in New York City
  30. isn't this an oxymoron?
  31. Woman says she's followed by showers of stones
  32. Brad's semi-naked waxwork to go on display
  33. Shoe that grows with kids
  34. Couple kicked off flight for breast T-shirt
  35. Princess Diana Memorial Fountain Runs Dry
  36. 'Get your kid away from my monkey!'
  37. Family has held on to orange for more than 80 years
  38. Dognapping strikes chord across nation
  39. Solution to Road Rage??
  40. Naked man on I-95 creates a sensation
  41. Man, 89, accused of shoplifting diarrhea medicine is cleared
  42. WHAT THE...????? boy raised by dogs
  43. African boy's limbs, genitals severed for witchcraft
  44. Lake Champlain SEA MONSTER sighting.
  45. 1000 Cruise Passengers Told to Abandon Ship
  46. Chihuahua plays surrogate mom to chipmunk
  47. Model seeks record breasts
  48. Mother 'runs over new daughter-in-law on way to honeymoon'
  49. The check is in the mailman's apartment
  50. Artist sculpts with own fat
  51. My next vacation destination!
  52. 911 Operator falls asleep during Emergency Call
  53. Man's chainsaw tumble kills wife
  54. l3 year old boy apparently fightened to death by Bear :(
  55. Church ticketed by Police for too loud Music
  56. Just so you know: Baying at the Moon is not a crime
  57. Prisoner Glues Himself to Girlfriend
  58. Winged cat from hell.
  59. Man who eats carpets, lights, grass & more cannot find a wife.
  60. CIA using Sci-Fi writers to "predict" terrorism. ummmmm
  61. Sniff......we really might be all alone in the universe.
  63. This MUST BE Casshew's Ship.
  64. Salmon gives birth to trout.
  65. Human like baby found inside sheep.
  66. Monkey bites boy in NY supermarket.
  67. SCARED OF SPIDERS... You should be.
  68. Woman fired for eating pork
  69. Rejected by His Wife, He Cuts Off His Penis
  70. Lost: One English Pub
  71. california unknowingly bans SUVS
  72. You may be taking antidepressants (PROZAC) and NOT know it.
  73. Poor Vicktor ;); Christians against masturbation, vibrators...
  74. Former GOP Legislator selling PORN now.
  75. world's hairest man has EAR HAIR cut... to save his hearing
  76. Former beauty queen charged with fraud.
  77. woman falls out of car and dies
  78. Police dog dies of drug overdose
  79. man pulls over to ask chief of police to arrest him
  80. Billboard NAMES men propositioning hookers.
  81. LMAO farmer caught in UDDER disgrace
  82. What's the big deal??? Go spend 2 million at work without receipts.
  83. REDNECK ALERT!!!! Man shoots himself in ass.
  84. Yet another WEIRD animal sighting.
  85. Maryland courthouse caught GHOST on tape
  86. Woman claimed ODD feeling in her chest
  87. Man Trips Over Woman; Her Family Eats Him?
  88. HOW TERRIBLE. Wrong way driver kills 6 + himself
  89. Politics again
  90. Six-Hundred-Pound Woman Surgically Removed From Her Couch
  91. DEAD woman returns home in time for her own funeral.
  92. NEW TERRORISM TOOL: CAT forces a plane to land
  93. How GOOD are your firefighters in FLORIDA? Firehouse burns down
  94. Wedding guest killed, roasted & eaten
  95. Burglar ignores EXPENSIVE jewlery, instead chows down... a lot of food
  96. Man in prison for LIFE wins 27M lottery.
  97. mike wallace
  98. Steroids caused personality change & reduced empathy for other
  99. Italian arrested for throwing hamsters
  100. N.J. Governor Resigns, Admits He Is Gay
  101. Couple turns their electricity on after 37 years
  102. JOB ADS CANNOT Discriminates against LAZY PEOPLE
  103. Teacher asks students to masturbate.
  104. Man who really LIVES IN AIRPORT TERMINAL
  105. DOLPHINS lead rescue boats to stranded people.
  106. Shipwrecked woman thrown overboard for not sharing breastmilk
  107. Mom let 5 yr old son use crack, officials say
  108. Police catch man who had stolen a BRIDGE.
  109. Poor OLD George Clooney ;) Worried about going bald.
  110. Belgian Authorities INSISTING woman is dead... She claims!
  111. Man dressed up as PREGNANT woman to beg
  112. Caskets at Costco
  113. Oprah to be a juror on a murder trial....
  114. Left Handed Newspaper
  115. 100 year old woman ORDERED to attend court for jury duty
  116. Yet another GOOD reason to SMOKE POT
  117. Limbless woman suing airline
  118. ALIEN CAUGHT ON FILM - interesting pictures
  119. Porn Is Good For You
  120. TV actress hacked toddler son to death
  121. PIGS decide to RIOT on a highway
  122. Blair Witch Cinematographer dies in plane crash.
  123. Woman's Tooth Gives Her Sight Back.
  124. Sexy males make bird mothers better
  125. UPDATE: money found in Columbus Landfill
  126. Bear gets blotto
  127. Catholic Church says girl's communion not valid (she has rare allergy)
  128. Cross-dressing Terrorists!
  129. Dead Teenager Kept in Home 36 Years
  130. Unfairly being evicted for shooting opossums
  131. Man On Trial for Shooting Bear
  132. If you have a weak stomach don't read . . .
  133. Children's "Pimp" and "Ho" Halloween costumes...
  134. Going to the bathroom on the Canadian border will get you arrested.
  135. Villager carries his mom on a 17 year trek.
  136. people flock to see baby born with tail
  137. Woman lives with 6000 scorpions
  138. Cuban Woman Ships Self in Crate to U.S.
  139. Dead Couple get married - HUH????
  140. HORRIFIC. 9/11 tower toys put in candy bags for kids.
  141. Do you care? John Bobbit arrested for domestic violence.
  142. Man lay dead in bed for two years
  143. Man sets house on fire trying to kill mosquito
  144. Man divorces 'sleeping' wife
  145. 'Steven Seagal wrecked my house'
  146. Woman reportedly suicides at suicide prevention conference
  147. Police: Dad wanted to sell son's PlayStation for beer
  148. Man stabs his lawyer in the butt, forces him to withdraw $230
  149. Burial planned for man who failed to rise from the dead
  150. Boring weds Bland
  151. Look Who Has a Real Potty Mouth...
  152. Dinosaur Kangaroos spotted.
  153. why we enjoy telling people off
  154. Author seeks information on 1897 UFO sightings
  155. man's HIV diganosis 8 years ago was WRONG
  156. Drunk Driver Decapitates His Friend
  157. ever visit ALTERVISTA search engine?
  158. GO GREAT GRANDMA. 93 yr old woman skydives to celebrate birthday
  159. 2 headed baby low chance of survival
  160. Woman Turns Husband's Remains into Diamond
  161. Woman Hands in Weapons After 30 Years
  162. FLIGHTLESS Bird ends up in a city garden
  163. What has a BIG NOSE, is RED & Furry, and HOPS... also lives in the OCEAN?
  164. Jet Powered Wheelchair
  165. sexually frustrated chimp takes up smoking
  166. unique pitbull injury
  167. Dog gives birth to a kitten?
  168. A police officer never knows
  169. Mother of 8-year-old handcuffed for hitting student
  170. Dumb store clerk!
  171. Remember the Sniper Case?
  172. Chick hatches from supermarket egg
  173. German invents comforting machine
  174. Eye Squirting ~ do not try this at home!
  175. Crime does not pay!
  176. Woman catches her brother having sex with potbelly pig
  177. Man is hospitalized after pit bull bites off his genitals
  178. Farmer is buried with his favorite tractor beside the grave
  179. Guy who stabbed his lawyer in the butt arrested AGAIN!
  180. COnfused Burglar mistakes Copy Shop for Bank :)
  181. Ever wonder what kinds of things are left behind at hotels/motels?
  182. 600 pound man dies when rescue workers cannot remove him from home
  183. American canoeist ill equipped for ocean protest!
  184. you never know who will drop in
  185. take a bite of soup
  186. Fake ghostbuster busted
  187. Clerk fooled by $200 bill with President Bush's picture
  188. Little Bit And Mary Cause Stir On Farm
  189. Mont. Court Says Vomiting a Private Matter
  190. This little one is lucky to be ALIVE
  191. Japan's success down to pubic hair...
  192. Madonna has beer named after her
  193. Miss Universe exposed
  194. Clown's mini-car trashed, returned
  195. IKEA Grand Opening... 2 dead
  196. Virgin Mary Appears on Balloon at Car Lot
  197. Four-year-old in court for fraud
  198. Swiss man flies like a bird
  199. Swarm of moths rush stage at Weird Al show
  200. man accused of having sex with a chicken
  201. 115 Chihuahuas seized from dog lady
  202. Mobile phone saves life
  203. Dog has ears insured for 30,000
  204. Forearm skin forms new penis
  205. Husband catches falling wife
  206. Man to have 3,000 piercings as 9/11 tribute
  207. Man circumcises Son with Hunting Knife
  208. Muppets take out most popular scientists award
  209. Hospital wants gangrene penis man to return ASAP!
  210. Frozen excrement ruins family's BBQ
  211. Groom used socks as eyebrows
  212. Dane jailed after monopoly money defence
  213. Son launches 'Don't vote for Dad' campaign
  214. Live grenades found in potato factory
  215. Underground cinema, restaurant, bar found in Paris
  216. Cafe manager says large Jesus statue just showed up one day
  217. This buds for you..... I guess
  218. Nuns solve crime
  219. check out what is growing at the courthouse
  220. Puppy Shoots Man
  221. Men Accused of Having Sex with Animals - EWWW!
  222. The man with the world's stretchiest skin
  223. Highland cattle to drive away gays?
  224. Snoring dog kicked out of flat
  225. Indiana coroner giving demonstration on gun safety shoots self in leg
  226. Man Charged With Selling Skull on EBay
  227. time for some good news
  228. Man Arrested After Leaving Small Tip
  229. Cat survives washing machine
  230. Name change for Little Dicker
  231. 301,000.00$ deposited into the wrong man's Account
  232. police chief accused of tossing beer can from squad car
  233. The 'Soup Nazi' Expands
  234. Hurricane Frances remnants sell on eBay
  235. Dog Who Bit Off Man's Penis Might Have Been Provoked
  236. Dog walker discovers a penny worth thousands
  237. Man robs bank with rusty pitchfork
  238. Letourneau to marry?
  239. Woman Dies Following Bite From Pet Snake
  240. Black Widow Spiders Found
  241. The Screwless Tuskers Lose 2-0
  242. Canadian invention for poopin' poodles
  243. Santa loses aircraft altitude exemption
  244. computer expert filmed women with cameras inside toilet bowl
  245. Schwarzenegger outlaws sex with corpses
  246. Take two croutons and call me in the morning
  247. World's smallest living dog
  248. Priest catches gang of muggers
  249. Snake Smuggler arrested at Airport with 18 snakes in his clothes
  250. Woman trips on vegetables, files lawsuit