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  1. Canada in Legal Fight to Deport Flying Squirrel
  2. Swiss monks seek homes for St Bernard rescue dogs
  3. Giant Ape might be new species.
  4. Man fights off bear than shoots himself
  5. Women want Brad to tuck them up in bed
  6. Swipe at justice runs afoul
  7. Teen faces charges after giving ex-girlfriend a "wedgie"
  8. Reality TV Show "The Farm" goes too far
  9. School attempts to kibosh "Cross Dressing Day"
  10. Museum visitors won't get to see nude President Bush painting
  11. A Real Ghost Story. Please read.
  12. Irish Ghost For Sale
  13. Passenger picked the wrong flight to get drunk
  14. Oops! Ohio worker mistakenly clips 28,000 seedlings
  15. Pair robbed twice in search of poetry
  16. Boy died from spider bite
  17. Police find 200 cats in house
  18. Mother fights hawk to save puppy
  19. Pet dog kills 5-week-old infant
  20. Nearly 50 break out of jail using towel rope
  21. World Champ advances to Go, collects $15,000
  22. Brits more scared of spiders than terrorists
  23. Woman, 60, jumped on croc's back
  24. Record for most hamburgers in mouth at one time: 3 and a bit
  25. Man fired for hunting ET at work
  26. State of California has a $28 check waiting for Jesus Christ
  27. Foul-mouthed teen may go to jail
  28. 57 years later, BRF's flying saucer mystery revealed as hoax
  29. Woman refuses to let security check her breasts to board flight.
  30. Church arsonist set to become church minister
  31. Police given bonuses to arrest criminals
  32. Birthday cakes for canines
  33. Father wanted to name son '@'
  34. ExCon cashing in on 'chips'
  35. Another reason to 'Remember the Alamo'
  36. B.C. town goes ape over statue of sasquatch
  37. Teen to Get $10Million Bill for Wildfire he started
  38. Belushi, Elvis impersonators arrested
  39. "Pleasure toys" sold at library flea market -- on church lawn
  40. Cemetery puts in artificial turf
  41. Experts Know what Made McDonald's Customers Sick
  42. Bowel of Porridge?
  43. Funeral service goes off road
  44. Love at first sight
  45. Gorilla-suited prankster caught
  46. True love
  47. Dogs not allowed to bark continuously for over 5 minutes under law
  48. Irate motorist's vulgar gesture turns profitable
  49. Man charged with assault after being asked to remove obscene signs from yard
  50. Oysters live, breed on cast-off toilets
  51. Awwww... meet the new star of the Sydney Zoo
  52. Boy, 11, drives 200 miles
  53. Girl, 14, destroys cash machine
  54. Matt and Ben 'to grow old together'
  55. Pope to get a Ferrari
  56. France is well positioned as the world's sexiest nation - Asian countries lag behind
  57. Firefighters feel the heat after engine capers
  58. Breast implants popular with Shanghai men
  59. Laundry worker finds 15K
  60. Honeymoon in a hospital room
  61. Woman steals 80 bikes
  62. Canadian falcon attacks Minnesota goose hunter
  63. Reality show to tear down British eyesore
  64. Teller laughs off attempted robbery
  65. Crop circle not a prank, group says
  66. Police Search For Rapist Whose Tongue Was Bitten Off
  67. Woman: I set a fire because my cat's litter box was full
  68. Judge who used f-word on bench heads to anger control session
  69. Golf Ball Fishing in America
  70. Every dog has its day - in court
  71. Fanatics dig up mother-in-law of lab animal breeder to feed her to Guinea pigs
  72. Preserved Fetus found in parking lot
  73. Models ace ballboys out of a job
  74. Driver literally plastered
  75. Squatter's Rights
  76. Horniman Museum falls foul of smut filters
  77. Driverless Locomotive flies through countryside at 80KM
  78. Men More Willing to Sleep with Their Boss?
  79. Human Lie Detectors Almost Never Miss, Study Finds
  80. Hawaiian Wal-Mart built on ancient burial site
  81. 'Drunk' Accused Of Taking Plane For Joyride
  82. Wild Ride: Cruise Control Sticks At 120 Mph
  83. 'Erotic Gherkin' takes design gong
  84. Sheep Sighting A Mystery
  85. Missing painting found in gypsy's flat
  86. Sleepwalking woman had sex with strangers
  87. Gigantic mushroom stuns Swiss scientists
  88. Police: Boy Accidentally Strangled Himself During Prank
  89. Woman claims to find insect in McDonald's apple pie
  90. Roofer killed by boiling tar
  91. Gingerbread house for demolition
  92. Woman hires billboard to find a hubby
  93. Man's TV transmits international distress signal
  94. Husband sues after cemetery buries another next to his wife
  95. 'Escape king' leaves dummies behind in jail break
  96. Moose On A Wire? How The Heck Did He Do This?
  97. Beware of the human lie detectors
  98. Man captures UFO on video
  99. Police Say Woman Stabbed Husband's Penis
  100. Prostitutes' Soccer Team Loses to Cops
  101. German on HIV vendetta against Thai girls
  102. Banana Straightener
  103. Woman stays indoors for 14 years
  104. Peru develops edible super guinea pig
  105. Spider-Man' strikes again, climbing 47-storey Total building
  106. Brothers bump into each other after 53 years apart
  107. Man allegedly forges jail release papers
  108. Swearing can make men impotent
  109. Car falls from cliff while couple have sex
  110. Dance cures women's health problems
  111. Company offers "Space Memorial Services" to blast ashes to space
  112. Pastor admits telling airport screeners he had a bomb was stupid
  113. Armed robber surprises clerk by falling through ceiling
  114. Firefighters revive pet macaw
  115. Love-Making Couple Sparks Police Emergency
  116. What the??? I've NEVER seen anything like this
  117. MAYBE this town has "bragging rights" but MY home town has a UFO landing pad.
  118. Man shoots at mouse, hits girlfriend
  119. Grandmother kept on hold for six hours
  120. Man sells his wedding invite on ebay
  121. Man Aims for Mouse, Shoots Girlfriend Instead
  122. Rabbits RUN MAN out of his own home.
  123. Man smuggles $197,000 out of country BY SWALLOWING IT.
  124. Boy babies less likely with single moms.
  125. Nicholson ate apple pie between love making bouts
  126. Halloween banned - to save witches' feelings
  127. Driver Fined for Cramming Pony in Hatchback
  128. Old bills create fuss at Taco Bell
  129. Buried treasure dug up
  130. Story behind mummified remains in Alabama mortuary like Halloween tale
  131. Stranger moves into woman's house
  132. Ghostly threat in will
  133. A Ghoul and His Money ($37,400!) Will Soon Part
  134. Engine falls off plane during flight
  135. Test subjects to lie down on the job
  136. Ghost-buster has plenty of spirit
  137. Extreme Pumpkins
  138. Sex Offender Can Run for Congress in NJ
  139. Teacher Jailed After Brawl With Parent
  140. 100,000 Pennies Saved Are 100,000 Pennies Spurned
  141. Man tries to swap stolen $110,000 religious book for used car
  142. British armed forces recognise first ever Satanist
  143. Lenny Kravitz sued over toilet
  144. What chewed off babys fingers?
  145. Haute couture Condoms
  146. Flatulent Robot is Britains top toy
  147. Fat policemen ordered to diet
  148. Frustrated Hubby calls police
  149. New chewing gum for hunters
  150. R.I.P. shirts become an urban tradition
  151. Shot in the head, trucker is most concerned about not crashing
  152. Man is elected homecoming queen at Minnesota university
  153. Britons Want Homer Simpson as U.S. President
  154. Man accidentally kills self with groin stab
  155. Peekaboo Pants
  156. Smells of NYC become fragrances
  157. Mother given wrong baby to breast feed
  158. Couple name baby Speedy Gonzales
  159. Elvis tops dead rich list
  160. Men 'tried to smuggle 600 frogs'
  161. Judge throws party for condemned man
  162. Lovelorn Japanese gangster offers severed pinkie
  163. Report: Buddhist monks fall for beer girls
  164. Putting the 'rest' in 'restaurant'
  165. Judge throws party as she sends man to prison
  166. Teacher charged with beating parent is fired
  167. Scientists discover little tiny ancient people - NO JOKE
  168. World's biggest origami penis
  169. Thieves tried to steal giant tooth
  170. Coffee made from cat droppings
  171. Western women can't squat
  172. Half-ton man recovering from surgery
  173. Boy, 4, dies after he's hit by car driven by boy, 10
  174. Twin 16-year-old brothers both get perfect SAT scores
  175. Letting it all hang out -- exhibitionists, voyeurs and the just plain curious mingle
  176. Stop the Presses
  177. Condom Muffin
  178. School boy suspended for cannabis muffins
  179. Thieves undone by parrot
  180. 'Chernobyl turned sweetcorn into M&Ms'
  181. Man superglued condom to penis
  182. Free meals for lasting love
  183. Tiny Terror: Court rules Chihuahua is vicious
  184. 7/11 Baby Bonus
  185. Would-be cop hid wood in hair
  186. Guest pays hotel bill after 24yrs
  187. Caregiver Stores Dead Woman in Freezer
  188. Man says tossing electrical wire into wife's bath was "a stupid idea"
  189. Bookish bank robber sentenced to 9 years
  190. Man threatens to kill girlfriend for backing Kerry
  191. Dog Calls 911 and unlocks door
  192. Matthew McConaughey naked ghost chase
  193. (Almost) 'Lady Godiva' arrested
  194. Off-duty officer in costume attacked
  195. Girl sues after school won't let her hand out pro-Jesus literature
  196. Woman arrested for stealing boyfriend's remains from cemetery
  197. Metalworker fabricates sword, slays coworker
  198. Scottish town plans to officially pardon witches executed centuries ago
  199. Zoo gets into Halloween spirit
  200. Foul sex offender?
  201. Woman says house haunted, offers it on eBay
  202. Furore over Fuhrer costume at school Halloween
  203. Alien Skull Mystery Continues
  204. Conductor Stamps Dead Passenger's Train Ticket
  205. lawmakers want ban on human names for pets
  206. Girlfriend digs up boyfriends grave for BEER.
  207. Saddam's left leg for sale
  208. Blind car thief crashed into tree
  209. Renee sends underwear home by courier
  210. Canadian Man gives Cans of Beer to Trick or Treaters
  211. Woman returns $1,100 in real thrift store find
  212. Cops: Boss' coffee spiked with urine, chemicals
  213. Man scribbles out $91,595.25 check to buy a Porsche (but only had 900.00 in bank)
  214. Topless woman spanks man's bare butt during Christmas parade
  215. Flashing sign gets army rebuke
  216. Pensioner's coffin features alarm
  217. Kids attacked by temple monkeys
  218. Pizza deliveryman attacked by gang of pumpkin-wielding ****s
  219. Wife allegedly slices off 80% of husband's penis
  220. Osama's appearance in pantomime upsets parents
  221. Man claims ex-wife swiped winning lottery ticket
  222. Mayor pleads guilty to using public funds for psychics
  223. Insurers advise clients to eat chocolate
  224. Man tried to convert lions to Christianity
  225. Naked Canadian Guy runs around LAX climbs in jet wheel well
  226. Man creates time machine
  227. U.S. obesity epidemic weighing down planes, pushing up fuel costs
  228. Bronze statue not the same from all angles
  229. Want to bid on a serial killer's car?
  230. Marriage proposal turns ugly
  231. Off-duty officer dressed as Shrek scares thief into giving up
  232. Read a Book, Get Oral Sex
  233. World's cleverest woman can't find a job
  234. DJ begs Liz Hurley to take his virginity
  235. Man claims he's Jesus, fires random shots
  236. Three Sentenced for Providing Sex on a Golf Course
  237. Reclusive "mystery person" wins school board election
  238. Odds on centenarian collecting birthday bet
  239. Say 'no' to cupcakes
  240. buyer pays $257,400 for lucky mobile phone number 133-3333-3333
  241. Tin of Ancient Roman Cosmetic Cream Found
  242. McDonalds bans overweight people from it's commercials
  243. KKK Costume Wins First Prize -- And A Suspension
  244. Inmate killed in freak accident
  245. Missing elderly couple had lost their way
  246. World's biggest book
  247. Boy, 11, sues mum over broken promise
  248. Cops: Cabbie killed unruly passenger
  249. Pile of 1,818 Krispy Kremes sets a world record
  250. To comply with polling rules, woman strips down to bra to cast vote