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  1. To comply with polling rules, woman strips down to bra to cast vote
  2. Mashed potato, casserole soft drinks hit US shelves
  3. Snakes lose charm for veteran reptile handler
  4. 'Sex on stage' couple in court
  5. Saddam's left leg seized
  6. Husband's snoring drove wife to sleep on stairs
  7. Police rescue man from bride at hen party
  8. Wife suspects husband over sexy texts
  9. 'Blind' man caught driving van
  10. Man, 43, Arrested For Kicking Boy, 5
  11. Student suspended for doing handstands and cartwheels
  12. Fish "SANG" during Hurricane Charley.
  13. "Jim Jones" Jonestown massacre/ did not die same day
  14. Fort Wayne BOOM returns
  15. Dingo gets into hotel room NEAR 3 month old baby
  16. Border Inspectors Find Girl Sealed In Piņata
  17. Woman Takes Revenge on Wrong Man
  18. Children's Strip Lessons Canceled!!
  19. A train that runs on feathers.
  20. Raw Oysters Kill 1, another critical
  21. Beavers Build Big Bucks Dam
  22. EBay Cancels Bids for Virgin Mary Sandwich
  23. Man wants compensation for gay pig
  24. Woman takes nine years to pass her driving test
  25. Moose hunter banks on bagpipes
  26. Head of Alaskan School has himself whipped
  27. Drunk priest claims drink was spiked
  28. Doctor missed 45 stab wounds
  29. Woman believes in Big Foot after seeing a mysterious creature
  30. Grilled Cheese BACK on eBay
  31. Elderly prostitute wins right to work
  32. Prisoner's Cookbook(For Scott!)
  33. Mom Breastfeeds Puppy to Protect Baby
  34. Aussie brewery offers cases of beer as reward for stolen baby Jesus' return
  35. Lard shortage imperils British festive treats
  36. Station to apologize for hoax report
  37. Disabled dolphin gets first artificial fin
  38. French police unwittingly aide jewellery thief
  39. Fish survives four days in Iranian fridge
  40. Groom-to-be stole, hocked fiancee's ring, police say
  41. Driver hurt by tossed turkey
  42. Dad hurt when 10 year old crashes car during driving lesson
  43. Dick Cheney ~ Overexposed
  44. Fighting Like Cats and Dogs
  45. Poppyseeds cost man his license
  46. Boy, 9, is able to spell a word with 310 letters
  47. Microsoft devotes entire department to filtering spam from Gates' inbox
  48. Gourmet Brew or Hangover Cure?
  49. Truck driver gives panhandler $1, then accidently runs over him
  50. Man's wallet returned after 35 years!
  51. Guaranteed To Make You Suffer Or Your Money Back
  52. 40-Year-Old 'Baby' Charged With Groping Nurses
  53. Employees: Boss Spanked Us for Mistakes
  54. Senior sends would-be purse snatcher to hospital
  55. Amazing Kreskin wants to fight corruption in Jersey
  56. Students return purse containing $43,000
  57. Potty Tipping hit's Alabama
  58. Swarms of locusts descend on southern Israel
  59. Librarian wants criminal charges on late returners
  60. Rock'n'roll to blast across new frontiers
  61. It's 'Don't Bring Your Guns to Work Day'
  62. Mom's Dying Secret Yields Corpse, Possibly Dad's
  63. Man cuts off teens' penises for theft: Police
  64. Teacher frightens school children telling them Astroid on collision course
  65. Best to leave your camera phone behind when visiting Saudi Arabia
  66. 3 Wives attempt suicide together after shopping argument
  67. For those who care to Tie One On
  68. Dolphins 'protect' lifeguards from great white
  69. Unlocked sliding door foils robbery attempt
  70. Thieves snatch DaimlerChrysler boss's limo
  71. Beyonce has curry flown 3,000 miles
  72. Vermont police hunt down cheese saboteurs
  73. Blonde jokes to be banned?
  74. World's oldest man likes a beer
  75. World's largest bottle of wine bought
  76. Man kills self with own electric chair
  77. Man insists that a higher power told him to grow marijuana
  78. Dad runs down robbers with SUV
  79. Baby suffocatesin doated crib weeks after family lost home in fire
  80. Actress to post breast xrays online
  81. Woman stole holy tear
  82. SpongeBob kidnapped, held for ransom
  83. Giant Jesus makes many stop
  84. Hurricanes' remnants unearth treasures
  85. Money Can't Buy Love But Gets a Foot in Door
  86. Some Americans Hope to Meet Spouse on Flights
  87. Cocaine haul hidden in giant squid
  88. Coffee deal grinds to halt
  89. Senior citizen robs bank, buys vodka
  90. A drink in every State of the Union ~ it took 21 years
  91. Stray house on the highway
  92. 'Mother' tops survey of English's most beautiful words
  93. Locusts won't cure diabetes, Saudis told
  94. Room at the inn for Mary and Joseph
  95. Man operates - on himself
  96. British man is world's best Santa
  97. Dog who longed for puppies nurses kittens
  98. Busy mourners can soon grieve online
  99. Michael Jackson bidding to buy "Ghost in bottle" on ebay
  100. Jesus appears on fish stick
  101. Beauty contest for prisoners
  102. British cop accused of speeding by motorist he booked for same offence
  103. Parking attendant wins $149-million
  104. Message man: Teen text-messaging king
  105. Turkey Dispute Leads To Stabbings
  106. In Debt? Sue The Credit Card Company!!!
  107. Snap on Teeth
  108. Vandals glue store locks on 'Black Friday'
  109. Huge Grinch erected on lawn after neighbours complain about Christmas display
  110. Urine may cause bridge to collapse
  111. Loved Ones remains make a gem of a keepsake
  112. Chocolate Room
  113. Bow and arrows used to smuggle mobile phones into prison
  114. Teenager charged in booms that frightened neighborhood
  115. Surgery removes man's sixth finger, toes
  116. Police Apologize for Sending Child Porn
  117. Swarm of bees attacks rescuers at crash
  118. Family Sues Japanese Restaurant Over Flying Shrimp
  119. Hospital error kills patient
  120. Optimists Club Calls It Quits
  121. Naughty Santa draws negative attention
  122. Wallet returned after 30 years ~ Great Story :)
  123. Lotto thief wins for real
  124. Exploding Lava Lamp Kills Man
  125. Gamers to kill for real?
  126. Forget bronzed baby boots or framed photos - how about gold umbilical cords?
  127. Breakfast cereal looked like ET
  128. Letter arrives - 286 years late
  129. woman performs c-section to save puppies
  130. Man Walks Free After Wife Forgives Murder Bid
  131. Germans think they're well-hung - but they're not
  132. Woman feels "violated" after her fake 18-foot palm tree is stolen
  133. glow-in-the-dark underwear
  134. In-Line Skaters Charged in Puppy Theft
  135. Police: Mall Security Guard Caught Stealing On Tape
  136. Man Faces Charges For Allegedly Doing Laundry In Yard Naked
  137. Town Raffles Rifles to Raise Money for School
  138. Lumberjack's revenge
  139. Hotel offers $3000.00 cocktail
  140. Suitcase stolen with girl, 3, inside
  141. Baby Jesus stolen from creche; Ledger offers $1,000 reward
  142. Powerball Winner spends night in the slammer
  143. Man swears he won't perform more castrations
  144. Bank Machine Distributes Fake Money
  145. 'Celibate' monk tried to pick up undercover cop
  146. 1st grader brings grenade to show and tell
  147. Woman says God led her to van sought in son's death (Good Story!)
  148. Ambulanceman tried to pick up prostitute
  149. Hockey fan shook breasts at junior game
  150. Suicide Hotline-Busy?!?!
  151. Cat man got stuck up tree
  152. Man peed in display toilet
  153. Man didn't know he had nail in skull
  154. Salvation Army using cardboard bell-ringers
  155. Two Strangers and a Wedding
  156. Cops Recover Donuts
  157. Thailand tackles unrest with origami birds
  158. Chocolate nativity leaves Italians' mouths watering
  159. Honey, Here's Why You Shouldn't Hitch-Hike...
  160. Keeping an Eye on Santa
  161. Tipster turns down $40,000 reward
  162. College Sued For Giving Cat MBA
  163. 4TH Grader Suspended For Selling Jello "Shots"
  164. Peeing in Public
  165. OH This hurt my stomach, I'm laughin' so hard. IT SPARKED MAJOR SEA RESCUE...
  166. Devil Santa - Church angered
  167. How does a man get bit twice in one day by snakes?
  168. Penis Tree
  169. Human Glands evolved from GILLS
  170. I heard about this on the radio. BOWEL BUDDIES
  171. Firemen deliver world's largest stocking
  172. Brain sent through the post
  173. Woman says she was never tempted to keep $40K in found loot; gets reward
  174. Boston allows parking violators to pay tickets with toys for needy kids
  175. Nativity scene sparks outrage
  176. Florida Deputy Videotaped Urinating In Elevator
  177. Hairy Toes Give Away Alleged Peeper
  178. Assault With A Dangerous Pork Chop
  179. Woman keeps her passwords taped on her computer at work
  180. Obsolete Laws Cleared
  181. Famous Atheist Now Believes in God
  182. K-9 Used to Subdue Naked Suspect
  183. Mother sues state for cost of education
  184. Cat Man Gets Stuck In A Tree
  185. Atlanta man dressed as Santa charged with beating up 74-year-old woman
  186. Drunken British soldier leaves party in suicide bomber costume; prompts alert
  187. Preschoolers get Kibbles & Bits
  188. Cat's headstone proves to be 10th Century artefact
  189. Girl arrested, handcuffed for taking scissors to school
  190. Sad Serb axes penis, then regrets decision
  191. Man urinates on $1,000 shoe display
  192. baby born with no face
  193. 7 die at KITE festival.
  194. Man's suicide blamed on brain parasite he picked up in Mexico.
  195. Not tonight hon, gotta headache. BUT IF YOU HAVE A COLD... WELL............
  196. Shoes sold separately, not in PAIRS
  197. Just in Time for Christmas
  198. Posh and Becks hire butler to unwrap presents
  199. City pulls plug on home in drawbridge
  200. Parishioners leave pews to chase bandit who stole collection cash
  201. Four-foot python found in box with returned DVD!
  202. Annual Bad Sex Writing Award goes to...
  203. Mother-in-Law in Curry
  204. Dog drags infant out of bed, kills her
  205. Copyright Reminder
  206. Man Found Himself on the Internet
  207. Oops, just kidding
  208. He Paid Support, but there's no child!!
  209. Don't Watch Me Sell These Drugs!!
  210. Move over grilled cheese, this man had Jesus in his teeth.
  211. Career determines a person's hairstyle
  212. Boob job for sailor
  213. Imported Christmas trees fetch hefty prices in Hawaii
  214. Strippers ordered to wear permits on stage
  215. Rats! The perfect stocking stuffer
  216. Soldier has pal shoot him so he doesn't have to return to Iraq
  217. Man gets back at neighbors by painting home brilliant green
  218. Elderly woman with walker makes sad bank robbery attempt
  219. Mom is furious after her son, 5, is cuffed by cops at school
  220. Ice cream for dogs launches
  221. Holy man stays standing for 2 years
  222. Parents brawl at kids' play
  223. Woman assults man with Cooking Tongs
  224. Gay penguins found in Japanese aquariums
  225. Ban on Indoor Nudity
  226. $50,000 Cloned Kitten Truly Isn't One of a Kind
  227. Marriage lasts 90 minutes
  228. New Calendar?
  229. Ominous scrawl inside a old dresser drawer sparks search for body
  230. 55-year-old U.S. woman delivers triplets for her daughter
  231. Elvis fan sells three tablespoons of H20 from cup supposedly used by the king
  232. Colorado man admits Christmas lights website was a scam
  233. Man Arrested For 'Filling' The Tank
  234. Man accused of mailing dead animals, used condoms to homes is busted
  235. Intruders break into wrong house, apologise
  236. Truck-driving dog slams into Arkansas storefront
  237. John Bobbit Cleared in Sex Toy case
  238. Dogs get facelifts on new reality show
  239. Cops follow trail of pine needles to nab Christmas tree thief
  240. Kitchen gets 'Royal' ceremony
  241. Lottery winner, 94, sues to get it all now
  242. What century do we live in? Woman cannot get divorce while pregnant.
  243. New Orleans hotel tackles hangovers with 'Recovery Concierge' service
  244. Cat survives three frigid days in snowbank
  245. Wiener wagon hotbed of sin
  246. Judge settles custody dispute by tossing coin
  247. Wal Mart Manager orders employees to shoot cat
  248. Woman married corpse
  249. Beatles' loo roll up for auction
  250. Man goes berserk at Burger King that ran out of french fries