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  1. Welcome
  2. Drifter arrested after cow assaulted
  3. Woman finds peanut butter in coffee can
  4. Woman Gets Bank Deposit With Breakfast
  5. Grinch, Santa, Other Inflatables Stolen
  6. Bakersfield Prostitute strips attacker and takes him to Police
  7. A World Drinking Record
  8. 'tranny' Castrates Self, Fakes Bias Crime
  9. Canada's Love Affair with Marijuana
  10. Robber flees after cashier throws demand note at him
  11. Burglars Go Back To Ask For Receipts
  12. Womans kills husband in drum of acid then cuts off his feet!
  13. Thief mistakenly hops into cop car
  14. You call this a bonus?
  15. Cash-strapped German city to levy sex tax
  16. Niagara Falls jumper fined
  17. Man in Santa suit robs bank in Pennsylvania
  18. Layoffs Hit Elves at Arctic SantaPark
  19. Case of puppy love gone too far!
  20. Carol-loving Judge spreads holiday cheer!
  21. Neighbors' feud keeps holiday lights shut off
  22. Seniors get sex-talk line by mistake
  23. Sold, for $40 Million! 2 Seats on a Russian Rocket
  24. Stabbed 14 Times Over A Haircut
  25. Swimmers say club's ban on nudity doesn't suit them
  26. Irish crowd into tomb for solstice watch
  27. Oh deer! Hold that train!
  28. Students offered vacation for sperm
  29. 'Tortured' with Rap??
  30. 'Banana Tide' Brings Christmas Cheer
  31. Wall St spared nude financial presentation
  32. Dutch Search through garbage for Diamonds.
  33. Rapist paraded naked through streets
  34. Croc kills one, traps men up tree
  35. Dog survives euthanization
  36. Chicago panhandlers get $99,000 settlement
  37. Fishermen Dress Lobster as Barbie
  38. Woman fired for not being Christian enough
  39. Mexican Shot By His Own Dog
  40. Naked Man Nabbed For Seeking Shower In Car Wash
  41. 'Mr. Christmas' pulls plug on light display
  42. Serial Robber draws on Moustache with Pencil
  43. Man doesn't want to return to home after $1 million theft
  44. Trio arrested for breaking in and performing dental work
  45. Inmates Get Apples, Not Coal, at Christmas
  46. Halt! Only 3 earrings per Lobe!
  47. Thieves Clip Hair From Horse Manes, Tails
  48. Hugh Grant Flees from Hookers
  49. Dog Chews Off Sleeping Man's Toes
  50. Queen's Corgi Killed By Princess Anne's Terrier!
  51. OK, If this DOES NOT belong here, nothing does...
  52. Former Miss South Africa attacked by hippo
  53. Polite robber hitting Florida banks
  54. Reindeer tackles NBC reporter in Alaska
  55. Christmas Miracle ~ The Cat Came Back!
  56. Loser of Christmas lights contest rips down winner's display
  57. Swallowed diamond ring shows up as evidence in US
  58. Vegetarian Virgin Mary Ad Riles Boston Church
  59. Family Buries Wrong Man Due to Prison Mix-Up
  60. Shopper finds $25,000 on supermarket floor
  61. Bad gifts with best intentions
  62. Santas beaten in public specticle
  63. Fraternity Brothers Catch, Kill, Eat Possibly Rabid Raccoon
  64. 2-year-old seeks lost wages in playground mishap
  65. Nude man stuck in chimney on Christmas
  66. Chimps to have retirement home in U.S.
  67. French thieves drive victim home for Christmas Eve
  68. Reputed NY Mobster Shoots Man for Heckling Singer
  69. Crook returns stolen car, writes apology
  70. Man arranges shooting to woo woman
  71. 200 couples married in mass ceremony in Bangladesh
  72. Century Old Small Pox Scabs found in NM Library
  73. Zoo visitors get unexpected thrill from escaped tiger
  74. Dad's head found in a shed
  75. Town 'sold' on eBay back up for sale
  76. Couple joins Mile High Club hall of fame
  77. Cross-Dressing NY Restaurant Sues Over Review
  78. Man asks Neighbour to help move body
  79. Worlds Biggest Snake Caught! (Nope-not Scott Peterson)
  80. TV Series "Romper Room" Mirror stolen
  81. Morality Police to Ban New Year Trinkets
  82. Dog Rides Train From Greenwich to Harlem
  83. Woman upset with gift tosses Molotov cocktail into home
  84. Student bets on himself to date Kylie Minogue
  85. Man's product seeks to potty train cats
  86. Man trapped under mountain of books, newspapers; rescued after two days
  87. A lucky Dog Doe afternoon
  88. Top phony pizza names
  89. Impaled on motorcycle handlebars, N.C. man proposes
  90. Pet Hamster found safe in ShopVac after 2 months!
  91. Stolen baby Jesus figure is returned with a coat of brown paint
  92. Woman sues Starbucks for 10 Million over Coffee Burns!
  93. Man who stored 114 cats in freezer says he shouldn't be charged
  94. Nude Barbie Photos Are Free Speech
  95. Airline passenger suffers heart attack but 15 doctors aboard to help
  96. Fruitcake-eating champ crowned in Buffalo
  97. 'We're old, we're cranky' ruled out as state slogan
  98. Holdup note on check leads to arrest
  99. Town with sense of humor may require men to grow beards
  100. China Rings in New Year, Rings Out Hemorrhoid Ads
  101. Second Time Unlucky for Burglar
  102. Couple weds at minister's bedside
  103. Art Carney Sanitation Facility
  104. VA. Folks flush with Rat problem!
  105. Butt Hole Road ~ Weird and Wacky Reigned Supreme in 2003
  106. Bag Of Chips Contains More Than Munchies
  107. Teenage Girl spikes Mom's Gatorade with Bleach
  108. Crocodile Hunter could be in hot water
  109. For sale: Aircraft carrier
  110. Long lost brothers check into same hospital
  111. Teen badly burned when Mom used Gasoline on Lice
  112. Dead Man's Dangling Legs Greet Couple
  113. Woman Charged With Stealing 50 Glass Eyes
  114. Thief Makes Off With Frosty Float
  115. Thieves joyride with 2 dead in back... but they didn't know that
  116. Lucky Dog
  117. Many Britons stumped where 'Chicago' musical is set
  118. BRITNEY SPEARS MARRIED??? TO Jason Alexander (George on Seinfeld?)
  119. Woman donates estate to help "White" babies
  120. San Francisco's Richest Hobo
  121. Dead man comes back to life at N.M. funeral home
  122. Alleged robber leaves big clue -- jail ID
  123. Exec heads to jail for mislabeling doughnuts as low-fat
  124. Boy rescued after climbing into stuffed-animal grabber machine
  125. What if this is true? OMG my heart
  126. Diana's Letter: It Was Charles
  127. Dressed in her school uniform, 11-year-old sold heroin, police say
  128. Man who hit 11 cars trying to park pleads guilty to drink driving in England
  129. Blizzard babies in Colorado
  130. Crook survives 8-story plunge
  131. Man's bail posted with phony money
  132. Man Seeks Christian Nudist Colony
  133. Fleeing authorities, trio then asks for help... dead found where they were hiding
  134. Naked walker sentenced
  135. Burglar Delivers Himself to House in Box
  136. Man says cable TV is responsible for wife's 50-pound weight gain
  137. Soldier who lost legs in explosion barred from club because of shoes
  138. A woman looses it!!
  139. Man Charged For Wearing Skimpy Swimsuit
  140. Polish fishermen charged with fish abuse
  141. Customers getting foul language when ordering from Burger King
  142. Woman dislikes carrying coffin photo of crash victim, as ordered by court
  143. Thief caught by shop owner
  144. Public defender cuffed, consoled by client
  145. 40 year old serial bride with 27 marriages
  146. Paul Burrell plans West End stage show
  147. Texas man receives $7.7 million water bill
  148. Female circumcising! California couple charged.
  149. Teenager competes in surf meet 10 weeks after losing arm in shark attack
  150. Music teacher accused of having sex with boy, 11
  151. Armed Robber Disguises Self As Chicken
  152. Tea kettle repels home intruder
  153. GM Recalls 824,000 Cars to Fix Steering
  154. Homeless man evicted from golf course
  155. Wacky Warning winners... ROFL!
  156. King Seeks Funds for Palaces for 11 Wives
  157. Professor Cyborg? He says someday "we might be one too"
  158. This is so SAD :( Five-year-old killed after truck hits bus
  159. Crime Victims Violated on Internet.
  160. Woman with messy house gets jail time?
  161. Potatoes with your computer anyone?
  162. Condom chowder suit settled
  163. Man jumps into lions pit
  164. Dentist faces battery charges for ripping cap from patient
  165. Driver is arrested over car art
  166. Boy, 12, bests burglar
  167. Man arrested after giving cop a sneak peek at robbery note
  168. 1st Mummified Lion found in egypt
  169. Chilling crime: Streakers in restaurant watch as their car, clothes stolen
  170. Yelling at teens for playing loud music was crime, Montana court rules
  171. West Virginian firefighter accused of setting fire to mother's mobile home
  172. eBay joker auctions off West Virginia
  173. Topless Passenger freaks out on Flight
  174. Bagpipes shut down Portland Jetport
  175. Commercial pilot arrested for obscene gesture
  176. Kind of sad, foster children not entitled to inheritance
  177. Yah man! Jamaican man sold more than a ton of pot
  178. Web cam watchers help injured Iowa woman
  179. Withdrawal of note costs robber
  180. Dog attends friends funeral!!!
  181. Family Members Go To Extreme Lengths Searching For Dog
  182. Money Troubles ~ Rare 1000.00 Bill Impounded
  183. Man Says He Found Fried Mouse In His Chicken Lunch (with Photo!) LOL
  184. Man Steals Dump Truck to make Beer Run
  185. Teenage girl's x-ray vision baffles scientists
  186. Children fear Scientist Hawking is victim of serial attacker
  187. Diamonds are a Cows best friend.
  188. Elderly couple end marriage in row over payout from $25-million lottery
  189. Judge falls asleep in court
  190. Thief steals bag with $100,000 US from vehicle of West Virginia lottery winner
  191. Police Told to Watch Their Ps and Qs
  192. Man Gets 10 Years for Heroin-Soaked Clothes
  193. 13 accused of spreading Aids in gay orgy
  194. Two die aboard same BA flight
  195. Boy falls through ice trying to get phone
  196. Town's website lists names of people whose checks bounced
  197. Belly-laugh Joke Goes Belly-up In Turkey
  198. What's In A Name?
  199. Bozo Criminals
  200. Woman Claims to Have World's Smallest Dog
  201. Man sentenced to YOGA? for hitting his wife.
  202. Woman fends of robber with stapler
  203. 'Monster in the closet' was a burglar
  204. Heavy trucker receives apology
  205. Doctors remove 176-pound tumor
  206. Cookie campaigner's sweet victory
  207. troops want to fill hole Sadam found in
  208. 92 yr old bank robber sentenced
  209. Thief Fakes Heart Attack to Outwit Police
  210. Jethro Tull keyboardist receives sex change
  211. Fiiiiinally - high school diploma presented
  212. Man leaves photo of genitals on hotel vending machine
  213. Priest put on leave after pot plants found in rectory
  214. Couple demands halt to neighbor's smoking
  215. Losing his pants, Oregon inmate gets collared again
  216. Elephant Makes Daring Escape from Zoo
  217. Texas Church Cards People Who Patronize Adult Stores
  218. Nude Hiker
  219. Toddler survives for days in cold car with mom's body
  220. On Top of a Big Hill
  221. Man wears bumblebee costume to court
  222. Austria claims to have invented tartan kilts
  223. KFC ~ Kentucky Fish Cuisine?
  224. FRIENDS characters and you Dogs Personality?
  225. 10-month-old drowns in toilet
  226. lottery winner buying hedonistic headstone
  227. Robin Givens critically injures pedestrian
  228. Woman who poisoned boyfriend chokes to death
  229. So sad: Man, 70 puts ad in paper, just wants a friend
  230. Fish fights flames, avoids fry, saves Minnesota school
  231. New York state jail employee busted for stealing prisoners' underwear
  232. 'Boys Are Stupid' merchandise removed
  233. 'Clown Bandit' creates comedy of errors
  234. 83-year-old bowler strikes record
  235. Transsexual sues athletic club
  236. FL - Judge sees victim's picture, asks "Why would you rape HER?"
  237. Drunk American deported for splashing baby
  238. Thief checkmated at bank
  239. Jury rejects claim soup drove man nuts
  240. Five sets of twins born at St. Mary's in one day
  241. Cell doors left unlocked twice at US prison
  242. Some schools in Mexico get rare snow day
  243. Thief swipes Yoda in bronze
  244. Chile con Calculator
  245. Baby Born with second head to get surgery
  246. Lovers top contract killing hit list
  247. Cubans attempt floating Vintage car to Florida
  248. Texas Woman strikes OIL... in her TOILET!!
  249. Second-grader suspended for telling classmate he would go to hell for cursing
  250. Online girlfriends sell love to dateless