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  1. DANNY PELOSI: What do you think?
  2. WA - Nicholas Francisco: Dead or Alive?
  3. Good News. Everyone Can Vote in Polls Even if you are not a Registered Member of WS.
  4. Who Knows What Happened to Haleigh? Vote Now. No Need to be a Member
  5. New Poll. Public can Vote. Have U Changed Your Mind About Haleigh's Culprit?
  6. What Punishment Should a Pedophile Receive for Sexually Abusing a Child?
  7. Would you buy a book written by George and Cindy Anthony?
  8. Swine Flu
  9. VA - Morgan Harrington - What do you think?
  10. OR - Kyron Horman, 7 yo Second grader, 4 June 2010 What Happened?
  11. Bin Laden Bounty Hunter Gary Faulkner Wants Some Reward Money!
  12. Jeff Ashton, George and Cindy Anthony, Book Deals/Non WS Members Can Vote
  13. Did Rebecca Zahau Commit Suicide or was she Murdered
  14. Is Susan Powell's Father in-law (Steven Powell) Involved in her Disappearance?
  15. If Josh Powell is not charged with a crime will he get his kids back?
  16. Websleuths Radio Poll. Are Lisa Irwin's Parent's Involved in her Disappearence?
  17. What happened to Lisa Irwin?
  18. What happened to Isabel Celis?
  19. What do you think happened to Elizabeth Collins and Lyric Cook Morrissey?
  20. Vote for what you think happened to Alexandria Lowitzer
  21. Will DeeDee Moore be found guilty of killing Abraham Shakespeare?
  22. Is the jury going to find Jodi Arias guilty of murder?
  23. What happened to Jessica Heeringa?
  24. 09/14/13 What trial
  25. What will be the outcome of the Oscar Pistorius Trial?
  26. What happened to the McStay family?
  27. What do you think happened to Teleka Patrick?
  28. Does the flu shot really work?
  29. Is Amanda Knox guilty or innocent of murdering Meredith Kercher?
  30. Social Media Poll
  31. When will the jury come back with a verdict on the MD Case?
  32. What happened to Brandon Lawson?
  33. Poll on charges- The state vs Julie Schenecker
  34. The Websleuths Census
  35. What Happened to Jessica Chambers?