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  24. GPS should help put him away? Any Info?
  25. Did he want to get caught?
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  27. The two 4 year old girls
  28. Possible D/s connection?
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  32. Larry King to interview the other Garrido victim tonight
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  39. I just found this on FB....
  40. Psychic connections?
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  42. Early Parole and Missed Opportunities-What happened?
  43. Police looking into cases of Michaela Garecht and Ilene Misheloff
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  64. Bones Found on Property
  65. How many books are being rushed to press?
  66. This is a horrible and insensitive sports column
  67. NE 9/21/09 Jaycee Revisits the House
  68. Jaycee's Terror as Her Ordeal Began
  69. Who reported suspicious activity and when?
  70. Links for support if u r being abused or a survivor.
  71. Cheyvonne Molino
  72. 9/14/09 Bail Hearing & Press Conference 8:00 am PT
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  74. Hayward Police searching Garrido property
  75. He used a stun gun!
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  80. Update(s) from Shayna (Jaycee's sister)
  81. Congressman To Honor UC Officer For Role In Dugard Case
  82. I just want to throw something out there re: cadaver dogs in this case....
  83. P C Garrido's Voice Box and hearing voices
  84. Jaycee told LE that the girls were not molested.
  85. jaycee dugard thank you
  86. the 'why didn't she run' nonsense
  87. jaycee's story on dr phil today
  88. McGregor Scott, Jaycee Lee Dugard's Attorney
  89. Garrido's Church
  90. Nancy Garrido - thread #2
  91. Should Jaycee's Bio Dad Be Allowed to Have a DNA Testing Done?
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  93. 1991 People Magazine Article - The Woman at the Craft Fair
  94. Accomplice?
  95. Elderly Man Broke After Friendship With Garrido
  96. jaycee's self description; fifth grade project
  97. Garrido Says Dugard's Rights Violated
  98. 2009.10.02 dateline friday
  99. Is Jaycees' Family Safe??
  100. Sheriff Rupf
  101. Phillip C. Knight Institute
  102. In Touch article
  103. Corruption? Contra Costa County
  104. oprah oct 13th
  105. People Magazine's Statement from Jaycee
  106. Larry King (Oct. 14th)
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  108. Personal Attacks,TOS Violations and More
  109. Horses and Therapy
  110. Where are the 2 LITTLE GIRLS seen with PG ?
  111. National Enquirer says:JC's Kidnapper DRUGGED HER & HER KIDS
  112. not the easiest road she's traveled?
  113. October 29 preliminary hearing
  114. Jaycee's emails
  115. jaycee private school/garridos letters to mom
  116. The Wonderful Woman Named Jaycee
  117. Sightings of the Two Little Girls Seen with Phillip Garrido ***NO DISCUSSION***
  118. Garrido's statement to katie of two earlier rapes
  119. 2009.11.04 Parole Review Report To Be Released Today
  120. Poll: Why did Garrido bring Jaycee to the PO office?
  121. Report Details Dugard's Reaction When Police Discovered Her
  122. The Jaycee Dugard Story tonight 8 pm CST
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  124. What do you think Garrido's defense will be???
  125. New Jailhouse Letter from Phil Garrido to Walt Gray (11/11/09)
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  127. Katherine Callaway LIVE on radio describing her ordeal
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  129. Terry NOW And her book
  130. Jaycee's life before the abduction
  131. northern canifornia/oregon area
  132. E! Investigates: Kidnapping of Jaycee Dugard
  133. Jacyee Dugard's Journal
  134. Court hearing, Friday, february 26th 2010
  135. Jaycee's Claim and Possible Future Lawsuit
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  137. jaycee home videos and terry plea march 5
  138. new people magazine article
  139. In Touch Weekly article 3/11
  140. Jaycee's New Attorney
  141. April 15th Hearing
  142. National Inquirer 4/22
  143. Jaycee on TMZ.com - She looks so happy.
  144. May 20th hearing: cerf-major
  145. Pre-Prelim Hearing June 25, 2010 1PM PST
  146. Lawmakers approve $20 million for Jaycee
  147. Parole Officers Responsible
  148. Pre-Preliminary Hearing 8/20/2010 1pm PST
  149. Judge halts criminal proceedings against Garrido over concerns about mental state
  150. Jaycee Dugard writing memoir to be published next year
  151. Lost and Found Book by Glatt
  152. Hearing 10/1/2010
  153. Dugard case: Battle over making grand jury transcripts public
  154. Further Hearing 11/4/2010
  155. Merry Christmas! ! !
  156. Both Garridos have made a full confession
  157. Jaycee Update
  158. Phillip Garrido expected to plead Guilty
  159. Garridos Plead Guilty to kidnapping, raping Jaycee Dugard
  160. Garridos sentenced
  161. Does anyone know if Carl Probyn was able to reunite with Jaycee?
  162. 2011.07.10 - ABC Jaycee Dugard Special 9PM Eastern.
  163. A Stolen Life - Jaycee's New Book.
  164. What about the trailer?
  165. EDC Sheriff's office released four disturbing videos
  166. Eldorado County DA Office findings re JLD
  167. Dugard Files Suit Against Government for 18-year Captivity
  168. Calif. woman who was held captive releases PSA
  169. Jaycee Dugard Receives an Award :)
  170. 20/20 Jaycee special tonight
  171. Parole Officers in Dugard Case