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  1. TX TX - Remains found, 2004
  2. Rodney Alcala Trial info
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  9. Police asks help identifying the people in photos taken by murderer
  10. Submitted do you know any of these people?
  11. Blonde girl in two piece yellow swim suit
  12. Girl with arms over her head
  13. Long reddish haired girl with blue beaded red necklace
  14. Desert pictures
  15. Woman in helmet
  16. Guy with blue shirt - red stripes on sleeves
  17. Two Girls on Bikes
  18. Girl with red shorts and white top
  19. Girl with wreath in hair standing by donkey
  20. Man and children at beach
  21. Brunette girl with wood beads and white sweater
  22. Brown Button up shirt girl
  23. Girl with black sweater wrapped around peach top
  24. Tall girl in blue bikini
  25. Rachel Trlica
  26. Dating the Photos
  27. Girl teen, Boy teen, both short hair
  28. ***MEDIA / LINKS ONLY - No discussion***
  29. Girl with jean jacket and red lace-up top
  30. TIMELINE - Where was Alcala and when?
  31. Brunette girl with blue top and braids
  32. Short haired brunette against a blue background
  33. Housekeeping requests (was called New forum ideas)
  34. ***Alcala's PICTURE LINKS***
  35. Photography questions (pre-digital era)
  36. Destroyed faces/heads- Unidentified. Possible Alcala victims?
  37. The flowered fabric in the background
  38. Girl with dark long hair and fur coat.
  39. General discussion thread re: Alcala's pictures
  40. Guests ***WE NEED YOU!***
  41. Red Sweater Girl
  42. Lisa Renee Wilson?
  43. Room & girl walking around w/cigarette and no pants
  44. Communion girl
  45. Are these 5 women identified as missing?
  46. Girl with glasses - the missing AK girl?
  47. Short haired blond girl
  48. Blond haired girl lying on carpet
  49. Tammy Akers & Angela Rader
  50. Boy Sitting In Chair With Native American Print Background
  51. The Girl in the Yellow Shorts
  52. Possible Alcala Victims??
  53. Does Anyone Have Access to These Records?
  54. Girl Dancing red sweater (concert?)
  55. Very Blonde Girl In Orange Chair With Ashtray
  56. Girl with white lace top and blue shorts
  57. Person doing a backbend or hanging upside down in dense foliage
  58. The Pow Pow Shoot 'Em Up Girl Simulating Gun
  59. Dark haired woman/ bathing suit
  60. Roman Polansi link
  61. The 900 Unreleased Photos
  62. Beautiful Afro and White Turtleneck Girl
  63. Woman In Swimsuit Smokin' Ciggie
  64. Girl with turtleneck turned up to midriff
  65. Blonde Girl with Unusual Eye
  66. Dark Haired Woman/beige shirt
  67. Alcala and His Crimes
  68. Red haired man with boy (no photo)
  69. Girl With Dark Curly Hair & Blue Shirt
  70. John Berger/Burger
  71. Christmas Tree Woman
  72. Long, Wavy Haired Brunette With Beige Blanket
  73. Very little girl yellow sweater
  74. Brown Haired Girl Wearing Headphones
  75. Singing Girl in Headphones
  76. Plaid hat girl with dark hair and wild eye makeup
  77. The "Trophy" Jewelry Collection
  78. Tan woman with baby/toddler
  79. Leopard Collar Girl
  80. Profile Girl against Green wall
  81. 2010.09.25 - 48 Hours MYSTERY covering Alcala
  82. Different girls, Same room. (Blue carpet, radio, records & Headphones)
  83. #71, Shadowy Brunette
  84. Could some of alcala photos be of Hollywood actors when they were young
  85. Males in the photos
  86. Alcala married with biological kids ?
  87. What puzzles you the most
  88. Pictures of those already deceased
  89. Alcala's shack in the woods
  90. Little girl that survived attack by Alcala testifies! (now 52)!
  91. Alcala will face trial in New York
  92. Alcala photos Facebook
  93. Alcala Linked to 40-yr old New York City Cold Case
  94. This picture puzzles me
  95. Blonde, Sad-Faced Girl
  96. Male or Female?
  97. RA's Girlfriends
  98. RA's dresser and apt locations
  99. Another Victim - Pamela Jean Lambson
  100. My personal theory on the Alcala photos has changed **May be offensive to some**
  101. Alcala files suit for not getting 2 candy bars, Playboy mags & other stupid things
  102. Alcala Facebook
  103. Alcala on True Crime with Aphrodite Jones
  104. NEW identification of several of the Alcala photos
  105. ALCALA Book - Members invited to help!!!
  106. Links to Currently UID
  108. Convicted 1970s Calif. serial killer says he shouldn’t be sent to face N
  109. Alcala is fighting extradition to New York
  110. Judge clears the way for Alcala to be extradited to New York for the 2 murders there
  111. CA RodAlcala information needed
  112. Alcala gets to take the scenic route on his extradition trip to New York
  113. NY Alcala connection to Andy Warhol?
  114. girl with beaded necklace and chain
  115. Alcala investigated in three more slayings