View Full Version : Alcala UID FOUND ALIVE

  1. Found Alive The girl with the purple bell bottoms
  2. Identified! Long haired brunette with eyes half closed
  3. Found Alive Denmark Girls
  4. Found Alive Woman on Motorcyle
  5. Identified! Very Young Straw Hat Girl Posed Against Window
  6. Found Alive Woman leaning against fence
  7. Found Alive The girl with the white strapless dress and gold cross
  8. Identified! Blond Woman in Office Setting
  9. Identified! Rainbow Suspenders Girl
  10. Found Alive Farrah haired upset older woman
  11. Found Alive Woman in fleece coat
  12. Identified! Long, Wavy, Light Brown Hair and Bare Shoulder
  13. Found Alive Girl with reddish hair and yellow top sitting in front of green wall
  14. Found Alive Young Blonde girl, Blue shirt/blue overalls
  15. Identified! The Girls in the Club
  16. Identified! Patchwork Calico Shirt and Bell Bottom Jeans
  17. Identified! Dark Haired Pigtails Girl w/ Eyes Closed
  18. Identified! Little Girl w/ Eyes Closed & Tongue Out
  19. Identified! Short Sleeve Blue Shirt & White Pants Woman
  20. Found Alive People Magazine April 19th
  21. Found Alive Woman with wild frizzy hair and purple coat
  22. Found Alive Black Haired Girl with double ponytails