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  1. FL - Deputies: Woman locked boy in roach-infested kitchen cabinet
  2. TX - Shania Gray-child rape victim murdered to prevent testimony
  3. Dallas - Woman Charged w/ murder of infant son
  4. MO Baby Scalded In Bathroom Sink
  5. AR - 8 Victims Of Child Sexual Assault Identified
  6. GA - Atlanta: Grandmother beats 3 year old Nevaeh to death with pipe
  7. AZ - 2 moms face felony charges for driving into flood waters with kids
  8. WI - 4 children killed in fire set by their father
  9. WA - JBLM Soldier Child Pornography And Met Minors In Person
  10. NC-Mother gives oxy to 9 month old baby
  11. NC-Man accused of killing 7 month old daughter
  12. Sexual predator soliciting on facebook now in the montgomery county jail
  13. IN-Mom charged with causing teens suicide
  14. NC-Father surrenders in march 2012 death of his child
  15. Detroit: Boy Sexually Assaulted by Two Men
  16. Mom Punched Man In Face For Scolding Her
  17. WI "Curious" Pervert Crashed His Computer
  18. FL - Sex Offender Sends Child Pornography To Canada
  19. OK Man Finds Friend's Child Pornography And Keeps It
  20. Man Guilty Of Hog Tying Nephew
  21. NJ Woman Pleads For Having Sex With Boy 13
  22. UK - Stranger (Female) gives babies bottles of bleach in London street
  23. TX-Mother indicted for using meth while pregnant
  24. SC- 81-year-old grabs, fondles child on way home from school
  25. MA - Pediatric doctor charged with receiving child porn
  26. CT-Worst case of abuse Assistant Chief has ever seen
  27. PA Daycare Sexual Assault
  28. A Mother An Underage Child And A Guy With HIV/AIDS
  29. IL - Woman charged with murder of 6 yr old step-son
  30. FL - Mother accused of chaining, stabbing 7-year-old son
  31. OR-Teen accused of trying to kidnap 6-year-old girl arrested
  32. OR-mom and boyfriend beat 4 yr old to death
  33. OR-Foster parent accused of more sex crimes
  34. MO-Guardians charged with malnourishing and abusing girls
  35. VA-Family member charged with felony child abuse against baby
  36. Richard Koca - StandUp for Kids Founder Charged With Child Sex Assault
  37. CA - $1M bail for Calif. man over death threat posts to children
  38. NC-Kindergarten teacher faces sex charges
  39. VA-man arrested for raping 11 yr old family member
  40. FL - Mom arrested and committed after drugging her 3 small kids
  41. Sexual Abuse Ignored On Spirit Lake Souix Reservation
  42. Update: Baby M dies after being taken off life support
  43. GA - boy abused/held hostage in home, given bus ticket/$200 told to leave
  44. Woman charged with making child ride in trunk
  45. NY This Inmate Was Indicted.............
  46. TX-Fort Worth man not indicted in daughter's shooting death
  47. VA-newborn girl found alive in woods
  48. VA-woman sentenced for toddler porn-linked to another case
  49. WA-3 small children found hungry in trunk of a car
  50. Mom arrested for letting kids (6 & 9) play outside
  51. UT - Mom arrested after 2 young children found in dumpster
  52. PA - Two Children Hospitalized After Ingesting "Smiles"
  53. CANADA - Manhunt for 2 Men who held 16 Year Old Boy Chains-1 Arrested, 1 Deceased
  54. Firefighter found in bed with underage boy when child porn warrant served
  55. UK - The Who's Pete Townshend on 2003 child pornography bust: "What I did was insane"
  56. LA - Mother leaves toddler at park, mother arrested
  57. FL/LA - Man convicted of child sex trafficking
  58. LA - Mother beat, kicked son after he let friend in home
  59. FL - 14-year-old Lakeland girl charged with murdering her newborn boy
  60. OH-Man Accused of Sexually Abusing Boy Arrested
  61. The Predators Are Out There
  62. OK Crimes Against Children And Animals
  63. Bad Soda Cause For Child Molestation
  64. Centcom official arrested after teen's sex accusations
  65. FL - Man impregnates 10 or 11 yr old he met at church
  66. NM-Cop quits job, marries pregnant 15-year-old he met during traffic stop
  67. UK - the late Jimmy Savile and the underage sex charges now confronting the BBC
  68. FL - man and woman sexually assault 4 yr old and 7 month old repeatedly
  69. Ex-Cavalry hero who survived '82 IRA blast allegedly kills his young children, self
  70. PA Rapist Is Getting Sued In Civil Court
  71. Wanted Man Plies The Kids With Natty Daddy Beer
  72. TN-Repo man finds 4 small children home alone
  73. NY - Mom suffocates 4yr old son in bitter divorce
  74. Bentley Lindvall Murdered By His Mom
  75. Man Steals 6 Year Olds Prescription Meds
  76. PA Girl Grabbed Off Street Held Hostage Three Days Raped By Three Men
  77. LA - Popular Thai Restaurant Owner Chgd With Sexual Assault Minors, Pornography And.
  78. NY - Toddler's remains found buried in LI backyard
  79. Kidnapped in Gambia, dumped in Derbyshire, UK 3 years later
  80. PA Toddler Shot In Crib Dies
  81. Mom who glued kids hands to wall faces life term.
  82. TX-mom admits to killing two of her infants, pregnant again
  83. IN-Man beats his 17 day old baby in the head
  84. FL - Wanted Sex Offender from Crawfordville Caught in Cambodia
  85. producer of child porn sought in Hawaii; Images taken in 2009/10
  86. Ex-Peace Corps worker faces prison for sex abuse
  87. Man attempts to grab child in Springfield Oregon!!! - October 2012
  88. United Nations designates October 11 as International Day of the Girl Child
  89. FL - 2 more child porn arrests
  90. Father Scalds Infant With Colic
  91. suspects hunted in series of New Jersey attempted child abductions
  92. NJ RSO In Library Harrasment And Viewing Inappropriate Material
  93. Gregory Lacy, LaQuron Lacy Ran Home Strip Club & Allegedly Abused Seven Adopted Child
  94. Police probe Texas agency in case where child died
  95. VA-mother charged for drugs and child neglect
  96. Teacher repeatedly exposes severely allergic student to her allergen..
  97. FL - 23 men arrested in child sex sting
  98. VA-Ice cream truck driver sought for crimes against children
  99. VA-Man charged with making child porn
  100. VA-Piano teacher arrested for sex abuse
  101. NJ- JR High student Attempt abduction
  102. IA-Teacher admits sex with 4 students
  103. little Ayden Toler, 2 years old, beaten to death by stepfather
  104. AL - Guard Has His Child Pornography Mailed To Art Museum
  105. FL Mom Leaves Two Kids Bedridden Gram In Filth To Go To Halloween Event
  106. OR Reoffending 70 Year Old Sex Offender
  107. IN - 77 day sentence after Baby Alissa tortured, beaten to death.
  108. GA-Police: Man raped girls in several cities
  109. New doubts raised about '70s child killings in Mich.
  110. RSO Was Sitting Children When Busted In Drug Sweep
  111. SC - Cheerleading Coach, 31, arraigned on 3 counts of Sexual Abuse
  112. Eric Bodenweiser, Former Del.State Sen.Candidate, Indicted On Sexual Abuse charges
  113. New allegations of sexual abuse against priest rock Miami Archdiocese
  114. Troy, MI Father Charged in Death of Infant Daughter
  115. TX Child Murderer Beats Girlfriend
  116. Father Assaults Child For Pornography Use Mother Arrested As Well
  117. PA RSO Assaulting Kids For Decades Jailed
  118. AZ - Police Forced To Wear Gasmasks At Child Pornography Suspects Home
  119. RSO Burglarized Home To Steal Photo Of 12 Year Old
  120. CO - attempted abduction in Parker, Colorado.
  121. Canada - Trial Starting For Vancouver Sex Offender Who Left Girls To Die
  122. Houston girl kidnapped from library
  123. IL - 2 children found stabbed to death, Naperville, Babysitter being questioned.
  124. Toddler left in car alone while mom gets booked in jail Henrico VA
  125. CO - Attempted Abduction - Castle Rock Colorado
  126. Parents attack 15 yr old daughter with acid
  127. Softpaw artist arrested on child pronography charges
  128. FL - Six Year Old Forced To Sleep Outside
  129. MN - Parents Face Felony Charges For Starving Adopted Son
  130. IA-3 face charges for sexual abuse of a child
  131. UK - Prime Minister orders probe into care home paedophile ring
  132. PA Six Year Old Beat To Death With Belts
  133. SC-father gets 1 yr for impregnating 13 yr old daughter
  134. MO-Mom charged in death of 4-year-old bedridden daughter
  135. VA-attempted kidnapping of 10 yr old
  136. VA-man sexually abuses 6 yr old relative
  137. IA-adopted kids abused, now bio mom wants girl back
  138. Pittsburgh PA 13 yr boy almost abducted
  139. Moms Who Hate Their Own Children
  140. PA - 11 Month Old Died Of Heroin Overdose In July
  141. PA Retired Cop, RSO, Child Lurer Held on 1 Mill Bail
  142. OH Firefighter P/T PO Shocks Children With Device
  143. MA - teen accused of poisoning baby of other teen mom
  144. TX-sister brutally beats 10 yr old over bag of cheetos
  145. MO - Sub. teacher pulls knife on child
  146. CA - RSO Exposes Himself To Teen Boy In The Ladies Room At Park
  147. CO Fort Carson GI Held Crimes Go Back Two Years
  148. OK - 3 Naked toddlers found, one locked in dog crate
  149. OH- 911 call on 'stiff as a board' toddler leads to body, malnourished siblings found
  150. Babysitter Produced Child Pornography For Over A Year
  151. IN - Baby starved to death, slept in drawer
  152. Jaime Gardner Morris arrested for murder of her 4 yr old daughter
  153. UT Woman Arrested After Giving Birth To Addicted Baby
  154. AZ - Man sex. abuses 3 girls has one committed
  155. Chilli Vasquez is 9 years old and was paralysed.
  156. 38 Students Videotaped by Basketball Coach
  157. Chloe Rodriguez, France, 15 yr found safe
  158. NH - FBI Busts Female Lawyer At Her Own Hearing
  159. Parents Force Kids To Stand In Scalding Water
  160. MO Mother Arrested After Letting 13 Year Old Smoke Meth
  161. NY RSO Just Won't Obey The Law
  162. Man Uses Relatives On Child Pornography Site
  163. WI Convicted AGAIN for 1997 Sexual Assaults
  164. FL - Man With $26,000 Halloween Display Arrested
  165. SOLVED *identified* FBI asks for help identifying pedophile
  166. GA - 2-year-old girl killed
  167. FL - Girl, 13, Fatally Shot on Miami-Area School Bus
  168. IA-Fed. exploitation charges for taping sex with minor
  169. Two Count 'Em Two RSO's Coaching Kids
  170. PA Do You Know This Man?
  171. CT - Nurse Jay T. Mohler-Avery recruiting sex slaves including 18 month old
  172. IA-mother gives man written permission to rape daughter
  173. CodeSearch app enlists ‘field agents’ in search of missing children
  174. PA Five Year Old Left Hanging By Belt In Hotel
  175. MI Children's Basketball Coach Leaves RSO Husband With The Kids
  176. IA - 2 yr old on life support after abuse
  177. MA - toddler left in car so loser could get TV
  178. IN-Robbers try to steal 3 month old baby
  179. IA-Man charged with sex abuse and bestiality
  180. VA-children and pets removed from military housing
  181. Texas - East Texas man charged with abusing toddler
  182. AL - Drunk mother drops baby in fire
  183. State Police arrest 9 in alleged sex trafficking ring involving teen
  184. IN - Five Kids Many Cats In Unheated Moving Van
  185. Del 12 Year Old Escapes Locked Room Of Three Months
  186. PA Heroin Bust Reveals Deplorable Conditions Three Children Removed
  187. CT-Cop assaults 12 yr old
  188. NC-Father punches 2 week old and he dies
  189. CO - 2 & 4 year old brothers die after mother left them alone in SUV
  190. IN-Man fondled student during class
  191. IN - dad catches man exposing himself to 5-year-old son
  192. CA - couple kept 12 yr old as sex slave
  193. IL - Woman is charged with beating, burning, and biting her two young grandchildren.
  194. AZ - Mom made teen hold meth during police stop
  195. FL - Man twisted toddler’s nipples off body
  196. OH 21 Arrested In Child Pornography Sting
  197. NY - Lemon Juice And Co-defendants Take Photos Of Victim In Court
  198. UK-Child grooming gangs
  199. Canada - Three children found dead in Quebec :(
  200. PA Sex Offender Bought An Addy With Food Stamps
  201. Grayson County, Texas ~ child buse
  202. FL - man leaves dog to babysit 10 month old so he can go to bar
  203. UT - Award-winning educator admits to child sex abuse
  204. MT - 3 Year Old's Body Found On Highway
  205. Florida police in search of parents who allegedly threatened to kill children
  206. 3 month dies from blunt force trauma to the head
  207. Police: Mother kills 2 children, then gets on a bus
  208. TX - 11 yr old girl possibly strangled by stepdad at Dyess AFB, Texas
  209. MA - Thirteen Babies Raped In Day Care
  210. NM Day Care Calls Police Couple Arrested
  211. Ex-LA official gets prison for child porn
  212. AZ - Two Year Old Dies At Long Term Daycare
  213. TX - Father carved pentagram into son's back
  214. NY - LI Boy Scouts leader charged with child porn
  215. OK-Church janitor who raped 13-year old: "No one's perfect"
  216. 70 Year Old Busted
  217. PA Mom Knocked Out Outside School
  218. RSO Sends Video To State Trooper
  219. WV - Dad Broke Two Year Old's Arm
  220. La 8 Year Old Left Home Alone With Oven On
  221. Sex predator gets 45-year sentence for 2010 attack
  222. OH - Doctor Admits Sexual Activity with Children
  223. SC -- Dad: "This is being blown out of proportion" after kids found in trunk
  224. Man allegedly punches 4-month-old
  225. Indiana drops charges in child's 1995 fire death
  226. UPDATE: Police find "Jane Doe" who is accused of making child pornography
  227. FL - Sarasota man arrested for hog-tying 11-year-old daughter, who later died
  228. Child porn cases go uninvestigated in Lane County, Oregon
  229. CA - ICE Busts RSO On Child Porn Charges And He Bails Next Day
  230. PA Child Pornography Charges Times 1,000
  231. Some journalists need a kick in the rear...
  232. GA-Cobb County Schools employee charged with production of child porn
  233. FL - Delray Beach man charged with incest
  234. MD Babysitter Left Kids With Stove On And Propane Spewing
  235. 3 year old Natalie BEATEN to death in 2008 - NO ARREST
  236. TX - 6 children hurt when gas can explodes in Texas
  237. MASSPediatric DentistChild Pornography
  238. LA - This Guy Had No Right To Be Minding A Child
  239. Medical Marijuanna User Has Drugged Baby
  240. IL - RSO Busted At McD's Play Area
  241. CO Predator Non Web Eligible
  242. TX - 14yr old girl dead, dropped off on someone's lawn
  243. MI - Detroit Mother Charged in Daughter's Death
  244. Over 100 Sexually-Exploited Kids Identified
  245. School board member resigns after hitting student with her car in parking-spot spat
  246. Former police officer Christopher Wilson had sex with children
  247. Unidentified man wanted for child porn production FBI wants help
  248. A 5-month-old was found abandoned in the hallway of an apartment building
  249. California woman lost son in filthy home
  250. Mother jailed for beating 7 y.o. son to death over Koran studies