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  1. FL - Mom charged after baby found with broken bones
  2. KS - Wichita man guilty of collecting million child porn images
  3. TN-moms leave 7 kids alone to go to bar
  4. TX - Makynli Hopkins, 14 wks, found dead, Hermleigh, 4 March 2010
  5. CA - Teacher lured girl for oral sex "Lollipop game"
  6. Preacher Accused of Improper Secret Photography
  7. CA~Pastor & coach, Christopher Olague arrested for child sex abuse & child porn
  8. CA - 2 Toddlers Reported Missing Overnight-both have been found
  9. SC- man dangled a five-year-old child over an aggressive dog
  10. TX-Man puts baby in very hot water-causes serious burns
  11. AL- School security guard, Michael Wooten admits producing child porn/modeling shots
  12. Pro golfer among 40 busted in child sex sting
  13. PA - mom beats 8 yr old son
  14. TX-Child sex suspect bragged about pedophilia on Facebook
  15. Can-Canadian authorities bust child porn rings
  16. IA-woman charged for not reporting sex abuse
  17. PA Online Aquired Babysitter Gets More Charges Tacked On
  18. WI-school custodian arrested for sexual abuse
  19. FL - mother hits daughter with baseball bat
  20. OK-Pipe found in babies diaper, teacher/mother arrested
  21. NC - Already abuse suspect, mom caught injecting liquid into sick baby's IV, LE says
  22. MD - Maryland man sentenced to 30 years for sex abuse of 1 year old
  23. MO - Ex-school employee charged with child-molestation has HIV
  24. PA - "Monster" Mom Gets 23 Months For Scalding Child
  25. NJ~CFO, Robert Paratore sentenced for 2nd major child porn offense
  26. NJ~Vice principal & coach, Patrick Lott videotaped boys in shower
  27. OK - Raped by stepfather at 14, statute of limitations may have expired, woman told
  28. Study: Child abuse bigger threat than SIDS
  29. FL New Black Panther Party Protesting Church Allwoing RSO To Preach
  30. MI- convicted dog abuser (mom's boyfriend) beats 10 month old severely
  31. TX-CPS takes custody of boy mauled by dogs
  32. CA~School custodian, John Astor gave kids candy...20 counts of molestation
  33. CA~Psychologist/School founder, Donald Tosti sentenced for violent child porn
  34. PA Mom Arrested Left Baby In The Cold In Shopping Cart
  35. OH Cell Phone Leads To Charges Of Producing Child Pornography
  36. MI mom charged in force feeding incident
  37. MO-mom slashes baby's throat
  38. NY~Teacher's Aide, Taleek Brooks filmed child porn in the classroom
  39. VT~Teacher, John Dockum arrested for viewing child porn on school laptop
  40. CA~Music Teacher of the Year, Vance Miller sued for sexual grooming, showers
  41. AR - Woman convicted of child abuse; Children chained
  42. AR - child removed from home after meth bust
  43. PA - Baby boy, 4 mos, found dead at unlicensed Philly day care, 7 Feb 2012
  44. IA-mother arrested for beating son
  45. IA-Meth, baby found in car; parents arrested
  46. MO-2 teens charged with sodomy
  47. MO-11 yr old kidnapped and raped
  48. NE-Mom Accused Of Leaving Baby With Sex Offender, baby abused
  49. MI Parents Held On Child Pornography Charges Of 6 Month Old
  50. MD~Safe Haven Advocates React To Dumpster Baby Case
  51. SC-mom caught on video stuffing cotton down baby's throat
  52. FL - Two charged with sex trafficking of runaway girl
  53. GA Attempted Abduction Walmart Caught On Tape Guy On Parole For Manslaughter
  54. GA - Serahni Harper, 1, found dead at Columbus day care, 5 Oct 2011
  55. NM Sex Offender In High School Tries To Get In Girls Bathroom
  56. OH-Father puts son in clothes dryer
  57. PA 6 Year Old Dragged Up Block Sexually Assaulted
  58. CA - Mom Causes Drug Related House Explosion 12 Year Old Hurt
  59. Catholic leaders to use Internet against pedophiles
  60. CA~Aaron Gaudinier arrested for child porn--children's underwear found in home
  61. TX-Woman accused of wanting to kill boy, 5
  62. Oakland, CA man gets 1 yr sentence for molesting girl for 3 yrs
  63. MO-Bond reduced for woman accused of sex with child and dog
  64. CA - Special ed teacher charged w/cruelty, assault; 8 others placed on leave
  65. KY-mom punches son during anger management classes
  66. KY-infant found outside in diaper and t-shirt
  67. CA~200 priests accused of sex abuse "hiding in plain sight"
  68. TN - Keaton Jacobs, 22 mos, dead for hours, thumbtack in windpipe, 12 Jan 2012
  69. CA~Girls softball umpire, Andrew Pratt arrested for child porn
  70. MA~Coach, Jujitsu instructor, Bible camp counselor, Raymond McAllister lured boys
  71. MA~Kevin McNicol continued to lure girls even after police seized computer
  72. OR-Father spanked baby 50-60 times
  73. IN - Coach retires after indecency arrest
  74. OR - Soccer coach, Dean Fowell arrested for sex abuse of teen girl
  75. WV/MO - 78 Year Old Crosses State Lines To Molest Young Boy
  76. FL - Operation Tail Feather arrests 23 so far
  77. NC~Convicted child rapist, Douglas Rayfield pleads guilty to new child porn charges
  78. Canada~HIV positive child rapist, Warren Allen had 840,000 child porn images
  79. CA - Robert Peace, Soccer coach, posted coerced child porn videos online
  80. UT - Police investigate death of 1yo girl, Salt Lake City, 14 Feb 2012
  81. WI - Madison PD investigates significant abuse (15 y.o. girl) *GUILTY*
  82. Hockey coach, Ivan Pravilov, commits suicide after arrest for sex abuse
  83. WA - 4 and 8 year old beaten and tortured - Mom and BF arrested
  84. IA-Father scalds baby with bath water
  85. IN - boyfriend scalds toddler almost to death
  86. AZ - Thomas Warner teaches to alleviate guilt of child porn
  87. CA~Media exposes another LA teacher/Paul Chapel arrested/15 counts of sex abuse
  88. Teens FB pics taken, put on porn site
  89. SC-9 yr old sexually assaul.-many guilty of not protecting her
  90. CA - Marian, 5, & Lindsay Taque-Valle, 1, drowned, mom charged, 15 Feb 2012
  91. AZ - grandma left baby home alone to go get drugs
  92. OH Mom Arrested At Child's Valentine Party At School
  93. NY Teacher Has 5th Grade Students Send Jail Mail
  94. Website posts thousands of Delaware ArchDiosese Sex Abuse Files
  95. IA-safe haven expansion studied
  96. AZ - high schooler beaten by family for refusing arranged marriage
  97. OR-Teacher rapes student
  98. MO-Man in custody who tried to lure children into car for sex
  99. TX Woman Admits To Rape Of 6 Year Old And Pornography Production
  100. TN - Memphis mom left kids in car with loaded gun at salon
  101. VA-Teacher arrested for sex abuse
  102. AR - Mom charged after forcing 10-yr-old to walk 4.5 miles
  103. IL - 3 teens arrested for sex abuse
  104. FL~Youth pastor/"father figure", Jeffery London arrested for sex abuse
  105. MA - Level Three SO Violates his parole in Maine
  106. CA - Teacher's Aide Arrested After Daughter Found Naked, Eating Trash
  107. FL~SO/creepy neighbor, Orville Bullitt arrested for child porn
  108. Judge denies bond for 'dangerous' woman accused of having sex with girl
  109. Australia - Brad Lees, 2, thrown from Story Bridge in murder-suicide, 20 Feb 2012
  110. TN-mom was storing drugs around her son
  111. IA-Mother charged after 22 mo old gets drunk
  112. MD~Dad Left Kids In Running Vehicle
  113. PA~Eagle Scout, James Feaster Jr. gets 1 month for child porn "curiosity"
  114. AZ - Academy teacher, Randy Young documented his sex abuse of a child
  115. NY - boy sleeps through theft of dad's running car
  116. PA Fetus Found By Plumbers In Pipe
  117. MI - Delric Miller, 9 mos, killed in drive-by shooting, 20 Feb 2012
  118. TX - 11 children, some of whom had been tied to beds, removed from home in abuse case
  119. IA-Man pleads guilty to sex abuse
  120. CT-20-Month-Old Child Severely Injured; Police Investigating
  121. OH-Facebook Sex Sting Nabs Convicted Sex Offender
  122. FL - Man, 44, gets 35 years for repeatedly raping 10 year old girl
  123. FL~Self professed "monster", George Fout arrested on child sex charges
  124. AR - Step-Father Charged With Chaining Girl To Bed
  125. IL - Peeper Taping In Restrooms Fitting Areas Since 2000
  126. WA-Big brothers ban overnights,investigate sexual abuse
  127. WA - Third grade girl shot at elementary school
  128. IA-prosecuting child porn getting easier??
  129. UK Toddler abandoned in Folkestone library
  130. Third grader shoots classmate (Bremerton, WA)
  131. MO - Suit claims ex-KC priest abused 4 boys in family
  132. Canada - America’s Most Wanted perv arrested in Montreal
  133. IN-grandmother accused of severely burning boys' tongues
  134. Nurses Find Maggots In Sick Baby's Diaper
  135. NV~Repeat rapist/kidnapper, Douglas Roth finally jailed for child porn
  136. SC-man arrested for relationship with 15 yr old
  137. SC-4 month old abused his entire life
  138. SC-retired teacher sentenced for child porn
  139. FL~Boy Scout Leader, Gary Morano pleads guilty to child porn charges
  140. MD-Mother stabs teen son
  141. NY-8 yr old boy shot while standing in crowd
  142. OR~Two 10 yr. olds & a 14 yr. old restrain & sexually assault girl
  143. VA - Hazel Carter, 2 mos, asphyxiated, dad charged, 22 Feb 2012
  144. Parent accuses coach of videotaping students in locker room
  145. AL - Parents Arrested for Sexual Abuse of Infant
  146. IA-man arrested for multiple sex abuse charges
  147. IN-Deputy fired for neglecting his children
  148. CA - FBI Agents Rescue 14-Year-Old Prostitute
  149. CO - dad sets fire to home with kids inside
  150. Former New Hanover Co. Sheriff's Deputy charged with sex crimes against children
  151. FL - Teacher charged with having sex with student
  152. OR~Retired Army General, John Heldstab sentenced for long-term sex abuse of boy
  153. OH - Police say Ohio mom injected teen kids with heroin
  154. PA Teacher Fired In 2008 For Child Porn Caught Roaming The School
  155. FL~William Brezinski viewed child porn of babies since age 13/sexually assaulted baby
  156. OR~David Klinepier sentenced for 1 million child porn images
  157. CA~Spanish teacher, Gabriela Cortez arrested for sex abuse of students
  158. CA - Joanna Ramos, 10, dies of head injury from after-school fight, 24 Feb 2012
  159. Lauren Book Says She's Living Proof Sex Abuse victims Can Heal
  160. NC~Two North Carolina Teachers Charged With Sexually Exploiting 12-Year-Old Girl
  161. IL - Darrell Stewart sentenced for child porn/had boys' undies
  162. NY~Art teacher, Brett Picou arrested for sex abuse of 4th graders at school
  163. MA - Disabled teen tied up and shocked for hours at Center
  164. OK - Emma - 15 months - murdered 6 months after DHS visit
  165. OR~Grants Pass girl jumps out of kidnapper's truck
  166. TN-boyfriend rapes girlfriends 6 yr old daughter
  167. MO - Kathia Casseus, 16, dies at county juvenile facility, 25 Feb 2012
  168. MS-'Free baby' advertised on Craigslist
  169. OK - Emmalee Thornhill, 7 mos, suspicious death, 25 Feb 2012
  170. IA-drugs stolen weapons and children
  171. MO-woman throws stillborn baby over fence
  172. AR - 5 yr old girl reported missing found alone in hotel room
  173. MO - 13 y/o boy set on fire by teens
  174. WI~Teacher, Michael Wang filmed himself performing sex acts
  175. OH-Man adopts 3 boys and rapes them
  176. PA - Child begs drunk mom to stop driving
  177. GA - Nasir Patrick, 4, beaten to death, mom & BF charged, 6 Feb 2012
  178. NM-Nanny shoved used baby wipes in toddler's mouth, dropped dirty diaper on face
  179. OH "Father" Prostitutes 10 Year Old Son
  180. Ohio man accused of prostituting adopted boy
  181. CA~Choir teacher, Hong Thai "Howie" Luong convicted of sex abuse of students
  182. WA- Girl accused of Snohomish stabbing still disturbed
  183. Boy, 3, was so hungry that he ate his own HAIR
  184. 15-yr old student badly injured in fight at LB Wilson High School
  185. NC - Ashton Pope, 5 mos, beaten to death, dad charged, 28 Feb 2012
  186. PA Boys aged 1 and 3 Found Alone In Rat/Roach Infested Apartment
  187. Jury finds dad guilty in beating trial
  188. FL Child Pornography Charges Against One Scarry Looking Individual
  189. Wheaton College Professor Wrote Children's Books On Spirituality Busted
  190. TX~K-garten teacher, Fernando Campos convicted of sex abuse of students
  191. NM - 2 year old beaten by Mom's BF - Officers emotional
  192. Controversial Baby Dynamics Yoga
  193. CO-man travels to have sex with children
  194. OR~Foster dad, Trevor Emptage charged with scalding baby girl
  195. FL - One Yr Old Twins Tied Up By Parents
  196. OH~Elementary school principal, William Buzzell convicted of child porn charges
  197. FL - "Victim" Mom allegedly sold rape of girl from age 4-6 for drugs
  198. PA - Colby Jozefczyk, 16 mos, beaten to death, mom & BF charged, 5 March 2012
  199. Judge ends visits between alleged molester and 4-year-old
  200. MO-13 yr old raped at school
  201. NC~Teacher, Kevin Calloway arrested for filming students in bathroom
  202. Uganda - children forced to kill their families, become soldiers
  203. PA Sexual Assault Broad Daylight After School
  204. FL~Boy Scout/church volunteer, Craig Deloy faces child porn charges
  205. NY~Elementary music teacher, Timothy Brehmer indicted for child porn
  206. Italian police break up global online pedophile network
  207. TX 2 children living in bus parents in prison
  208. NY - 7 Week old baby sexually assulted by mothers boyfriend
  209. OR~Sex abuse victim himself, Matthew Hyrup brutally assaults toddler
  210. PA~Ambulance company owner, Jason Haldeman sentenced for abuse & child porn
  211. NC~Youth paster, Jerrod McCabe arrested for child porn of toddlers
  212. IA-state charges dropped after fed. charges filed for sexual abuse
  213. VA - Teagan Sample, 3 mos, dies at unlicensed Bristow day care, 8 March 2012
  214. WI~School Superintendent, Christopher Nelson convicted on child porn/sex charges
  215. IL - HS band teacher, Steve Orland convicted of student sex abuse
  216. AZ - Teacher, Jeffrey Lawrence arrested for sex abuse of 5 female students
  217. NJ~1st grade teacher, Jason Fennes charged with sex abuse of students
  218. PA Kidnapping Charges + For Bristol Man Thank You Mail Carrier
  219. FL - Man charged with arson, child abuse
  220. WA - Jenna Carlile, 7, shot dead by 3yo with dad's service weapon, 10 March 2012
  221. FL - child forced to kneel for 10 days
  222. CO - Parents charged in severe neglect of 3 yr old
  223. IL - Man arrested after raping child, beating woman and stabbing dog
  224. FL Child Mauled By Pit Bull Mom Waits To Call Ambulance Because.....
  225. AR - "Boogie Man" Molests 5 Children; More Victims Sought
  226. WA - Violent RSO Arrested 1 Week After Release Served 22 Years
  227. AL - Female Sex Offender Gets 20 More Years
  228. NV - Kyla Franks, 6, stabbed to death, mom charged, 11 March 2012
  229. Foreign exchange students sexually abused in program overseen by State Dept.
  230. IL - Jeffrey Price sentenced for child porn production/11 yr. old girl
  231. NY - Timothy Parmelee convicted on child porn charges/related to others??
  232. CA~Teacher, Eugene Ballantyne arrested for child porn/preyed on teens
  233. Aubrey and Laura Thomas allegedly hideously abuse adopted kids
  234. FL - Mom tried to strangle 11-month-old in hospital
  235. FL - Starving 40-pound 12-year-old boy found locked in bathroom; couple arrested
  236. Facing child porn investigation, South Florida actor/attorney jumps to his death
  237. Kandyland Day Care Operator Busted Posession Of Meth
  238. CA - Nanny Charged With Molesting Eight Girls Using Them On Chat Line
  239. PA~Retired HS Principal, Bruce Krasley arrested on child porn charges
  240. Baby found inside basement crawlspace; home daycare operator arrested
  241. OH:2 yr old raped, father stabbed -illegal immigrant charged
  242. WA~Brian Lee arrested for restroom videos of children
  243. UT-Woman robs store while infant sits in stolen truck
  244. TX-man pleads guilty to child sex charges
  245. Children found living in filthy conditions on Indianapolis north side
  246. TX Boys Escapes Straight Jacket And Grandpop Who Is His Father
  247. OR~Former corrections officer, Erik Sorenson raped teen girl
  248. LA - pastor beats brothers with belt
  249. OH-girl raped at school
  250. MA - Level 3 RSO Entices Girls Busted