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  1. PA Man Uses Child To Thieve In Nail Salon
  2. PA 1st Grade Teacher And Camp Director Busted on Child Porn Charges
  3. MN Dad Locks 6 Year Old Out So He Could Get High
  4. Cumberland, Md., Police Probe Reported Abduction
  5. TX Child Found In House Of Paint Fumes Huffing To Blame
  6. Dr. Adam Lebowitz from GA sentenced to 26 yrs/sex abuse & child porn
  7. Texas Teen Found Strangled In Oregon Apartment
  8. Couple face felony charge for chaining teenager
  9. Mother Arrested After Leaving Child Locked In Car At Goose Creek Walmart
  10. Woman claims she threw newborn and siblings off bridge
  11. 17 Year Old Girl Killed By Man Throwing Paver Brick Into Car Window!!!!
  12. PA Remains Of Fetus And Infant Found In Cooler In Home 07 Jul 2010
  13. St. Paul police awaken man in lot; 2-year-old son left alone
  14. 3 children, 8 yo twins Luke & Austin, 5 yr old Cecilia Riggi, mother arrested
  15. MS - Jackson, Ms-Parents accused in missing child's death
  16. AZ Mom Had Meth And Weed Stash In Reach Of Baby
  17. Boyfriend Leaves 1 Year Old Alone While He Goes Off To Shoot Rifle
  18. Detectives: Brother shot 6-year-old boy in head
  19. Couple Accused Of Torturing 2 Adopted Children
  20. James Auchincloss to plead guilty to sex abuse felonies
  21. 1-Year-Old Twin Sisters' Deaths Ruled Homicides
  22. PA Mom Leaves Kids In Car For 6 Hours While She Gambles
  23. SeaWorld Employee Busted On Child Pornography Charges
  24. Human Fetus Found Outside Orangeburg County Nightclub
  25. Repairmen Tip Off Law About Man's Child Porn
  26. Former MO teacher's aide, Matt Klopfenstine, charged with producing child porn
  27. Fifteen Arrested In Polk County Underage Sex Sting
  28. Two arrested for prostituting 15 yr old mentally disabled girl/Chicago
  29. Minn. couple charged with having sex with 15 yr. old girl
  30. SC two children found dead in submerged car-Mother Arrested
  31. OR man charged with prostituting 13 yr. old in four states
  32. FL: Father & Stepmom charged in horrific abuse/neglect case
  33. Man indicted for sodomizing 16-year-old stranger
  34. 13 year old boy sexually assaulted in Park
  35. AZ- Man Caught Having Sex W/4 year old Daughter in Public
  36. KY man charged with raping a 12 yr. old girl/littering
  37. Registered Sex Offender Tries To Abduct Boy At Fast Food Joint
  38. Sydney: Dead baby found in shoebox.
  39. CA: 2 Infants Found in a Trunk from the 1930's
  40. 23 Month Old Toddler Raped by 3 Boys
  41. OH - 5 children reported missing by parents found in man's shed
  42. OH - Babysitter Tiffani Calise Charged with Murder After Toddler Aaliyah Ali Dies
  43. Ocean Springs, MS nurse arrested for child porn
  44. GA - Children Found Living in Filth
  45. Latoshia Washington charged with murder after 11-month-old dies
  46. OK Professional Photographer Jailed On Child Pornography Charges
  47. PA Fugitive in '08 Child Porn Case Fled To Honduras In Custody
  48. Russian teen Satanists sentenced for murdering/cannibalizing 4 teens
  49. CA Pair Facing Child Endangerment Charges After They OD In An ER
  50. 200 women and babies gang-raped near Congo UN base
  51. Ex-prosecutor for Maine's AG's office guilty/child porn
  52. Children 'abandoned' by mom outside vacant home
  53. Young, obese girls taken from filthy, bug-ridden home
  54. Abandoned baby found near Highview dumpster
  55. WI couple charged with locking teen in laundry room with bucket
  56. AL Baby Born With Meth In System Mom Jailed
  57. Man Accused Of Shaking, Injuring Baby
  58. PA - Coroner: Infant’s death a homicide 6wk old
  59. MO firefighter, school bus driver pleads guilty to child porn/molestation
  60. GA - MOther Of Three Charged With Child Pornography
  61. FL: 21 yr old kills GF 15, her mom, then himself
  62. TX Women sets fire to bed of man, with 6 children in the house, 2 yr old dies
  63. Parx Casino Kids Left In Car Again
  64. NY child's abuse went undetected in seized camera of child porn producer
  65. Baby Put in Freezer!
  66. Sex Offender Rapes Three Year Old In Wal-Mart Bathroom
  67. FL Disney Worker Child Pornography Charges
  68. Another "Followers of Christ" child death in OR
  69. MS Meth Making Grandma Faces Child Endangerment Charges
  70. Baby found alone in alley
  71. CA man arrested for impersonating an officer/child porn
  72. IL school custodian arrested for child porn
  73. Preschooler gets skull fractures, broken collarbone for pushing TV buttons
  74. MD Woman Charged With Child Pornography
  75. IL -3 teens accused in Perry County killing of runaway teen
  76. Mother, boyfriend charged in death of boy, 3
  77. MO - KC police investigating abuse of 2-year-old girl resuscitated at hospital
  78. NY- 4 year old, weighing just 15lbs, found dead tied to crib.
  79. Portuguese TV celebrity/Unesco ambassador guilty in orphanage child sex ring
  80. Respected British lecturer and child protection expert hit with child porn charges
  81. MO - Girl, 16, dies during restraint at an already-troubled hospital
  82. IL - woman sentenced for fire that burned children
  83. MO -Abandoned Baby Found In KCMO
  84. UT- 19 month old found with cocaine in her system
  85. Phoenix, AZ pediatrician charged with distributing child porn
  86. TX soldier-Joseph Allsop charged in infant sex abuse death admits to multiple victims
  87. AL man gets 187 years for child porn production, possession
  88. Ohio man held family hostage, raped child
  89. AL Sting Nets Six In Child Pornography Sweep
  90. Man Suspected Of Murdering Son Dies
  91. SC Registered Sex Offender Arrested Assaulting Boy
  92. Tenn teacher accused of holding teens at gunpoint
  93. PA Landlord Finds Child Pornography Turns Room Renter In
  94. Shoppers Tackle Sex Offender Who Raped 4 Year Old In Store
  95. TX 17 yo K'Lynn Kohr found murdered in home
  96. Two Detroit Teens Shot First Day Of School
  97. MN Drug Dealers Make 11 Year Old Make Drug Deals
  98. UT Layton mother arrested in deaths of two children
  99. TX Austin Man Charged With Sharing Child Pornography
  100. KS The Law Follows Child Pornography Trail
  101. Chicago/FBI busts child prostitution ring--girls 13-17 branded
  102. Missoula, MT child prostitution ring busted
  103. IL $200,000 Bail For Sex Offender Taking Photos Of Kids On Public Bus
  104. Munchausen by Proxy and the case of Jennifer Bush
  105. OR golf instructor sentenced to 25 yrs. for producing child porn of 12 year old
  106. GA cell phone clerk finds child porn/man arrested/children identified
  107. Danish computer expert held for enticing/threatening 11 yr. old MO girl via Facebook
  108. OR truck driver arrested for sex assaults on minors/spanning 10 yrs.
  109. Registered Sex Offender Kidnaps 16 Year Old Girl
  110. MI - Pastor arrested, accused of soliciting sex from a minor
  111. TN Repeat Sex Offender Charged With Raping 13 Year old Boy
  112. Teen Road Rage - 17yo runs over 15yo for telling her to slow down
  113. ok - Tulsa police arrest woman in infant son's death
  114. GA - 12yo Nicolas Aleman strangled in his home
  115. GA - Girls Found Living With Dead Dogs; Parents Charged
  116. MO girl sues website for underage prostitution ads
  117. VA Man 47 Arrested, Rapes 4 year old
  118. CA Mom Inside Shooting Up Kids Outside Sick Living In Filth
  119. 3 children shot dead by Houston father
  120. Gang Rape Photos Posted on Facebook
  121. IN - Police: Ind. kids died after 10 hours in closet
  122. Ventura (CA) mother arrested for allegedly killing 8-year-old daughter
  123. 70-year-old PA coach, William Rhoads, charged with raping boys
  124. Neil McKinney/OR school bus driver arrested for child porn
  125. ND Police Chief and Ex Judge charged with child Sexual Assault
  126. NYC mother, boyfriend arrested in death of boy, 2
  127. MO 35 Year Old Woman Charged In Sexual Assault Of 4 Teen Boys
  128. WA Boyfriend beats 1-yr-old boy to death
  129. N. Idaho Man Accused of Breaking 2-Year-Old Boy's Leg
  130. TX Marco Alferez HS Dance Tchr Arrt'd for Sex Abuse & Child Porn of 70 Children
  131. Oklahoma City Girl Kidnapped And Assaulted On Way To School
  132. PA DR found guilty molestation by jury FREE politics!
  133. CA-Murder victim, 15, identified as Santa Maria girl
  134. CA Parents Arrested After 5 Year Old OD's On Meth
  135. toddler duct taped to wall
  136. GA - Mom's Boyfriend Charged In Toddler Sex Abuse Death
  137. Police seek possible young victims of alleged LA, CA pimp
  138. TX-Mom of Starved Baby Serves 7 Months of 20-Year Sentence
  139. CA~Pinkney Badgett arrested for "boxes and boxes" of child porn
  140. 2 injured at elementary school in Carlsbad, CA
  141. WA~Derwin Pasley, ex-youth coach/pastor sentenced to over 12 yrs for molesting 3 boys
  142. FL - Morgan Bell - Girl dropped off at hospital dies
  143. NY Man Stabs Child Five Times Playing Video Games At D&B'S
  144. MA~Victims speak out about Boston child trafficking ring
  145. Woman Trades Child Pornography For Rides
  146. "Couple: the state took our baby"
  147. MS Mother And Son Arrested On Child Pornography Charges
  148. Calif. mom stabs to death twin daughters
  149. Ok - Mom's boyfriend arrested in death of McLoud boy, 3
  150. PA Man Faces Charges For Head Butting Infant Son
  151. OR Registered Sex Offender Tapes Himself Abusing Young Boys
  152. Man tries to lure toddler from bowling alley
  153. TX One Month Old Infant Beat to Death **Caution** Horrible
  154. MI Haunted House Worker Found With Massive Amounts Of Child Pornography
  155. TX-Dominique Martez Reed Arrested In Death Of Infant Daughter
  156. MI Sexual Svengali led moms to assault own kids
  157. MD - Dad Choked Daughter To Death
  158. NM~Youth Minister, Matthew Nichols, pleads guilty to child porn/past revealed
  159. NJ~ Former lawmaker, Neil Cohen (child porn fighter) convicted--child porn
  160. PA Parents Get Five Years Probation In Child's Death
  161. VA~Two women charged/conspiring to produce child porn
  162. MI - Steven Nicholson - Two Children Found Dead In Apt, Detriot, (Oct 2010)
  163. NJ - Father kills his two children and himself
  164. Toddler diagnosed with STD, mom arrested
  165. Kidnapper Registered Sex Offender Meets 13 Year Old on Chat Line
  166. PA 11 Year Old Grabbed While Walking With Mom In Falls Township
  167. Sweden~20 women/3 men arrested in child porn raid
  168. FL Another Woman More Child Pornography
  169. CA~Youth minister/foster parent arrested for sex abuse over 20 yr. span
  170. NC~ Youth minister caught in sex sting/drove 100 miles to meet up with 14 yr old girl
  171. NC~Former youth minister charged with rape/two 14 yr. old girls
  172. NE - Daniel Davis, Santa Claus suspected of child porn possession (Oct 2010)
  173. WI - Police seeking suspect Thomas Thornhill in brutal assault on 9yo girl (Jan 2008)
  174. CA~Unsealed Catholic docs show abuse allegations
  175. Trial To Start For Grandpop Who Murdered 8 month Old
  176. CO - Teen's Body Found; Man Accused Of Murder
  177. GA - Teacher Surrenders Cert. so he can get a new one in 3 yrs
  178. OR~Jeffrey Erickson wanted for rape of 11, 14 & 15 yr. old girls
  179. DE - 2 arrested in child sex sting - one is nurse at Beebe Medical Center
  180. W.VA- S. Smith&A Wills chrg'd w/ atmp'd murder/chld abse-6yo wgh'd 18lbs. 26 Oct 2010
  181. Baby's body found in Muskogee Walmart bathroom
  182. PA Sex Offender Takes Out Paid Ad Before Sentencing
  183. TN Computer Program Catches Sex Offender Entering School Book Fair
  184. CO~RSO Anthony Ganter, arrested for sex assault on 14 boys & distributing child porn
  185. Mom shakes baby for interrupting FarmVille, pleads guilty to murder
  186. MD - Mark Citro, School volunteer charged with child sex abuse
  187. Hoquiam Man Arrested On Suspicion Of Abusing 5-Week-Old Baby
  188. Can.~Bill Surkis, former B'nai Brith dir./curious about child porn/9 hrs worth?t
  189. IL~Services run out for young teen girl sold as sex slave
  190. IL- $2M bond for pair charged with binding, beating 2yo girl 17-Oct-2010
  191. Light A Candle for the mom of Lynsie Ekelund tonight
  192. OR~FB video of fighting 9 yr. olds lands four in jail
  193. CO~Kenneth Lee posed as doctor and sexually assaulted a little girl
  194. Woman accused of assaulting 11-year-old, stealing his skateboard
  195. Mom's BF Dumps Boiling Water On Sleeping Toddler's Face
  196. TX~Virginia Earnest sentenced for filming child porn of toddlers
  197. OK- Police suspect serial child molesting kidnapper in OK City
  198. LA~Shantell Weekly arrested for child porn/admitted downloading for 1 yr.
  199. CA - Baby found dead inside bag in backyard shed
  200. OR~Chad Schacht, 6th grade teacher/coach, arrested for rape of HS student
  201. SD Sex Offender Arrested Rape Of Child And Child Pornography Production
  202. UT~"Spiritual Cleanser", Jose Morales-Hernandez sentenced for brothers' sex abuse
  203. PA - Mom accused of stealing meds from terminally ill son's IV
  204. SC- Man saved 13yo boy from 250lb rapist
  205. PA "Girls Gone Wild" Led Him To Child Pornography
  206. OR~Spencer Blackketter, former Pres./Roseburg Jaycees charged with sex abuse
  207. NY~Edtition Thompson admits raping & impregnating 12-yr-old/family staged his funeral
  208. Canada~Child porn reports soar in Manitoba/new law mandates reporting
  209. PA 15 Year Old Shot In Bar At 2:30AM
  210. CA- FBI: Chilling Case of ‘Sextortion’ of 200+ vics, dozens were adolescent girls
  211. Website 4chan linked to federal child porn probe
  212. CANADA - Saskatoon, SK - Searchers at Landfill looking for infant remains 4 Nov 2010
  213. Slidell Sex Offender Pulls 8 Year Old Into House
  214. WA- Sex offender, Bruce L. Austin, arrested after 3 children report assaults
  215. FL - Ex-Priest/Alleged Pedophile Neil Doherty Back in Jail (Nov 2010)
  216. CO 9 yr old body found in house~ spring?
  217. Man Faces Up To 90 Years For Sex Assault Of Baby
  218. NV Man Who Videos Neighborhood Kids Has Child Pornography On Computer
  219. MS Registered Sex Offender Tries To Kidnap 8 Year Old From Walmart
  220. PA Brother Jailed For Not Watching 2 Year Old
  221. ND~Dr. John Coddington indicted for child porn/44 yrs. on the job
  222. 5-year-old boy dies after Halloween shooting (South L.A.)
  223. TX - S.A. Man accused of killing 7-week-old daughter
  224. TX - Dallas man arrested after toddler hospitalized with burns from boiling water
  225. Woman accused of trying to sell grandson for $75K
  226. KS~Nathan Boyce aka "pervypedostrokin", sentenced for child porn
  227. SD~Decorated war vet, Truman Wages, only "vague memory" of child porn
  228. NY - Bronx man, Gregory Gray, arrested for killing 8-week-old daughter
  229. MI~Leading Asperger's/Bullying psychologist, Dr. Nick Dubin, arrested for child porn
  230. Israel~Pediatrician, Dr. Avraham Barkai, arrested for involvement in child porn ring
  231. FL - Scalded child leads to arrest of his father, Youfman Robinson
  232. SC Man sentenced 35 year for child molestation
  233. MA~Brad Warner/co-founder of child fitness program charged with child porn
  234. Mother Murders Daughter Writes In Her Blood
  235. OH - Mom's 19yo boyfriend charged in death of 21mo-old girl, London Hodge (Whitehall)
  236. TX - Gang member arrested for 10mo-old girl's brutal beating (near Edinburg)
  237. PA - Sex offender, John Desper - ‘one of the worst’ gets 25yrs
  238. FBI: 69 child prostitutes rescued
  239. GA- Mom's boyfriend charged w/ Critically Injuring 10mo-old Jasmine Rogers
  240. NZ - 2yo girl left alone for 2 days
  241. OK - Muskogee 4-year-old stabbed to death in home invasion
  242. PA Reading Pimp Named God Indicted For Child Sex Trafficking And Child Pornography
  243. FL - Mom, Boyfriend Arrested In Asphyxiation Death Of 3yo Girl (Oviedo)
  244. Is this your child? Child found, parents lost
  245. OR - Child killer Diane Downs up for parole - again
  246. Louisa child abuse case could re-write state law
  247. FL- Fugitive In 1991 Collier rape of girls ages 5,8,10 is arrested In Texas
  248. IN - High School Refused To Report Rape Allegation To Police (Muncie)
  249. CA- Couple arrested after death of 1mo-old boy, Jordan Johnson (Bakersfield)
  250. VT:St. Albans woman denies drugging, sexually assaulting boys