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  1. Israel~Pediatrician, Dr. Avraham Barkai, arrested for involvement in child porn ring
  2. FL - Scalded child leads to arrest of his father, Youfman Robinson
  3. SC Man sentenced 35 year for child molestation
  4. MA~Brad Warner/co-founder of child fitness program charged with child porn
  5. Mother Murders Daughter Writes In Her Blood
  6. OH - Mom's 19yo boyfriend charged in death of 21mo-old girl, London Hodge (Whitehall)
  7. TX - Gang member arrested for 10mo-old girl's brutal beating (near Edinburg)
  8. PA - Sex offender, John Desper - ‘one of the worst’ gets 25yrs
  9. FBI: 69 child prostitutes rescued
  10. GA- Mom's boyfriend charged w/ Critically Injuring 10mo-old Jasmine Rogers
  11. NZ - 2yo girl left alone for 2 days
  12. OK - Muskogee 4-year-old stabbed to death in home invasion
  13. PA Reading Pimp Named God Indicted For Child Sex Trafficking And Child Pornography
  14. FL - Mom, Boyfriend Arrested In Asphyxiation Death Of 3yo Girl (Oviedo)
  15. FL - Girl, 5, found walking alone on Gulf Beach Highway
  16. OR - Child killer Diane Downs up for parole - again
  17. VA - Louisa child abuse case could re-write state law
  18. FL - Fugitive In 1991 Collier rape of girls ages 5,8,10 is arrested In Texas
  19. IN - High School Refused To Report Rape Allegation To Police (Muncie)
  20. CA - Couple arrested after death of 1mo-old boy, Jordan Johnson (Bakersfield)
  21. VT:St. Albans woman denies drugging, sexually assaulting boys
  22. NJ Intruder Enters School Charged With Kidnapping
  23. CA - 2-year-old girl is found dead in Compton
  24. NJ - Police: Dad Smothered 4wk-old Baby For Crying
  25. TX Registered Sex Offender Assaults Child In Library
  26. KS A 74 Year Old Man Admits To Owning 3 Million Child Pornography Images
  27. AR - Arrest Made in Death of 2-year-old
  28. NY Registered Sex Offender Surfs Porn In Library In Front Of Child
  29. VA Mom Arrested For Waiting To Report 7 Year Old Missing 12 Hours Overnight
  30. CA - Violent sexual predator to be released into Orange County, CA, 11-17-2010
  31. OH - Father slams baby boy into ground, then throws him in dumpster (Columbus)
  32. TX -Abandoned Baby Dies on Doorstep
  33. IN - Mom was smothered, baby alive when set afire!
  34. Australia - 2 year olds body found in scrub, Melbourne
  35. HW Notorious Sex Offender Not Civially Commited Assaults 12 year Old Numerous Times
  36. Teacher Convicted Of Child Pornography Posession Wants Computers Back
  37. Man flashes child at Wal-Mart
  38. PA Man Arrested For Production/Distribution Of Child Pornography Girls He Babysat
  39. Verdict in key child-sex trial at risk
  40. 8yr old Danielle Lunsford brain dead from starvation
  41. MS- Man charged w/ coercing girl to pose for child porn with poisonous snakes
  42. ND Sex Offender Arrested After Sending Lewd Photos To Teen
  43. FL - True Home Alone Story Mom Went To Doctor And To Get Beer
  44. OH- Convicted sex offender back in custody after less one year on parole
  45. WA - Mother's boyfriend arrested in slaying of 2yo girl (Federal Way)
  46. CAN-Teen arrested in violent sex assault on 4 yo
  47. VA- 81yo former pastor gets 90yrs for internet sex crimes
  48. CA - Juvie Hall Mental Health Worker Arrested With Large Amount Of Child Pornography
  49. Ex-priest accused of plotting teen accuser's death
  50. NC - Delvonte Tisdale-Missing NC teen found mutilated outside Boston
  51. PA Priest Accused Of Molesting A Minor Relieved Of Duties
  52. CO - Twins Tortured for Years
  53. TX- Simon Lopez has capital murder arrest warrant issued by Tyler PD for baby's death
  54. TX - Respiratory Therapist Arrested,1 Million+ Files of Child Porn Found
  55. Two Brothers Two Meth Labs And Child Pornography
  56. WI- Parents charged in the violent death of 5mo-old daughter (Eau Claire)
  57. Argentina - Man charged w/ incest - fathered 10 children with own daughter
  58. NJ Cops Re-Arrest Sex Offender Stalking Boys At Skate Park
  59. Man Hit, Punched, Chocked, And Put 3 Year Old's Hands In Boiling Water
  60. MN~Former spec. ed teacher/adoptive dad, Gregg Larsen, sentenced for child porn
  61. CO- Sex Offender Allegedly Assaulted 12 Boys He Babysat
  62. PA - couple hid 5 children from society
  63. CA - Amanda Cooper-10, Death a homicide or terminal illness?
  64. TX - Murder-Suicide, Stepfather kills 2 year old, Bastrop TX
  65. WI - Mom Lets RSO Move In And Boyfriend Rape Her 9 Year Old
  66. WI- Armed Student Reportedly Holding High School Classroom Full of Hostages *merged*
  67. IN - Registered Sex Offender Shows Up To See Parole Officer Drunk
  68. VA - Grandmother arrested after throwing toddler off 4th floor walkway
  69. DC - Ebony Franklin, 17, Found In Dumpster - Columbia Heights - 29 November 2010
  70. OR~Darrick Haaby sentenced to 20 yrs. for begging 8 yr. old for sex
  71. TX-Irving man faces capital murder charge in death of girlfriend's 4-year-old daughte
  72. NY - Girl, 8, found dead in Buffalo-area home
  73. CO - Child Abuse Suspect Walks Free
  74. CA~Crossing guard, Darrin Byington, arrested for child porn/10 month investigation
  75. TX - Abandoned newborn found on doorstep, Dickinson, 30-Nov-2010
  76. CA - RSO arrested for sex assault of 2yo girl - inside Dollar Tree store
  77. KY-Grandmother, Husband Charged With Murder In Death Of Baby
  78. Slaves at Hair Salons in New Jersey
  79. CA/NC - Marine held on suspicion of toddler's death
  80. OH - Ex-Columbus Pediatrician, Philip T. Nowicki, Pleads to Child Porn Charges
  81. UK Darren Newton tortured 15 month old boy
  82. SC - 3 Teens Accused Of Beating, Critically Hurting Boy
  83. SC - Toddler hung upside down by ankles and beaten!
  84. AK - More Native girls ensnared in sex trafficking
  85. NV - Task force nets 11 men in Northern Nevada on child porn charges
  86. NV~John Williams/X-ray tech guilty--700,000 images of child porn & 500 genital X-rays
  87. NM~Joel Large, sentenced to 12 yrs for child porn, set free after finding Jesus
  88. AL/GA - Brian Gray, youth minister, charged with child molestation
  89. GA - Norman Pugh, youth minister, arrested again for child molestation
  90. CO~Joshua Amoroso, youth minister, arrested for sexual assault of a child
  91. AL - Carl C. Lloyd III, youth minister, arrested for sodomy of a child
  92. NY - Hasidic Rabbi, Sons Accused of Sexually Abusing Girls (Brooklyn)
  93. TN - Angela Davis Murphree Admits to Killing Her Baby by Poisoning With Methadone
  94. Australia - Child porn offender teacher avoids jail
  95. OR~Kirk Garrison Sr/adoptive & foster parent/sentenced to 44 yrs for rape of children
  96. Facebook Fight Against Child Abuse
  97. LA - ARREST MADE - 15-year-old Taylor Adams, found beaten to death in bed, LaPlace
  98. NJ Two Men Arrested Conspiring To Have Sex With Child
  99. MI - Michigan doctor charged with sex assault on 13mo-old baby girl
  100. "Video Girl Barbie" seen as child porn danger by FBI
  101. VA - Rape crisis counselor/minister accused of raping girl (Newport News)
  102. Man arrested in rape of 13 year old he says is "girlfriend"
  103. ID - Mother, Grandma in custody after toddlers found naked, covered in feces
  104. ID - Hayden-Stepdad arrested after putting 25-pound bag on toddler
  105. Sex Offender Pardoned By Governor Back In Prison
  106. NM - Sandia Park couple accused of sexual abuse of 3 children
  107. VA - Heather Poertner charged in death of disabled 7yo son who weighed 28 pounds
  108. Canada - Child porn sweep nets 57 (including clown)
  109. Pittsburgh PA - Rapist of 3 girls gets 90-180 years
  110. CO~Dad ties 8 yr old to fence
  111. OK - Ten Arrested At Sex Abuse Compound
  112. LA - Grandparents want justice/Who brutally raped their 2 yr old grandson??
  113. OR~Police search landfill for murdered newborn
  114. OK~Michael Westand/Girls' coach filmed in the locker room & had child porn at home
  115. OK - Epic Fail: State Slackens Child Protection Standards
  116. Parents blame 2 year-old of killing newborn
  117. PA Faith Healing Didn't Work Couple Convicted Of Manslaughter Of 2 Year Old
  118. At Sentincing Man Caught In Sex Sting Says He's Immature
  119. WA - Couple used 11 yr old daughter to produce child porn for sale
  120. MD - Psychologist, Dr. David Schrumpf, Charged With Sexual Abuse Of Minor & ch.porn
  121. AL - Evan Brown, self professed satanist, arrested for "branding" teen
  122. VA-10 yr. old assaulted; streamed live online
  123. CA - Teen Arrested in Stabbing / Sex Assault On 13 Yr Old
  124. 2 year old Beaten into Coma by Girlfriend of Dad
  125. CA - Carlyle Villazon - Sexually Assaulted 8 Yr Old Girl in Walmart
  126. TX - Court of Appeals smacks down pedophile - upholds "Jessica's Law"
  127. AZ - Little Boy's Body Found Near Dumpster in Phoenix Alley
  128. KS - The Damage Done: the Rape & Molestation of Kellie and Kathie Henderson
  129. TX - Feds Bust Child Porn Club Website Domestic And International Arrests
  130. Chicago Tribune tracks attempted abductions
  131. WA/OR~Donald George sentenced to 25 years for rape of 3 yr. old/A bit of "karma" here
  132. TX-Teen, infant found dead in South Irving home 15 Dec 2010
  133. Pretoria, S. Africa~8 family members arrested for rape and child porn
  134. OR~Two men arrested for production of child porn using teen boy/"silverdaddies" site
  135. AZ/TX - Newborn's body found in box shipped from Ariz. to Texas
  136. NC - Tracy DeLozier: The drug dealer that gives her kids free samples.
  137. UT Sex Offender Lures Kids With Rope And Note
  138. OH - Pastor Mark Griggs indicted on 112 counts of child porn
  139. CO~Police Sgt. Morgan Sellman charged with child porn possession
  140. Trafficked Teen Girls Describe Life In "The Game"
  141. NY Man Busted On Using Child In Sexual Performance
  142. FL - Registered Sex Offender Touches Girls In Wal-Mart
  143. OH - Cleveland - Woman, 46, arrested on accusations of child abuse - 7 children remvd
  144. OK - Who Killed Stephanie? An 11-year-old's methadone "suicide"
  145. Austria - 107 men (18-70), including teachers, arrested for child porn
  146. MN Man Arrested For Posessing Child Pornography
  147. Canada - Father Charged With Using His Daughter in Child Porn Production, BC
  148. LA - LE arrested "most prolific trader of child porn in state of Louisiana"
  149. UT~Steven Snowball arrested for child porn possession while on probation for same
  150. Police hunt for suspect in rape of 12-year-old
  151. IN~Ronald Williams/youth pastor stalked/coerced teens into online sex acts
  152. Mother kills 3 yr old and hides him for a yr
  153. IL - Teen taken for psych eval for park ritual/"invoking the beast"
  154. NY~Former LEO/CPS worker, Stanley Dorozynski arrested for child porn
  155. NY~James Brown & Kayla Morey indicted for production of child porn
  156. UK~Charles Taylor arrested in Thailand for child porn/on the run 10 yrs.
  157. Decatur Epidemiologist Punches Teen Girl Repeatedly
  158. Joliet Father Who Shot Son Accused Boy Of Molesting Sisters
  159. FL - NW FL Authorities seek help identifying daycare
  160. PA - Former dermatologist/Robert Thompson headed to federal prison for child porn
  161. NY~Former Lt. Col. Christopher Butler transported child porn while deployed
  162. UT~Former LDS youth leader, Cory Campbell, sentenced for sex abuse at slumber parties
  163. OR~Father stabs & kills teen son and self after week of paranoia
  164. IL - David Velasco- arrested and charged- 7 year old victim STD positive
  165. NY - RSO George Rodriquez charged with Rape of 16 year old victim
  166. RSO Daniel Borth charged for Child Porn Possession
  167. RSO James A. Anagnos arrested in underage prostitution sting
  168. RSO Kenneth Paul Teeter arrested on child molestation offenses
  169. RSO Thomas Galbraith arrested for 280 counts of Sexual Battery
  170. RSO Ronnie Arnold Jr arrested for probation violation involving a minor
  171. RSO Adam Roy TuttleMan Confesses To Raping 10&11 yr old brothers at Least 16 Times
  172. Pre-registry repeat offender- Warren Day- Speech Pathologist- 50 counts Child Porn
  173. RSO-David Huffman- arrested Walmart Flasher
  174. RSO Carl E. Bickham arrested after stalking a 12 year old girl
  175. RSO James Bays Sodomizes Two Boys after Meeting Mom Online
  176. RSO Frank Montoya "has lusts and sexual urges" Faces Felony Charges
  177. MN - RSO Nathaniel Lee Betzler
  178. RSO Jason Franks- arrested for rape of his new girlfriend's 5 year old son
  179. Parents, 2 children found dead in Mississippi home
  180. Jacob Berlinghoff arrested for sex charges- victim under 14
  181. SC - Dad Smears Blood On Childs Face Because He missed E-Bay Auction
  182. Animal Chews Marshall County Child's Hand
  183. SC~Iris Schaefer arrested for distribution of child porn
  184. FL Child Pornography Suspect Planned On Playing Santa At Middle School
  185. RIP- Truly Lo- Stepmother beat her into a coma 6 years ago, died 12-28-10
  186. ID - Man drops sauce and pants on flight/exposes himself to teen girl
  187. NC~James Byrd set up FB "Little Girls Love to Play Club"/6 men indicted
  188. Francois Houtart will NOT get a Nobel Prize
  189. TX - Houston Baby girl found near dumpster, 28 December 2010
  190. OK - Broken Arrow woman who relied on faith healing charged after son dies
  191. ME~Teacher cleared of child porn charges/disturbing interpretation of the law
  192. AZ - Man Busted On Child Porn Charges Before He Could Keep New Year's Resolution
  193. OR~Dayton music teacher, Mark Culbertson, arraigned for child porn
  194. KS - Sexually violent predator escapes from state hospital
  195. NV - Henderson Man Faces Numerous Child Abuse Charges
  196. PA~Jason Menditto arrested for child porn and sex with the family dog
  197. MO-A Message From The Family Of A Murdered Toddler
  198. Man kills 3-month old son after serving 18 months for breaking daughters skull
  199. MI & TX~Fathers posed their children for on-line child porn sessions
  200. Burundi~Another albino child dismembered for witchcraft
  201. PA Infant Dies Of Starvation At Homeless Shelter
  202. KS - Officer charged in sex sting was active in Scouts
  203. AZ - Police Say Mom, Daughter Sexually Abused Same Boy
  204. OH - Son, then father accused of killing children
  205. AK - Richard Miller, 100 felony child porn counts/payed boys to pick berries nude
  206. OH - Robert Ruth, former 7th grade teacher, admits to child porn & molesting students
  207. Netherlands~Dutch parents notified of pre-school molester's confession
  208. NY - Man gets 7 yrs in prison for assaulting 1yo daughter w/ thermometer
  209. TX - Tongue-pulling boyfriend injures San Antonio child
  210. MI - Andrea Mast arrested for making child porn of 7 yr. old
  211. TN~Joseph Jennings/teacher & toy store clerk convicted for child porn/sex sting
  212. OR~Craig Ley/Exchange student host sentenced to 5 yrs for abusing European student
  213. TX~Navy lawyer, Mark Tilford, arrested for distribution of child porn
  214. TX - Plano teacher, 57, Arrested for Having Relations with A 16 Year old
  215. CA~Pastor/foster parent Tom Daniels arrested for child molestation
  216. Convicted Sex Offender Is An Artist Who Meets 10 Year Olds For Sexual Trysts
  217. NY- Liverpool - deceased newborn found in dumpster
  218. Ny sex offender tattoos juvies
  219. The Story of Bill Zeller-The End Result of Pedophilia in One Man's Life.
  220. FL~John Huntt, child photographer/child pornographer
  221. SD - Deputy William Wray arrested for child porn & sexual contact with 6 yr. old
  222. VA - 11 year old Tyra Garrison dead via "accidental hanging"
  223. OR - AG working to strengthen child porn laws after 2 cases overturned
  224. Ex-Bernardo groupie accused of stalking young boys
  225. ME~Award winning K-garten teacher, Rob Mocarsky/arrested for child porn
  226. MD~Elementary PE teacher, Gregory Christy, arrested for child porn
  227. Canada~Man arrested for years of child porn "grooming" of two little girls
  228. Pilot Holds Plane for Grandfather Of Murdered Toddler Caden Rodgers
  229. FL - N FT Myers Baby's body found in North Fort Myers - Jan. 2011
  230. No. LA- father, step-mother charged in death of 5 yr. old
  231. CO-Mom accused of playing on Facebook while baby died
  232. FL Missionary Busted On Child Porn Charges Previous Sexual Assaults
  233. UK~Anthony Kerry spared jail for child porn to care for elderly mother
  234. TX~John & Ariel Brunson sentenced for abuse & child porn of 3 yr. old
  235. MO 2 year old Gage Koelliker Found Murdered
  236. Feds going after child porn offenders' assets for restitution!!
  237. Most Wanted Sex Offender Arrested By FBI In Cambodia
  238. Canada~Joel Stubson, child care worker, arrested for child porn
  239. Pet ferret eats seven fingers of baby boy
  240. OR Child Care Worker Videoed Sex With 1 Year Old And Sent It To Her Boyfriend
  241. PA~Daniel Toler, math teacher has child porn problem "brought on by divorce"
  242. PA - LEO, John Thompson, faces charges in son's shooting death
  243. Father sues DCF in child's death
  244. OH~Andrew Keith created porn at mother's day care
  245. Parents Sue Expert Witness Who Made Fake Child-Porn of Their Kids
  246. MI - Tae Kwan Do teacher/Edward Bruner caught abusing child/child porn at home
  247. CA - 9 year old Elizabeth Holloway - COD = Homicide
  248. CA - Oakland Teacher watches 2nd Graders perform sex acts in classroom
  249. Boyfriend Held In Death Of Kingman Baby
  250. Australia - Jason Spradbury, piggery manager, jailed for 58,000 child porn images