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  1. PA Former Big Brother Previously Acquitted Of Child Sex Abuse Arrested
  2. AL~Nathan Railey used pen camera to film children in bathroom
  3. Mom Accused Of Killing Kids Pt 2
  4. KY Sex Offender Burned Child With Cigarette On Bottom
  5. OR~The tragic legacy of Gov. Goldschmidt and his sexual abuse of a child
  6. GA~ 4 yr old dies from "extreme alcohol poisioning"
  7. Federal prosecutors say child porn getting "even uglier"
  8. Swiss Man Admits Abusing 100 MI Children
  9. Canada~Actor, Jean-François Harrisson, denied bail for child porn distribution
  10. "I'm Not Buying It!"/Police watching for sex trafficking during Super Bowl
  11. WA~Youth minister, Michael Norris, waiting for molestation/child porn trials/4 yrs?
  12. FL~Jodi Vinson made child porn for her boyfriend, Ricky Bailey
  13. Newborn baby found in cave
  14. Planned Parenthood Manager bypassing reporting laws; enabling child sex trafficking
  15. OR~LE & school delay parent notification of sex assault during lunch hour for 12 days
  16. Dr. Phil's 'hot sauce mom' mixed punishment and torture
  17. Boy Shoots/Kills Neighbor Girl, both 14
  18. 10 Level 3 SO's wanted by the MA State Police
  19. FL~Stephen Wise/teacher, Boy Scout leader, volunteer arrested for child porn
  20. NJ~LEO, James Berthold, arrested for child porn distribution
  21. CA~Overnight science camp counselor arrested for child porn
  22. MO - Randy Lande: sex offender allegedly rapes girl, 8
  23. TX - Mother & her boyfriend arrested in death of Ethan Altamirano, 3yo (San Antonio)
  24. KY-Amy R. Dye-9 YO found dead on road near home
  25. FL - Ronderique Anderson (16mos old) dies, Dad charged with 1st degree murder
  26. Child Porn--Feds say that prosecutions are soaring
  27. PA~Youth Minister, Jeffrey Crosley, arrested for rapes of young boy & teen
  28. SEx Offender Loose At McD's Playground
  29. Some Idaho Justice
  30. US contractor, DynCorp, paid for Bacha Bazi (dancing boy) parties
  31. SC: Newborn Discarded in Arena restroom; mother sought
  32. AZ 9 yr old girl kidnapped but found 2 miles away
  33. LA - Death of 5-year-old Anna Celeste Lowe brings more questions than answers
  34. Grandparents lock girl in bathroom for 6 years
  35. Gary Mercure, Ex Priest from NY and Pittsfield, MA
  36. Pastor Of Spiritualist Church Gets 84 Months For Child Pornography
  37. Dad accused of sexually abusing daughters
  38. FL - Former teacher facing child porn charges arrested again for soliciting minors
  39. UK - Ex-Scout leader/"naturist" jailed for 188,000 child porn pictures
  40. Sex Offender Busted On Child Pornography Charges Using Public Computer
  41. TN Convict Sends Greeting Cards To Victims From Jail It's No Crime
  42. CA~Brad Ratcliff, coach & dean, arrested for child porn
  43. MO~Kurtis Neely, girls' track coach arrested for child porn and lewd acts
  44. MO~Michael Crippen, Baptist minister, arrested for child porn
  45. MO~William Laursen, jazz pianist/school teacher explains child porn viewing
  46. MD - Susan Lee Burke - Teacher Accused of Choking First Graders
  47. IL~Columbia college professor, Kevin Fuller, sentenced for violent child porn
  48. FL- Attempted kidnapping reported in Manatee
  49. PA - Monsignor W. Lynn & 4 priests arrested in sweep/child rape & failure to protect
  50. CA - Paroled Sex Offender Arrested for Alleged Inappropriate Conduct During Therapy
  51. PA 82 Year Old Busted On Child Pornography Charges
  52. AZ CEO Of The Year Health Food Store Magnate Busted In Child Sex Sting
  53. 17 yr old killed & buried newborn in shallow grave
  54. Tampa, FL: mother leaves baby in car while visiting tanning salon
  55. Canada~Live-in nanny, Tony Barnes, has a poop & diaper fetish
  56. OK~Alicia Freerksen gets 10 years for producing child porn with husband
  57. No Past Record But A Look Into Child Pornography Suspects Past Speaks Volumes
  58. MA & MI~Child porn ring/Brad Warner, Robert Mueller & John Belloli arrested
  59. NY Nanny Arrested Giving Infant Unknown Liquid
  60. MA~Wrestling coach for 36 yrs, David Castricone, arrested for child porn
  61. PA~Nurse/paramedic, Daniel Watkins arrested for child porn
  62. OR~Boys Scouts & Mormon church hit with more lawsuits for molestation
  63. AZ~Christopher Perez, special ed teacher arrested for child porn
  64. MN~Couple, Adam & Dean Simonds arrested for child porn/screen saver too
  65. Germany~Father raped his children for 20 yrs/at least 7 children with daughter t
  66. UT~Keith Brown, patriarch of music group The 5 Browns charged with sex abuse
  67. NV~School employee/TV host/Cnty. Planner/Writer, Ray Willis arrested for child porn
  68. Canada & ID~4 yr. old victim of child porn tracked & rescued!!
  69. Custody awarded in duct-taped baby case
  70. Girl, 2, weighs only 18 lbs; mother arrested for child neglect
  71. UK Girl attacked with scalpel
  72. MI~Dr. Craig Tubbs sentenced for child porn/sad story all around
  73. Sydney, AU, Maia Coral Comas - 2 yr old with Rett Syndrome Drowned
  74. 25 year old Mother Charged in 3 Month Old's Death
  75. RI Woman Arrested For Manufacturing And Distribution Of Child Pornography
  76. GA: Man sought in meth lab fire that killed 3 children
  77. 13yo Charged with Molestation after Consensual Act
  78. OR~Logan B. Jack Storm/Beaverton teacher sought by Interpol
  79. 2011. 02.19 - OR - Search On In Scappoose Attempted Kidnapping
  80. RI/CT~George Banks, Babe Ruth Commissioner gets suspended sent. for child porn
  81. TX Sex Offender Taking Runaway To A Motel
  82. Affidavit: Woman Bit Stepson's Leg
  83. UN: Children in Haiti Sold for $1.37
  84. OR~Legal protections for Followers of Christ to end/no more faith-healing reliance
  85. Mom, Boyfriend Charged In Son's Death
  86. KY & AL~ Pastor Jerry Cannon busted for FB child porn
  87. WA~Hollie Beston sentenced for filming 4 yr. old's rape
  88. RI~Arunothai Asawabowornan filmed child porn of 8 yr. old & posted it on Youtube
  89. MO~Tanning salon owner, Joseph Layland Jr. arrested for child porn/secret tapes
  90. LA 40 Year Old Charged with Murdering 2 yr-Old Grandson by Stomping on His Back
  91. LA - Man tries twice to pick up preschoolers
  92. WA-Port Orchard minister admits on tape to rape of girl
  93. OR~Jeremy Waldridge, gymnastics & cheerleading coach/child porn
  94. Cops: Mom Got High With Infant In Car
  95. Japan reports huge surge in child porn/legal possession not working!!
  96. NM~Robert Warren/attorney, Holocaust historian sentenced for child porn
  97. TX-Houston inhome childcare fire, 3 died, 4 injured ages 18 mos-3 years old
  98. NC~Veletta Edwards/"Smiling Courtyard" arrested for "prolonged" abuse of children
  99. OH-Nanny Cam Helps Convict Babysitter Of Abuse
  100. OK: Three Adopted Children Suffered Horrific Abuse
  101. GA LOngtime Respected Methodist Minister Busted On Child Pornography Charges
  102. Sex Offender Didn't Learn His Lesson Despite His Age
  103. HIV rapist wanted in girl's kidnapping-John Dionne-Linden Alberta, Canada
  104. CO - Arrested With 873 Counts of Child Molestation
  105. FL: Toddler raped at Sea World
  106. GA - Man charged with child molestation after asking about girl's panties
  107. TX-Babysitter Accused Of Causing Burns To Toddler
  108. PA~NW Collegiate Academy teacher & coach, David Rinke II, arrested for child porn
  109. IL~Joseph Klug, youth leader/owner of spy backpack/addicted to child porn/convicted
  110. AZ - Middle School Music Teacher Accused In Craigslist Bestiality Case
  111. NY - US appeals court upholds child porn sentence
  112. AZ~Frank Foster arrested for child porn/bestiality--2nd time around
  113. IL & IA~Dr. Gary Hunninghake faked his own stabbing-investigated for child porn
  114. LA Anti-Gay Christian Minister Charged w/Masturbating Near Playground
  115. IN - Brian & Martina Shiver arrested after LE finds little kids taped to chairs
  116. IN - Evansville woman accused of physical, sexual abuse of two girls
  117. OH - Son says father accidentally viewed child porn
  118. OK - Daddy's little helpers: three under 18 helped dad cook meth, cops say
  119. Rachel Ann Hicks, 36, busted for cross-country trip to have sex with boy, 13, she met
  120. CA-Baby Stabbed to Death by Teenage Father
  121. FL - Delray Beach Canal, 2 children fnd in stcse 03/11, Mother found as a Jane Doe
  122. MS Mom charged after son's body found in oven
  123. CO Sex Offender Teaches Kids Dance Moves
  124. NC Meth Lab Found At Day Care
  125. Man Raped Child For Years
  126. Crowe Agency Sex Offender Photographs Unconscious Teens
  127. PA~Middle school teacher/child molester, Stephen Sullivan arrested
  128. IA- Child porn admissible in sex abuse case??
  129. FL- Orlando Boy, 3, Beaten To Death For Wetting Pants
  130. IL-Lansing, 12 yr old sexually assaulted during birthday sleepover
  131. MI~Softball coach, Richard Zorn, sentenced for child porn/papering his bedroom
  132. AL~Youth coach, James Corbitt guilty/child porn, pen camera activity
  133. TX~Ronnie Lee Odom, designed child sex pyramid scheme & will never walk free
  134. MS~Denise Randall hosted a drinking & "branding" party for teens
  135. IN Married Couple And Third Man Arrested Sexual Assault On 8 Year Old
  136. LA Voyeur At Mardis Gras Parade Turns Out To Be Far Worse
  137. Louisiana - Francis Tullier, 78, Convicted SO - Castrated
  138. TX~Dr. Michael McCarty/"Super Dentist", charged with child porn
  139. WA~RSO, Patrick Rojas, suing mother of his victim for writing about him
  140. LA~Grand Isle officials sued over alleged child sex abuse cover-up
  141. TN Man Exposes 14 Year Old To HIV
  142. MO Pennsy Man Breaks Into Hotel Room And Attacks Girl
  143. CA Registered Sex Offender Lures Kids With His Parrot
  144. FL: Miami (Hialeah) Horrible "Neglect" of 2 yr old
  145. CT-Peter Black admits to raping a child
  146. PA~Stelbert Russell/"not bothered" by child porn--Alan Hansken/chronic masturbator
  147. TX~Charles Hanberry checked out genealogy but chose child porn instead
  148. TX - 20 arrests in alleged gang rape of 11-year-old middle school girl
  149. OGDEN, Utah swim coach charged with rape of a minor
  150. Killer of Jason Foreman to be released in August, 12 years early*GRAPHIC*
  151. MA~Thomas Donahue/Level 3 SO/wanted for creating child porn
  152. Old Saybrook, CT Adopted child locked in dog crate
  153. Maricopa AZ-Teen tries to kill friend and steal baby
  154. Ex Cop Admits To Molesting Hundreds of Little Girls Putnam County Florida
  155. Oklahoma City, OK- DHS Criticized In Child Deaths In RV Fire
  156. Wales~Satanic "Sex cult" pedophiles found guilty
  157. Hunt On For Man That Abducted 8 Year Old
  158. Fred Skelton Was Just Trying To Help Cops Out With Child Porn
  159. Arlington, IA MOther fails to seek help for child that OD's
  160. McNeil, a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson
  161. Cops: Man Zip-Tied, Raped Girl In Woods
  162. CO, Colorado Springs- MOther arrested for drowned,scalded baby
  163. OR~Juan Martinez-Rodriguez, 20 yrs for impregnating 10 year old
  164. CA - Parents Arrested for Infant Daughter's 2009 death!
  165. NY, Amherst-8 yr old girls death accident or murder
  166. IA, Des Moines- College Employee Taped Students In Shower
  167. CO & TX~Edward & Linda Bryant questioned about adopted sons' deaths
  168. Uganda Child Rentals
  169. CO, Weld County-Teen tied up and assaulted while baby slept
  170. NM-17-month old Baby killed, mom's BF charged, has record
  171. Death of a 5 yr old boy-tragedy without end :(
  172. FL - MIAMI: Death of 4 mo old baby boy DCF AGAIN!
  173. IA, Mason City- Judge: No more Facebook for Mason City man
  174. IA, Iowa city- Iowa City man arrested for sexual abuse
  175. IN,Indianapolis- HIV positive man molests child
  176. Children found on road, mom snorted bath salts
  177. CA-Baby Escapes Injury After Flying Out Car
  178. PA-Washington County Man Accused Of Abusing Baby
  179. WA-Centralia Mother Charged With Murdering Baby
  180. OK - OKC mom allegedly mixed gin with infant formula
  181. TX-Mother and Boyfriend charged with murder
  182. OK - OKC cop dad accused of sexually abusing foster kids
  183. Baby left alone for 9 hours dies of suffocation
  184. FL - Toddler Shot in Head in Drive-by Shooting
  185. FL Registered Sex Offender Rapes Boy
  186. Central Fla. man faces 459 sex-related charges
  187. Mother And Boyfriend Charged In Shaking Death Of 3-Year-Old
  188. More charges filed against Big Flats man in MySpace sex case.
  189. New Sex Charges Filed Against Day Care Worker
  190. Parents allow RSO to share bed w their 9 yr old daughter
  191. SC, Pickens Cty-Boy burned for wetting the bed
  192. TX-Conroe couple charged in death of 5-week-old baby
  193. OH, PAINESVILLE-Mother Gets 15 Years to Life in Prison for Poisoning Baby
  194. CO, MONTROSE- Sex offender gets plea deal in case of 2 yr old child
  195. N.C - Manhunt For Accused Molester Ends
  196. Rider U Professor Busted Meeting 13 Year Old At Airport
  197. TN 9 Year Old Beat By Dad After Helping Friend Fight Off Sexual Advances
  198. 230 kids rescued from ‘largest online pedophile network in the world’
  199. PA-Bedford Couple Accused Of Child Torture
  200. Mother sent girl, 11, to panhandle at a gas station
  201. GA Businessman Inadvertently Shares Brutal Child Pornography At Hotel
  202. NC-Teacher's Assistant Accused Of Making Sex Video Of Child
  203. KS - Notorious KC child killer finally granted parole
  204. PA Falls Man Arrested Slew Of Felonies Against Children
  205. WI Shrine Child Pornography Guns Dolls
  206. Goldsboro, NC - Derrick Best - Murder of 3-year-old
  207. The Stolen Babies of Spain
  208. VT~Orchestra director, David Runnion charged with child porn
  209. OK~Coach, Ben Forsythe, charged with rape/"affair" with 18 yr. old player
  210. LA Commuters Thwart Kidnap Attempt Of Teen By Registered Sex Offender
  211. SC, Roebuck-Infant's Body Found In Pickup Truck Lockbox
  212. LA-Mother arrested in murder of baby
  213. Grandmother and roommates kill 2 year old girl
  214. MI~Stephen Nyquist/coach, Sun. school teacher, choir member arrested for child porn
  215. NY, Brooklyn-17 month old nearly beaten to death by foster parents
  216. Mail Carrier Accused Of Raping Girl He Met Along Route
  217. MO Another Meth Lab In Another Daycare
  218. NC, Asheboro-Mother Stops Kidnapper from Taking Child
  219. CO, Denver-Newborn abandoned in church restroom
  220. Washington DC-elementary school student allegedly brought cocaine to school
  221. Bosnia~Massive child porn bust/2 million images & 7000 videos
  222. ARK-Babies Starved and Beaten, Cling To Life In Little Rock Hospital
  223. NY~Pastor/Principal Michael Clare impregnated a 12 yr. old
  224. TX-Toddler died after dad fell asleep while she was bathing
  225. 2 year old killed by mom's bf for not saying his ABC's
  226. FL: Miami Grandfather fights DCF for kids
  227. WA~Math teacher, Barbara Anderson charged with sexual misconduct/800 texts + sex??
  228. NC Registered Sex Offender Arrested For Having Facebook Account
  229. Mother Kills 3 yr. old because she believes she is possessed
  230. Anchorage Man Wanted For Distributing Child Pornography Missing
  231. NE-Child Severly punished for stealing candy
  232. TX-2 yr old drowns while father watches porno
  233. Man accused of abusing 28 day old baby
  234. CA-Abused girls suffered severe injuries
  235. VT~Popular elementary music teacher, Will Parini, charged with dist. child porn
  236. OK - James Daukei Jr, 20, arrested for murder of Rosalin Reynolds, 8
  237. VA An undercover sting leads to the arrest of a Petersburg sheriff's deputy
  238. UT~Governor's staff member/Stephen Coleman arrested for child rape
  239. TN-Woman Arrested At Motel For Prostitution, Child Neglect
  240. CONN-Assaulted Baby May Never Walk Or Talk Again
  241. FL~Fede Datilus sentenced to life for impregnating 9 yr. old
  242. IA, Waterloo- Felony child abuse charges for beating son
  243. FL-Mother Accused Of Child Abuse After Toddler Hospitalized
  244. FL RSO, & Girlfriend Face Charges After Dangling a 3 Yr Old Boy From Apt Window
  245. Sumter, FL Sex Sting Operation
  246. Rockwell NC - 4 live kids, lots of dead pets
  247. Samuel Curtis Johnson WI billionaire charged with child sex assault
  248. Re-Re Offending Sex Offender Breaks Into House To Assault An 8 Year Old
  249. FL, Weirsdale-Man Performed Sex Act In Front Of Girl At Bus Stop
  250. CA, Newport Beach-Party Clown Arrested in 2002 Rape of 12-year-old Girl