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  1. LA - Ammarian Ben, 18 mos, shot to death, Ville Platte, 1 Nov 2005
  2. Remorseless Perv 'pataki's Prisoner'
  3. teacher gets 5 years
  4. TX - Zachary Weir, 15, killed in murder-suicide, Amarillo, 30 Oct 2005
  5. Thief steals teen girl's artificial leg
  6. Father spots and corners fugitive charged with molesting daughter
  7. IN - Jason McGuffey, 4, shot by dad in murder-suicide, 2 Nov 2005
  8. Baby rapist pleads guilty to all counts, gets life in prison
  9. Woman gets ONLY 6 years for molesting 8 yr old boy!
  10. "Mother" watches her boyfriend have sex with her own daughter for YEARS
  11. DFCS Workers Jailed for Disobeying Judge
  12. GA - Anthony Littrean, 3, killed in hit & run, Norcross, 25 July 2005
  13. Florida girl has abortion blocked
  14. Axe attack: toddler's leg reattached
  15. A parent speaks out about the abusive priests- she is not suing
  16. Car crash forces abortion
  17. GPS units to track three sex offenders
  18. Boy Assaulted By Students In Elementary School Bathroom
  19. Bullet from Costco spat hits baby's car seat, but misses the boy
  20. Australia - Chanel Bisignani, 3, murdered, Gorokan, NSW, 29 Oct 2005
  21. Man Found Guilty Of Trying To Buy 9 year old Girl For Porn
  22. 15-Year Old Run Away Kept as Sex Slave
  23. A slap on the wrist for 'perverted' crime
  24. NY - Gunman hunted in abduction-rape of teen, Nassau,2005
  25. Couple accused of abusing their adoptive children
  26. Adoptive mother admits STARVING children pleads guilty to ONE count!
  27. Mom arrested for allegedly offering her 4-year-old daughter for sex
  28. Boy says he was put in freezer, Mom, Boyfriend Arrested
  29. Web Brought Teen, Man Together, Claim Police
  30. Demonstration leads to child porn charges
  31. Police looking for young victim to come forward
  32. 'Cool' mom sentenced
  33. GA - Baby Murder Mystery In Walker County
  34. Shooting on School Bus
  35. NC - Two teens accused of planning killing spree at Christian school
  36. Minister's wife accused of soliciting boy, 15
  37. Dad won't face charges in death of girl, 2
  38. Girl, 10, Fights Off Attacker By Kicking Him In Groin
  39. Mexico - Americans among 4 charged with child selling in Mexico
  40. Man Accused Of Raping Relative For Nearly 10 Years
  41. Man sentenced for watching live broadcast of baby rape
  42. Molester gets probation
  43. Woman, 38, accused of having sex with 14-year-old boy she met online
  44. FL - Teen groom can't go home to grandmom, Gainesville
  45. 5 Yr Old Brings Loaded Gun to School
  46. Braintree man faces child porn charges
  47. Owner Of Phone Found Containing Child Porn Arrested
  48. 'Handicapped' Boy Tortured For Stealing Panties
  49. Hearing set for man who abandoned 4-year-old
  50. Man To Enter Plea On Porn Charges
  51. Sharp eyes lead to arrest of suspected pedophile
  52. 11 year old girl gang raped by boys
  53. Teen sets 14-year-old on fire
  54. 'Justice is about him being branded as a rapist who robbed me of my childhood'
  55. TN - Shawn Nipper, 16, dies while car surfing, Nashville, 26 Nov 2005
  56. Pedophile to move for Xmas party
  57. NC - Raanika Seagroves, 11, shot to death, Greensboro, 28 Nov 2005
  58. Father Sexually Exploited Child; 5 Men Arrested
  59. 2 children die in house fire with 6 non-working smoke detectors
  60. 14-year-old arrested in sexual assault of elderly woman
  61. Pornographic stories read to kindergarten class
  62. Man Charged In Attempted Schoolgirl Kidnapping
  63. Sex offender accused of trying to kill prosecutor
  64. Woman Accused In Child Abuse Case Fails To Appear In Court
  65. Man Accused Of Exposing Himself To Kids At Store
  66. CA - Sex Predator Claims He Had 3,000 Victims
  67. CA - Ruby Young, 17 mos, found murdered, Red Bluff, 22 Nov 2005
  68. Accused rapist, 14, faces judge
  69. Police: Suspect, 4-Year-Old Sexual Assault Victim Attended Same Party
  70. Mom Injects Human Waste Into Toddler
  71. Sketch Released Of Harris County Flasher Flashing Little Girls
  72. Watchdog Web site Pedowatch got one!
  73. Attorney General to prosecute alleged murder-for-hire
  74. Teacher Charged With Sniffing Cocaine In Class
  75. 13 year old girl robs bank
  76. 7 Teens arrested after student locked in locker
  77. HIV-Positive Man Accused Of Sexually Assaulting 14-Year-Old Boy
  78. Child-molesting priest gets probation
  79. Adult-Themed Comics At Library Shock Parents
  80. Man Rapes Blind, Deaf, Terminally Ill 10 year old Girl
  81. Girl raped for two years by her teacher
  82. Bashed molester will get damages
  83. Baby left in unheated car while Mom is at strip club
  84. Children in Trunk
  85. Wal-Mart Santa arrested for exposing self to boy
  86. Students Arrested For Oral Sex In Classroom
  87. Boy, 5, says bus driver taped his mouth shut
  88. FBI Busts Alleged Child Prostitution Ring
  89. Assistant At Nickelodeon Studios Arrested In Molestation Case
  90. CA teens plan St. Valentine's day massacre
  91. Teacher AND son suspended after son took handgun to school TWICE!
  92. CA - How one 13 yr old was lured into online porn & trafficking: His story
  93. Found in icy car, 3 boys are recovering
  94. Priest charged with groping teen during 'King Kong'
  95. Newborn Twins Found Abandoned In Chicago Church
  96. ExWife Legally Adopts Stepson without Bio Fathers Knowledge
  97. Teen arrested for shooting at Santa
  98. Teen Arrested On Cellular Stalking Charges
  99. Intellectually Disabled Teen Raped in Park on Christmas Eve
  100. Man Accused Of Stalking 10-Year-Old Girl
  101. Woman Charged With Molesting 6-year old Boy
  102. Last suspect in forced prostitution of girl arrested
  103. Gary Glitter paid $2,000
  104. Girl, 6, snatched from bath, assaulted, left naked
  105. Upstate Ex-Guidance Counselor Pleads Guilty To Having Child Porn
  106. toddler found drunk!!
  107. Baby raped by intruder.
  108. Baby Gets Drunk While Sitter Dozes
  109. 'Huggy' Teacher Faces More Molestation Charges
  110. IL - Kendra Staggs, 4 wks, suffocated, positive for cocaine, 15 Aug 2005
  111. Infant girl beaten on Xmas Eve; in critical condition; Police went to home 60+ times
  112. Cyber trail led to porn
  113. Charges added in child sex video case
  114. Man confesses to biting children
  115. Father accused of abusing 2 mo. old ... on Xmas day.
  116. Katrina sent sex offenders off the radar
  117. Porn actress charged in rape
  118. Police Seize Evidence From Teachers Home.
  119. Parents - keep snooping! Mom nabs sex offender
  120. Mom, 13, is ruled a sex crime offender
  121. Girls report abuse of their adopted sister by their parents
  122. CA - Woman Is Accused of Stabbing Newborn, San Bernadino, 2006
  123. Mother Charged with Child Endangerment
  124. GA - Three kids, ages 4-12, shot by dad in murder-suicide, 1 Jan 2006
  125. NM - Rio Rancho pair lured boys to sex ring
  126. OK - Cody Adair, 4, mauled to death by dog, Bartlesville, 3 Jan 2006
  127. NC - Jaylen Laney, 2, shot to death, Charlotte, 2 Jan 2006
  128. Pair who left sons may face charges
  129. UK - 3 year old girl kidnapped, Cardiff, Wales
  130. Man Arraigned On Charges Of Having Sex With Girls
  131. Man accused of having sex with foster child
  132. Teacher Accused Of Lewd Acts With 12-Year-Old Student
  133. Child Rapist's Mere 60-day Prison Sentence Triggers Outrage
  134. DSS shelter counselor accused of raping teen girl under his care
  135. Search On For Music Teacher Accused Of Sex Assaults
  136. OK - Remains of baby found in body bag, Seminole County
  137. Girls' rapes finally receives attention
  138. Elderly Man Arrested after Allegedly Abusing 6 year-Old
  139. Boy, 6, helps foil carjack, save baby sister
  140. A newborn fights for life after being found in trash bin
  141. Man, 46, gets 9 years for raping child
  142. Boulder, CO Man Accused In Sex Case Found Dead With Wife
  143. CO - Zavion Brown, 18 mos, suffocates at Aurora day care, 5 Jan 2006
  144. Police say phone company refused to help find missing SoCal child
  145. Truly Evil
  146. Man Rapes 12-week-old Baby
  147. Mother Caged Children, Police Say
  148. Bishop comes forward about his own abuse by a priest as a boy
  149. Police: Baby Found Dead In Newark Fast Food Restaurant
  150. Tracking Down A Suspected Child Pornographer
  151. Infant Killed When Air Bag Deploys
  152. Man indicted on assault on teen girl
  153. Convicted Sex Offender Re-Arrested After Encounter With Tucson Girl
  154. 8th-Grader With Gun Shot by SWAT Team
  155. 13-year-old could get life for rape
  156. Captured: Female Kentucky teacher runs off to Mexico with 14 yr old lover/student
  157. IN - Midwife Jennifer Williams charged after baby dies, June 2005
  158. Man sentenced for kidnapping 14yr old girl for sex.
  159. Coach accused of rape
  160. Prosecutors asking: Why did these kids have to die?
  161. KCRW host is suspected of drugging and trying to kidnap a girl, 14
  162. Minn. Students Find 'Royal' a Sex Convict
  163. Newborn sexually assualted
  164. Man Sentenced To 8 Years For Molesting Boys Decades Ago
  165. Teen arrested-Toddler severely beaten
  166. TX - Body of Starlotte Lang, 7 mos, found burned, Dallas, 18 Jan 2006
  167. Ex-priest arrested for suspected lewd acts
  168. More child sex charges filed against man
  169. Internet chat led to criminal sex with Eagan girl, police say
  170. Police: Mom abandoned kids for Springer
  171. Child Online Protection Act; Feds seek Google data in child porn case
  172. First-Grade Teacher Accused Of Raping Teen
  173. Girl tells police she, brother imprisoned; three arrested
  174. Prospect Hts. mom charged with hitting friend's baby
  175. Why are these sentences so low??
  176. NV - Ryan Ellison, 3 mos, dies in state's care, Las Vegas, 17 Jan 2006
  177. Police: Rape Suspect Released From Jail Hours Before Attack
  178. Trials Set For Local Couple: Sex Crimes
  179. AZ - Jennifer Cervantes, 4, killed in hit & run, Queen Creek, Jan 2006
  180. This is Exactly why i freak over GUNS!!!!
  181. Molester gets four 99-year sentences
  182. Man Pleads Guilty To Attempted Rape Of 13-Month-Old Child
  183. CA - Twins Chrissy & Michelle Perry, 4 wks, suffocated, Lompoc, 22 Jan 2006
  184. Womans hunch exposes child abuse...
  185. Pregnant woman taken into custody after 3 of her 14 children found in abandoned house
  186. Missing 14-Year-Old Jonesboro Girl Is Found Safe In Kentucky
  187. Teacher Charged With Having Sexual Relations With Student
  188. Police Allege Child Porn Ring Sold Girls From Apartment
  189. Baby's Death Ruled Homicide
  190. Two month old baby found in bag....
  191. IN - Emanuel Tentle, 7 mos, shaken to death, Indianapolis, 6 Dec 2005
  192. Saudi Official's Son Re-Arrested On Child Porn Charges
  193. Marijuana Found In Toddler's Diaper
  194. TX - Angel Jack, 8, found hanged, Arlington, 30 Jan 2006
  195. Father Beat 4-Year-Old With Stick
  196. Predator caught! NASCAR businessman
  197. Child Groom Of Pregnant Woman Disappears
  198. Stepson Tortured for 1 1/2 years
  199. School Evacuated After Suspicious Package Found in Md.
  200. Teenage girls targeted by men on MySpace
  201. Mother goes online with man who was trying to cyber her teen
  202. Frostbitten newborn found in back of truck in NC
  203. child molester walks away from halfway house and hops a bus back to Vermont......
  204. Girl abandoned at local convenience store
  205. Stepmother sentenced for causing injury to 4-year-old girl
  206. Beaumont High students skip school after reports of threatening posts on MySpace.com
  207. 'Despicable' Child Counselor Gets Life In Major Child Porn Ring
  208. Student Finds Teacher Listed On 'Fugitive' Web Site
  209. OH - Chase, 5, & Chole Love, 4, Hunter Hawks, 2, shot in murder-suicide, 7 Feb 2006
  210. Trial set to start in'torture'of 3 girls
  211. 17-Year-Old Male Kidnapped In Nanakuli
  212. Grandparents leave toddler in car, so they can drink
  213. Kaneohe, Hawaii man sexually assaults three boys
  214. Woman Accused Of Breaking Baby's Arm
  215. VT - udge rejects 3 month sentence
  216. DA won't charge woman accused of beating children
  217. NC - Infant's Body Found At Sewer Plant
  218. What is your opinion on these 2 articles?
  219. Former Death Row Inmate Charged With Statuatory Rape
  220. 23-Month-Old Takes Mom's Van For Spin
  221. Teen and Man Meet on MySpace
  222. School Bus Leaves 4 Yr. Old Boy Alone, Dropped Kids Off 1/2 Hour Early
  223. Girl bites man to fight off kidnap /composite drawing
  224. Germany - 13yo kidnapped girl rescued after dropping notes
  225. Infant's Injuries Lead To Charges For Father; 11-Week-Old Girl In Critical Condition
  226. MD - Boy, 13, shot to death, Brandywine, 18 Feb 2006
  227. Guy Meets Two High School Girls on MySpace, Gets Arrested For Alleged Sexual Assault
  228. Mom Charged With Letting Man Have Sex With Daughter
  229. Mother Leaves Children to go Drinking
  230. Tracking Accused Child Rapist
  231. Newborn Left Abandoned In Shoebox in the Cold
  232. Man charged with child abuse after baby ingests wart remover
  233. Child Molester-oceanside Ca
  234. Man molested 11 yr old, posted "code of conduct" for pedophiles gets 25 yrs in prison
  235. Female teacher in sex abuse case serves only 6 months
  236. Man Hides In Bathrooms, Drinks Boys' Urine
  237. NY - Edwin Owusu-Hammonds, 15, stabbed to death, Bronx, 25 Feb 2006
  238. South Africa - Dane Darries, 11, stabbed to death at school, 27 Feb 2006
  239. Police arrest 83-year-old woman on child rape charges
  240. Sex offender escapes from WORK RELEASE???
  241. New Hampshire Man Hunts Underage Girls On Myspace
  242. Woman confesses to RAPING 4 year old boy!
  243. Portland man arrested in MySpace.com sting
  244. Baby in hospital after father allegedly beats him
  245. Cops: Mom cracked baby's skull
  246. 2yo snatched from his bed, raped and left naked
  247. NJ - Man tries to abduct same 11 yr old in February and March 2006, Wanaque
  248. Accused Child Rapist Still on the Run-Jeremy Duffer
  249. Italy - Tommaso Onofri, 17 mos, Casalbaroncolo, 2 March 2006
  250. NY - Newborn boy crushed by vehicles on a Hempstead street, 5 March 2006