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  1. IN~Nurse, Thomas Barron sentenced for 76,000 child porn images
  2. WA~Massage therapist/driving instructor,Mark Satterlund charged with molesting 9 kids
  3. UK Hamza Khan 3 found decomposing in the cellar...
  4. OH~Daycare owner indicted on 20 rape charges & 25 counts of child porn
  5. CA-Woman injures 6 children in DUI rollover
  6. Shawn Sullivan, convicted child molester, fighting extradition from England to the US
  7. Wis- Twin infants drown in bathtub-siblings in CPS custody
  8. NJ~Child porn sting nets 14, including teens
  9. Canada~Edmonton father charged with producing child porn of his 7 yr old daughter
  10. Babysitter arrested in death of 4-month-old boy
  11. 6 yr old killed by gun thought to be a toy
  12. Revered Philly High School Baseball Coach Busted
  13. Babysitter Needed So Child Pornography Suspect Can Use Internet
  14. OH_ Foster parents charged with endangering children
  15. FL~Miami ICE Chief, Anthony Mangione arrested for child porn
  16. KY-boyfriend broke 3-year-old's jaw
  17. CO & CA~Shawn McCormack arrested for rape of baby & child porn
  18. NY Level Three Sex Offender Reoffends
  19. ND MN Predator And 14 Year Old Girls
  20. Germany -Parents go to concert, leave baby in trunk -NEUMUNSTER Sep 9, 2011
  21. Autistic Children force-fed vinegar soaked cottenballs at school.
  22. CA~4th grade teacher, Clark Mahoney Jr. takes plea deal in child porn/molest case
  23. IL~Strong community reaction to child porn suspect's release
  24. FL~Doyce Griffis' tanning "salon" had cameras & 2-way mirrors
  25. Canada~Hoarder/Ken Kreton collected child porn, wanted to buy a cage
  26. AR~Dr. Joel Church, owner of Freedom Bible College pleads guilty to child porn
  27. AR~Brandon Davis produced child porn & his wife turned him in
  28. VT~Shaun Bryer, 5th grader teacher/civic leader takes plea in molestation case
  29. WA - Larry & Carri Williams arrested for death of adopted daughter
  30. MT~Gary Enzler, a not easily misidentified man, charged with molesting 4 young boys
  31. KY - Watson Adkins 2 Year old - PRESTONSBURG, Sep 29, 2011
  32. PA-7 yr old boy forced to wear diaper, locked in coffin
  33. Cops: Mom Sold Newborn For Disney Trip
  34. LA~School custodian, David Walker charged with variety of child sex abuse charges
  35. DE-Mother Accused of trying to Sell Newborn Baby - New Castle County 10-05-2011
  36. CA Burglars Turn In Child Porn Stash
  37. Father faces capital charge in baby's death
  38. Mentor Beats Child On Video Posts It
  39. AZ- Double Murder-Suicide Involving Two Children Suspected at Grand Canyon
  40. IN - Arrests in sale of four month old infant
  41. MO Mother of toddler found dead in St. Louis trash bin charged with murder
  42. VA~LEO, William Hurlbut sentenced to 21 yrs/production of child porn
  43. MO Woman accused of beating two girls with baseball bat, husband also charged
  44. WI Husband Turns In Wife For Sexual Assault Of Child
  45. Police arrest CDC official for child molestation, bestiality
  46. Infant's body found in Fraser River near Vancouver
  47. NM Four Men Arrested Child Sex Sting
  48. NM Four Year Old Abuse Victim Permanently Blinded
  49. SD 61 Year Old Twins Arrested On Child Pornography Charges
  50. TX - Grandmother Wins Custody Of Slain Girl's Remains
  51. PA Grown Victim Comes Forward More Follow
  52. Shreveport Man Molested Victims Cousin in 2003
  53. GA~Popular, award-winning band teacher, Philip Pirkle guilty of child porn charges
  54. FL~Sunday school teacher/Danny Parker/child porn conviction overturned/pasted photos
  55. Mo. Woman Pleads Guilty In Boy's Alcohol Death
  56. Father Pleads Guilty To Second Degree Murder Of Infant
  57. America's child death shame
  58. OR~LEO/Head Start teacher/CPS Super/Harry Hintsala-sex abuse of young girls
  59. Roy Man Charged With Killing 2-Year-Old Step-Daughter
  60. Arrest Made in Murder of Jessica Nguyen
  61. WA~Sandra & Jeffrey Weller arrested for starving & beating twin teens
  62. MO - Police: Grandma left twins in car to buy drugs in St. Louis
  63. CA Rare Interview With Man With Child Pornography Real Believable
  64. Boy Scout Attendee Has Past Of Hurting Kids
  65. MD~Special Ed teacher, Jeremy Brown II arrested for child porn
  66. Shrv'prt La-Toddler found dead-Mom waits 12 days to report him missing.
  67. IN~Kyle Lynch, guilty, faces 60-80 yrs for "shocking" molestation of toddler
  68. WA Father Beats Girl With Branches And Duel Fights Her
  69. Deputies: Three children living in maggot-infested home
  70. PA Newborn Found Deceased On Porch
  71. Hacktivists/Anonymous take down 40 child porn sites, publish users' names
  72. 6 year old twins hospitalized, infant burned, mom knocked out
  73. CA - Joshua Allen Robey - attempted murder, torture and child abuse of 2 mo old
  74. Utah mom pleads guilty in sale of 13 year old daughter's virginity
  75. IL~Cory Reibel convicted of production of child porn/ 3 yr old
  76. MO~Dennis Myers arrested for molestation & child porn involving two 12 yr olds
  77. FL~Math teacher, Jerome Pearson admits to possession of child porn
  78. WA-Adopted twins starved and beaten
  79. 24 Men charged with Child Porn, NC
  80. OR~Youth soccer coach, Parrish Chang, Sr. arraigned on child porn charges
  81. NY Man Caught Sexually Abusing 1 Year Old Works At A Children's Center
  82. NE-4 accused of keeping children in dog cage
  83. WI-Mother's boyfriend kills her 2 yr old daughter
  84. IL- boy shot baby, father arrested
  85. FL-County employee has been arrested on child pornography
  86. IN-Teacher accused of raping student
  87. IL- Teenager stabbed to death during home invasion
  88. CO-mom charged with locking son in nasty room
  89. Nevada man charged w/child porn; Bail over $25 million
  90. Couple Give Away Their 2 Year Old Daughter
  91. Canada~Would-be author, Michael Jeffery suffers "writer's block", turns to child porn
  92. California Audit Finds Sex Offenders Living in Homes Licensed for Foster Care, Child
  93. Milton Hershey School Scandal
  94. GA Mayor Arrested In Child Assault Sting
  95. MT Occupy Missoula Protester Busted Child Endangerment
  96. AZ- Phoenix Girl, 3, Dies After Stepfather Brutally Beat Her for Not Eating Hot Dog
  97. MI~Little league coach, Aaron Mull pleads no contest to child porn/no civil suits
  98. Fl - Mother charged with 10 counts of neglect
  99. NY~Child porn's forgotten victims--the families of the convicted
  100. TX-Family Friend charged in murder of 10 year old girl
  101. CA- Santa Claus look a like tries to lure child
  102. TX - judge Bill Adams on video physically abusing his daughter
  103. MO - 18 mo. child found dead after being left home alone
  104. CO- Children die in fire, mother arrested for leaving them alone
  105. IA-woman beats up husband and another woman in front of kids
  106. CA~Vacaville Assist. School Superintendent, Steven Shields arrested for child porn
  107. FL~Youth minister, Russell Lewis convicted for child rape in the church
  108. OK~Youth minister, Joe Heater Jr. charged with multiple child rapes
  109. WA~Yet unnamed youth minister, YMCA leader, coach admits to molestation
  110. Serenity Richardson - Justice served
  111. NJ/Across The World Sister Dimes Out Sex Offender Brother
  112. OK Parents Arrested Police Search For Buried Baby Incest And Neglect
  113. Woman accused of abandoning children in Granite City
  114. FL~Daniel Guevara Vilca handed down life sentence for child porn possession
  115. MO~Andrew Shea convicted for distribution of child porn/bestiality
  116. MO~WannaBe GS Leader/flasher/groomer, Kenneth Luckey convicted of child porn
  117. WI...8 Month Old Dead Due To "Environmental Hyperthermia."
  118. CA-Woman murders baby girl
  119. Convicted pedophile suing Florida jail for using soy instead of meat
  120. MT~Mental health worker fired after reporting client, John Gribble, for child porn
  121. TX~El Paso ISD bus driver, Rodolfo Calderon arrested for child porn
  122. TX~Grade school head custodian, Adrian Trujillo dropped child porn filled thumb drive
  123. FL-Mom's boyfriend broke babies ribs and skull
  124. OH- Toddler eats pot
  125. TX-Mother's boyfriend puts baby in scalding water
  126. Pa. lawmaker plans bill to require abuse reporting
  127. AK~Prominent community leader, John "Jack" Shay, arrested-producing child porn
  128. LA~Sheriff's Deputy Daniel Bourque arrested for child porn possession
  129. OH~13 yr old boy admits to rape of 5 yr old girl at McDonald's
  130. 10-Year-Old Survives Life Threatening Complications To Give Birth To Son Prematurely
  131. Penn State athletic director plus ex-Paterno assistant charged in child rape case #2
  132. GUILTY SC~Citadel grad/counselor/principal/coach, Louis ReVille arrested/molestation
  133. SC Limestone College Instructor Assaults Boy While Web Chatting
  134. CA Predator Ex Priest Arrested For Breaking Parole
  135. Failing to report offenses involving children no longer a crime for NC principals
  136. Massachusetts mom forced 10-year-old daughter to pose nude for man over Skype: cops
  137. IA Sex Offender Exposes Himself To Mom And Kids Going To Church
  138. FL Parents Leave Toddler In Hummer To Shop
  139. AZ-couple uses herion in hotel room with baby
  140. IL - Teacher Accused Of Masturbating In Class
  141. FL-Mom irate over Facebook bullying hits child, instructs daughter to fight
  142. UK: Echoes of James Bulger as two boys arrested for attempted supermarket abduction
  143. PA Father Beats 5 Month Old
  144. PA~Seton Hill Professor Balazs Tarnai, child porn & homemade videos
  145. CA~Private children's music teacher, Robert Broadfoot arrested for child porn
  146. CT~Teacher/coach, David Tremblay sentenced for child porn
  147. IN-10 yr old tied up and beaten to death by dad
  148. WI-Couple starved 14 month old
  149. 11/17/11 - Syracuse Asst. B-Ball Coach Bernie Fine Accused of Molestation
  150. Four indicted in disabled teen's death, including mother and nurse
  151. CA Successful Hollywood Casting Agent RSO Kidnapper Worked With Kids
  152. CO Hilltop Baptist Church Female Teacher Arrested For Molesting Teen Three Others Fai
  153. CA- Convicted child-killer commits suicide in prison
  154. TN Mom's Beau Sends 4 Kids To Hospital
  155. WI~Lutheran Synod official/CNN reporter, Joel Hochmuth arrested for child porn
  156. AL~"Stellar employee" & lover of laughter, Michael Mitchell sentenced/child porn
  157. WI-The courts and CPS drop the ball again
  158. SC-Emmy winning sesame street composer charged with Child porn
  159. 1 month old identical twin boys found dead in home
  160. TN- Man wanted for child rape
  161. Renteria - Man kills daughter and grandbaby
  162. WI Crook Barber Plants His Own Child Pornography
  163. UT~Funeral Director, Spencer McDougal arrested for child porn production, enticement
  164. Canada~US soldier, Henry Sheppard links his interest in child porn to anime/manga
  165. GA-Couple lock 3 yr old in squalid bedroom and nail door shut
  166. FL-Mom takes toddler to party and loses her! Volusia County
  167. OK - Mystery surrounds Edmond baby's murder; frustrations with LE, DHS evident
  168. IL-Boy killed on 4th Birthday by mother & boyfriend
  169. Passenger on an airplane is seen watching child pornography!!!
  170. MA~Paroled rapist, Jeffrey Bartley arrested on child porn charges
  171. OR~Lisa Kemper arrested for kidnapping 2 yr old boy from yard
  172. IA- College student rapes 14 yr old
  173. SD - Huron bar owner arrested for rape and serving alcohol to minors
  174. Peeper Pediatrician
  175. Springville NY man charged with beating 11-month-old daughter
  176. PA_ 4th graders attempt to rape 8 yr old in school bathroom
  177. IA- Man arrested second time for sexual abuse
  178. IA- School bus driver arrested for sexual abuse
  179. UT- Mom gets 150 days in jail & 3 years probation for killing baby
  180. OK Teacher Busted On Child Porn Charges Had Kids Dress Up At Pizza Party
  181. IN Baby Gets HPV From Homeless Woman
  182. Homeless Lady & 15 kids "Somebody needs to pay"
  183. CA Child Pornography Sting Nets What May Be Largest Collection In US History
  184. UK - One month old baby raped and battered
  185. Alberta foster care supervisor faces child porn charges
  186. police-search-for-toddler-allegedly-taken-during-detroit-carjacking
  187. FL-mom tries to sell baby
  188. Roach Infestation Children Taken Parents Arrested, But......
  189. TX Texas Welfare Office Shooting: Mom Denied Food Stamps For Months, Shoots Own Kids
  190. MA- 10 yr old used to deal drugs
  191. PA Sex Offender Has His Passport Ready And Bags Packed
  192. OH Walmart Guard Tapes Boy In Bathroom
  193. IN-Woman uses Craigslist to abandon 1 year-old son
  194. MI Young Couple Arraigned for Little Boy's Killing
  195. NV-Homemade child porn found on county worker's computer
  196. Babysitter Charged In Brutal Deah Of 4 Year-old Missouri Boy:
  197. TN Memphis Mom Kicks Son in Face Repeatedly for Drinking Gatorade
  198. Calif. parents asked man to beat child
  199. NY Orthodox Jewish Community 85 Nabbed Child Predators
  200. TN Pediatrician arrested for child pornography
  201. OK - OU social work prof faces child sex complaints
  202. CA- Long Beach couple ordered to stand trial in beating death of 31-day-old baby
  203. PA Man Faces 100 Counts Production Child Pornography And Sexual Assault
  204. PA Mother Of Six Kids Burns Her 3 Year Old
  205. VA Abuse Charges Dropped Mom Gave Birth To Heroin Addicted Baby
  206. AZ-Parents abuse 7 week old son
  207. IA-Ten-year-old sex abuse victim tells secret to authorities to save sisters
  208. Former educators charged in Oklahoma child porn case, authorities say
  209. TN: Teacher charged with statutory rape
  210. FL 48 Arrested Operation Amalgamate
  211. Man took child from bed, raped then left her at PD *UPDATED INFO CADAVER DOG SEARCH*
  212. 5 shot to death in small Illinois town
  213. Amish Girl, Shot in Buggy, Later Dies
  214. IN-Teen in protective custody after being abused for 2 yrs
  215. GA - Woman stabs 4 year old daughter with Down syndrome to death
  216. Something to think about re: shaken babies
  217. OR Pedophile Gets 15 Years Despite Missing Parts Of Brain
  218. IL Woman Held On 2 Million Bail For Stabbing Infant In Head
  219. TX-4 yr old dead, mom and boyfriend suspects
  220. Man posts photos of daughter duct taped
  221. Man who raped daughter since she was 12, only gets 3 years
  222. IA-mother puts toddler in clothes dryer as punishment
  223. WI - Packers fan strangles daughter during loss to Chiefs
  224. PA - Top baseball writer resigns after child molestation accusations
  225. Harford County kids say father torched their hair
  226. MI Warren 1 million $ bond in child sex assault
  227. PA Newborn Baby Found In Box On Street
  228. TN-Man charged in death of child in house fire
  229. OK - Diapered 6-year-old boy walking alone in rain now in state custody
  230. Wanblee woman accused of killing infant son
  231. Five Yr. Old brutally attacked at Holiday Park
  232. FL - Woman Charged with Prostituting Her 8 y/o Daughter
  233. IA-school bus driver arrested for third-degree sexual abuse
  234. NM-Children, Aged 3 & 5, found beaten, starved
  235. UT-Bizarre incident leads to arrest for rape of a child
  236. :Police Investigate Incident Involving A Young Girl
  237. Toronto Canada, Girl, 4, abducted from home and sexually assaulted
  238. IN-Suspect Charged After Missing Indiana Girl Found Dead
  239. TX-man sexually assaults 2 children-impregnates 1
  240. Teen beaten at Butler Co. group home dies
  241. NY Level 3 Sex Offender Impersonates Cop Assaults Teen Boy
  242. Ohio sex offender arrested in Orick: Woman convicted of impersonating teenage boy to
  243. MN Stalking And Assault On Child Wal-Mart On Camera
  244. 3-Year-Old, Grandfather Dead After Murder-Suicide
  245. Arizona parents duct tape kids, post photos on Facebook
  246. 5-year-old boy shot dead at Oakland taco stand
  247. WV Drunkard "Pokey Poked" A 4 Year Old Boy In Calf
  248. Firefighter Accused of Enslaving His Daughter and Sexually Abusing Her
  249. One month old raped and beaten by Perp that was deported and snuck back into US
  250. NM-mom stabs son with screwdriver