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  1. Parapalegic Man Beats Accused Child Molester With A Bat
  2. MN-Father Charged after Kids Report Nipple-Sucking Game
  3. FL - girl, 13, tells police dad beat her with belt when she altered report card
  4. MA - Martha's Vinyard parapeligic arrested for hitting pedo with bat
  5. PA~David Montgomery Another Collegiate Academy teacher arrested/child sexual assault
  6. TX - Houston-Man arrested for child porn and rape
  7. FL - Central Florida mother, 14-year-old son arrested on meth charges
  8. FMB, FL - 2-10 Yr Olds Arrested For Threatening Another Student
  9. Fl - Cleaning Landlord Finds Girl, 1, Alone
  10. OR~Alonzo Odom sentenced for sex assault/impregnation of young teen
  11. FL - Mother in haze overmedicated her infant
  12. Fl - Girl Says Man Tried To Lure Her Into Van
  13. NY,New York-teacher assaulted 7 yr old
  14. FL - Parents Of Baby With 7 Fractures Arrested
  15. OK- girls molested at slumber party
  16. OK, Oklahoma City-Police Seek Man Accused Of Raping Child, 8
  17. OK~Pastor Tommy Pitts arrested on 70 child sex assault charges
  18. OKLA-Woman accused of raping boy
  19. TN - Loaded Gun Found Under Child Safety Seat 8-Month Old Had Been Occupying
  20. NY-mom left the US and left 13 yr old alone
  21. FL - Woman grabbed kids on beach claimed they were hers
  22. Co, Colorado Springs-Mother and friend try to drown toddler in toilet
  23. OH, Columbus-Couple Charged After Bite Marks Found On 22-Month-Old Boy
  24. AZ - Tempe- Fire unearths binders full of child porn
  25. VA - Teacher, Justin Coleman arrested for child porn, panties in his pocket
  26. AZ - Christopher Youngs convicted of "US molestation tour"
  27. OH~Teacher & coach, Matthew Fisher, arrested for child porn/Italian tip
  28. IA~Youth pastor, Brent Girouex confesses to sick "cure" for boys' homosexual urges
  29. OR Father rescues teen daughter from sex offender
  30. Exploitation of Missing/Targeted Children
  31. RI~Wrestling coach, Joseph Simone, arrested for child porn & extortion
  32. AZ - Mom Runs Over Daughter With Car
  33. OH-6 month old suffering from burns and bruises
  34. CA - Coachella-Toddler abused by mother's boyfriend
  35. GA - Janaysia Stevenson, 19 mos, beaten to death, mom's BF charged, 29 March 2011
  36. FL - Girl kept in Fort Pierce couple’s backyard
  37. MI-Toddler Served Alcohol at Michigan Applebee's
  38. FL - Couple arrested after investigation finds toddler with fractured ribs
  39. FL - Mother jailed after encouraging daughter to fight
  40. TX-Alleged Child Molester Has Bond Revoked
  41. NEB-12-Year-Old Left At Hospital
  42. TX - Hudson father, son charged in alleged gang rape of girl, 16
  43. VA-Man Accused Of Raping Two Boys At Ohio Church Convention
  44. NY-Couple Accused of Torturing Toddler
  45. OR-woman faces charges in home circumcision
  46. OR~Another lawsuit against a Scoutmaster/Alan Delay
  47. MI - Gary Kliebert, teacher/husband of principal, arrested for child porn
  48. IA, Waterloo- Teacher Larry Twigg guilty of 5 cnts of lascivious conduct with a minor
  49. UT-Foster mother charged with not reporting rape
  50. FL - Dad finds naked man lurking behind 4 yr. olds window
  51. Indianapolis-Child Molester among those accused of trying to buy unborn babies
  52. MO~Facebook sex scam with underage girl/Corey McKinley arrested
  53. FL - man arrested after infant found to have head injuries, fractures
  54. NY - Mom drives into Hudson River, kills herself, 3 kids, April 2011
  55. 11 yr. old girl lured to park bathroom and raped by 7
  56. GA - Shoeless Toddler found wandering at apartment complex ....
  57. NH~Teacher & coach, Scott Buatti's child porn collection shared with jury
  58. GA-Mother Says 5-Year-Old Daughter Groped In Dept. Store
  59. OR~Tony Pickens arrested for compelling prostitution of teen girls
  60. WA - Children found locked behind "cage-like" door/2 arrested
  61. KS-Police: Mother Stabs 8-Year-Old Son, Claims 'God Made Me Do It'
  62. OK - OKC driver arrested, found passed-out with 3-year-old in car
  63. CA - Sacremento- Spec. Ed. Teacher Preston Lewis charged w/ lewd acts
  64. NM-Broken leg leads to child abuse charge
  65. FL - man arrested for having sex with a 14-year-old girl
  66. Moore, Kutcher: Join our crusade to end child sex trafficking (on CNN tonight)
  67. FL - mom punches caseworker and bolts with 5 children
  68. OK~Brandy Teresa & Edward Double facing both bestiality & child porn charges
  69. CA~Dr. Patrick Clyne dismissed for abuse/Chief Pediatrician, Santa Clara County
  70. OR~Timothy Bach arrested, huge quantity of child porn/24 computers, 20 hard drives
  71. GA-Band teacher with HIV allegedly had sex with 15-year-old student
  72. Child Pornography in West Texas
  73. Woman forced into prostitution as a teen talks about life on the street
  74. FL - Palm Springs mom charged with cruelty after bloodying teen son's head
  75. FL - 2 West Palm parents charged with child abuse after beating, bruising kids, ag
  76. FL - Deputies: 43-year-old woman raped boy at her parents' apartment in Orange County
  77. FL - Man arrested in Fort Pierce drive-by shooting also faces child porn charges
  78. Belgium - Roger Vangheluwe, former Bishop calls sex abuse just a "little game"
  79. Pittsburgh-2 Toddlers Found Alone In Lawrenceville Park
  80. IA - Cedar Falls- Elmer Clay Dowler charged with sexual abuse
  81. FL - Palm Springs- Mother charged with Cruelty to a child
  82. N.Y. Teen Who Auditioned for 'American Idol' Brutally Attacked
  83. GA~Dr. Andrew Sutton arrested on federal child porn charges
  84. OH~CEO of children's NPO, John Callicotte, commits suicide after child porn SW
  85. FL~Herman Mayer arrested for impregnating 11 year old girl
  86. FL - RSO Says Child Porn On His Computer Was Therapy
  87. TX - Body of Jonathan Singer, 10, found in box in parents' SUV, April 2011
  88. NC-Kannapolis day care employee charged with child abuse
  89. AZ - Dad Accused of Child Abuse that Broke a Bone
  90. OH- Infant's Skull Fractured from Being Squeezed
  91. MI-Man finds newborn alive in dumpster
  92. OR Sex Offender Out Of Prison 4 Days Masturbates In Park
  93. Canada~Priest, Eric Dejaeger, arrested AGAIN on sex abuse & bestiality charges
  94. FL - Palm Bay- Man arrested for knocking kids on skates over
  95. CA - Hao "Henry" Nguyen arrested for molesting 9 yr. old
  96. CA~Teacher, coach, foster dad/Willie Green, charged with rape
  97. TX - Yeneisy Maldonada, 18 mos, crushed by airbag in truck wreck, April 2011
  98. TX - Jorge Guajardo, 16 mos, beaten to death, stepdad charged, April 2011
  99. NM-man accused of beating stepsons
  100. LA - woman booked for attempted murder of young daughters
  101. RI-Teen son of man charged with possessing child porn arrested for the same
  102. CA - Los Angeles- Autistic child molested by Jeremy Shawn Stockton, caregiver
  103. LA - Jr. High Youth Minister, Angelo "Doogie" Golatt arrested for child rape
  104. TX - 3 Hurt When 5-Year-Old Takes Gun To School
  105. TX - Video shows baby sitter abusing premature triplets
  106. Warning disturbing - Bangladeshi girl charged with adultery was lashed to death
  107. FL - Victoria Cunningham, 3, drowned in inflatable pool, Daytona Beach, 19 April 2011
  108. RI-Sex offender caught in bed with 13 yr old girl
  109. NJ-2 teachers Charged With Student Sex On Trip
  110. FL - Three charged in beating of Fort Pierce 3-month-old
  111. FL - teacher arrested in child abuse charge (shaking baby)
  112. FL~Retired teacher, Gerald Meyer, schizophrenic but accessing child porn
  113. MA - Salem man jailed for abusing 7wk. old son
  114. IA, Cedar Rapids-Man tries to throw 6 mth old against the wall
  115. NC - Trenton Scott, 4, legally drunk, beaten to death, 18 April 2011
  116. AZ - Mom indicted in attempted murder of baby
  117. Salem-Man Charged With Attempted Murder After Attack on 7-Week-Old Son
  118. IA, Waterloo- Man pleads to cutting 1 week old baby with knife
  119. PA Teen Pulls Teeth With Pliers After Dad Ignored His Pain
  120. OK - Norman-Daycare accused of tying up children
  121. CA - Ontario- Child put into washing maching on purpose, then stuck
  122. SC, SPARTANBURG- Couple arrested for child neglect
  123. Man Boards School Bus And Commits Sex Act Is A Level 3 RSO
  124. PA~TSA Screener, Thomas Gordon Jr. arrested for child porn
  125. CA~Mariano Castro charged with impregnating 11 yr. old/over 8 yrs. of abuse
  126. LA - The convoluted story of child porn as told by Dr. Steve Taylor
  127. MA~Dr. John Felton pleads guilty to traveling to rape a 6 yr. old
  128. NY Pediatric Specialist,Dr. James D'Agostino, Travels To Cambodia To Help The Kids
  129. TN-Child Hit By Car; Mom Taken To Jail
  130. IL - ice deports suspect wanted in mexico for murdering a 4-year-old boy
  131. IL - King-Quintaz Davis-Ringgold, 14 mos, beaten & smothered, April 2011
  132. Penn-Woman Smuggles Drugs With Baby's Diaper: Cops
  133. Fl - Kindergartner left on school bus for two-plus hours
  134. FL - 3, found wandering in the street mom charged with child neglect
  135. Tenn-Sex Offender Caught After Making Garage Sale Purchase
  136. AZ - Adoptive parents arrested in child abuse case say child 'can't feel pain'
  137. NJ~Music teacher, Arthur Ernst III, arrested for child porn
  138. IA, Waterloo- 2 brothers sentenced to prison for abusing 8 yr old girl
  139. Australia - Children's Services chief arrested for production of child porn
  140. NC-Terry Lamar Jones, Jr., 28, faces 64 felony counts of sexual activity w/ a student
  141. CA - Gun found in diaper bag, mom charged with child endangerment
  142. CA - Married Teachers Accused of Sexually Assaulting Student
  143. CA - Man Accused of Sex Charges Marries Victim
  144. FL A Six Year Old Girl Two Grown Perverts
  145. FL - Orlando- Mugger grabs toddler, demands money
  146. NY-Paterson shaken baby loses sight in one eye
  147. AZ - Criminal charges pending against couple in baby's death
  148. NM-Cigarette burns on boy's back?
  149. FL - Neighbors saw and heard, but tiny boy's torment went on and on
  150. MA - Revere assault suspect held on $15G bail
  151. Fl - 2 teen girls charged with aggravated child abuse after allegedly pushing boy
  152. Fl - woman charged with beating granddaughter
  153. TX-Police arrest mother of Pearsall infant with severe abuse signs
  154. NY - Taniese Anderson, 8 mos, dies of malnutrition, pneumonia, Brooklyn, 22 Nov 2010
  155. LA - Faith Saucier, 3, beaten to death, foster dad charged, 16 April 2011
  156. NV - Larry Boyd, 1, beaten to death, mom & BF charged, 1 Nov 2010
  157. MO - Ava woman charged with felony child abuse
  158. UT~AG announces largest ever child porn bust/Operation FrostyLime Squeeze
  159. DC-Ex-DCPS Teacher Under Fire for Allegedly Sexually Assaulting Students
  160. MN- Minn. couple accused of chaining kids, withholding food
  161. NM-12-yr-old flies to have sex with gamer
  162. WA~Anthony Terry sentenced for teen sex trafficking
  163. AZ - Man, 63, caught decades after allegedly impregnating, kidnapping girl
  164. CO~Walmart eye doctor, Dr. Diego Posada, arrested for molestation & child porn
  165. Canada~Man sentenced to 6 yrs. for twice impregnating young daughter
  166. MI - Pastor David Bozeman sentenced for years of molestation
  167. GA-Man Accused of Abusing Newborn Daughter
  168. MT Victim Encounters Sex Offender At Easter Egg Hunt
  169. Well-Behaved Parolee Sent Back to Prison
  170. W. Virginia-Police Charge Mother With Child Neglect
  171. SC-7 month old baby dropped from a car in police chase
  172. OH-Two Charged With Child Endangering
  173. CA-Stockton Woman Suspected Of Prostitution With Babies In Car
  174. CA - mom cuts child with razor, thinks world is ending
  175. AZ - Brandon Jones charged with 26 counts of molestation/earlier juvenile arrest
  176. OH - Drug sale turns into child porn bust for Keith Vaughn, 2011
  177. GA-Man charged with assault and battery and child neglect
  178. FL - Neighbor finds 2-year-old sitting in street
  179. FL - Man charged with abusing baby
  180. IA-man sexually assaults 9 yr old family member
  181. IA-mom allows 12 yr old to do drugs
  182. OR~Portland Tri-met bus driver arrested for year-long sex abuse of 14 yr. old
  183. N. Dakota-woman accused of child abuse
  184. CT- 5 yr old ingests PCP
  185. IL - Prosecutor buys alcohol for underage girl at center of case
  186. CA - Mom Says Horror Movie Led Toddler To Stab Father
  187. CA - High School Swim Coach Arrested On Sex Charges
  188. Canada~Bishop Raymond Lahey pleads guilty to child porn charges
  189. Canada & US~Man charged with producing child porn of 2 Abbotsford, B.C. children
  190. MO - couple accused of abusing 5 children
  191. NC - Corey Gallisdorfer, UNC freshman, Child Sex Charges
  192. NJ - Brian Stern, teacher/coach/camp coordinator charged with child porn
  193. FL - 4 yr old burned after being left home alone with 6 yr old
  194. FL - Bradenton woman gets life in prison for raping 5 year old boy
  195. IN - 4 yr old Foster child found wandering streets AGAIN
  196. MI-Art gallery pics, child porn or art???
  197. Video shows Port St. Lucie woman performing sex act on girl, 6, while boy, 3, records
  198. WA-teen sex video being spread by cell phone
  199. TX-Church volunteer molests 8 ry old autistic boy
  200. Doctor charged with neglect, lost daughter at church
  201. FL - Church Puppeteer Accused Of Child Molestation
  202. FL - 12-year-old says mother stabbed him
  203. NY-Sex Slave at age 11, tells story
  204. NY - Ryan Ferrer, 9 mos, beaten to death, babysitter charged, 3 May 2011
  205. CA~Fire Captain, Andrew McLaughlin arrested for molestation of 7 yr. old girl
  206. OH-A 64-year-old man has been indicted on charges that he impregnated 12 yr old girl
  207. FL - Middle School Teacher, Coach Molested Child
  208. From Sweden To Pennsy Internet Sleuthing Gets Creep Busted
  209. TX - 5 day old baby living in "unbearable filth", Bandera
  210. CT~Damon Papp/teacher, coach, Elks volunteer charged with child porn
  211. CA - Assault suspect wanted in multiple molest cases
  212. Man Accused Of Serial Assaults On Teen Girls
  213. NC - Tyaijah Hester, 22 mos, shot by dad in Durham murder-suicide, 7 May 2011
  214. IA-Man to serve ONLY 2 yrs for abusing little girl
  215. CA - 9 yo kidnapped out of home. found safe but injured
  216. MA~Jared Surette, ice-skating rink manager arrested for child porn
  217. OH~Michael Bohannon/2nd time child porn offender/13,000 images & 6000 videos
  218. FL - Dad Arrested For Making Meth While Kids Home
  219. FL - woman charged after allegedly leaving son, 4, alone to wander street
  220. FL - man who allegedly beat son, 9, in drunken rage charged with child neglect
  221. MI-Mother Who Left Baby At Park Turns Self Into Police
  222. TX~Ft. Biss soldier, Spc. Ethan Larman, arrested for child porn
  223. PA 4 Year Old Leads Cops To Dad Who OD'd
  224. An Artist A Funeral Child Pornography
  225. KS~Barbara Porter sentenced for covering up husband's sex abuse of daughter
  226. Sweden~Doctor with massive child porn collection free due to 6 yr. long investigation
  227. FL - couple accused of leaving preschoolers alone in tent
  228. CA~Teacher, Michael Edmondson arrested for lewd acts with child while out on bail
  229. FL - online predator sting 22 arrested including military members
  230. FL - Babies test pos. for drugs, parents sought
  231. PA~Stephen Wilson, Jr., age 19, arrested for child porn/admits to 4 yrs. of viewing
  232. FL - Kassidie McMillin, 10, shot by mom in murder-suicide, 12 May 2011
  233. TX Fugitive Sex Offender Caught Working Carnival
  234. OR - 'Extreme Makeover' family accused of medical child abuse
  235. OR~Computer shop owner, Jeffrey McCadden, sentenced for child porn/restitution
  236. WI - Lawyer Slumlord Child Pornography Customer
  237. MI-Mother charged in sexual assault of co workers 2 yr old
  238. Couple charged with Torturing their 4 children
  239. FL - Federal Corrections Officer, Ronnie Young, pleads guilty to child porn
  240. IA - Cedar Falls-Father charged with murdering 18 month old son
  241. WA~Timothy Dampier/youth minister, foster parent, musician/arrested for molestation
  242. IA - Cedar Rapids- man arrested for 3rd degree sexual abuse
  243. CA - Mother tries to stab 6 wk old baby to death
  244. WA~Marvin Moore/40,000 sadistic child porn images/sentenced to 2 yrs.
  245. A Man A Mom Blackmail And An Innocent Child
  246. Two sad stories of teachers falsely accused of molestation
  247. IN-Father admits to shaking baby
  248. IL - Child Pornography Kept Man From Murdering His Wife And Daughters
  249. MO - Priest Charged With Posession Of Child Pornography
  250. Dad Was Trippin Mom Was Knocked Out Bay Was In Crib