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  1. Joseph Dowler - alleged murderer of 8 week old Tanner
  2. PA - Philadelphia girl - 8 - raped, left for dead, survives
  3. OK - Stephen Hill accused of sexual battery of underage teens
  4. CA - Children Testify to Abuse
  5. Woman Dumped Newborn in Bar Restroom
  6. CA - Baldwin Park preschooler injured in classroom altercation
  7. Canada - Infant's decomposed body found, Brampton
  8. WA - Sandra Bowman, 16, murdered in Seattle, 1968 - John Dwight Canaday convicted
  9. NY - Man photographed nude as a boy wants pics back
  10. Baby Thrown at Police!!
  11. UT - It's a happy ending for two little girls
  12. IL - Seamus Leonard found dead, weighed only 23 pounds
  13. NM - Child abuse series Brianna Lopez
  14. OH - Tasha Michl accused of putting Drano in daughter's bottle
  15. Father kills child- feared sex abuse would be revealed
  16. Principal and minister arraigned on molestation charges
  17. Baby entombed alive in concrete block
  18. Police: Boy Did Not Die In Fall, It Was Homicide
  19. 3 men and "Mom" on trial for sex assault of 2 girls
  20. MO - Parents chose to medicate themselves, but not their children.
  21. NJ - Mother, 2 Children Stabbed To Death In Bloody Rampage - Jersey City, 2005
  22. 3-Month Old Baby Dies of Alcohol Poisoning
  23. 15 year old murders 9 year old cousin
  24. Mother Of 4-Year-Old Boy Sentenced In His Death
  25. 9 MO. Infant found Dead in trash bag
  26. Three children found dead in Idaho home, man arrested
  27. Upstate Ex-Guidance Counselor Pleads Guilty To Having Child Porn
  28. AR - Montana Jean Hann, 3 mos, ‘camper baby' - dad sentenced death, mom 15 to life
  29. 'Huggy' Teacher Faces More Molestation Charges
  30. Woman charged with felonious child abuse & murder of 3-year old
  31. NY - Man charged in brutal tot slaying
  32. Fayetteville man charged in death of infant son
  33. Search On For Music Teacher Accused Of Sex Assaults
  34. Trial set to start for mother accused of shooting her 4-year-old twins to death
  35. Coach accused of rape
  36. More child sex charges filed against man
  37. Internet chat led to criminal sex with Eagan girl, police say
  38. Girl tells police she, brother imprisoned; three arrested
  39. Teacher Charged With Having Sexual Relations With Student
  40. PA - Father convicted of killing 2 infants
  41. OH - Mom, BF charged after newborn's body found in quarry
  42. NC - Infant's Body Found At Sewer Plant
  43. NV - Brodie Ansley, 16 mo., beaten to death by Jeremiah Ayala -- Las Vegas, 2/14/06
  44. Cops: Mom cracked baby's skull
  45. Man Accused Of Raping 'Disrespecting' 15-Year-Old
  46. Mom Accused Of Dragging Kids Back Into Fire
  47. Kelsey Briggs
  48. Australia - Bannockburn mum denies murdering four of her children
  49. Mother charged in death of child
  50. NV - Dead infant found in trash bin
  51. Eight year old tortured to death by his mother
  52. TX - Lisa Diaz, Mother Who Drowned Kids, Is Free!!!
  53. OH - Unbelievable Murder of 3 wk old (CAUTION - CONTENTS VERY DISTURBING)
  54. Reporting child abuse
  55. TN - Man Paid A Woman For Sex With Her 8 Yr. Old
  56. Pasadena man jailed after young son's death
  57. Summer Lytle, 4, murdered in Spokane
  58. MN - Teenager accused of stabbing her newborn baby 135 times, Stillwater
  59. CO - Midyette's Arrested in Boulder County!
  60. TX - Arlington PD investigating tip in Amber Hagerman case
  61. NJ - 3 dead, 1 injured outside New Jersey school
  62. CA - Boy died of skin wounds, starvation - mother released, 2013
  63. Potty-training toddler dies after severe beating
  64. Mother charged with drowning her 7-year-old daughter
  65. TX - John Allen Rubio, Edinburg, murdered 3 stepchildren, retried, sentenced to death
  66. Moore County Authorities Investigate Girl's Murder *merged*
  67. NV- Deputies Looking For 5-Year-Old Girl
  68. MI - Boys, 9 & 11, charged with sexually assaulting 7yo on school bus
  69. NC - Fort Bragg soldier accused of molesting 2 yr Old Girl
  70. WA - Jet pilot, Weldon "Marc" Gilbert has right to view child porn he created in jail
  71. Hospitalized Boy Claims Ongoing Abuse
  72. Police Search for Child Porn Victim's depicted in porn in Dr. George Reardon's home
  73. FL - 20,000 Child Porn Images Seized
  74. Two teens kiled 7 year old with mortal combat moves.
  75. FL - Elementary School Principal Busted On Child Pornography Charge
  76. NC couple charged in babys death
  77. TX - Two Teen Girls Found Shot to Death - Father Suspected
  78. Couple charged in stabbing death of vivacious teen
  79. Man Throws Toddler From Overpass
  80. Sailor molests 13 year old on flight
  81. TX - Baby's Body, Car Seat Found In Galveston
  82. Brandon Stacy 16 months, victim of mom and her boyfriend
  83. COLO SPGS mom charged with killing her infant and injuring her other kids
  84. MD - Yet another baby thrown from a bridge :(
  85. Ex-Boyfriend charged in 1981 murder of LaGrange Park girl
  86. man tries to abduct Houston boy, 11
  87. Hypnotist Arrested For Raping Two Teen Girls
  88. Austria - Fritzl kidnapped and held daughter captive
  89. Dad Who Killed Son in Turkey Hunt Charged
  90. TX - Mineola Swinger's Club Child Sex Ring
  91. Homicide, Abuse of 9 kids & Puppy Mill Perps Captured by US Marshals
  92. Etiquette,Copyright & Information
  93. Child dead after being left in car or 17 hours
  94. Massachusetts Woman, Boyfriend Plead Guilty to Posting Pornographic Photos of 8-Year-
  95. SAD STORY of Jason Dale Bolton
  96. Australia - Foster Mother Denies Care; Child Dies. Horribly
  97. Med student freed despite sick savage plans
  98. Man arrested for child molestation planned to molest his unborn baby!
  99. UK - The Horrific Torture of Baby P...
  100. W.Va. mom accused of burning 'wimp' into child
  101. CA - Kyle - Teen held captive for a year-Waiter Trial
  102. FL - Search of 32 graves ordered at Florida reform school
  103. Two Young Boys Found Severely Beaten at Phoenix, AZ Park
  104. Father shakes three month old causing brain injury
  105. WI - Jacob Wetterling posters/video in home of deceased Vernon Seitz, also child porn
  106. UT - RSO confesses to another sexual assault of a chid
  107. IL - Daycare Worker Charged with Murder of Toddler
  108. Texas court asked to end abused 6 month old boy's life support
  109. Boy, 2, Found Dead In His Crib
  110. TX - Austin police seek couple for sexual assault of a child - Convicted/Sentenced
  111. Brazil - Sean Goldman: Abducted and living in Brazil UPDATE: Coming Home
  112. MO - Marshfield couple admit sharing pot, porn with 12yo son
  113. 60 Year-old Man Found Living in Van with 12 Year-old Girl
  114. VT - Marcos Banegas, Woodbridge, 16 Feb 2009 - Wanted by LE, raped 8yo girl
  115. Mother Kills her 17 month old son
  116. MO - Babysitter Brenda Caringer Sentenced to 15 Years In Death Of Nine Month Old:
  117. St. Louis Police need help identifying victims in child pornography case
  118. MD - Renee Bowman, 2 life sentences for killing adopted daughters found in a freezer
  119. Mother Charged With Suffocating Infant
  120. FL - Kristina Hepp, another child dead in FL.
  121. SC - Police: Beaten Infant On Life Support (Greenville, SC)
  122. FL - 4 teen boys rape 13yr old boy in locker rm - Tampa, 2005
  123. First Year High School Music Teacher Charged With Statutory Rape:
  124. Mother Distraught After Teen Stabs, Kills 4-Year-Old Sister
  125. NE - 3 year old raped and killed by friend of the family, Omaha, 2009
  126. Mom Accused Of Feeding Feces To Child
  127. LA - 17-year-old charged with murder, rape of 8-month-old boy
  128. Man Arrested For Attempted Murder Of Two Toddlers
  129. UK - Female nursery worker charged with child sex abuse - Nottingham, 2009
  130. ME - Mom Nabbed in International Child Porn Sting
  131. Convicted felon gets 1 year in prison for rape of 5 YO.
  132. Father and stepmother charged with murder of 5 yr. old girl
  133. Man Arrested for Drowning Toddler at Lake Draper
  134. Duke Official Charged With Offering 5 Year Old For Sex
  135. Child Dies After Being Strangled by Pet Python in Florida
  136. OH - Cheyenne Wolf, father and stepmother charged with her murder, 2008
  137. TX - 3 Emaciated children rescued from Dallas hotel
  138. Patric McCarthy 10 year old dies in disputed circumstances
  139. Serial child rapist in Leominster, MA
  140. Mother decapitates 3 week old baby
  141. TX - Emma Thompson - 4-yr old w/STD and fractured skull dies
  142. MD - Baltimore Child Porn Studio in Couple's home
  143. Girl, 10, OD's on pain meds, Grandma charged.
  144. OH - Mom Killed 5-Week-Old Baby to Hide Father's Age
  145. TX - DNA match leads to suspect in Jennifer Schuett case after 19 years
  146. AMW Fugitive, Berny Mayel Figueroa, Wanted For Toddler's Murder
  147. Woman accused of leaving daughter along highway
  148. Baby Found Dead in Trash Can
  149. Mo.Man Drugs Ice Cream & Soda & Films Little Girls
  150. Wisconsin man faces 128 years on sex charges
  151. Gruesome Details Released in Child Abuse Case
  152. FL - Man, 27, charged with killing ex-girlfriends 3yr old child Melbourne
  153. Mom Charged with Turning Oven On with Son Inside
  154. CA - Berkeley Woman,baby son killed by bf who killed a previous gf's child
  155. OR - foster parent charged with sex abuse
  156. MI - Enraged Michigan dad Jamar Pinkney Sr. shot son, 15
  157. WI - Emaciated 5 yr. old found tied up in closet 2009
  158. IN - Small community of Rising Sun, rocked by 10-year-old boy's death
  159. Police searching for man who beat baby girl to death
  160. WY - 9 month old asphyxiated by father, father also circumcises 3 month old son
  161. Professional Posters
  162. AK - 16yo told victim to shut eyes to receive a silver ring before stabbing her
  163. NY - 100-year-old N.Y. child molester to be freed
  164. Grandmother called hotline before teen was tortured and murdered
  165. Woman admits poisoning her baby with morphine -- again
  166. Grandmother Drowns 5yo Grandson
  167. MO -Teeange boy in Custody In Cass County Slaying
  168. NY - 9 yo Girl & sitter shot to death, dad arrested (Mount Vernon, NY)
  169. OR-Couple arrested in 3-year-old's death, both are charged with murder
  170. Kent man charged in rape, abduction of teen
  171. 6 Family Members Arrested In Connection w/Child Sex Crimes #4
  172. Texas pair allegedly kept daughter, 12, in closet (Brownsville)
  173. TX: San Antonio mom: 'I just killed my babies'
  174. NY - Sex offender caught in bed with friend's 7-year-old
  175. CA - Father and Baby Wyatt Garcia Murder/Suicide ON FACEBOOK!
  176. Medford, OR 2 month old in critical condition, teen dad arrested
  177. CA - Bakersfield Police Officer charged with Child Porn
  178. Sex offender arrested on felony child porn charge
  179. 8 arrested online child pornography charges-Porn Ring BUSTED!
  180. Human Predators Stalk Haiti's Vulnerable Kids #2
  181. Mom & BF Starve 4 yr old Girl
  182. KCMO CASA WORKER Charged With Sex Crimes Against Children
  183. Task force: Many who view child pornography act out what they see
  184. CA - Napa State Hospital Chief arrested for molestation of son/possible other victims
  185. OR couple admits photographing sex abuse of disabled teen, other children
  186. AZ - Horrific abuse of a foster child.
  187. CA - "Biblical" discipline kills Northern CA girl/seriously injures sister
  188. CA - Baby and Toddler Found Gagged and Bound
  189. Teacher arrested on child porn charges.
  190. Boys 3 & 4 killed in house fire; Father arrested
  191. OR - Parents sentenced for teen's faith-healing death
  192. Chris Gurule and Linda Davis face charges for rape of her 4 year old
  193. Sheriff's lieutenant faces 120+ counts of child rape (FL)
  194. NY - Melissa Englehardt, S.Mom charged w/posioning toddler, 10 Nov 2009, Elmira
  195. George Joseph England serial predator has been detained
  196. Mother kills 3 mth old Baby w/Hair Dryer
  197. Teen Mother charged with Murder
  198. CA - 2yo beaten to death w/hammer; foster mother & boyfriend held
  199. Sex Offender Lures Girl To Airport Sort Of
  200. OR - Boy Scouts accused of hiding pedophiles
  201. MO - Blue Springs man arrested at home/hub of child porn distribution
  202. Man & Woman Arrested: Porn & Assault 13mth baby
  203. Police Search for Man in Murder of Toddler, Leeya Wiseman-Guzman (MO)
  204. GUILTY - Another Teen Set on Fire in Florida; Sentencing 6/25/2012
  205. Father & Stepmother charged w/ murder in death of 3yo Jeremiah Mcrath (CA)
  206. "This is the tipping point"/Catholic Church scandal widens
  207. Kansas Police Chief charged with multiple counts of child rape
  208. Kansas City, MO School Board Member pleads guilty to child porn charges
  209. NY - Corrections Officer (assigned with guarding SO's) & son charged with child porn
  210. Pitbulls chew off babies scrotum while mom visits boyfriend.
  211. Platte City MO Man Arrested For Extreme Punishment Of Child & Child Porn
  212. WY - Marisa Spoonhunter- Age 13-Body found 4 days after friends last saw her
  213. Drunk boyfriend rapes/beats/burns baby while Mom sleeps
  214. Gresham, OR couple arrested in death of 5-year-old girl
  215. MO professor pleads guilty to possession of "sadistic" child porn
  216. Florida/Operation Child Shield II nets 50 arrests
  217. Tonya Craft teacher 22 counts child molestation
  218. Gary police: 5-year-old bound, tortured, killed
  219. DE - Pediatrician Videotaped Sex Acts on Toddlers, Lewes, #2
  220. OH - Parents arrested - hogtied, brutalized 8yr old son, 2010
  221. Babysitting Sex Offender Faces 25 Years
  222. CA - Mom stabs baby 20 times, throws down steps - Noah Rincon
  223. LA-Infant girl dies, twin suffers seizure, father faces charges
  224. mother killed 2 children in spain after partner was arrested for child rape
  225. TX -Teen mom & Bf arrested - attempted murder 19mth old baby & sexual assault 2yr old
  226. PA - Parents Charged in Death of 11-month-old Kayla Taschler
  227. TX - Stephen Hill starved to death, 1991
  228. MD School Bus Driver Arrested For Producing Child Pornography
  229. Major Child Pornography Bust Made
  230. Riley Fox case solved
  231. Dr Ayres **GUILTY**Respected Child Psychiatrist Arrested: Molestation #2
  232. Canada - Kimberly Proctor: BC teen murdered and body burned
  233. CO - Boulder Mom suffocates 6-month old baby
  234. LA - 8-year-old dead, 16 year old in custody, St. Francisville
  235. Norfolk Sailor Plot To Kidnap And Rape Child
  236. PA 2 Year Old Clings To Life After Shooting
  237. New Bride Leaves Child Home Alone
  238. Baby Matthew, 1 month, dies after Sexual abuse & battery
  239. NH- Thomas Campo charged with assaulting his three infant children
  240. Teen Charged with Sexual Battery - 1st brush w/Law resulted in No Crime
  241. FL - Girl, 15, critical after `savage beating' at Deerfield Beach Middle School #2
  242. CA - Couple tried to sell baby at Walmart
  243. Man accused of slashing 5 yr old stepdaughter's throat
  244. Wisconsin middle school principal/child porn charges
  245. OR - elementary teacher arrested for child porn/$9.5 million bail
  246. SC - Bond denied for couple in 2-year-old's homicide case, Berkely County
  247. Supporters Demand Justice For Nicholas
  248. OR - Roseburg, five yr. old girl's death called suspicious
  249. ESPN analyst, Jeremy Green, held on child porn charges
  250. Databases and Perp Sheets compiled by Belinda