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  10. Was Hailey dressed appropriately for winter?
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  12. The three phone calls Shawn made Billie that he deleted
  13. Cell phone pings & drive times
  14. DD pounding on the door/broken glass/Shawn "deer in headlights"
  15. Uncorroborated sightings
  16. Why did Shawn go to work Monday morning for 10 minutes?
  17. The grandmother's claims
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  19. 2011.01.03/04 SA Raw Interviews
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  26. Where was Shawn all day Tues 28th
  27. 2011.02.06 Clint Dunn says someone close to family needs to be looked into.
  28. Why is Hailey NOT on the FBI missing persons website?
  29. Share Your Theory: What happened to Hailey?
  30. The dogs - did they track Hailey to a motel?
  31. Tuesday~Hailey reported missing...
  32. 2011.02.07 BD interview on Bring Them Home Now
  33. 2011.02.07 Shawn Adkins speaks out: 10pm Central KTAB
  34. How Did LE Clear BD?
  35. SA's phrase "Like Killing a Deer"
  36. It's All About Hailey
  37. The couch issue - and painting the walls
  38. Shawn's stomping grounds
  39. 2011.02.07 Pete Kampfer called Shawn a POI
  40. Silver Nitrate Sticks/DD removed from the home
  41. Why didn't Billie call Shawn before going to CCPD to report Hailey missing?
  42. BD said vs. SA said
  43. Hailey Dunn Connected to other Missing Girls?
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  45. Laura Recovery and Klass kids come back to help find Hailey
  46. BD's Public Appearances
  47. 2011.02.11- Levi Page covers Hailey's case
  48. Quiet Time-What do you Hope is happening behind the scenes?
  49. Why did LE seize BD's & SA's phones?
  50. 1 yr anniversary of 911 calls from BD and SA
  51. Food Donations Needed for Searchers! Search on for this weekend Feb. 18-20 2011
  52. 2011.02.14 - SA's high school mate speaks out
  53. Tonight at 10- Hailey as you've never seen her
  54. Oriah and Dogs are OK Thank GOD
  55. Family Tree
  56. 2011.02.21: Hailey's Angel's Quit Searching(decision reversed 2011.2.22)
  57. Clint Dunn traveling to "I'm Not Buying It rally" on 2/27
  58. 02.22.2011 Big Springs Search of Landfill
  59. 2011.02.23 - Hailey's Grandma and Aunt Speak out on "Bring Them Home Now"
  60. 2011.02.23 - Billie believes Hailey was abducted off the street by a stranger
  61. 2011.02.23 - Clint Dunn thinks SA is innocent
  62. Locals/searchers please help if able
  63. LIVE MONDAY: Web Chat with BD-what would you ask her? *LIST ONLY*
  64. 2011.02.24 Deviant images & pornography found on a computer and memory stick
  65. SA - Personality Disorder? Sociopath?
  66. 2011.02.25 Clint Dunn Releases Statement on Porn Discovery
  67. 2011.02.25 - Nancy Grace
  68. 2011.02.25 - BD's Mom in Custody, on drug charge
  69. Legal Questions for our Verified Attorneys - Hailey Dunn case - *No Discussion*
  70. 2011.02.25 - BD Reacts to Alleged Child Porn Discovery
  71. 2011.02.25 Levi Page Show from last night.
  72. Interest in Porn, Vampires and Death - A clue to murder?
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  75. Special Report: Hailey Dunn Case Reaches Two-Month Milestone 2.27.11
  76. 2011.02.27 - C.City Being Evacuated...
  77. New Years Eve (Party)
  79. 2011.03.01 - Attempted Kidnapping on 15 Year Old Girl at Odessa HS.
  80. Criticism of Law Enforcement unjustified say sources
  81. Bring Them Home Now EXCLUSIVE SHAWN ADKINS SPEAKS OUT March 3rd 2011
  82. Search Warrants/Affidavit discussions.
  83. Do you think that Shawn was/is abusive towards Billie?
  84. Billie Dunn says no C. Porn on Memory Stick
  85. Searches of SA's families' properties
  86. Hope for Hailey.org
  87. Pete Kampfer won't say if BD is a POI or not
  88. 3/10/2011 - Shawn Adkins to be back on Bring them Home Thursday!
  89. Corey Norwood speaks
  90. Hailey's Angels Video
  91. Q & A about the case, ** no discussion **
  92. 2011.03.09 ~ Clint Dunn on Bring them Home
  93. 2011.03.10-Billie and Shawn POI in the case per "Bring Them Home"
  94. Theory Thread #2 Hailey Dunn
  95. 2011.03.16 - Pete Kampfer on local radio show in the morning
  96. Howard Grand Jury to meet on 3/17/2011
  97. 2011.03.17 - Billie Dunn was arrested
  98. 2011.03.17 - Billie Dunn was arrested, Thread #2
  99. The Media and Hailey's Case
  100. 2011.03.17 -SA Body Search and Search Of Grandmothers Home
  101. Search Warrants Affidavits 3/18/2011
  102. Billie Dunn Says She Has Protective Order against Shawn Adkins
  103. 2011.03.17 - Billie Dunn was arrested, Thread #3
  104. ***Attention Please***
  105. 2011.03.19 Levi Page Show - 9:00 Eastern
  106. Billie Dunn Filed No-Trespass Order Fri agnst Adkins; Sheriff says they met up on Sat
  107. Peter Hyatt discusses Hailey Dunn Case 3/20/2011
  108. Bring them home-Hailey's Uncle Speaks out-2011, March 23rd
  109. Hailey's Mother Hires Attorney, He speaks out.
  110. Sheriff Toombs says it could be a day up to two weeks to examine devices
  111. Billie Dunn's New Attorney Acknowlodges His Clients Mistakes
  112. Pictures of Hailey up to age 2.
  113. Shawn Adkins Attorney makes written statement
  114. Billie texts Clint about trading custody for house
  115. With Lawyers for both Billie and Shawn now, are they still seeing one another
  116. Three month marked with Vigil
  117. Five Part Story about Uncle Richy's interview
  118. Child Pornography Case Involving X-Box Live
  119. Announcement to Searchers from Law Enforcement
  120. 2011.03.30 Press Conference
  121. 2011.03.30 Officials Believe Hailey Dunn Is Dead; Reward Now For Her Whereabouts
  122. LIST ONLY 3/30/2011 Statements about the case, that Came from Press Conference
  123. People in and out of the home
  124. Reward money
  125. How does the pornography play into Hailey being missing?
  126. Family showed up at the Presser
  127. Will there be charges on Shawn for the CP in the near future?
  128. Clint receiving info. from BD's attorney instead of LE
  129. Is this investigation still in the hands of local LE
  130. Middle School Still Hopeful Hailey Will Come Home
  131. Why no investigative reporters?
  132. "There are specific reasons why officials think Hailey is Deceased" Pete K.
  133. Mitchell County, Texas Man Sentenced to 10 Years for Possessing Child Pornography
  134. Has anyone found the latest Official Reward Poster?
  135. 2011.03.30- LE is waiting on evidence in crime lab before going to Grand Jury.
  136. 2011.04.06 Clint Dunn Arrested.
  137. Hailey Dunn Official Missing poster 4/6/2011
  138. Clint says LE wants to close the case
  139. List of Electronic Devices Containing and/or Supected to Contain Pornography
  140. May 11, 2011 - Billie Dunn to appear on BTH
  141. April 26th, 2011 Dunn relative taking action over Facebook
  142. April 26, 2011 Hailey dunn timeline-4 months later
  143. Racy Cell pics of Billie Leaked
  144. Billie Jean Dunn - Interview 4/29/2011
  145. 5/5/2011 Billie Dunn, Mom of Missing Teen, to Appear Live on KRBC News at 5 & 6
  146. Billie Dunn may sue Body Language Individual
  147. There's just nothing.......
  148. Five Months Since Hailey Disappeared
  149. Still awaiting evidence- 6-11-11
  150. Billie Dunn's lawyer arrested
  151. Hailey Memorial Defaced.
  152. 6-14-11 Clint and Naomi take Poly's
  153. New Chief in CCity; Renewed Hope for Hailey?
  154. 6-15-11 BD gets probation and moves 250 miles away
  155. Hailey Dunn's Uncle Faces Criminal Charges
  156. SA is moving to Travis County with BD??
  157. 6 Month Vigil held on 6/25/11
  158. clint back in jail-6-30-11
  159. Hailey Dunn Update at 7 months, 7/27/11
  160. Motive...or not
  161. Facebook rumors hinder Dunn investigation
  162. I am outraged
  163. recent Hailey items
  164. Family updates
  165. Juggalo connection?
  166. Missing 10 months
  167. Almost a year.......
  168. Task forces keeps searching for missing teen
  169. Human skeletal remains found in San Antonio
  170. Few clues in Hailey Dunn case 12-28-11
  171. 01-12-2012 New Lead in Hailey Case
  172. If SA is responsible, will he do it again?
  173. Possible Link to HD case ?
  174. musings on Hailey- have any?
  175. Pete Kampher to take job in New Mexico
  176. Special Guest This Sunday On Websleuths Radio
  177. Billie Dunn on Websleuths Radio
  178. Remains found in Big Spring
  179. Remains found in Big Spring #2 - Strong Speculation this may be Hailey
  180. What about the fight between Hailey and her mom?
  181. Proximity of Human Remains to Shawn Adkins family home
  182. Remains found in Big Springs #3 Strong speculation this could be Hailey
  183. Websleuths Radio Billie Dunn Intervew Feb 12 2012
  184. Preliminary Report Human Remains are not Hailey
  185. recent vigil
  186. The killer is related to Clint Dunn's woman-Woman Kidnapped, Buried Alive
  187. Where to search for Hailey
  188. Hailey's 15th Birthday
  189. Connie Jones in article
  190. Happy Birthday Hailey
  191. Blog talk radio show 10-3-12
  192. New Leads in Hailey Dunn Case
  193. 11-16-12 Nancy Grace mysteries, What happened to Hailey Dunn
  194. Professional Posters & Verified Locals/Insiders
  195. any verified insiders/locals still reading here?
  196. 2nd Anniversary of Hailey's Disappearance
  197. Hailey Dunn Progression Photo
  198. Decomposed Body found in Scurry Co.*3/16/13* - LE identified as being Hailey
  199. BD now questions SA's story about Hailey's disappearance
  200. Hailey Dunn General Discussion #1
  201. Remains found in a yard in Sweetwater, Texas *3/25/13*
  202. Can we discuss Billie giving away Hailey's bed?
  203. 2013.04.26: Hailey Dunn's remains found March 16th, 2013
  204. A note from admin
  205. Digging in-sleuthing Shawn's locations/access in relation to where Hailey was found
  206. Revisiting clues: are there any inconsistancies?
  207. Analyzing the area where Hailey was found
  208. Levi Page show tonight April 29 10 pm EST
  209. Hailey Dunn General Discussion #2
  210. Hailey Dunn: General Discussion thread #3
  211. Hailey Dunn's Memorial Service 5-19-2013
  212. Clint Dunn arrested
  213. Happy Birthday Hailey
  214. Three Years Later....