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  1. 500 native women who have disappeared or been murdered in the last 20 years
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  10. Serial Killer(s) on BC Highways?
  11. Highway of Tears Symposium, 2006
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  13. Counts and Estimates of Victims on the Highway of Tears
  14. Human Trafficking on the Highway of Tears?
  15. Separate inquest called for Highway of Tears
  16. 2011.02.14: Highway of Tears murder probe asks cabbies for DNA
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  18. We Will Not Forget - A Tribute Thread to the Victims of the Highway of Tears
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  22. Stolen Sisters, Amnesty International Canada, 2004
  23. RCMP Urges Women to be Vigilant About Personal Safety in Light of Unsolved Killings
  24. Missing Women Commission of Inquiry 2010-2011
  25. Memorials, Marches and Vigils: Events in Honour of the Murdered and Missing
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  32. A HUGE Note of Gratitude to highwayoftears.ca
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  34. Found Deceased Task Force Releases Sketch Of Jane Doe From Pickton Farm
  35. The "Highway Murders" Investigation, 1980s
  36. The "Official List": How was it Compiled, and What does it mean?
  37. Private investigator moved by Highway of Tears
  38. Resources and Support for the Families
  39. The 1973-74 Victims: Colleen MacMillen, Pamela Darlington, Gale Weys and Monica Ignas
  40. Vancouver Police Dept "Missing Women Investigation Review" - August 2010
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  43. "systemic patterns of violence" and the Highway of Tears
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  50. Ex-staffer claims B.C. government destroyed emails
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