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  1. Cameron C.'s testimony
  2. Nathan L.'s testimony
  3. Clint H's testimony
  4. Tony Lazarro testimonies
  5. Matthew C.'s testimony
  6. Dante S & Christopher S. testimonies
  7. Iassen D. and Troy B. testimonies
  8. Melissa E.'s testimony
  9. Ricardo M. testimony
  10. Mallory P.'s testimony
  11. William W.'s testimony
  12. Catherine S. testimony (Amscot employee)
  13. Simon B. testimony
  14. Cindy Anthony's testimonies
  15. George Anthony's testimonies
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  17. Amy Huizenga's testimonies
  18. Lee Anthony's testimonies
  19. Deputy Adriana Acevedo's testimony
  20. Sawgrass Apartment Manager testimony
  21. Detective Hosey's testimony
  22. Corporal Yuri Melich's testimony
  23. Jeffrey Hopkins testimony
  24. Leonard Tortora testimony (loss prevention employee @ Universal)
  25. Charity Beasley testimony (OCSO in domestic violence unit)
  26. Awilda McBryde testimony (missing persons invesitgator)
  27. Christine Narkiewicz testimony (crime scene forensics)
  28. Gerardo Bloise testimony (OCSO crime scene investigator)
  29. Karen Lowe testimony (forensic investigator)
  30. Michael Vincent testimony (OCSO crime scene unit)
  31. Witnesses and when they testified ***LIST ONLY***
  32. Dr. Arpad Voss testimony (Oakridge Laboratories)
  33. Dr. Michael Rickenbach testimony (FBI testing for chloroform items in trunk)
  34. Jason Forgey testimony (OCSO dog handler of Gerus and Bones)
  35. Kristen Brewer testimony (OCSD cadaver dog handler)
  36. Sandra [Cawn] Osborne testimony (computer forensics)
  37. Kevin Stenger testimony (Superviser, OCSO computer forensics)
  38. John Bradley testimony (Cacheback - internet searches for chloroform, etc.)
  39. Edward Turso testimony (OCSO-went to Suburban Dr. with Roy Kronk and saw skull)
  40. Jennifer Welch testimony (OCSO CSI - photos of crime scene)
  41. Steven Hanson testimony (Chief Investigator, ME's Office)
  42. Dr. Gary Utz testimony (Medical Examiner)
  43. Dr. John Schultz testimony (Univ of Central FL Forensic Anthropology)
  44. Dr. Jan Garavaglia testimony (Medical Examiner)
  45. Dr. Michael Warren testimony (PhD C.A. Pound Human ID Lab)
  46. Robin Maynard testimony (crime scene investigator)
  47. Dr Neal Haskell testimony (Entomologist)
  48. Ronald Murdock testimony (OCSO CSI supervisor)
  49. Gerald Johnston testimony (owner of Allen & Co)
  50. Elizabeth Fontaine testimony (FBI Latent Print expert)
  51. Catherine Theisen testimony (Chief Quality Assurance)
  52. Alina Burroughs testimony (CSI with OCSO)
  53. Bobby Williams testimony (Cast Iron Tattoos)
  54. Heather Seubert (FBI Lab - supervisor forensic DNA examiner)
  55. Lorie Gottesman testimony (supervisor Forensic Document Examiner)
  56. Cary Oien testimony (FBI Lab - expert in hair and fiber analysis)
  57. Dr. Timothy Huntington testimony (Asst Professor of Biology at Concordia in Nebraska)
  58. Dr. William Rodriguez (Forensic Anthropologist with Dept of Defense Armed Forces)
  59. Dr. Werner Spitz testimony (professional medical doctor and Forensic Pathologist)
  60. 2011.06.20 - Witnesses not called to stand -copy of court transcription
  61. Dr. Jane Bock testimony (PhD in botany)
  62. Richard Eikelenboom testimony (DNA scientist)
  63. Dr. Marcus Wise testimony (Oakridge Laboratories)
  64. Maureen Bottrell testimony (FBI Trace Evidence Unit)
  65. Madeline Montgomery testimony (FBI Lab)
  66. Michael Sigman testimony (PhD in chemistry)
  67. Susan Mears testimony (Crime Scene Supervisor for OCSO)
  68. Karen Korsberg Lowe testimony (FBI - hair and fiber analysis)
  69. Dr. Barry Logan testimony (forensic toxicologist and analytical chemist)
  70. Erin Martin testimony (FBI Agent)
  71. Ryan Eberlin testimony (OCSO)
  72. Corporal Eric Edwards testimony (OCSO Homicide)
  73. Linda Tinelli testimony (volunteer at KidFinders tent)
  74. Transcript of 6/24/11 argument - phone records
  75. Transcript of 6/24/11 argument - Dr. Rodriguez
  76. Transcript of 6/24/11 jury instruction/verdict form discussion
  77. Transcript of 6/25/11 Dr. Furton argument
  78. Dr. Kenneth Furton testimony (Professor Dept of Chemistry)
  79. 2011.06.27 Discussion in open court regarding the motion to determine competency
  80. Sgt John Allen testimony
  81. James Hoover testimony (P.I. worked with Dominic Casey)
  82. Dominic Casey testimony (P.I. worked for Baez and Anthonys)
  83. Joe Jordan testimony (TES Volunteer)
  84. Roy Kronk's testimony
  85. David Dean's testimony
  86. Alex Roberts testimony
  87. Sergeant Dennis Moonsammy's testimony
  88. Marlene Baker's testimony (OC Dept of Corrections)
  89. 2011.6.28 Jessie Grund proffer and grief expert argument
  90. Brandon Sparks testimony (Roy Kronk's son)
  91. Sally Karioth testimony (grief therapist)
  92. Krystal Holloway (aka River Cruz) testimony
  93. Alina Burroughs testimony (crime scene tech with OCSO)
  94. John Campelengo testimony (Gentiva Health Care Chief Compliance Officer)
  95. Deborah Polisano testimony (Cindy's supervisor at Gentiva)
  96. Dr. Bruce Goldberger testimony (Prof Director Toxicology)
  97. Thank you thread for all those that transcribed during the trial
  98. The State's Closing Argument
  99. Defense Closing Argument
  100. The State's Rebuttal to Defense Closing Argument
  101. The State's Closing Rebuttal Argument (LDB)