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  8. zodiac killer
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  11. Zodiac Killer
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  18. Zodiac "Name" letter
  19. An Attempted Profile
  20. Opinion on the woman that claims her daughter was raped and tortured by Zodiac?
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  23. Zodiacs name?
  24. ebeorietemethhpiti : Several possible solutions
  25. 'Paradice Slaves' key solved
  26. Exorcist Letter Staveless Runes Code?
  27. The Amador connection
  28. Zodiacs True Age and His Disguise
  29. Layered Map Theory. Help me Sleuths...
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  31. NEW:Zodiac Identities ~ The Pi/Amador/Occult Code Connection
  32. Sacred Mediicine Wheels-Are there links to Zodiac and American Indians? Discussion.
  33. Zodiac-San Francisco-Victim Paul Lee Stine- Property Report
  34. Hand Writing Comparison; Breakthrough
  35. Zodiac Victim knew 2 of the other Victims-Known Fact-Can be Confirmed-
  36. Zodiac Victim-Paul Lee Stine(taxi cab driver) S.F.-Little known fact.
  37. Attention! Could this be the ZODIAC MASTER KEY? Dates converted
  38. The 340 Code-Another connection
  39. Zodiac Traffic Stop
  40. New Zodiac Suspect, ROSS SULLIVAN
  41. Man claims best friend Louie Myres confessed to being zodiac killer