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  1. NAMBLA Member Had Bag Filled With Nude Boy Photos
  2. Female pedophile charged with 28 counts-
  3. Welcome to C.A.P.E.R
  4. ***DENIED!*** Our First Case. Let's Keep PedophileDonald Scott Brunstetter in prison!
  5. Not just 1 but 3
  6. Dwayne Lee Wood
  7. Fred Coffey, New Parole Date July 2015
  8. Here's one they DID let out...
  9. Site for list of prisoners up for parole
  10. Abigail Young, TX, Up for Parole on a Yearly Basis, next review begins 4/01/2013
  11. RELEASED - Halifax, Canada - Ronald James Aucoin, High Risk to Re-offend
  12. Richard Dobeski
  13. Charles Jaynes, pedophile and murder in Jeffrey Curley case
  14. Sun May 12 2013 Jodi Arias Trial/Monster Mom up for Parole
  15. Robert Golub - convicted of murdering Kelly Tinyes in 1989 Up for Parole
  16. Christopher Hubbart the 'Pillowcase Rapist' to be released
  17. Antoinette Davis, Convicted of Sex Trafficking, Potential Parole Date Oct. 2023
  18. Angela Steinfurth, Alford Plea, murdered her daughter, Elaina Approx. parole 2028
  19. Steven King, 25 to Life for murder of Elaina Steinfurth, 18 mo (Parole approx. 2028)
  20. SD: Deny Parole for Nicholas A. Scherr; murdered girl in 1980
  21. FBI:Pedophile Symbols
  22. Please remember you must post proof that the person is up for parole
  23. Welcome to C.A.P.E.R., /Examples of how to post on C.A.P.E.R
  24. Ray A. Woods Attempted Murder, Rape, Kidnapping, up for parole Nov. 2014