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  1. NY - The kid from a Bronx Tale suspected in a police officers murder
  2. Coed Beauty In Brooklyn Stab-slay
  3. Man Shot Because Of Road Rage
  4. Child-molesting priest gets probation
  5. Man charged with murder in death of girlfriend's daughter
  6. Man Rapes Blind, Deaf, Terminally Ill 10 year old Girl
  7. Girl raped for two years by her teacher
  8. New database of animal cruelty
  9. Authorities search for motive in apparent double murder-suicide of man & his parents
  10. NBC Dateline Pedo Predator Update This Friday
  11. Bashed molester will get damages
  12. Baby left in unheated car while Mom is at strip club
  13. Son, 14, Charged With Father's Murder
  14. Nurse Details Baby Girl's Injuries
  15. Four bodies, including those of three children, found in Indiana home
  16. Father threatens to burn sons
  17. 13-Year-Old Found Slain In Tampa Park
  18. Masturbated On at work!!!
  19. Lady bites off Cops Finger!
  20. 90-year-old woman raped, strangled
  21. Idaho Car Dealership takes advantage of Elderly Man
  22. 500-Pound Man Accused Of Fast-Food Scam
  23. Police find body of missing jogger on 'Sesame Street' actor's property
  24. 4 fatally shot in Boston home rap studio; Boston's deadliest shooting since '91
  25. Driver charged with first degree murder in traffic deaths
  26. Dad held over dam plunge deaths
  27. Children in Trunk
  28. Amish Man Bilked of $60+ K in Sex Scam
  29. Wal-Mart Santa arrested for exposing self to boy
  30. Students Arrested For Oral Sex In Classroom
  31. Boy, 5, says bus driver taped his mouth shut
  32. Man kills wife, 3 kids over household chores
  33. Class president who robbed bank was addicted to online poker
  34. Holiday Shopping Rage
  35. Trial delayed after man accused of faking wife's suicide disappears
  36. Nancy Grace Gets Order Against Accused Stalker
  37. 2-Year-Old Boy 'Was Tortured'
  38. Marine wife accused of fatally poisoning husband to cash in life insurance
  39. WA - Police Find Seattle Murder Victim's Car in Oregon, Three Arrested
  40. FBI Busts Alleged Child Prostitution Ring
  41. Assistant At Nickelodeon Studios Arrested In Molestation Case
  42. Teen accused of murdering father to hide bad grades
  43. Sicko played perv doc before - cops
  44. US Army officer charged in Iraq fraud scam
  45. Operation Innocence Lost
  46. 'A chamber of horrors'
  47. 2 Teens Arrested in Alleged Massacre Plot
  48. Missing Women Worldwide in 1978 May Be Connected
  49. former Waffle House employee charged with poisoning a homeless man remains at large
  50. Pair charged over toddler's death
  51. Wife-killer reveals anger over split
  52. Mom, Boyfriend Accused Of Raping 6-Year-Old Girl
  53. How one 13 yr old was lured into online porn & trafficking: His story
  54. Found in icy car, 3 boys are recovering
  55. DNA nabs double murderer after 1 year
  56. Judge Orders Release Of Sexually Violent Predator
  57. Man charged with keeping woman confined in home
  58. Rape Victim Opposes Shock Probation For Her Attacker
  59. Woman Fights For Justice In Man's Brutal Murder
  60. Man stalks ex's; after 2 murders, rampage ends in suicide
  61. Teen Pleads Guilty After Blog Confession
  62. Suspected Serial Rapist Escapes From Jail
  63. Husband Charged In Death Of Woman Found In Burned Car
  64. DA: Visit court, back witnesses
  65. Mother Beat Baby Before He Died
  66. Katrina euthanasia allegations 'credible'
  67. Miami serial rape suspect escapes jail
  68. Report: Shooting Suspect Was Engaged To Slain Officer
  69. Man Arraigned In Kidnap, Rape Case
  70. Woman Killed In Apartment, 2-Year-Old Daughter Unharmed
  71. Patients Defend Doctor Accused Of Using Pesticide
  72. Murder Defendant Confessed To Loving Another Woman
  73. Priest charged with groping teen during 'King Kong'
  74. Police say Davis planned more killings
  75. 3 Women Charged in Sex Traffic Ring
  76. Pitbull Owner GUILTY!!!!
  77. S.F. police bust one of their own
  78. Teen arrested for shooting at Santa
  79. Hearing for 5 accused in gang rape delayed because of suspect's garb
  80. Sexual assault suspect charged with murder conspiracy
  81. Student found dead in apartment
  82. Man barred from living with a woman
  83. Jasmine Wallace's death got little attention.
  84. Suspect remains at large in charred bodies probe
  85. Autopsy finds 28 wounds
  86. Bodybuilder couple arrested near Boston in Las Vegas slaying of Melissa James
  87. He Blew the Insanity Defense
  88. Teen Arrested On Cellular Stalking Charges
  89. This is not a current news story.
  90. Skull Found in Woods, Clinton, TN
  91. Intellectually Disabled Teen Raped in Park on Christmas Eve
  92. Five Found Dead in Murder-Suicide Related Va. Shootings
  93. '3 strikes' law a loser with mother
  94. Little Rock Holiday Homicide
  95. Woman arrested in fatal shooting of boyfriend, 42
  96. Man charged with murder in pizza shop shooting
  97. Man Surrenders To Police After Allegedly Killing Own Mother
  98. Small state unit hunting sex offenders on the run
  99. Woman fatally stabbed - parolee nabbed
  100. Man Suspected in Murder Turns Self In
  101. New Information Uncovered in Ongoing Murder Investigation
  102. Murder-suicide in Hesperia, Ca.
  103. 1 Dead, 6 Hurt in Toronto Street Shooting
  104. Police investigate couple's deaths
  105. 72 year old beaten to death in her home - 16 yr old Teen Offender Arrested
  106. Man Accused of Killing Wife, Her Boyfriend
  107. Police: Newport Father 'Just Snapped,' Killed Family
  108. 3 young brothers die in car crash; driver who hit them was talking on cell phone
  109. Man Accused Of Stalking 10-Year-Old Girl
  110. Woman Charged With Molesting 6-year old Boy
  111. Oldest condemned inmate seeks to avoid execution
  112. Four Murdered to Save Family's "Honor"
  113. Mob Severely Beats Motorist Who Honked Horn
  114. Last suspect in forced prostitution of girl arrested
  115. Girl, 6, snatched from bath, assaulted, left naked
  116. Police Shut Down Brothel Near JFK Airport
  117. Man Enters Plea To Murder, Rape Of Woman In Lincoln Heights
  118. Man confesses to boy's murder
  119. Baby raped by intruder.
  120. Teen charged in murder of Sex Offender
  121. Baby Jordan Murder
  122. Rape Suspect's DNA Tested Against Riley Fox Evidence
  123. Baby Gets Drunk While Sitter Dozes
  124. Question
  125. Body of young girl found in suitcase in Mexico
  126. Family ties turn deadly for 17 this year
  127. 14-year-old boy finds his mom shot to death at home after school
  128. Man arrested for stealing plants/flowers from local cemetery
  129. Ex-wife accused of stealing antique coins, spending some on taxi
  130. Headstones Mysteriously Appear In City
  131. Police: Murder suspect wanted to feel like 'God'
  132. Family feud possibly behind deadly shooting
  133. Mother of Two Was Shot In The Head While Looking Out The Window
  134. Autopsy reveals cocaine in baby girl that mother rolled on top of while sleeping
  135. Infant girl beaten on Xmas Eve; in critical condition; Police went to home 60+ times
  136. Man, 34, kills wife, uncle and aunt in domestic rage
  137. Mom throws baby into well.
  138. Cyber trail led to porn
  139. Woman shoots sleeping boyfriend
  140. Charges added in child sex video case
  141. Driver Shot While On Phone-houston
  142. Father accused of abusing 2 mo. old ... on Xmas day.
  143. Katrina sent sex offenders off the radar
  144. Porn actress charged in rape
  145. Rape suspect linked to two killings
  146. Katrina survivors found shot dead in an apparent murder-suicide
  147. Suburban Woman Fatally Shot Inside Her Home
  148. Parents - keep snooping! Mom nabs sex offender
  149. Coroner Determines 12-Year-Old In Foster Care Beaten To Death
  150. Mom, 13, is ruled a sex crime offender
  151. Husband Tracks Battered Wife To Tampa, Kills Her, Self
  152. Slain woman's family speaks out
  153. Girls report abuse of their adopted sister by their parents
  154. Woman Is Accused of Stabbing Newborn
  155. Woodway woman foils her attacker
  156. Mother Charged with Child Endangerment
  157. 19-year-old finds both his parents dead in apparent murder suicide
  158. WI Man charged with 9 counts of sexual assault of a child
  159. Man Sought In Slaying of Ex-Girlfriend
  160. Mom of 5 is beaten, left to die in house
  161. Man kills children then self
  162. Florida Mom Charge with Scalding Young Son to Death
  163. 6-year old stabbed in throat & dies protecting his mother from attacker
  164. 28-year-old woman strangled in her apartment on New Year's Eve
  165. 18 yr old female shoots corrections officer at his home with his wife & 2 kids there
  166. Was this Spotsylvania couple's death really a murder-suicide?
  167. Road rage results in girl's mother getting run over, murdered
  168. Husband & wife dead in apparent murder-suicide, Boerne TX; 2 kids were unharmed
  169. Rio Rancho pair lured boys to sex ring
  170. Mother charged with abuse in death of Deerfield Beach boy, 3
  171. Man gets 120 days of jail shock time in death of alleged stalker
  172. Attorney: off his medication, man stabs two neighbors
  173. Did Virginia execute an innocent man?
  174. Flippin' Unbelievable!
  175. Mother finds her husband & daughter shot to death in their Richmond VA home
  176. Kasey Davis-TCU kicker found murdered
  177. Wife charged with slaying her husband
  178. Ozark Woman Accused Of Killing Her Father
  179. Parents of killed two-year-old arrested before on abuse charges
  180. Police say Spokane Valley man admits to killing wife
  181. Man charged with four killings 15 years apart
  182. Pair who left sons may face charges
  183. Father pleads guilty in 5-month-old son's death
  184. Lost girl's mom faces more charges
  185. 3 year old girl kidnapped
  186. Man Arraigned On Charges Of Having Sex With Girls
  187. Baby stabbed trying to help mother
  188. A young life ended is time stolen
  189. Man accused of having sex with foster child
  190. S.D. Woman Admits Putting Baby in Landfill
  191. Firefighters Arrive To Battle Blaze, Find Gunshot Victims
  192. Registered Sex Offender Charged With Brutal Assault
  193. Teacher Accused Of Lewd Acts With 12-Year-Old Student
  194. Child Rapist's Mere 60-day Prison Sentence Triggers Outrage
  195. Teenager Admits to Sodomizing Dog
  196. CA - Michael Debreceny charged in 1985 murder of wife
  197. Woman Will Likely Live With Bullet In Head After if Falls from Sky Striking Her
  198. Juvenile said adults in stabbing death had motives for killing 12 yr old girl
  199. Police say woman held against her will & brutally murdered
  200. DSS shelter counselor accused of raping teen girl under his care
  201. Police investigate triple slayings appearing to be double murder-suicide
  202. CA - Burke Family Murder Suicide, Apple Valley, Jan 2006
  203. Woman is accused of sex acts with 11-year-old boy
  204. 2 Women Dead In Double Homicide, Arson
  205. 19 Arrested at Nursing Homes in N.Y.
  206. Man kills woman, himself at hospital
  207. Railroad Killer's Date With Death Set
  208. Girl found dead, mom clinging to life
  209. Woman seen being forced into car at mall found killed
  210. Woman, baby, man killed
  211. Girls' rapes finally receives attention
  212. Killer who lived 15 years on lam takes plea deal
  213. Suspect Accused Of Murdering Man Then Dumping Body Miles Away
  214. Elderly Man Arrested after Allegedly Abusing 6 year-Old
  215. Boy, 6, helps foil carjack, save baby sister
  216. 18 yr. old Paquette murder solved
  217. Robert Bruce Spahalski-murder charges
  218. another unsolved, solved with DNA
  219. should suicide victims DNA be tested?
  220. Girl's body found in street, 2 arrested
  221. Minister charged in Tampa teen's slaying
  222. Ex-Baldwin principal charged with child porn
  223. A newborn fights for life after being found in trash bin
  224. Suspect says family's shootings were accidental
  225. Pregnant woman shot 11 times
  226. Two Dead Bodies Found In Baltimore County
  227. Mother and son charged in savage attack on mother's companion
  228. Man, 46, gets 9 years for raping child
  229. Day-care operator charged in baby's death
  230. Police search for attempted murder, arson suspect in Iowa
  231. Two Found Dead in an Apparent Domestic Dispute/Murder-Suicide, West VA
  232. Woman Suffocates Under Piles Of Clutter In Home
  233. Amber Alert - Lasepia Janae Rankins, 6 mos.
  234. Man arrested for fatal shooting of 3 in Edna, Texas During a robbery
  235. Explosive Device Defused at San Francisco Starbucks
  236. Man shoots razor-edged arrow through random victim's chest after fight with roommate
  237. Details of deadly stabbing emerge in the fight over a methamphetamine pipe
  238. Woman who set fire that killed her 2 daughters sentenced to life in prison-no parole
  239. 3 year old girl kidnapped, raped
  240. Patients notified they may have had transplants of tissue stolen from funeral homes
  241. Deputies Kill Man In Front Of Students
  242. CO - Real Estate Agent Raped While Showing Off House
  243. Morning Murder Suicide: Ex-wife Shoots Husbands' Fiance and Then Kills Herself
  244. Boulder, CO Man Accused In Sex Case Found Dead With Wife
  245. Domestic Abuse Led to Murder Suicide; Relative Claims LE Did Nothing to Help
  246. Child Injured At Day Care Dies, 18 mo
  247. Several Drivers Strike Human Body, Keep Driving
  248. Police say phone company refused to help find missing SoCal child
  249. "Sopranos" actor arraigned in cop killing
  250. Truly Evil