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  1. 4 Yr Old NY Child Found Dead After 911 Call
  2. Dentist's 'embrace' killer her. He played golf later.
  3. Father of Murdered Teen Speaks Out
  4. 6 postal workers shot 5 dead woman shots herself
  5. FL - Seminole deputies make arrest in 20-year-old cold case homicide
  6. 19-year-old woman arrested for giving away friend's baby to strangers
  7. They asked to die with me
  8. Saudi Official's Son Re-Arrested On Child Porn Charges
  9. Lytle Man Arrested In Beating Of 4-Month-Old
  10. Day-Care Operator Charged With Child Abuse
  11. Marijuana Found In Toddler's Diaper
  12. 8 year old girl dies from hanging
  13. Father Beat 4-Year-Old With Stick
  14. Police: Man Dies After Being Shot By Ex-Wife's 81-Year-Old Grandmother
  15. Lubbock Teen Charged With Capital Murder
  16. Arkansas Woman Kills Her Three Children
  17. Predator caught! NASCAR businessman
  18. Teen opens fire in gay bar, injuring three in possible hate crime
  19. New charge for pastor in abuse of boy
  20. Kidnapped Mom, Daughter Survive Highway Shootout
  21. Stepson Tortured for 1 1/2 years
  22. FBI investigating fires at 6 Alabama churches
  23. School Evacuated After Suspicious Package Found in Md.
  24. Teenage girls targeted by men on MySpace
  25. A Murder - Need Information and Input
  26. Child watches as stepfather kills mother
  27. Couple Arrested After Stash Of Human Body Parts Found
  28. Buyer Sets Dealership Ablaze Over SUV Price
  29. Woman Accused Of Stabbing Child's Eye With Needle Arrested
  30. Fla Officer Kills Wife, 2 Others, Commits Suicide
  31. Florida woman found dead in trunk in Madison WI
  32. Mother goes online with man who was trying to cyber her teen
  33. Two charged with killing 85-year-old man in St. Petersburg home invasion
  34. Capano - Prosecutors will not seek death
  35. Frostbitten newborn found in back of truck in NC
  36. Father convicted of killing 2 infants
  37. Woman, 25, missing, maybe abducted in Osceola/Kristy Lynn Vaughn. - HOAX
  38. Doc indicted in wife's slaying.
  39. Gretzky's wife named in probe
  40. Ottawa County cold case about to heat up--Janet Chandler
  41. sex offender will be first resident at half way house
  42. child molester walks away from halfway house and hops a bus back to Vermont......
  43. Mom Who Killed, Threw Baby Away In Bag Sentenced
  44. Disappearing dogs
  45. Lonoke, Ark. Political Scandal
  46. Girl abandoned at local convenience store
  47. Stepmother sentenced for causing injury to 4-year-old girl
  48. Neil Entwistle Arrested...FINALY!
  49. Woman Killed Son With Blood Pressure Pills, Police Say
  50. All Los Angeles County Jails on Lockdown
  51. Extradition for Camera man
  52. Bush details foiled 2002 al Qaeda attack on L.A.
  53. Video Shows Boot Camp Teen's Beating
  54. Philly Bus Driver Tosses Woman Off Bus (Literally)
  55. Teen confesses in 2004 slaying of eight-year-old Georgia girl (Amy Michelle Yates)
  56. Identity thief who stole name of kidnapped child gets prison
  57. Beaumont High students skip school after reports of threatening posts on MySpace.com
  58. 'Despicable' Child Counselor Gets Life In Major Child Porn Ring
  59. Boy Admits to Stabbing mother 111 times
  60. Another man murders his wife; this one in Sioux Falls, SD: victim Tamara Reay, 41
  61. Student Finds Teacher Listed On 'Fugitive' Web Site
  62. Thank You
  63. Woman and her 3 sons found shot to death...
  64. For family, second death by homicide
  65. Trial set to start in'torture'of 3 girls
  66. Nine injured in latest jail riot at Los Angeles County complex
  67. 17-Year-Old Male Kidnapped In Nanakuli
  68. Grandparents leave toddler in car, so they can drink
  69. Kaneohe, Hawaii man sexually assaults three boys
  70. drug smuggling air marshalls
  71. 58 Released Sex offenders Identified By Sac Bee
  72. Pregnant Ca Woman Killed By Hubby+4 Others
  73. Mother indicted in deaths of 3 kids-Huntsville,Alabama
  74. 3 shot to death in Seattle...Myspace Connection?
  75. Missing woman 'captive' in cannabis nursery
  76. Woman Accused Of Breaking Baby's Arm
  77. Man Accused Of Killing Woman, Sexually Assaulting Daughter
  78. Dad Guilty Of Stomping 5-Year-Old To Death
  79. Police Arrest Man Wanted In Wife's Slaying
  80. Pregnant Woman Janet “J.J.” Mills Murdered by her Common Law Husband
  81. Conn. Man Arrested After N.C. Trooper Spots Blood On Vehicle
  82. Police: Former Student Admits To Killing Web Date He Met Through MySpace.com
  83. Vt. Judge rejects 3 month sentence
  84. Women who have murdered their husbands!
  85. George Smith; contraband brought on cruise ship?
  86. DA won't charge woman accused of beating children
  87. What is your opinion on these 2 articles?
  88. Former Death Row Inmate Charged With Statuatory Rape
  89. Pelham Man Pleads Guilty in a 1982 Killing in Kansas
  90. Police: Man Shoots Wife, Mother-In-Law, Then Self in Murder-Suicide on Valentines Day
  91. Wife Waits In Restaurant While Husband Is Gunned Down Outside
  92. Dolphins Player Arrested After Wife Found Unconscious
  93. Father says mother killed 7-year-old with hammer
  94. Central Fla. Teen's Death Baffles Investigators
  95. Central Fla. Man Charged In Toddler's Death
  96. Teen and Man Meet on MySpace
  97. Bodies of young couple found murdered in their New Baltimore home; Woman was pregnant
  98. 13 yo kidnapped girl rescued after dropping notes
  99. 3 Strikes for a Kiss.
  100. Bodies of Babies Clogging Drains
  101. 'Sex Slave' Case: Woman Paid Less Than $2 A Day By Couple
  102. CHP officer killed on Highway 99 near Ripon
  103. Infant's Injuries Lead To Charges For Father; 11-Week-Old Girl In Critical Condition
  104. Woman Tied Up, Assaulted By Robbers
  105. Si Choy Saeturn, 28, Pregnant killed by 14 Yr Old in Murder For Hire, Sacramento, CA
  106. Local Teen Found Shot to Death in His Own Home
  107. Guy Meets Two High School Girls on MySpace, Gets Arrested For Alleged Sexual Assault
  108. Mom Charged With Letting Man Have Sex With Daughter
  109. Lurid detail may spare teen charge of murder
  110. Boston Man Pleads Guilty in 1981 Slaying
  111. Mother Leaves Children to go Drinking
  112. Tracking Accused Child Rapist
  113. Man Kills Wife, Self in Edwardsville, IL
  114. Newborn Left Abandoned In Shoebox in the Cold
  115. Minister's Son Charged With Murder
  116. 5 People Dead in Ariz. Home
  117. High “human trafficking” rate in Florida
  118. Man charged with child abuse after baby ingests wart remover
  119. Police Investigating Apparent Murder-Suicide; Senior Victims Suffered From Illnesses
  120. Ca. judge says killer can live,injection too painful!!!!
  121. Young Woman Killed By a Drunk Driver Days After Engagement
  122. FBI believes the man accused of murdering Brooke Wilberger may have murdered 3 others
  123. Child Molester-oceanside Ca
  124. Man molested 11 yr old, posted "code of conduct" for pedophiles gets 25 yrs in prison
  125. 9 month pregnant woman shot in stomach - baby dies.
  126. New Amber Alert!
  127. Stepfather Charged In Rape, Beating Death Of Teen
  128. Dead Baby Found Hidden In Woman's Closet
  129. Man Gets Life For 1988 Daytona Murder Solved By DNA
  130. Felony charges multiply for ex-counselor
  131. Logan Lynn Tucker, 6, Missing since 2002, Mother Charged With First Degree Murder- OK
  132. Life for father who beat baby to death
  133. Kansas Convict and Dog Trainer Captured Tonight
  134. Canadian in jail 12 yrs, convicted rape/murder of 6 yr old, cops never tested DNA!
  135. Man Sentenced To 1 Year In Prison After Boy Dies In Hot Car
  136. Questions remain after woman, man found at crash site
  137. Attorney Chris Mitchell murdered; husband suspected
  138. Aunt's boyfriend charged in 11-month old's beating death
  139. Female teacher in sex abuse case serves only 6 months
  140. 13-Year-Old Dies After Being Raped, Beaten By Stepfather
  141. Girlfriend Dies After Man Drops Her Out High-Rise Window
  142. Worried Mother Checks on Her Daughter; Finds Gruesome Scene and Her Murdered in Tub
  143. Man Hides In Bathrooms, Drinks Boys' Urine
  144. 2nd Victim Dies in Sunday's Michigan Church Shootings
  145. Pamela Rogers Turner - Sex Offender
  146. 15 year old stabbed; dies in his mother's arms
  147. Canadian Couple Murdered in Mexico
  148. Considered armed and dangerous
  149. 11 Year old stabbed 14 times - AT SCHOOL!
  150. Estranged husband shoots wife in the genitals
  151. Toronto teen guilty of cutting and hacking 12 yr old brother to death
  152. Genero Espinosa Dorantes captured
  153. A case of road rage gone bad: Teen Accused Of Repeatedly Slashing Driver After Crash
  154. Murder convict gagged by judge after outbursts
  155. Mystery Over Spectacular Ferrari Crash Deepens
  156. Sex offender escapes from WORK RELEASE???
  157. New Hampshire Man Hunts Underage Girls On Myspace
  158. Penn State student bludgeoned.
  159. Missing Teen and 3-Month-Old Infant
  160. Woman falls from 23rd story window - boyfriend charged with murder
  161. National Candlelight Vigil For Terri Winchell
  162. Woman confesses to RAPING 4 year old boy!
  163. Capano Appears for Sentencing
  164. Portland man arrested in MySpace.com sting
  165. Baby in hospital after father allegedly beats him
  166. Ex-Officers Charged in Robbing Drug Houses
  167. Teen Burned Alive Over Pregnancy
  168. Man Charged In Nanny's Death Sentenced To Prison For Sex With Teen
  169. Senator's Son Missing in GA
  170. Canadian charged with murdering her two children
  171. Hunt for killer in Staten Island woman killed mar 3,2006
  172. NYC Woman abducted, sexually assaulted for 9 hours by 3 men
  173. 2yo snatched from his bed, raped and left naked
  174. Juvenile serial rapist pleads no contest gets 2 years
  175. Wanaque, NJ - Man tries to abduct same 11 yr old in February and March 2006
  176. Children Found Shot Inside Burning Home
  177. Body found in Queens marshland
  178. 2 women stabbed to death in Brooklyn grocery warehouse
  179. Homeless Man Set On Fire in Boston
  180. Family Member Finds Two Bodies In Orlando Home
  181. 17 mos.old toddler w/epilepsy kidnapped
  182. Naked newborn baby crushed by vehicles
  183. Police Investigate Suspicious Shooting In Windham: Woman Shot in Her Head
  184. Father charged with murder after mom, 2 kids found dead in Aurora, Ont.
  185. New Charges Possible 8 Years Later After Shaken Baby Dies
  186. Michelle Townsend, 27, found dead in the apartment of her estranged husband
  187. UNC Grad from Iran "ran down students to avenge Muslim deaths" & spread word of Allah
  188. 14 yr. old Los Angeles boy Assulted 11 yr. old
  189. 33-yr-old woman rapes a 17-yr-old boy in a juvenile facility
  190. Marshall Cunningham accused of killing, dumping childhood friend, Franklin Co., Tenn.
  191. teenage boys help catch online sex predator
  192. Two men arrested in the Alabama church fires
  193. Dr. Baden/HBO/Outreach
  194. Jersey City mom says missing daughter sending her text messages
  195. Vemont and Ohio child molesters
  196. 2mo Baby injured critically- old & new injuries
  197. This is Disgusting!
  198. Just wait till you read what the step-mom says!
  199. Boy, 5, killed in fire while alone at home
  200. Police Searching For Attempted Child Abductor
  201. Deputies Crack Cold Case In Marion County
  202. Police: Cam Catches Sitter Forcing 8-Year-Olds To Perform Sex Acts
  203. Hospital worker accused of molestation
  204. Teen couple accused of deadly plot to kill girl's mom, brother, live off inheritance
  205. Ohio judge gives probation to rapist, victims 5 & 12 years old MERGED
  206. Man charged with raping, killing 7 month old niece.
  207. She was just 17 and had her whole life ahead
  208. 4 year old suffocates to death because mom bound him in blankets as punishment
  209. Ex's Tip Leads Police To Find Three Dead Babies
  210. Police: Mom Watched, Encouraged Gang Rape
  211. Boyfriend charged with fetal homicide...girlfriend supports him...
  212. Internet Chat Room Arrests
  213. Death For Joseph Smith In Carlie Brucia Case
  214. Child porn ring busted, 27 charged
  215. 2-year-old on death's door, B'klyn mom held in abuse
  216. 3 dead, 2 hurt in CA Denny's shooting
  217. Toddler found dead in car...
  218. Police Seek Sex Offender With Underground Dungeon
  219. Police kill man beating wife,children
  220. Police Seek Sex Offender With Underground Dungeon
  221. LA couple gets prison for robbing 5-year-old girl
  222. Georgia police say they believe woman self-aborted fetuses
  223. Woman Charged With Giving Meth To Children
  224. Missing Victoria CPS worker found dead
  225. Child Protection Worker Found Dead After Threats
  226. Connecticut Sex Offender Charged With 1996 Jacksonville Slaying
  227. Condemned Killer Expresses 11th Hour Remorse
  228. Fake cop may have murdered Sarah Whitlock, 23
  229. Man Accused Of Repeatedly Raping 12-Year-Old
  230. Anthony Pellicano- Hollywood Goon
  231. Woman crashes pickup into medical clinic at high speed, killing three
  232. Police: Sex Offender Admits 1996 Assault On Girl
  233. Woman to Wed 'Boys Don't Cry' Killer
  234. 24 year old woman murdered-Austin, TX
  235. Sarah Whitlock/17-Year-Old Arrested In Fatal Stabbing Of Nursing Student
  236. Police: Man Killed Boy For Walking Across Yard
  237. Nashville; Owner Of Popular Mexican Restaurant Murdered In Home Invasion, Wife Critcl
  238. Attempted Kidnapping In Oregon
  239. Missing family of 6 found ALIVE! Parents now wanted by law . . . missing once again
  240. Dad Arrested After Toddler Wanders Into Strip Club
  241. Girl escapes kidnapping by hitting abductor with a hammer
  242. Bay Area Infant Severely Injured, Nanny Arrested
  243. Girl Claims Day Care Operator Did 'Yucky Things' To Her
  244. Amber Alert Selmer Tn-minister/father Dead, Family Missing
  245. Child shot and killed through door; Nashville TN
  246. Man Who Beat Toddler To Death Executed
  247. womans dies on cruise ship
  248. Family allegedly held two 16-year-old girls captive in St. Paul and prostituted them
  249. man forgets baby,catches train
  250. Bodies of Three Found Near Tennessee Power Plant in Apparent Murder-Suicide