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  1. Teen who survived attack leaps to death *merged threads*
  2. Father Admitted To Killing Toddler Son
  3. Woman Accused Of Killing Baby In Trash Chute
  4. Mother Gets 20-Year Prison Sentence Tn Toddler's Death
  5. Casey Leigh Mullen toddler murdered by uncle
  6. Sex Offender Arrested After Florida Cops Find 15-Year-Old Girl in His Bed
  7. Renowned surgeon accused of sex assaults
  8. Parents murdered by 15yo and her 21yo boyfriend
  9. Doctor pleads guilty to secretly taping examinations of girls
  10. Woman left to die on shop floor
  11. Man Accused of Biting Ear Off Girlfriend's Daughter
  12. Boy, 10, in Critical Condition After Father Slits His Throat
  13. Neighbor upset about fireworks, kills 3 *merged threads*
  14. Baby girl survives being buried alive
  15. Shoppers step over stabbing victim to buy snacks...
  16. Man opens fire in Las VEgas Casino
  17. Girl, 11, charged with DUI after chase
  18. Fl - human remains found in bag in Osceola County
  19. FL - Woman Forced Into Sex With Son, West Palm Beach, 2007
  20. John Mark Karr - Arrested Again
  21. Child's death in No. Idaho sparks outrage, awareness
  22. Search under way for 'compassionate robbers'
  23. 3 Babies dumped in river, 2 are related....
  24. 12 Year old St. Louis Boy Charged with Killing Neighbor Girl
  25. Woman, 83, covered in feces and red ants-now deceased
  26. FL - 7th-Grade Teacher Had Pics Of Children Having Sex On Computer
  27. Paula O'Conner & Baby Son Murdered--Another Married Man's "Problem" Gone
  28. Robert Wone; DC lawyer murdered in friend's townhouse
  29. Woman, 8 Mos Pregnant, Murdered; BF In Custody
  30. California Cops Hunt Suspects in College Cheerleader's Death
  31. Police: Mother Leaves Son In Van For 14 Hours
  32. Australia - Sydney woman denied psych drugs turns to murder.
  33. Children witness mom's throat being slit - boyfriend in custody
  34. 2 killed in TX Dollar General
  35. Woman Killed, Boyfriend Charged
  36. MANY Years Ago Abused Wife Case Question
  37. Man Allegedly Runs Over & Kills 12 yr old Babysitter
  38. Bank robber disguised as tree
  39. NC - Vigil Raises Calls For N.C. Fetal Homicide Law
  40. Fishermen Save Ailing Girl Tossed Into River by Father in India
  41. Mom Blames Sale For Leaving Child In Hot Car
  42. Texas Investigators Searching for Girl in 'Ecstasy' Video
  43. Burglars search Google to break into safe
  44. Shoppers ignored woman dying of stab wound
  45. 2 yr old sexually attacked by Pitbull *merged threads*
  46. Man beheaded for killing boy in sex attack
  47. Gang Violence...ONLY here?
  48. Pedestrian's body stuck in car windshield
  49. 4-Year-Old Dies In Trampoline Accident
  50. Baby found dead in trashcan; Mother's Parents "suspected" she was pregnant
  51. Eva Death Under Investigation
  52. Court orders police officer's widow to repay $150,000 to man acquitted of murder
  53. Mother thought more of her car than her child
  54. Preacher shot in SC, who/what would you suspect?
  55. Infant dies of blunt-force trauma - WI
  56. Mom Arrested for Allegedly Treating Son's Fatal Head Injury With Popsicle
  57. Baby Born Drunk: Blood Alcohol Six Times Legal Limit to Drive
  58. Police Hold Third Man in Shooting, Calling Him the Leader NY
  59. Coach Accused Of Molesting Boy For 3 Years
  60. Man Allegedly Kills Zebra In A Drive By Shooting
  61. Wyoming Woman Shot and Killed While Singing in Bar
  62. Parents Neglect Starved Babies to Feed Video Game Addiction
  63. Hearing revives memories of rape attempt, murder of Bernardsville widow
  64. Officer Dies Five Days After Shooting in Brooklyn
  65. Husband Dead, Wife Hospitalized After Alleged Murder-Suicide
  66. Massachusetts Father Accused of Stuffing Daughters in Trunk of Car
  67. Kidnapping foiled by observant motorist
  68. TX - CPS Caseworker Burned Alive By Boyfriend
  69. Police Say Mom Had Kids In Filth
  70. Gunman Shot to Death In Colorado Capitol Building
  71. Texas Mom Uses Barbecue Meat Fork to Catch Alleged Child Rapist
  72. MO - Woman accused of trying to set boyfriend on fire in Foley
  73. Man shoots ex-wife in illinois
  74. Jr. Miss Choreographer Arrested On Sex Charges
  75. AL - Montgomery, a father kills 3 kids, himself
  76. Atlanta Falcons QB Vick Indicted
  77. Man tries to meet mother and 11 year old daughter for sex....
  78. Horse lived in feces-filled home/Child hid from flies
  79. TX - Mom Uses BBQ Fork To Catch Alleged Child Rapist
  80. 31 Years Later, Man Charged In Woman's Slaying
  81. Police Find Home Booby-Trapped With Explosives
  82. TN - Custody battle brewing over estate of West Memphis police shooting victim 2007
  83. Break may be near in murder of Emporia sisters
  84. 2-yr-old found wandering, parents charged
  85. TX - Woman Pleads Guilty To Sex Assault Of Infant, Texas City
  86. Man Convicted In Death-By-Alligator
  87. Police Find Children In Car Amid Trash, Roaches
  88. TX - Whatever happend to girl in the closet
  89. Kansas; 3 dead in murder-suicide
  90. Mark Geragos Defends Pedophile
  91. 7 Kids Removed From Squalid Texas Home
  92. CSI Star Attakcs TMZ Photographer
  93. Girls set cat on fire, cat fighting for life
  94. Man Sets Fire To Mother, Aunt, and Another in TX
  95. Prostitute In Police Sex Scandal Missing
  96. GA - Atlanta Falcons QB Vick Indicted - Thread No. 2
  97. Mom Accused of Beating Kids on Flight and Threatening Flight Attendant Who Intervened
  98. Jena 6
  99. Ohio; Child killed over toilet training
  100. Missouri Mother Accused of Setting Baby on Fire
  101. FL - Deputies: Grandma Foils Abduction Of 6-Year-Old
  102. Burger King Worker Poisons Teens Drive-Thru Order
  103. Kids: 'Aunt Michelle' Left Us To Pose In Nude Pics
  104. Man steals, stabs, beats tortoise caught
  105. Thieves get a doggone surprise...
  106. Oklahoma DA's Office Employee Investigated for Child Sex Abuse Charges
  107. Dad, Friend, 4 Kids Burglarized Home
  108. FBI investigating whether NBA ref bet on games
  109. Mindy McCready Does It All The Time
  110. Alleged Child Rapist Goes Free Because Court Can't Find Interpreter
  111. 10 month old killed by mom's BF
  112. 3 year old dies of abuse
  113. Police arrest abuse suspect
  114. 22 Men Arrested In Internet Child Predator Sting
  115. Murder/Suicide: Four Family Members Killed In GA
  116. butt slapping case in oregon
  117. Alleged Child Rapist Goes Free
  118. SC - Parents Plead Guilty to Abuse, Forced Children To Smoke Crack
  119. Woman kills toddler while "splashing" with car
  120. 11 Year Old Gives STD To Two Preschool Girls
  121. 14 yr old Dallas girl shot while lounging in backyard pool
  122. Maryland AA group allegedly a sex ring
  123. Care for a little Prozac in your soup?
  124. FL - Father Finds Dead Girl in Son's Closet
  125. 46-year-old woman is murdered after beating, rape in San Jose
  126. Murder, suicide in East Peoria
  127. Should woman be acountable for there children's death by abuse?
  128. Clarksville coach suspected in shooting death of ex-wife, school principal
  129. 21-Year-Old Stabbed To Death After Kid's Birthday Party
  130. Do You Know These Women? 3 Green River Women Un-ID'd
  131. Chandler AZ PD: New Website to find Serial Rapist
  132. Woman set afire by boyfriend in domestic dispute
  133. Vermont; Man 22, held after city standoff, held his son, sister and another hostage
  134. 29,000 Sex Offenders Found On MySpace
  135. Boy helps catch convicted sex offender
  136. Confrontation in Court
  137. Terrorist Dry Runs?
  138. Street Gang MS-13 Trying to Unify in Major U.S. Cities
  139. Burned Bodies Found Near Calif. Pot Raid
  140. 3 Villanova Football Players Accused of Rape
  141. So glad these two were caught
  142. Ohio; Soliciting sex draws fowl sentence for 3
  143. Man ties Pit Bull to a tree and sets him on fire
  144. 15 Year Old Boy Accused of Killing Older Sister
  145. Inmate Convicted Of Indecent Exposure For Masturbating In Cell
  146. Fifth person charged over abuse of girl, 3
  147. Ala. Inmate Executed for 1980 Killing
  148. OH Man Arrested, Charged with Attempting to Buy 2 Children for Sexual Torture
  149. Cops: Man, 93, Shoots Violent Robber
  150. Orlando Cops Say They're Outmanned, Outgunned Downtown
  151. Babysitter Sold 12yo For Sex
  152. 2 grieving fathers receive different justice in hot-car deaths
  153. TX - Woman's Body Found in Storage Room
  154. Man shoots girlfriend, self in front of cop
  155. "My Sister Sam" Actresses Killer Stabbed 11 Times In Jail
  156. Gangs Spreading In The Military
  157. Mother missing; children found in home with dead body
  158. OH - Eyeglasses lead police to suspect in attacks, Findlay/Cleveland, 2007
  159. About the monsters who killed the Connecticut family
  160. Maryland; Correctional Officer kills wife and injures stepson
  161. Cops Pull Toddler From "Exorcism' *merged threads*
  162. Pair who fled face murder charges
  163. Ocean City, MD: newborn murdered, maybe more *merged threads*
  164. MO man murders 9 year old son with rifle
  165. "Original Dark Angel" Kills and Tortures Stepfather For Past Sexual Abuse
  166. NC Woman claims father used her for child porn
  167. Sex offenders in nursing homes targeted in Ohio
  168. GA - Car Dealer Kills 2 Employess Who Keep Asking For Raises
  169. MA - 2 Children Stabbed To Death In Boston
  170. Toddler bodies found in bags in S.C.
  171. Another mid-Mo murder
  172. Kelsey Briggs' mom starts online petition for justice
  173. Minister Flashes Kids, Offers Sex To Cops
  174. 3 Charged In Posing Tennage Girls For Kidnapped & Bondage Photos
  175. "Little People, Big World" Dad Busted For DUI
  176. Teen Girls Accused Of Kidnapping, Trying To Steal Fetus
  177. Mother, Two Daughters Found Dead In Cobb Home - GA
  178. Teacher throws newborn away!!
  179. Another Perp Set Free to Commit Crimes
  180. Mom Shot 2 Kids in the Heart
  181. Foster leader guilty on 2 counts
  182. UK Social Services critised after psychotic mother kills two children
  183. Mothers and Fathers Who Murder
  184. Vermont; man who had sex with cows fined
  185. Couple Accused Of Holding Ill Woman Hostage
  186. Mother of malnourished kids gets 30 years
  187. GA - dog fights for life after being dragged behind car
  188. FL - Career Criminal Dusty Bowman Accused In Nassau, St. Johns Rapes
  189. Mother gets 18 years four accountability!
  190. Colorado child molester faces life sentence in Vermont
  191. Why is this on Doenetwork?
  192. Two Mideastern men caught
  193. 7-Year-Old Taken From Mass. Home Slain
  194. Attention All Members "In the Shadow of Justice airs tonight on NBC
  195. Police Kill 5 Year Old While Shooting At A Snake
  196. NY - Starving pup rescued from man who set dog on fire
  197. Man slits dogs throat
  198. Convicted animal abuser gets dog back - infuriating!
  199. Polygamist Husband Found Dead
  200. Ohio; Murder Victim's father attacks killer in Ohio courtroom
  201. Minnesota Cops Seek 'Professionals' Who Removed Man's Testicles
  202. Body of Woman Found in New York University Apartment
  203. shot for asking for a quarter
  204. Priest Facing Charges After Nude Jog At High School Track
  205. Family Fights Off Home Invaders Overnight
  206. Man In Underwear Flees From Officers Trying To Arrest Him
  207. Female airman charged after refusing to testify in her rape case
  208. OMG!! This is another teacher
  209. Child sex abuse rampant in Aborigines
  210. New York State Trooper Shot
  211. Man indicted in death of girlfriend's child, 3
  212. Pair Guilty Of Murdering Girl, 4
  213. Teacher arrested-sex with teenager
  214. Christian Boot Camp Officials Accused Of Dragging Teen Behind Van
  215. LA - Two policeman killed in Louisiana shoot-out
  216. Elderly Abuse in Florida
  217. Man to judge, " I did not have sex with that goat, I was just milking it".
  218. 12 Year Old Runaway Steals 6 Cars In 4 Hours
  219. Couple Dead in Murder-Suicide After They Were Featured on The O'Reilly Factor
  220. California Man Charged With Using MySpace to Lure 16-Year-Old Into Prostitution
  221. 4 grandmothers attacked with hammer at salon
  222. Woman, 19, Left 8 Kids In Hot Van While Shopping
  223. Maryland; Police Free Maryland Sex Assault Suspect By Mistake
  224. 3 killed in Mo. church shooting *merged threads*
  225. Pre-teen modeling site is raising an uproar
  226. Officials rescue 46 children at alleged illegal adoption agency
  227. N.O. City Council Vice-Pres. pleads guilty
  228. Police dog dies after being left in hot care by officer
  229. U.N. Web site hacked with anti-war post
  230. Alleged chessboard killer faces trial
  231. CA - Sev'n Molina, 6, Fatal cleaver attack on boy, Thousand Oaks, 2007
  232. Dead Fetus in Woman's Yard
  233. Former teacher charged in kidnapping of 10yo boy
  234. Parents Get 20 Years Each For Aggravated Child Abuse
  235. Mom guilty of allowing sex abuse
  236. Mom Kills Self, 2 Kids in Fire
  237. Toddler stabbed to death
  238. IL - Man Gets 45 Years in Prison for Urging Girlfriend to Have Sex With Her Son
  239. Wheelchair bound pregnant woman attacked
  240. DNA Links Inmate To 10 Year Old Sex Crime
  241. FL - retiree pleads guilty in Detroit sex tourism case
  242. Wash. Teacher rapes 10 year old!!
  243. Murder/Suicide After Protective Order Dismissed
  244. Bloody beating of son inside a Wal-Mart
  245. Minneapolis Boy Killed By Pit Bull
  246. Nearly 100 Cats & Dogs Found In Mansion Of Squalor
  247. The reality of protected child abuse and snuff networks
  248. 18 year old fatally stabs 16 year old cheerleader girlfriend
  249. 14 year old babysitter kills 10 month old
  250. Texas justice for pervert granpa