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  1. Abducted man shoots carjackers
  2. First-time offender gets life sentence
  3. Man Throws His 2 Kids, Himself Off Balcony
  4. Corridor 94
  5. Tragic crash may not have been accidental
  6. surveillance tape leads to arrest within 24 hours Deborah Culin case/Orlando
  7. Teen Tied Up During Home Invasion, 18 Guns Stolen Oviedo, Fl
  8. Police looking for 21-year-old Wichita carpenter in Louisiana park slaying
  9. Cain and Abel - dismembered brother
  10. Ex-cop, HIV-positive, Accused of child rape
  11. Hackers can crack top antivirus program
  12. 6-yr old killed in hit & run boating accident
  13. Pedophiles to launch political party
  14. Gang picks on the wrong man
  15. Deaths of woman 41, youth 17 may be drug-related
  16. Grandma locks 13yr old in kennel while working
  17. Birmingham attorney reportedly kidnapped off city street 05/31
  18. Woman pleads guilty to aiding escape of teenage husband.Teen found in Ohio.
  19. O.J. Simpson's Daughter Gets Community Service for Confrontation With Police
  20. Some Sex Offenders Tracked for Life!!!!
  21. Second Duke Lacrosse Party Stripper Faces Charges in Separate Case
  22. Ohio Supreme Court reverses death sentence due to bad childhood
  23. Construction worker finds skeleton in Gary home
  24. Defense attorneys say marines to be charged with
  25. Police: Couple Offered Hit Man $100 To Kill Grandkids
  26. seven slain in Indiana
  27. Prosecutor Fought Against DNA Testing That Freed Men In Two Separate Murder Cases
  28. Stalled Durham murder case frustrates relatives of victim
  29. Serial Rapist in Lubbock Texas
  30. Authorities find boy, dog living alone in Tyler building
  31. Two Old Child Sex Abuse Convictions, One Reversed, One Not
  32. Sad Case of Murder Suicide in Paducah Ky
  33. Mothers Corpse Dug Up Held Hostage!
  34. 18 month old baby shot & killed while sleeping in Texas
  35. 1 More Preditor Locked Up!
  36. New Lead In Arson Child Killings
  37. Man accused of killing wife in Calif. bay
  38. Mother and young daughter killed in Tennessee
  39. Mother charged after girl left at birthday party
  40. Canada terror plot inspired by Al-Qaeda
  41. Inmates Murder For Hire Plots Foiled
  42. Criminology Students Find Dead Body In South Florida
  43. Documents: Ind. Shooting Victim Drew Gun
  44. N.J. Priest Gets 5 Years for Embezzlement
  45. Couple Accused of Selling Kids
  46. Kansas City,Mo.;Three children shot in domestic dispute, one dies
  47. Vermont woman facing sexual assault charges on boys
  48. Michigan Bank Robbed Twice in 2 Weeks By The Same Woman
  49. 38 years later.........
  50. Attorney put camera in colleague's bathroom
  51. 9-year old murdered with an ax
  52. DNA links Georgia man to Connecticut killings in early 1990s
  53. Man Sentenced In Child Abuse, Rape Case
  54. Third PSU student slain this year...
  55. 911 operators charged
  56. Dirty diapers led to assault on 3-year-old
  57. Gang members kill 14-year-old in Houston park
  58. Retired St. Paul cop arrested for drugs
  59. Arrest in Bridgeport, CT Killing Spree
  60. Indian River deputies arrest 86 yr old woman on charges of defrauding hotel
  61. Convict mistakenly released from prison sentenced to life on murder charge
  62. Man hit by train had lost family in slaying arson
  63. I am NOT kidding it is always FL!!!!
  64. Man Burns Baby, Gets Fine
  65. Foster Parent Accused Of Sex Abuse
  66. Man Gets 30 Years For Getting Woman To Rape Her Own Daughter
  67. Texas Wrestling Coach Indicted for Sex Assault on Bus
  68. U.S. Girl's MySpace Mideast Meeting Plot Foiled
  69. Oklahoma OKs death penalty for some sex crimes
  70. Florida murder-suicide rekindles interest in 1980s Vt-NH deaths
  71. Texas;Naval chief petty officer killed by carjacker while home on leave
  72. 15 Year Old girl shot dead by jilted boyfriend
  73. Teacher Faces 20 Years For Having Sex With An 18 Year Old Student
  74. Uncle rapes, murders girl 14 w/ brother 13 in room.
  75. Duke University/Alleged Rape - Continued (No. 3)
  76. Teen gets life for killing girlfriends parents
  77. Houston toddler killed in carjacking
  78. Reward Increased In Murder Of Young Jefferson County Woman
  79. Author who studied serial killers commits suicide on 6-6-06
  80. Attempted Murder Case Based on Love
  81. Homeless Man Arrested After 4 New York City Stabbings in 12 Hours
  82. Another Dad Shoots his Children
  83. Phillip Lee Dunn parole possible.
  84. Does anyone know about this case?
  85. Wife's Severed Head Flies From Truck When Man Crashes
  86. Woman Convicted of Murder for Leaving Baby in Wal-Mart Restroom
  87. Police Hunt for Carjacked Honda With 1-Year-Old Inside
  88. N.J. Woman Jumps Off Bridge, Killing Child
  89. MN minister gets 97 months for child porn
  90. Cops: Cliff Plunge was Suicide, Husband Helped
  91. Girl From Controversial Ad Testifies To Abuse
  92. Escaped Killer Richard Lee McNair
  93. 4 dead, 1 injured in New Orleans shooting
  94. Mark Hacking stops selling murder memoribilia
  95. Man Charged With Killing Son On Birthday
  96. Boy Once Accused In Ryan Harris Slaying Arrested
  97. Four Dead in SA Triple Murder, Suicide
  98. Jury Deliberates On A Whodunit
  99. Three arrested in death of pregnant teen
  100. Girl Scouts bring fathers and daughters together in prison
  101. Sex crimes
  102. Geriatric romance goes wrong
  103. 3 family members fatally shot in Rowlett home
  104. Judge Sentences Cat to Life Indoors for Avon-Lady Ambush
  105. ~Mom Charged After 3-Year-Old Eats Drugged Candy~
  106. Fetus Found In Reading Sewage Plant
  107. Quadruple slaying in Columbus, Ohio
  108. Another one up for parole
  109. Information about Threads that you may be looking for . . .
  110. Man Allegedly Stalked, Threatened Woman He Knew In Grade School
  111. Caught On Tape: Parking Valet Stalker
  112. Northport,Ala. teen found fatally shot in home
  113. City Pastor Charged With Raping Girl, 11, Who Had His Baby
  114. St. Petersburg man charged in beating death of 2-year-old boy
  115. Judge Allows Accused Baby Killer To Move Back In With His Children
  116. 13-year old charged in day care death
  117. Man Sentenced For Urinating In Soda
  118. Elderly Woman Scared To Death, Burglar Aquitted At 3rd Trial
  119. Mother & Father Accused Of Starving Infants
  120. More in custody after 2 bodies found
  121. 4 Year old's Rape and Death
  122. Wife Charged In Death Of 35 Year Old Disabled Husband
  123. Workplace Shooting in Denver today
  124. Woman dies in fall from U.P. cliff
  125. Video of teen being beaten draws national media attention
  126. NH Suicide Triggers Homicide Investigation
  127. SOLVED! Empty military casket found near AZ freeway, recently held a body
  128. Investigators search for body
  129. Rush Limbaugh Detained at Florida Airport for Improperly Prescribed Viagra
  130. Man kills himself, bullet then hits and kills teen girl
  131. Police Find Child Porn In Dead Man's Home - Texas
  132. !!Warning!! Gruesome, Woman kills and feeds father to kids
  133. Screwdriver Loaded Into Paintball Gun Kills Boy
  134. Pot smoking tomb raider returns to court
  135. Baby Found Dead in Vehicle
  136. Children Do Not Die Falling Down The Stairs
  137. Pregnant Woman Shoots Self To Abort Baby
  138. Man Wanted In Mothers Murder Shows Up At Daughters Wedding
  139. 4 dead in murder-suicide
  140. Police say two men ran woman off the road, then raped her
  141. House Owner Kills Getaway Driver, The Other Burglar Ends Up Charged With Murder
  142. Soldiers Accused Of Rape Murder In Iraq
  143. Suit: NBA Player Watching Porn, Drunk Before Crash
  144. Mother jailed in drowning of boy
  145. Disabled Boy Found Dead On I-70 Father Now Jailed
  146. Father Admits To Killing Infant Son
  147. Hussein's wife, daughter on new 'wanted' list
  148. Shock At Judge Thompson's Trial ... If It Fits You Must?
  149. Afraid? ... Shoot First
  150. Horrible--5 yo boy burned alive in La
  151. 7 Face Charges In Connection With Kidnapping
  152. Southern California judge may hold ailing man's murder trial in hospital
  153. Kids Steal Car, Kill Woman ... Parents May Be Charged
  154. California father kills four children, himself
  155. Man charged with cruelty for waiting to call 911 after nearly 5 days
  156. Child burned as revenge
  157. Former 'Survivor' Arrested In Puppy Shooting
  158. Pepsi Helps Coca-Cola Nab Corporate Spies
  159. WV Mother Kills Two Sons, Self
  160. Dogs Hurled Off Bridge
  161. Rapist Becomes Informant, 3 Life Sentences Become 4 Years, 4 Months
  162. Couple Arrested For Cheating Mother Out Of Thousands
  163. Man Arrested in Sexual Assault Related to Baseline Killer Case
  164. Air Conditioning Reason For Murder Suicide
  165. Judge throws the book at father who beat, starved son
  166. Gilroy man arrested for attempted rape of 12-year-old girl
  167. Vermont;Thieves May be in Danger for stealing cancer drugs
  168. FBI Busts 'Real Deal' Terror Plot Aimed At NYC-NJ Underground Transit Link
  169. Ga. Dad Allegedly Taints Kids' Soup to Sue
  170. 4-year-old survives 11-story fall in New York
  171. Set Off Fireworks = Felony ... Next First Degree Murder
  172. Police probe McKinney Texas slaying
  173. Sara Walker stabbed 40 times in model home
  174. Child Raped By As Many As 10 College Athletes, Police Say
  175. Student's slaying mystifies family
  176. Vt;Child Molester's Plea Deal Outrages Victim's Mother
  177. Girl Shot And Paralyzed. No One Can Be Charged. A Death Would Be Needed For Charges
  178. Clerk Attacks Boy For Not Buying Yo-Yo
  179. Teacher, 32, is charged in rape
  180. Man Arrested At Border, Accused Of Transporting Child Porn
  181. Woman's body found stuffed in box
  182. Police: Man Sexually Assaults, Murders Toddler
  183. Kentucky Man Missing for 6 Weeks Turns Up Alive in His Attic
  184. Convicted Sex Offender Accused Of Molesting 2 Girls
  185. Pastor arrested for video voyeurism
  186. Ex-Martin deputy sentenced to 10 years for sex crime against child
  187. 130 year sentence for rape.
  188. Two given life for honour killing
  189. Father kills 2 sons, self
  190. Police Sergent Charged With Rape
  191. Man charged with soliciting a child
  192. Vermont;Circus coach arrested in alleged sexual assault of child
  193. Three Arrested, Man Shot in 'Baby Shower Gone Bad'
  194. Police Arrest Mother Who's Son Killed A Boy
  195. Son Kills Mother Then Kills Self
  196. Registered Sex Offender Kills Teen & Himself
  197. Looking Up An Old Case...Ideas??
  198. S.O. kills teen and self in standoff
  199. 3 Univ. of Wyoming Students Found Dead Near Campus
  200. 7 shot dead in violent Philadelphia weekend
  201. Baby Girl Dies In West Carrollton House Fire
  202. Hinton Admits Raping and Murdering Shannon Melendi
  203. Young mom begged in vain for her life
  204. Katrina arrests
  205. Bail set at $1 million for dad, girlfriend charged in girl's death
  206. Manhunt Begins After Three Found Dead In Corn Field
  207. 3-Year-Old Locked In Room for Month as Punishment for Swearing, Conn. Police Say
  208. Owner: Dog Trainer 'Exorcised' Pet To Death
  209. WA - Soldier's family slain in Washington
  210. Child Raped In Full Daylight Near Park
  211. Kristi Johnson murder - Victor Paleologus on trial
  212. Teacher Among 4 Arrested In Internet Sex Sting
  213. Nine years detention for supermarket child rapist, 15
  214. Affidavit details violent Grapevine attack
  215. Update: Stepmom of starved girl pleads guilty (Merged With Old Thread)
  216. Suspected Serial Rapist Arrested Orange County, Florida
  217. Man, woman and child found dead at Flagler resort, Florida
  218. GA Woman accused of killing husband; stuffing remains in garbage can
  219. Sniper shootings kill 1 on Ind. highway
  220. Three People Found Dead in Apparent Murder-Suicide in Flagler County
  221. Body found in SUV at bottom of canal linked to missing Pompano woman
  222. Falling Mirror Kills Young Boy
  223. Police Bust Motorcycle Gang, Meth Ring
  224. NC - Eastburn murders, Fort Bragg NC, 1985
  225. Boston woman slain four years after brother's murder at the same spot
  226. 2 Children, Father Dead In Apparent Murder-Suicide
  227. Baby drowns as father slept
  228. Unsolved deaths of 22 young men puzzle families, southeast Louisiana authorities
  229. Murderer Kills a Child Again
  230. Lynn mother charged in bizarre attack
  231. 10-mo. old in critical condition after being found unconscious in bath tub
  232. Jason Jay Midyette, 10 weeks, Murdered 2/2006
  233. Mother: Toddler killed over soiled diaper 6:44 PM
  234. Police: Teen Confesses to Indiana Highway Shootings
  235. Another Teacher Arrested in Tennessee
  236. Labrador puppy euthanized after having his eyes, ears and mouth glued shut
  237. 19 Month Murder Mystery Solved!
  238. Guard Killed In Maryland Prison
  239. Paedophile case police criticised
  240. Foul Play Suspected in Missing Cyclist's Death
  241. Foul play suspected in woman's death
  242. Bizarre Killings in Seattle
  243. Man Admits To 48 Killings Nationwide
  244. Mother, daughter found slain in home where dehydrated toddler sat outside
  245. 18-Year-Old Female's Body Found Lying On Road
  246. Toddler dies after dog attack
  247. Judge Halts Relocation of Sex Offenders
  248. Man Saves 2 Girls from Alleged Molester: Arkansas
  249. Elderly Man Critical After Being Attacked By Pit Bulls
  250. Murder Suspect Seeks Prosecutor Removal