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  1. PA - School Shooting, Lancaster County PA - Amish
  2. Another High School shooting!
  3. Toddler Spends 3 Days in Wilderness
  4. NJ fugitives face extradition
  5. Yet another convicted sex offender strikes again
  6. 5 Shot to Death in S.C. Mobile Home
  7. 2 y/o allegedly raped by 17 y/o
  8. Man in thong leaves behind video of burglary attempt
  9. Students egging it out
  10. 1967 Confession
  11. Clues Released In Attempt To ID Body Found In Titusville (Daytona area)
  12. NC Woman Tried to Kill Disabled Child
  13. Police kill man wanted in multistate crime spree
  14. Nurse pleads no contest to killing 10 patients
  15. UK - Rosie May Storrie, 10, 2003
  16. Mom's death after tumble could boost charge to murder
  17. NY;Pollen analysis may solve 27 year-old murder mystery
  18. Utah Parents Charged With Kidnapping Daughter to Prevent Marriage
  19. Firefighter Charged In Boy's Abduction, Slaying
  20. Woman Screaming For Help Shot To Death Denver, CO
  21. Videotape May show man carrying dead wife
  22. Toddler & Teen Missing from home
  23. Virginia Sex Offender Found In Hole Behind St. Marys School
  24. Hit And Run Arrest Made After Body Found Stuck In Luggage Rack
  25. Perry March case:NEW ARREST
  26. Murder charged in girlfriend torture slaying 'Silence of Lambs'-type chamber shocks
  27. Parents vouch for teacher caught with porn
  28. Quadruple Murder in Gainesboro, VA, 10/5/06
  29. North Korea says nuclear test successful
  30. Woman charged with using baby as weapon
  31. Boy With AK-47 Opens Fire In Mo. School
  32. N.J. gunman kills couple and himself
  33. school shooting
  34. Newborn Found In Trash Bag...
  35. Gang shooting of 3-year-old was intentional, police say
  36. Some Personal Info re NO after Katrina
  37. Frozen Babies
  38. Mother tries to trade son to pay debt
  39. Police: Mom Tried To Trade Son For Wedding Gown
  40. Dateline "What Lies Beneath"
  41. Florida Man Charged With Keeping Son Locked Up for 3 Years, Tracking Moves With Camer
  42. 4 bodies but no car found along turnpike in St. Lucie
  43. Coach gets prison time for ...
  44. Durham NC Political Corruption And Ineptness
  45. Judge Gives Child Molester an Earful
  46. Teen accused of hiring hit man to kill unborn child
  47. Woman smothers infant twins and takes nap
  48. Mother admits ignoring molestation
  49. Parents and 3 Daughters Found Shot Dead in Eastern Iowa
  50. 38-year-old Gifford murder mystery reopened
  51. Teenager admits schoolboy murder
  52. Santa arrested for public indecency
  53. Kissimmee Karate Instructor Now Facing Over 200 Charges
  54. Baby Missing After Social Worker Found Slain in Ky. Home
  55. phony doc kills patient
  56. Man Pleads Guilty To Fatally Beating Toddler, Dumping Her Body
  57. shanda sharer murder, january 1992
  58. Pa. Man Guilty of Killing Pregnant Lover
  59. Police: Boy Murders Twin Brother Over Gum
  60. Adults/Children who have murdered their parents
  61. Owners leave dogs to die on hottest day
  62. Murder verdict in New York DWI crash
  63. State executes Rutherford for 1985 murder of Milton widow
  64. US agents crack down on Internet child pornography
  65. Man Executed for Pair of Miss. Slayings
  66. Mum drowned 7 year-old daughter
  67. 1 Dead After Nude Driver's Out-Of-Control Ride
  68. Florida;Student Stabbed At School Dies
  69. Judge Dismisses Charges Against Woman Who Killed Her Unborn Child
  70. Paedophile rapes six-year old
  71. man arrested for rape of 15 month old
  72. Boy Snatched By Man In Gorilla Suit
  73. Teen Killls Mother of Three While Texting Suicide Attempt to Another Girl
  74. Lawrence Co. Mom Accused Of Burning Child's Bottom
  75. Sitter Fatally Injured 2-Year-Old With Fly Swatter
  76. Man Accused Of Having Relations With Dog
  77. Mum 'held daughters hand' in molestations
  78. Man In Hockey Mask Attacks Pre-School Teacher
  79. Phone Sex Worker Says She Was Scammed
  80. Vermont; Man pleads innocent in chain saw attack
  81. Convicted Sex Offender Chooses Canadian Exile Over Jail
  82. Has anyone else read this?
  83. Police: Infant Boy Suffers Brain Damage After Apparent Assault
  84. U.S. teacher exiled to Canada for sex crime
  85. Father Faces Charges For Filming, Assaulting Daughter's Friends
  86. Dad Fakes Child's Death For Time Off, Police Say
  87. Husband burns house down after wife files divorce
  89. Montana Principal Suspended for Giving Student a Wedgie
  90. Bomb ingredients stolen from train
  91. Daytona Beach - New Body Found Near Previous Victims
  92. Perry March Asks For New Trial
  93. Package Containing Dead Baby Delivered to Funeral Home
  94. Woman's Plastic Surgery Death in N.C. Blamed on Jealous Former Classmate
  95. Female circumcision in Atlanta
  96. Father Forces Child to Videotape His Domestic Abuse on Wife
  97. 14 year old charged with murdering her newborn daughter
  98. Former boxer Berbick found dead
  99. Greek child deaths stun tourist firms
  100. Husband Kills Wife, Self In Front Of Neighbors
  101. Teen Accused Of Raping Mom To Spite Brother
  102. Elderly couple slain in rural Hernando County
  103. Woman Carjacked In Altamonte Mall Parking Lot Orlando
  104. Authorities search for missing girls
  105. Police Tazer Kills Teen Shouting for Jesus
  106. Vermont;Student jabs classmates with hypodermic needle
  107. PA - Landmark Iowa Case haunts Pennsylvania
  108. Police: Duct-Taped Toddlers Found Alone, In Feces
  109. Police Say 7-Year-Old Drove For Drunken Dad
  110. Prosecutor: California man on trial for 1972 murder linked to 3 other deaths
  111. Sheriff, Deputies Arrested on Federal Racketeering
  112. Police: Mom Admits Killing Babies 40 Years Ago
  113. Three Bodies Found Dumped in South Carolina Ditch
  114. S.C. Man Gets 20 Years for Trying to Dig Up Girl's Corpse
  115. Dad Who Tried To Sacrifice Toddler Gets Probation
  116. Another One...
  117. 3 Bodies Found in S.C. Drainage Pipe
  118. Miriam Carmona
  119. School bus driver caught with thousands of child porn, raped several girls
  120. A man who posted his own sex offender registry photo on the social networking site My
  121. Charges Filed in Deadly Calif. Wildfire
  122. Arrest Made After Toddler Molested Live Online
  123. Woman Gets Life for Killing Adopted Son
  124. Man gets 245 years in 3 killings in Indiana
  125. Man ordered to wear "sex offender" T-shirt
  126. Woman Tries To Leave After Giving Birth In Lot
  127. Girl arrested for hitting teacher...
  128. DA draggs her feet - beating death of 10-week-old
  129. Police arrest naked man with concealed weapon
  130. Mother Arrested in 1976 Killing of her 2 yr old son
  131. Child's Kidnapping Caught On Surveillance Tape
  132. Adreinne Shelley, actress, suicide or murder?
  133. Beaten, Raped, she KILLS ATTACKER when he threatens child!
  134. marijuana burgers
  135. Four arrested for torturing two boys
  136. University Of Miami Football Player Shot, Killed
  137. Mom's Boyfriend Charged In Baby's Death
  138. Judge Accused Of Abuse Continues Presiding Over Cases
  139. Moore Charged With Murder of Rachel Cooke
  140. Father Jailed For Brutally Abusing Infant
  141. Somerset, PA Man Accused Of Abusing Infant Girl
  142. Why you should clean under your child's bed!
  143. Mother murdered by boyfriend in Ohio
  144. Police standoff/Man kills exinlaws and cop
  145. 33 lb teenager
  146. Lisa Diaz Mother Who Drowned Kids Is Free!!!
  147. 2 Arrested After Hit-Run Accident Kills Mother, 2 Kids in Stroller
  148. Brazilian Woman Survives 6 Shots to Her Head
  149. Human Skull Found Near Missouri River
  150. Six held hostage at pharmacy
  151. Ex-DR Inmate Sent Back to Prison
  152. Fifteen Venomous snakes seized from Indianapolis home
  153. N.Y. Mom Accused Of Smothering Son
  154. Am I just overreacting to this?
  155. Colo. Teacher Accused Of Sex With Student
  156. Teens Arrested On Child Abuse Charges
  157. Brother of boy murdered in 1972 charged....
  158. Four Children Found Dead In An Elkhart, IN, Home
  159. 1964 Rhode Island Death Now Suspected Homicide
  160. Man arrested with $78,000, nuclear info
  161. Kristin Grell 2yrs, Dad poured gas on her, lit her on fire killing her a decade ago
  162. Wedding Dress attacker manhunt
  163. Info on murdered baby cousin??
  164. Mother stabbed kids!!!!
  165. Police use taser on unruly mother at school after her son is arrested
  166. Elderly Driver Faces Stiff Sentence
  167. Peggy Perez-Olivo
  168. Father Webcasts Himself Molesting Daughter, 7 Sentenced
  169. Someone leaves baby on side of road - St Cloud, MN
  170. Mississippi Professor Gets Jail for Covering Son With Ants, Hot Sauce
  171. Warren Jeffs - Criminal or Victim?
  172. Bike Path Rapist in Western NY
  173. Joe Mammana linked to attack on Crime Stopper Prez?
  174. Male/female bodies found Wed. morning.
  175. Hostage, gunman killed in Chi. standoff
  176. 3 dead in holiday shooting in Calif.
  177. Police: La-Z-Boy Saves Man From Wife's Bullet
  178. D.B Cooper still Alive?
  179. Officials: 2 Deaths Murder-Suicide
  180. Deputy's stolen gun used in accidental shooting of PSL teen
  181. Debbie Hawk's body believed to have been found.
  182. The Hudood Ordinance
  183. Remains found in Forrest County MS
  184. Acid Bombs set off in Maine Wal-Mart
  185. 1964 Death re-opened
  186. Man kills friend over a $20 bet
  187. Registered Sex Offender Kills Woman Then Commits Suicide
  188. Indiana Girl Set Mom's Bed on Fire, Faked Abduction of Herself, Siblings
  189. Hit Man Hired to Kill Pregnant Wife
  190. Mother and 2 children found dead
  191. Mississippi Professor Gets Jail for Covering Son With Ants, Hot Sauce
  192. Child Admits Killing Mom, Younger Brother
  193. Aunt Who Injected Kids With Heroin Gets Prison
  194. Woman Abducted, Karen Kummerer, Daytona, Fl
  195. Masked man kills child at school
  196. Mammana arrested!
  197. Search on for 29-day-old baby abducted
  198. 2-MONTH-Old Had Blood-Alcohol Level Of 0.364
  199. Can you freaking believe this?
  200. Matthew Hughes (alleged) Child Molestor
  201. 4-month-old baby murdered, dad charged
  202. Vermont;traffic stop deters murder-suicide
  203. Robert Yates Jr asking DP be dropped
  204. Sam Houston State cheerleader dies in murder-suicide
  205. Nun Accused Of Sexually Assaulting Children
  206. Cage was hot, cramped, boy testifies
  207. ST. LOUIS: Warm beer led to killing, police say
  208. Has anyone heard of "The Back-pack Killer?"
  209. Kids died for mom's love life
  210. PA. Woman Murdered by Arson, 11/2006
  211. Three Vermonters dead in apparent murder-suicide in Florida
  212. Remains of Three Fetuses Discovered in Dead Woman's Freezer
  213. Mt. Spokane Teen Charged with Parent's Deaths
  214. A 4 year old is accused of sexual misconduct??
  215. Rocky Mount NC Man, Lover Arrested In Wife's Death
  216. Four Dead in Apparent Murder/Suicide
  217. Detroit; ;Man named as suspect in 1970s child killings
  218. Car With Body In Trunk Belongs To Missing Woman
  219. Parents Sleep As Pup Chews Off Baby's Toes
  220. Police: Patron with grudge opens fire at strip club
  221. Little Keithan
  222. South Jersey attempt to lure girl
  223. Man Runs To Catch Toddler Dangling From Window
  224. Teen throws baby from window
  225. Teacher and Husband abuse students!
  226. Bakersfield High School Teacher Duct Tapes Student
  227. 3d picture of remains
  228. Baby found dead in trash!
  229. Is this for real? Murder confession on you tube
  230. BLACK HANDS? New Mexico
  231. Another baby lost to violence!
  232. Clothes Dryer With Toddlers Inside Turned On
  233. Former Phish member Trey Anastasio Arrested
  234. Mike Nifong Intentionally Kept DNA Results Private
  235. Man kills 5 before fatally shooting himself
  236. Neglected, 43 lb. developmentally disabled woman
  237. 22 yr old Developmentally Disabled Woman Weighing 43 Pounds Found in Michigan Home
  238. Seven found dead in Missouri duplex
  239. Al Roker Investigates: Innocence for Sale
  240. 4 teenagers burn beat and abuse girl
  241. Man dressed as santa kidnaps 8 year old
  242. http://www.johntv.com/
  243. Houston Area Rapist Preying on Men
  244. Nurses, Doctor Condemned to Death for Infecting 400 Children with HIV in Libya
  245. Appeals Court: 10-Year Sentence Too Light for Woman Who Rented Daughter to Pedophile
  246. Pastor's Wife Accused Of Tying Down Children In Day Care
  247. Wanted man may have fled in veil
  248. Nacole Winter, 15, Brutally Murdered
  249. Family jailed over bully deaths
  250. John Augustine Washington V