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  1. 4 teenagers burn beat and abuse girl
  2. Man dressed as santa kidnaps 8 year old
  3. http://www.johntv.com/
  4. Houston Area Rapist Preying on Men
  5. Nurses, Doctor Condemned to Death for Infecting 400 Children with HIV in Libya
  6. Appeals Court: 10-Year Sentence Too Light for Woman Who Rented Daughter to Pedophile
  7. Pastor's Wife Accused Of Tying Down Children In Day Care
  8. Wanted man may have fled in veil
  9. Nacole Winter, 15, Brutally Murdered
  10. Family jailed over bully deaths
  11. John Augustine Washington V
  12. Police obtain search warrant for bullet in teen's head
  13. Rape Charges Dropped In Duke Lacrosse Case
  15. Baby's Death Investigated As Homicide
  16. Man murdered because of damage to a paper clip Christmas tree
  17. PERRY MARCH CASE:Authur March Dies in prison
  18. Child Porn Victim: Tips Not Followed
  19. Ellen Robb: Phila suburbs
  20. Texas; 9-year-old boy suspected in fatal stabbing of toddler in Dallas home
  21. Popular New York Radio Disc Jockey Carl Blaze Dies After Being Shot 13 Times
  22. Man eats hamburger parked in the middle of the interstate with no lights
  23. Italian Police Arrest Man Who Met With Ex-Spy Alexander Litvinenko the Day He Became
  24. Amazon account Hacked
  25. Mother, Two Children Found Dead in Arkansas Apartment; Boyfriend Arrested
  26. women fakes kiddnapping so she doesn't have to go to work
  27. Iowa Police Arrest Woman for Injecting Substance Into Daughter's Feeding Tube
  28. Man Taking Out Trash Finds Newborn
  29. Jennifer Bennett Goodall, bride dies on her wedding night
  30. CRIME: 13 killings in 2006 chip away at Vermont’s sense of security
  31. 7 N.O. police officers indicted for shootings on bridge
  32. 6 y/o gets ahold of mom's coke
  33. Alleged Serial Child-Killer and Sex Abuser Arrested Outside New Delhi
  34. North Carolina Woman Charged With Malicious Castration After Attacking Man's Genitals
  35. Murdered doctor's family uses MySpace to try to find killer
  36. Toddler found Playing on busy Highway
  37. Denver Bronco Player Shot and Killed This Morning
  38. KC Man Charged With Raping 10-Year-Old
  39. What is wrong with people?
  40. Vermont; Husband of daycare provider charged with molesting girl
  41. One Person Shot At Tacoma, Wash., High School
  42. Cops: New York Man Ran Over Mother-in-Law
  43. scientists believe they may have found a 400 year old murder
  44. Interesting mystery
  45. Granny Crimefighter
  46. Rapist sentenced to 128 years
  47. Iraqi Official Arrested Over Saddam Execution Video
  48. Glad to see this was taken seriously
  49. No answers as to how infant died
  50. Two Children Murdered Bethlehem Georgia
  51. Vermont........No Prison For Child Rapist Forgiven By His Victim
  52. Vermont..22-year-old sentenced to 90 days for 2005 shooting; 90-day term draws heat
  53. Special Education Student Charged With Disorderly Conduct for Wetting Pants
  54. Sheriff: Minister 'Got Away With Murder'
  55. Sherilyn Beall - West Chester PA
  56. Louisiana mayor's death stirs furor
  57. New Orleans Killings bring the city to its bloodied knees
  58. Possible crime: USC kicker found dead at bottom of cliff
  59. Police Think Body In Trunk Is Missing Girl Florida
  60. Tenn. Arrests 2 After Trooper's Shooting
  61. Hmong Hunter's Death Has Wis. on Edge
  62. Woman Pleads Not Guilty to Killing 12
  63. Woman Steals Identity of Missing
  64. 17-year-old Angelia Headrick Murdered
  65. Couey confession tossed
  66. "Everybody reacts differently to grief"
  67. Innocent Woman Killed During Home Invasion, Kidnapping
  68. Police: 2 Hurt At Las Vegas High School
  69. Westside Shooter Arrested on Drug, Weapons Charges
  70. Body of Texas; Teen Who Died During Frat Hazing Defaced
  71. Jonesboro School Killer arrested again
  72. Argument over James Brown's height leads to shooting
  73. School coach allegedly shows porn, hits kids in groin
  74. 96-year-old woman murdered in her own home
  75. Newborn beaten by toddler w/ baby bottle
  76. Man charged with torturing son,
  77. Hobe Sound woman reported missing FLORIDA
  78. Vermont;Man can avoid jail in sex assault on 4-year-old boy
  79. Volunteer firefighter charged with 17 counts of arson
  80. Child Scalded, Man Charged W/ Attempted Murder
  81. NJ Cop Accused of Murdering Wife Gets Custody of Sons
  82. Murdered with their mother
  83. Eight held over hammer attack on school boy
  84. Death-dog owner bears his niece's coffin
  85. 3 Detained in Tenn. Couple's killing
  86. Mother smothers baby & throws it in trash
  87. Men Arrested After Young Couple On Date Killed THREE THREADS MERGED
  88. Italian Couple Allegedly Kills Neighbors Because Child Cried Too Much
  89. Nifong says "uncle"
  90. Triple Murder in a small WI town
  91. Thief Steals Dead Mother's Video to Young Son From Michigan Home
  92. N.C. man suspected of decapitating daughter
  93. Father beheads his own 4 year old daughter
  94. Another Beheading
  95. Amy Todd Fleming; close to my home
  96. 4-year-old murdered--mom and boyfriend held on capital murder charges
  97. Mother Of Three Shot In Face During Fast Food Robbery (composite)
  98. 5 year old seeks help after parents killed
  99. FINALLY, an arrest in PSU student murder
  100. Vermont;No jail for a 37 year-old man who sexually assualted a 4 year-old boy
  101. Vermont;’Goodfellas’ actor Paul Sorvino pulled gun on daughter’s ex, she testifies
  102. WI girl locked in bedroom for two years
  103. St. Charles father shot infant with BB gun
  104. Father Accused of Beating Child to Death
  105. Man shoots baby with BB gun
  106. Woman dies giving birth-their religion forbids medical treatment
  107. Assault victim's grandmother sentenced to 2 years probation
  108. Police: Woman puts baby in oven during breakup with boyfriend
  109. Human skull, pelvic bone found near Leesburg airport Florida
  110. Brevard County Mother Found Dead In Home Florida
  111. 5 found dead in NY house fire, set to cover up murders
  112. 3-Year-Old Found In Snowbank After Wandering From Home in temperatures 20 below zero
  113. Mass. HS student fatally stabbed
  114. Miami Rape Suspect Linked To Rapes in Tampa
  115. 12-Year-Old' Sex Offender in Ariz. Jail
  116. 13-Year-Old Girl Whose Dad Blamed Her For Mom's Murder Denies Charges
  117. OK - 10-year-old Girl Escapes Abductor, Texhoma, January 2007
  118. Informant web site worries officials
  119. '12-year-old' is 29-year-old sex offender
  120. 22-Year-Old New York Man Murdered After Being Drawn Into Internet Love Triangle
  121. DNA exonerations raise questions about the quality of Texas justice
  122. woman charged with beating grandson to death
  123. 3-Year Old Boy suffers third degree burns from Child Abuse; Sister hurt also
  124. Pig Farmer Accused of Serial Killings
  125. Push to put Texas juveniles sex offenders on SO lists
  126. Jonathon Edington
  127. Doctor Indicted For Neglect In Death Of Two Year Old....
  128. family murdered
  129. Mother Arrested After stabbing 10 & 12 year old boys
  130. The birthday present that killed
  131. Human remains found near Sandy, OR (near Portland)
  132. Home Invaders Terrorize Disabled Vet, Wife, Friend
  133. Former Mississippi lawman charged in 1964 slayings of two black teens
  134. Missing girl's remains discovered; child may have link to Shannon Paulk
  135. Man faces 393 counts of sex abuse
  136. Father kills daughter because he doubts her virginity!
  137. Man, Two Women Charged With Producing Child Porn and multiple counts of abuse
  138. Two boys found dead in car.
  139. Child Assaults Taped By Teens, Police Say
  140. Ex-Deputy Charged In 2 Decades-Old Slayings
  141. Belgian Police Suspect Female Skydiver Murdered Love Rival by Sabotaging Parachute
  142. National Guard Involved in South Carolina High-School Cheerleading Controversy
  143. Vermont; Northeast Kingdom Teen Held In Killing
  144. Florida woman's body dumped off a roadway
  145. Attempted Abduction in Tulsa, OK
  146. 5 dead in Omaha
  147. Luring of 14 year olds NOT a crime in OH
  148. Registered Sex offender strikes again
  149. Tonight's Episode Of Dateline's "To Catch A Predator"
  150. Florida; Sheriff's Wife Among 4 Dead in Shooting
  151. Girl fight
  152. Kayla & Xavier Ravenell
  153. sexual predator assaulting girls in phoenix
  154. police looking for man who abducted/raped boy in LA
  155. Officer Charged After Girl Gets Tasered In Eye
  156. girl abducted, assaulted, predator at large
  157. Suspect described dragging woman behind car
  158. This made me physically ill.. ABUSE OF MENTALLY ILL THREADS MERGED
  159. Man arrested after body found in freezer, Medford, Oregon
  160. $100,000 reward, a case i cant find ANY info on....
  161. Extra! Extra! Sharon Marshall - CourtTV tonite 2/2
  162. Iowa Man Wanted for Questioning in Double Homicide
  163. Woman charged after son, 4, mauled by Pit Bull
  164. Toddler abandoned at restaurant
  165. Youth arrested in toddler assault
  166. Teacher Sentenced For Having 3rd Grade Girls Take Nude Pictures
  167. Man confesses to killing 4 homeless men
  168. Police: Offender posing as a child took kids home
  169. "Mother" kills 2 daughters... MERGED THREADS
  170. 2007: 4-year-old fatally stabbed; 13 yr old brother arrested
  171. 29 year old going to school as a 7th grader
  172. Jeffrey Dahmer linked to Adam Walsh murder!
  173. Astronaut arrested in alleged kidnap attempt
  174. Dad Uses Stun Gun on Baby
  175. Paedophiles who used Internet chatrooms
  176. S FL teacher has sex with 16 YO
  177. Slap on the Wrist for Long Beach Hate Crime
  178. Arrests in global porn ring
  179. Atlanta Father Admits Intentionally Poisoning Children in Attempt to Sue Campbell Sou
  180. Yet Another Mom Who Hands Daughter Over To Sex Pervert
  181. Baby Found In Dumpster
  182. Parents charged in overdosing 4 y.o. daughter
  183. School Covered Up Rapes of Four 1st Graders
  184. Hiding amongst the amish: babysitter fled
  185. Wm Page - left toddler outside to freeze to death Sentenced
  186. Coed charged in death of newborn
  187. 6 Year Old Dragged To Death During Car Theft
  188. Disney's 'Beast' Cast Member Arrested In Child-Porn Case
  189. Mother Slain In Front Of Day Care While Children Watch
  190. Murder ain’t rocket science
  191. Here's New Orleans Post Katrina
  192. Police Search For Mother After Child Is Found Outside In Extreme Temperatures
  193. Man arrested in Miami facing charges in 13-year-old slaying
  194. Couple Had Intercourse In Front Of 9 yr old Daughter To Teach Her About Sex
  195. Child Molester Sentenced To 800 Years
  196. girl abducted from bed, assaulted
  197. 59 Year Old Teacher Snorts Cocaine In Front Of Students
  198. Mum locked up girls for 7 yrs
  199. Teen's Body Found in Dumpster
  200. Fake Cop Had His Own 'Police Station'
  201. 10 Year Old Arrested In Target Store Attack
  202. Deadly Philadelphia Shootings
  203. Emotionless killer gunned down victims randomly~Salt Lake City, Ut
  204. Mass Homicide in Arkansas
  205. Wendell NC Mother Found Dead In Home
  206. Sex Assault trial begins for cosmetic technician
  207. Poor little Casey Mullen!
  208. Kellie Pickler From American Idol Father Arrested.
  209. Girls imprisoned for seven years
  210. 5 boys video rape of 11 yr old girl
  211. Woman, 84, pleads guilty to having sex with 11-year-old boy
  212. More Sex Charges Filed Against Ex-Assistant Principal
  213. Child Trafficking ,Serving Surviviors,Sharing Resources
  214. Teacher accused of hitting, kicking students
  215. Three Women Found Dead In Chicago Apartments
  216. Rapes of Tx Juvenile Inmates Ignored
  217. Ray Liotta arrested for DUI
  218. "Chaotic Patriot" Guilty of Murdering Two Police Officers
  219. Flood Unearths Old Child Porn Tapes; 81-Year-Old Man Arrested
  220. Defendant Convicted of Sex Trafficking Charges, US Attorney Reports
  221. Neighbors On Lookout After Child Assaulted
  222. UVM police chief warns women of rise in assaults
  223. Toddler Found in Trunk
  224. 13 year old Clay Moore abducted from bus stop in Florida found alive
  225. Philadelphia;Students break Teachers neck over iPod
  226. Child Rapist Sought - Wheeling, WV
  227. 2 bodies found in South Dade identified florida
  228. 9 year old pictured with his killer!
  229. woman was found fatally shot with her baby daughter sitting in the same room f
  230. Principal Busted For Selling Meth In School Office
  231. Mom Trades Baby For Car
  232. No Honor Amongst Prosecutors
  233. Remains found in pickle jar
  234. Husband Arrested in Michigan, Suspected of Murder, Dismemberment
  235. Mother stabbed, stuffed in Car
  236. PA Senator Bob Regolas son refuses to testify at coroners inquest
  237. Mendoza - Roberts Maine
  238. In Texas, the Strange Case of the Toking Toddlers
  239. Police Say Man Told Toddler: Stab Mommy
  240. Pilot talked to ex-wife before crash
  241. Barbie Doll Bandits
  242. Rising Metal Prices CAUSING BIG PROBLEMS
  243. Mother Accused of Killing Baby With Lysol
  244. Sentence for child porn----I grew up around this man
  245. Another Prosecutor Hides Witness ... Execution Set For March 7th
  246. Therapy Dog Beheaded
  247. Child Charged with Felony for Setting off School Alarm
  248. Felony Murder Reversal Based On Faulty Jury Instructions
  249. Evidence in Weststate newborn rape questioned; plea deal reached
  250. To Do List: Stab Wife, Go To Wal-Mart??