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  1. More Charges for drugging dad rapist.
  2. Father stabs baby son, throws him from car
  3. Coral Rose Posts
  4. Arrest in killing of 5 week old child.
  5. [France] Man rips out wife's eyes for refusing to have sex
  6. Toddler High On Cocaine-Florida
  7. Pakistan cricket coach Bob Woolmer, a Briton of 58, murdered!
  8. Parents killed daughter with overdose
  9. Eight Bodies found in Florida Forest...
  10. Sadistic foster mother's 19-year reign of terror
  11. Neighbors react to alleged slay-grilling of Tynesha Stewart
  12. Man must display victim's picture
  13. Mass Murderer attempts sucide
  14. Church defends parents convicted of murder
  15. Murder victim's husband tries to commit suicide
  16. Woman arrested for stealing stuffed bear from toddler
  17. Arizona Police Search for Serial Child Rapist Suspect
  18. Real cops nab alleged fake cops
  19. Officials Have Doubts Over Texas Mom's Mutilated Baby Story/Mom on trial
  20. Final report released on Bailey school tragedy.
  21. Video: Swim coach fights daughter at world championships - faces life ban
  22. Police: Who dumped 3 newborns, 11 months apart?
  23. Mother and 19 month old daughter found dead in trailor - Granby, MO
  24. 10-year-olds attack, beat homeless man
  25. Man not guilty of slitting mum's throat
  26. Man held on child murder charge is found hanged
  27. Banging led to kids in closet
  28. kindergartener charged with felony, two misdemeanors
  29. Don't Mess With Love
  30. Man with body in car gets bail
  31. Pregnant Teen Convicted In Torture Slayings Of Siblings
  32. this is the kind of judge I'm talking about!
  33. Mom offers child for sex.
  34. Couple, child victim of apparent murder-suicide
  35. Suspect arrested after death of 2 Charlotte Police Officers
  36. At Least 2 Dead in Possible Murder Suicide at University of Washington
  37. 28 Arrested in Fla. Online Sex Sting
  38. 28 Arrested in Sexual Predator Sting in NJ
  39. Couple's death believed to be murder-suicide
  40. Student Killed, Burned On Patio Grill
  41. Grandmother charged over pit-bull killing
  42. Shooting In CNN Building In Atlanta
  43. Police Officer Hit By a Drunk Driver
  44. Maryland mom finds bodies of kids, their dad
  45. Husband of Missouri Day Care Operator May Have Molested 40 Children
  46. "Andy" from "Family Ties" arrested on assault charges
  47. Principal Admits Throwing Feces (Excrement)
  48. Mutilated Corpse Prompts National Alert
  49. Woman pleads guilty to poisoning stepfather/lover
  50. Stepfather enters plea to aiding in 7-year-old's murder
  51. Driver saves baby who fell from car
  52. A.C. murders lead to Alloway
  53. Lindbergh baby kidnapping: 75 years later
  54. Chicago off duty cop beats and kicks female bartender. *video*
  55. 30 yr old murder solved
  56. sex offenders sent to live under a bridge
  57. Woman Posing As Boy Accused Of Rape - Merged Threads
  58. Idaho Shooters
  59. Vermont;St. Albans man arrested on Florida murder of Larry Paul Sanders II
  60. FBI agent shot, killed at home and garden center
  61. THE BISHOP The New Unabomber
  62. Teacher accused of quieting students with clothespins
  63. Teen Gets 6 Years For Seeking Hit On A Fetus
  64. Retired Minister Sentenced for Child Porn
  65. Naked Sex Offender Zapped With Stun Gun
  66. Special Ed Teacher Found Bludgeoned To Death
  67. Man Who Abused Puppy Sentenced To Jail
  68. 12-year-old caught with gun
  69. Gunman shoots 3 at Detroit office building
  70. Sisters Arrested After Baby Found in Garbage Bag
  71. Dr Ayres Respected Child Psychiatrist Arrested: Molestation
  72. Teacher thwarts abduction of her student
  73. Breaking News Jackson County GA
  74. Man Accused Of Advertising Mentally-Challenged Sister On Internet For Sex
  75. Stray Bullet Kills Boy on Trampoline in Texas; Man Arrested
  76. Diane Zamora/Texas Cadet Murder
  77. DNA leads to murder arrest 23 yrs later
  78. Child killer gets parole
  79. Police: Man Held, Sexually Assaulted In Attempt To Score Drugs
  80. Actor jailed after killing girlfriend's kitty
  81. Chemical on playground burns boy, age 2
  82. Indpls Kroger employee killed in parking lot
  83. Virginia Tech Shooting
  84. 5 children die in fire set by their own cousin in Illinois
  85. Virginia Tech Shootings - Thread No. 2 THREADS MERGED
  86. Cho Seung-Hui's (Shooter) Twisted Play He Wrote
  87. Here come the copycats
  88. NYPD Investigating 4 Bodies Found in a Queens Apartment
  89. BU Student Arrested After Massacre Threat Messages
  90. Ohio Principal In Trouble for Kissing feet Of Teen Boys Over A Bet
  91. Doctor says man who shot wife might not have recognized her
  92. Angry Soccer Mom Abandons Daughter on Interstate
  93. 4 month old starved
  94. Mother forced toddler to fight!
  95. Gunman Causes Evacuation at NASA in Houston MERGED THREADS
  96. Gunman Barricaded in NASA Building!
  97. Armed Miss America 1944 Stops Intruder
  98. Church hires alledged SO to work with children
  99. When Children Molest Children
  100. Poison: KGB men to face Litvinenko murder charges
  101. Dungeon rapist not guilty!
  102. BREAKING NEWS: Multiple Shooting Reported At Galleria-Area Apartment Complex
  103. Lucie Blackman family await murder verdict
  104. Massive Prison Riot right now
  105. Another twisted child offender
  106. Tina Watson (nee Thomas) Drowned 2003 on Australian Reef
  107. NY State Trooper shot & killed
  108. Teen Indicted In Suicide Attempt That Resulted In Driver's Death
  109. Sympathy For The Devil
  110. dad gets 35 years for rape of daughter
  111. Love, lies and murder
  112. Caregiver May Have Killed Three Babies
  113. Bizarre Soda Incident Leads To Lengthy jail Time
  114. Children's Book Writer In Hot Water Over Comments To 10 Year Old Girl
  115. Executions lag in Slater murder 25 years later
  116. dad kills 10week old for crying
  117. Man arrested after arranging for sex with 2 year old
  118. Student charged for writing violent essay
  119. 2 boys killed by mothers ex-boyfriend sad
  120. Did Natascha Kampusch's mother sell her into sex slavery?
  121. Sunday Breaking News: Mall Shooting in KC
  122. 4 dead after day of violence in Missouri
  123. Police arrest mugger of 101 woman
  124. Man arrested for putting his girlfriend in the dryer
  125. Megan's Law offender gets 31 years
  126. Man Accused Of Bizarre Vandalism
  127. 7 shot in north Florida, police say
  128. Woman Accused Of being A Vampire Lynched
  129. Singer Boy George Arrested Over Sex Kidnap Claims
  130. 10-Year-Old Disabled Girl Scalded to Death
  131. 1 year old left in car, dies
  132. Historian ID's Jack The Ripper
  133. Kenneth John Freeman caught
  134. Body Found Behind Elementary School
  135. Mom Drowns Baby, Dumps Corpse
  136. Woman Planned to Torture, Kill Neighbor
  137. Teacher tries to sell child's coat on E-Bay
  138. Police: Ohio Couple Put Son in Cage
  139. Fla. Deputy Suspended Over Rough Arrest
  140. AZ English Teacher Charged With 29 counts of sexual misconduct
  141. Leanne Paulsen - TV writer charged in wife's death
  142. Middle School Teacher Arrested, Accused Of Making Death Threat
  143. Music Teacher Makes 7-Year-Old Hit Himself in Head With Drum Mallots
  144. 14 year old survives stabbing on school bus
  145. Carlos 'The Jackal' To Face Trial In Paris
  146. Look guys It is not only pit bulls
  147. Mother accused of placing son in dog cage, making him wear shock collar
  148. Murderer Framed Two Men To Avoid Death Penalty
  149. Girl Stoned to Death
  150. Doctor To Face Child Porn Charges
  151. Baby Sitter, 20, Accused Of Abuse, Neglect
  152. Man, Step-daughter Try To Heal Old Wounds After False Molestation Charges
  153. 1 Boy Dead, 1 Hurt After Being Found In A Tub Full Of Cleaning Supplies
  154. Young father stabbed to death from road rage
  155. Sheriff: Louisiana Man Who Died Trying to Hide Murders Killed 3 Wives
  156. Oklahoma Man Accused of Trying to Sell Children on Net
  157. Teacher Accused Of Writing Love Letters To 12 Yr. Old Student
  158. Woman, 83, Forced to Smoke Crack in ID Scam
  159. Man acquitted of groping woman tried to shoot accuser in courtroom
  160. Hit and Run of 5 year old girl -can you identify the car?
  161. Dead Boy 7 Years Old, 30 Lbs.
  162. All bad cops shouldn't be on the streets
  163. Sex Offender Arrested, Charged In Kidnapping, Sexual Battery
  164. Man Held Wife and Sons Captive in Hidden Room in South Carolina Home
  165. Leesburg,FL Knife Fight Ends With Wife Dead, Husband Injured
  166. What Can I Do?
  167. Single mother and two daughters slain, Grayson, KY 5/9/07
  168. Mom lies about 2 year old son's kidnapping
  169. School Violence
  170. Incest accused begs for mercy
  171. IL - Guilty verdict in Brown's Chicken massacre, Palatine
  172. Sloatsburg courtroom shooting suspect charged with attempted murder
  173. Man not shot dead.
  174. HS rugby player dies, opponent charged
  175. NY. man dead, BOL for 1992 teal Ford pick-up truck New York plate # 35652JP
  176. New Hampshire; Police Officer shot in the line of duty
  177. Child raised like another Animal
  178. Boy, 1, died of injuries to belly-Jackson, Mississippi
  179. 19-month old suffocated - data on risks w/ mom's boyfriend
  180. AWFUL double murder in TN
  181. Man Who Admitted Killing Son Set Free
  182. Man Charged With Beating Burglary Suspect
  183. Nabbed! One of FBI's Ten Most Wanted Arrested in Canada
  184. Another angel lost to a evil stepmom & bio dad
  185. PA - Alec Krieder, Murderer of the Haines Family, Manheim Twp, 12 May 2007
  186. Shaken Baby Murders .... Or More Junk Science?
  187. 2 Bank Employees shot in Bessemer, AL
  188. AZ CPS worker dating abusive Dad
  189. teacher accused of taking a 9-year-old's photo in a restroom stall
  190. Japan Teen Beheads Mother
  191. Child kidnapper fights sex offender label
  192. Father Punished Kids With A Hot Frying Pan
  193. Teens Arrested In Alleged School Massacre Plot
  194. Mom of Molested Disabled Girl Gets Prison for Taking Money From Abuser
  195. Woman, Baby Found Stabbed
  196. Mason would have been 7 today....
  197. Illinois 8-Year-Old Finds Bag of Marijuana in McDonald's Happy Meal
  198. Teen burns his baby in Microwave
  199. Woman Gets Life For 1995 Child Abuse Death
  200. Japan: Dad dumps preschooler in box meant for unwanted newborns
  201. One-time Jet Ski Murder Suspect Died Of Meth Od
  202. Mother Defends Child Abuse Suspect
  203. Teacher Caught on Tape Beating Student
  204. Teens arrested for creating fake website
  205. Man charged with child abuse fights to keep his parental rights
  206. 9-Year-Old Charged With Poisoning Stepmom, Siblings
  207. Two Texas Deputies Shot & Killed Responding To Domestic Call
  208. Man Bites Boy, 3, All Over His Body To Warn Against Biting
  209. Man sentenced to 70 years for throwing 5-year-old into McDaniel Lake
  210. Kan. Man Guilty of Killing Social Worker
  211. Mother Not Guilty Of Lying In School Case
  212. Washington State Woman Who Drowned Daughter Gets 23 Years
  213. Woman Finds Pictures Of Daughter Being Molested By Grandparents
  214. Child Expert Charged With Murdering Her Son
  215. Bound Boys Daycare Death
  216. Sniper holed up in Idaho church shoots at least four
  217. Chilling Tales In Brutal Death
  218. Dad sought hit man to kill 7yo daughter, wife, mother-in-law
  219. Cops Investigate Nude Pics Of Nursing Home Residents
  220. Man questioned in AC deaths still not publicly named suspect
  221. Man Gets 24 Years in Prison for Posing as Dying Boy to Sexually Coerce Girls
  222. Mother, 7yo are slain by boys father
  223. CA - Woman Found Beaten on Lawn, Home Set on Fire, Anaheim
  224. Murdered wife tried to report abuse
  225. Death for Child Rapist
  226. Body found in Tahoe area *merged threads*
  227. Mother guilty of beating toddler to death
  228. Serial pedophile tries to castrate himself
  229. 4 youths charged with 'random' Lancaster County murder of Ray Diener
  230. Accused Molester Blames Sleepwalking
  231. Pervert is allowed to keep custody of child!
  232. Teen Girls Face Hate Crime Charges Against Gays
  233. Bodies unearthed at Stockton's former mental hospital
  234. New DNA Testing Done In 1977 Girl Scout Murder Case
  235. DA declines to prosecute college baseball team members accused of rape
  236. Wife loses lip after calling man short
  237. Warsaw man kills his wife and a service station owner.
  238. D.B Cooper still Alive? part 2 Merged
  239. Stepmom Accused In Boy's Death 22 Years Ago
  240. Mom Accused Of Using Stove To Discipline Kids
  241. Murderer Freed .. False Confession
  242. Meaghan Bosch - found dead in a portable toilet, drug overdose
  243. Sara jane Olson/Kathleen Solia
  244. Underage Girls Focus In Strip Club Investigation
  245. Teen Accused of Killing 4-Year-Old
  246. CrackHo Pimps Out 10yo Daughter
  247. Serial Rapist Gone For Good!
  248. Police: Man beat Iraq GI's son to death
  249. UK-Girls speak for first time of paedophile kidnap terror
  250. Boy Pepper-sprayed During Abduction Attempt