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  1. Baby dies in car outside Hallandale horse track
  2. Boy survives father's rampage by playing dead
  3. Mom plotted to drown her little boy?!
  4. Girl survives attack by playing dead
  5. Woman charged with starving quadriplegic brother to death
  6. Lady Teacher and female student.....
  7. Another wife murdered
  8. Woman Convicted of Cruelty Toward 230 Dogs
  9. You really aren't safe anywhere...
  10. 2 Salesmen Sentenced in Magazine Scheme
  11. Teen found with 20 bombs at school
  12. Child brings home School Library Book with gay Princes ~ sparks controversy
  13. U.S. chaplain charges dropped
  14. Pee-Wee Herman, registered sex offender
  15. Authorities say abuse case worst in memory
  16. Chester Miller 18 - starved to death
  17. A little on the light side...
  18. 4-year-old brings crack cocaine to school; police search for parents
  19. Mayor's son allegedly kills dog with bow and arrow
  20. Boy Sprinkles Marijuana on Classmate's Lasagne
  21. Operation Ore
  22. Another Pregnant Woman Murdered!!!
  23. Peterson placed in solitary confinement
  24. Story of Hedwig Braun in 4 parts
  25. Suspect in baby scalding cries at his own hearing.
  26. Husband turns home into prison for wife & kids
  27. Foster father accused of rape & pornography
  28. "Passion" movie brings MURDER admission... after coroner ruled it suicide
  29. Teens convicted in slaying of grandmother who opposed their relationship
  30. Attacker who set homeless man on fire gets 'probation'
  31. Man suspected of harming girlfriend kills himself after police chase; human head foun
  32. Waitress Applicants Videotaped Naked
  33. Pizza Man bank robber ruled homicide
  34. Shades of Scott ~ man gets 15 years for murdering wife - no body found!
  35. Teen mom faces murder charge of newborn, Brother is Father
  36. Man faces child porn/rape charges 6 foster boys in his care
  37. Teacher Bites Kid On Nose
  38. The death of Farah Khan ~ 5 years old
  39. Police find Cecelia Zhang's body :(
  40. Ohio woman says she faked daughter's cancer to keep husband from leaving
  41. More Bodies Wash Ashore...
  42. Another pregnant woman murdered!
  43. NBA Hall of Famer Calvin Murphy charged with molestation
  44. Teen killed by Kentucky cop charged posthumously with drug, weapons offences
  45. Teacher arrested in prank
  46. Girl arrested as accomplice to rape of friend
  47. Fire chief hacked up, wife missing
  48. 15 year old girl charged for posting pornography of herself.
  49. Man Pleads Guilty in Mistaken 'Rape Fantasy'
  50. MI - Woman, 4 children bound, gagged and beaten to death, Detroit, 2004
  51. CA - San Diego Shooting Spree
  52. Her Preganacy Was "Ruining" His Life (so he says!:(
  53. Mom accused of stripping for son’s pals sent to jail
  54. "Tigger" molests girl at Disney World
  55. Teacher charged with choking student with string
  56. Booze-loving mom has son, 12, blow into ignition-lock device
  57. Guitar Teacher's Photos of Nude Girls Seized
  58. Art piece made of dollar bills stolen
  59. Three Suspects Blow Themselves Up in Madrid
  60. Maine man charged with corpse abuse
  61. Police charge 99-year-old man with Murder
  62. CA - Thomas Friedman, wrongly imprisoned for 1979 Long Beach murder, is free
  63. Police say mom of 4 set fire to house, kills kids
  64. mummified remains possible missing woman, 29 years ago
  65. 13-year-old patient assaulted in hospital
  66. Another dead baby, another mother charged
  67. Deaf & Mute mother stands trial for attempting to kill her newborn ~ sad story.
  68. Dad gives would-be abductor a beating
  69. DNA clears Neil Bush
  70. 11 babies rescued from traffickers
  71. Jilted chef admits sawing off wife's head
  72. As he lay dying on a Detroit street, someone robbed him.
  73. WA - Freed Serial Child Molester Returns To Washington
  74. Flasher attacked by schoolgirls sentenced to 10-24 months in prison
  75. TV loving teen charged with kill mum plan
  76. Millionaire murder probe reopened after 14 years
  77. Child left in oven--Mentally Ill killer confesses
  78. Would you be mad if I killed Mommy?
  79. High school student caught on tape beating another boy on school bus
  80. Killer hides behind kids
  81. 5 children left motherless, lawsuit is still unpaid
  82. Ohio psychologist suspended over sex with 2 mentally retarded patients
  83. Mom Sentenced For Allowing Child To Eat Sibling's Vomit
  84. Mom charged: arranging to let Internet acquainance have sex with her 2 year old
  85. Report: L.A. County sheriff's deputies show trend of misconduct
  86. Toddler and 10-year-old fatally stabbed
  87. Priest allegedly tricked men into sexual ritual
  88. Couple charged with 88 counts ~ offered to babysit instead filmed sex abuse
  89. Court Rules for Shoplifter in 3-Strikes Case
  90. Mother admits killing third baby
  91. Sex predator is released after trying to lie his way to freedom
  92. Girl, 16, accused of hiring men to kill her parents
  93. Miss Savannah indicted for murder
  94. Police accused of brutalizing 71 year old woman
  95. 5 yr old found alive, bound and under tarp
  96. Cop says his accused rapist son is "a caring, sweet kid"
  97. Poor Little Puppy
  98. Discussion on Children who commit Heinous Crimes
  99. TX mom finds dead 6 yr old son in Oven
  100. Ex-teacher risks prison by contacting ex-student
  101. Door-to-Door magazine salesperson murdered
  102. Witchhunt victim freed after 20 years
  103. Female sex predator unhappy about move to men's facility ~ Must read!
  104. Woman accused of prostituting her daughter at age four
  105. A Fast Thinkin Wife
  106. Man Accused Of Drugging Women, Taking Illicit Photos
  107. 90yrs later man cleared, lost boy is home
  108. Good Samaritan badly beaten trying to help another man
  109. Judge admits to beating, sexually abusing teens
  110. NJ - Woman Convicted Of Grave-Robbing For Cult Rituals, Newark, 2004
  111. Teacher charged in sex assault of 6-year-old
  112. Parents of boy -19 weighing 45 pounds indicted
  113. Nurses Get Death For Allegedly Giving 400 Kids AIDS
  114. Sex offender arrested after handing out baby-sitting fliers
  115. Sex Slaves freed after 3 years of Captivity!
  116. Tennessee couple is charged with incest
  117. Lynching victim's grave marker vandalized
  118. Judge orders couple not to have children
  119. Man will be sentenced for abortion, assault though fetus survived
  120. Student Charged With Killing Unborn Sons
  121. Convicted Murderer of 4 at Blockbuster dies while awaiting appeal
  122. DNA clears, but still imprisoned
  123. U.S. reopens 1955 killing of black youth
  124. School bus driver accused of hitting girl
  125. Three Fla. Children Found Dead Under Bed
  126. Teen held in Virgin Mary smashing
  127. Dog is shot after threat by 'sniper'
  128. Must Read Article ~ Stalking the Bogeyman
  129. Boy, 6, fondled in Bronx store
  130. 4th Grade Teacher Ax Murdereress
  131. Remains Floating in Suitcases
  132. Teen charged in vehicular homicide
  133. Nun accused of threatening to whip students for not knowing songs
  134. Woman abused as foster child is arrested for severely beating daughter
  135. Teen arrested in slaying of young cousin; body found in trash bin
  136. Woman jailed for Net baby sale
  137. Minister Paroled in Wife's Murder
  138. Blood Spattered House a Mystery
  139. Sleep Study For Soldier Charged with Murder
  140. This is certainly scarey
  141. Random act of violence close to home
  142. Neighbors with bats, sticks capture suspected child predator
  143. Body Of Juilliard Student Found
  144. Mom had sought help 2 days before baby's brutal death
  145. Girl: Mom sold me to be 'wife'
  146. Officer uses Taser on 9 year old girl!
  147. Six students charged with harassment on Internet
  148. Dad who didn't put enough sunblock on son is charged
  149. 2 women charged in dog killing
  150. 13 year old school girl accused of pimping out retarded classmate
  151. Cops: Tutor taped kids in restroom
  152. 2 - 10 year olds perform $500,000 in vandalism in one afternoon
  153. 1 year old stabbed and killed at mall near Chicago
  154. Middle School investigated after 12year old downloads porn, chats to Perv
  155. Man could get life in Prison for beheading Dog
  156. Unborn baby cut from womb ~ stolen
  157. Dad accused of using stun gun on 5 year old girl
  158. Martha Stewart Sentencing Delayed
  159. Mo. Grandmother confesses to triple murders
  160. N.Y. man kills wife, 1 of 4 children
  161. 9-year-old missing from birthday party Later found sexually assaulted, beaten
  162. NY - Father, son face charges in separate sex crimes, Yonkers, 2004
  163. Police doctor raped young girls
  164. Be wary if someone says: "Hi, Grandma, this is your grandson"
  165. Police: Man decapitates grandmother, ex-girlfriend
  166. Body In Freezer, Husband Sought
  167. Boyfriend gets life for raping daughter of girlfriend
  168. Teacher's aide faces 96 student sex charges
  169. Couple Charged With Using Their Children to Record Child Pornography
  170. Woman Allegedly Uses Sick Daughter To Get Money For Drug Habit
  171. More Violence Against Women
  172. NYC Cop charged after spotted in sex act with child
  173. Ex-fighter charged in fatal beating/rape
  174. Man who raped daughter then she killed herself... remember?
  175. 3 officers murdered
  176. Homeless Man Set on Fire -Caught on Tape
  177. Police Report: Man Admits To Assaulting Baby
  178. Minneapolis boys swap bikes; dad ends up dead
  179. 3 Bound Bodies Wash Ashore
  180. Couple Accused Of Starving Girl
  181. Deputy convicted of ripping off Toys for Tots
  182. NV - Dad shoots mom, abducts 3 daughters after sexual abuse charges
  183. Another Rodney King?
  184. Man, 20, dies after cop puts high-tech hood over his head
  185. Btk
  186. man charged with 23rd DUI
  187. Lisa Steinbergs killer stepdad goes free this week.
  188. Hot for Teacher - What is wrong with people?
  189. Kitten torture case has kids facing felonies
  190. Foster parents charged with abuse
  191. Puppies Killed With Fireworks
  192. Student who faked abduction pleads guilty
  193. Baby Jessica rescuer convicted of child porn, explosives
  194. Ice cream man accused of impregnating girl, 9
  195. Man kills 6 and himself at plant
  196. OF COURSE!!! Man with revoked license kills 5, he walks away with minor injuries.
  197. Terms of Service & The Rules
  198. Violent Incurable Psychopath re-arrested 1 day after being released from prison
  199. Karla Homolka being released day of victims birthday
  200. CA - Ex-Con Allegedly Threatens San Diego Killing Spree, 2004
  201. Teen flees after gluing tracking device to cat
  202. Attempted Abductor Caught!
  203. Children made to dig own graves
  204. Arrest Warrant for Courtney Love
  205. Manís alleged sex crimes shock neighbors
  206. Swastika could have been a smile face ~ men charged in hate crime
  207. Man encouraged his three friends to rape his 3 1/2-year-old daughter
  208. Man Held In Kiddie Socks Robbery
  209. Death By Antifreeze
  210. 14-year-old Girl now a registered sex offender
  211. Mom & Boyfriend charged in horrific child abuse against baby
  212. Teen Mom put dead baby in fridge
  213. 3 Children Set On Fire
  214. age 10, he set cats on fire and threw them off buildings
  215. Man dies after sister-in-law serves him antifreeze cocktail
  216. 9 year old girl set ablaze at park
  217. DENTIST leaves own child in car... child dies
  218. Pitbull kills baby. WILL PEOPLE EVER LEARN????
  219. Teen charged with murder of 10 year old. Put him in dryer and turned it on.
  220. NHL player pleads guilty to murder plot.
  221. Claim: Airport cop used surveillance cameras to ogle women
  222. Wrongly Convicted?
  223. Interstate mystery
  224. Update on murder of 7 yo (found in well)
  225. Cecelia Zhang
  226. Princess Di's ex lover busted
  227. Accused Killer Fried, Ate Victim
  228. Man arrested in missing 16 yr old- no body found
  229. Intruder arrested at David, Victoria Beckham's home
  230. Family Friend allegedly stabs toddler
  231. Cop arrested for allegedly fencing stolen goods via eBay
  232. ONE day after judge finds woman a "FIT" mother, she arrives with dead newborn
  233. Houston Mom & 6 year old child attacked with Acid
  234. Carjacking Claim Leads to Child Sex Crime Arrests
  235. Teacher of Year kills daughter and self
  236. Ellie Nesler's Son Wanted for Murder
  237. interesting sites
  238. Hit Men Forced Victim To Drink Acid
  239. Couple charged with making Child Porn of their own children
  240. 7 year old Rapist, sparks lawsuit
  241. Another baby in vehicle, another death
  242. Support Carole Sund By Watching This Fri.
  243. 2 Teenage Girls kill Grandparents
  244. Letourneau released, Fualaau seeks contact
  245. Boys allegedly tried to drown puppy before grilling
  246. Man attacks kindergarteners with knife
  247. Autism-Mercury link appears to be established
  248. FURIOUS Joel Steinberg EVICTED from halfway house
  249. Woman found in car trunk
  250. Man kills both his children, gets 6 years prison