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  1. Baby killer Caught!!!
  2. Man rapes and murders his own daughter
  3. Wa; Man chooses his dog over nude girlfriend. Woman charged with assault
  4. Modesto, Ca;Criminal Justice Co-Eds to Investigate Chandra Levy Murder
  5. Ex-Police Chief Competent to Stand Trial for Ex-Wife's 2004 Murder
  6. Text Messaging Blamed In Deadly Hit And Run
  7. Too close to home...convict shot.
  8. Man Accused Of Setting Fire That Killed Pregnant Daughter, Her Family
  9. Foster Teens Charged in Double Homicide
  10. Family Of 6 Arrested At Mall After Fight Prompted By Saggy Pants
  11. Myspace Video Leads To Student's Arrest
  12. Mother leaves 8 children to go to Africa to wed
  13. Librarian Checked Sex Offender Registry
  14. Father and son accused of attacking pizza delivery driver
  15. Toddler Tortured with Hot Oil and Hair Dryer
  16. Teen Charged in Bizarre Missing Dog Case
  17. 12 year old charged with murdering toddler
  18. Vermont; 9-year-old girl used as sex slave
  19. Man kills then filets and cooks girlfriend
  20. D.B. Cooper still Alive? Part 3...
  21. Umatilla Fire Chief Emails Crash Victim Photo
  22. Man Arrested In Toddler Beating
  23. Dead body out in front of my work!
  24. Another CAS?? Please read!!!
  25. Love triangle ends with cheerleader's death
  26. Boulder kidnap victim stalked
  27. Vermont; Woman arrested for sexually assaulting teen and she got pregnant
  28. Small girls killed in some sort of ritual.
  29. 911 Call Released In Largo Slayings
  30. AL - Lam Luong throws his 4 children off of Dauphin Island Bridge - 2008
  31. Pair wheels dead man to store to cash his Social Security check, police say
  32. Mother kills daughter/self
  33. Marshals serving eviction notice find 4 bodies
  34. Mom Charged with Killing Baby
  35. Woman shoots boyfriend/intruder all caught on 911 - LISTEN
  36. Two teens charged in deputies murder in deliberate crash
  37. 6-year-old treated for life threatening condition after being abused by godmother
  38. Man Kidnaps, Assaults 6-Year-Old Girl
  39. Man kills 4 month old daughter on Christmas Day because he wanted a son
  40. 10 yr. old rapes 7 yr. old
  41. OJ's Bond Has Been Revoked.
  42. Internet sexual predator uses his real name to prey on young girls....again!
  43. Mason, OH---Couple stabbed, mother & kids die in house fire
  44. Dead woman was victim of homicide, sheriff says
  45. Dad unleashes eye-for-eye wrath after girl's rape *merged*
  46. Teacher Gets Two Months For Felony Sex Charge
  47. Resident In State Hospital Assaulted By Convicted Sex Offender
  48. Man intentionally causes crash/flee's scene
  49. Women Who've Murdered Their Husbands: A Comprehensive List Compiled by Our Sleuthers
  50. Vt; 18-year-old girl gets 60 day sentence for killing friend in crash
  51. 10th DUI for 75 year old man
  52. Mom Burned 7 Year Old in Oven!
  53. Megachurch Leader Charged with Perjury
  54. Man agrees to plea deal in child abuse case
  55. Veillette Family, Mason Oh-wife & 4 Kids Killed By Dad *merged*
  56. Man Abducts Girl From School In Centreville
  57. German backpacker had 2,000 porn items
  58. 2 moms and 2 babies killed, INDY
  59. A far cry from breaking windows and skipping school
  60. Father arrested for forcing son to wear Packers jersey
  61. Deputies arrest man after finding cocaine rocks between his buttocks
  62. A Digital Delima In Child Porn Case
  63. Reclusive Man Gets Over Three Years For Child Porn
  64. Mother Arrested For Child Desertion at Local Casino Hotel
  65. Ex Boyfriend Denied Bail Assaulting Two Year Old
  66. Sentenced to 325 years in child porn case
  67. Atlanta, Georgia; Man Shot At Strip Mall In S.W. Atlanta 1/17/08
  68. Madyson Bogard 4 YO: Beaten To Death-Colorado Springs
  69. Baby sitter charged with murder in toddler's sleeping bag death
  70. Man caught digging grave-search on for victim
  71. 4-Year-Old Mauled By Pit Bull
  72. Woman accused of killing 87-year-old mother
  73. Magician accused of kidnapping 9-year-old girl from school
  74. Man throws 2 year old off bridge to his death
  75. Infamous "Hyde Park Rapist" Moves Into Melbourne Neighborhood
  76. Woman Kills Self, 2 Kids, By Walking Into Interstate Traffic
  77. S.D Lawmaker Gets 44 Yrs For Raping Daughters In A Egg Donor Scam
  78. Mom Murders Children in the 50's or 60's?
  79. 14 year old rapes dog
  80. Child abuse case leads to murder suspects
  81. FBI - WANTED criminals Jan 19 2008
  82. Inmate's freedom may hinge on secret kept for 26 years.
  83. Utah "Mom" admits to sex acts with teen boys
  84. Texas Mayor Could Lose Her Job Over Stolen Shih Tzu
  85. Photos Of Teen Water Polo Players Posted On Gay Porn Websites
  86. Man sexually abused 4 month old baby and 6 year old, sent photos on Internet
  87. Officer Beats Man Handcuffed And Shackled To Wheelchair
  88. Gunman In Pam Smart Case Says He's Changed, Wants Sentence Reduction
  89. Woman mauled by family pitt bull.
  90. The Capote Awards at In Cold Blog
  91. Woman killed by husband who got out of jail during Christmas rush
  92. Woman kills husband and two children
  93. Schizophrenic man cuts people with chainsaw and knife
  94. not sure where to put this...
  95. Man With Maggots in Eye, Bed Sores Dies
  96. Family dog kills 6-week-old baby
  97. Mom's boyfriend guilty in boy's death
  98. Mom Accused In Baby Death Faced Financial Strain
  99. PTA Mom Underage Has Sex Drinking Pot Parties
  100. Murder conviction tossed; man freed after 9 years in jail
  101. Abandoned baby, mom murdered by own uncle/babies father
  102. Two women, 4 children killed in Ohio arson
  103. Busta Rhymes Gets Off Easy
  104. Ohio Nurse Jailed for Rape Of Elderly
  105. Family dog kills 8 month old baby
  106. Man gets 10 - 20 for Child Sex Case
  107. Former golf Club Employees Accused of Cooking, Eating Dog
  108. Woman Gets Max. Prison Term For Laughing About Victim's Death
  109. MAN BEATEN IN JAIL SEEKS 47 Million Dollars
  110. 'I decided to die like a man'
  111. Would-Be Hijacker Targets 'Montana' Concert
  112. Romanian pickpocket gangs
  113. Women save wife from beating death...
  114. Man charged in wife's machete slaying
  115. Investigators Looking For Adults In Photos Of Child Porn
  116. Dirty Things Afoot at the CleanFlicks Store
  117. Porn Pix Of High-schoolers Sent Over The U.s.
  118. The Murder of Lori DeKleine
  119. 10 month old in critical condition, mom to blame
  120. "i Popped Her In The Face" Father Tells Cops Of Murdered Baby
  121. New Man Arrested for 24-year-old Murder Case
  122. Jury forewoman: Woman convicted of murder had a story that didn't make sense
  123. Six Months Jail Time for Man Accused of Video Taping Naked Girls
  124. New Developments in Boulder, CO Cold Case -- No, Not THAT one...
  125. Scarred by abuse, she says police failed her
  126. Texas fugitive, murder suspect arrested in Mexico
  127. Wanted: Someone to kill my boyfriend's wife
  128. More Dog Fighting
  129. Colchester, VT Police Officer Fired
  130. Teacher Arrested For Forcing Pupils To Undress At Knifepoint, Steals Their Underwear
  131. My Crime Space Myspace Crimes site
  132. Carjacker Leaves Baby Boy Dead, Mom Injured
  133. Wife's body in freezer
  134. Boys arrested over film of girl, 11, in sex act
  135. Stabbed to death in row with neighbours
  136. TX Kindergartner Accused 2 Female Classmates Of Sex Assault
  137. Husband poisoned wth antifreeze by wife
  138. Mom Leaves Country To Get Married Leaves Six Kids Home Alone
  139. Twenty Year Old Sexually Assaults Twelve Year Old From Mocospace
  140. Girl, 15, filmed herself trying to kill parents
  141. Grandma Locks Boy, 10, In Dog Crate, Claims He Poisoned Her
  142. Mom Changes Story After 2-Year-Old Dies from Burns
  143. Deputies: Mom Admits to Brutally Beating Infant Son
  144. DNA leads police to snack thief in st. Albans, VT
  145. Poker After Dark With a Predator
  146. Man Arrested For Spree of Home Invasions
  147. Kari Nunemaker Case - Elkhart, Indiana
  148. Charles Starkweather - 50 Years Later
  149. A MD assault and attempted abduction
  150. Two NY police detectives were arrested for forcing 13 yo to prostitute
  151. Boy, 12, rapes seven-year-old girl
  152. Men sexually assault 3 month old
  153. Level 3 sex offender assaults child in library
  154. Mini-Horses Attacked in their Lubbock Stable, 1 Killed
  155. Holy Matrimony! 1 Woman, 5 Husbands!!
  156. 7-Year-Old Student Found Hanging On Coat Hook
  157. 4th Grade Teacher Accused Of Terrorizing Own School
  158. Man Attacks Hiking Couple With Bat
  159. Undercover Video Shows Kids Getting Access To Adult Toys
  160. First I heard of This..
  161. 14 Yr Old Stabbed 7 Times In School Hallway
  162. Taxi Rage!
  163. Mutilated Body of Abandoned Newborn Found Near Dog Kennel
  164. Russian Model/Bodyguard Killed In Carjacking
  165. justice for joel
  166. Deputies Arrest Suspect in Slaying of N.C. Central Student
  167. OJ Simpson wants charges dropped in robbery case
  168. Burglar gets $100K haul from CBS's Leslie Stahl
  169. DNA solves 1976 rape and murder of 16 yr old girl
  170. Loophole keeps prosecutors from charging pharmacist with rape
  171. 28 Weeks Pregnant Woman Shot Dead
  172. Texas Father Admits to Killing His Son
  173. 15 yo murders four family members, Maryland 02/01/2008
  174. Satan did it, not me!
  175. Obscenity citation to ABERCROMBIE & FITCH manager...
  176. Another Son Allegedly Kills His Parents in Loganville, GA
  177. Three Month Old Baby Found In Apartment Moving Child Porn
  178. Couple arrested on child cruelty charges.
  179. Summerfield Il Jane Doe Id'd After Over 20 Years!
  180. Teens steal Girl Scout money; sorry they got caught
  181. Man kills stepmom and half sister, commits necrophilia
  182. Five years later, still no answers in Greenblatt murder
  183. Woman Puts Seatbelt on Case of Beer but not Baby
  184. Preg. Woman Killed over electric bill
  185. Woman Accused Of Giving Infant Meth And Ecstasy
  186. Stephen Grant & Jennifer Kukla love notes?
  187. Baby's Body Found In Ditch
  188. Same gas station clerk robbed twice in one night
  189. WV Mom Kills Daughter's Abusive Boyfriend
  190. Toddler's death ruled accidental
  191. Police officer sells photos to punish ex
  192. Man rapes, kidnaps girl, flees to Mexico
  193. Cops: Boy 10, Used Pellet Gun To Rob 6 Yr Old Of Pokemon Cards
  194. Heroin Ring Found In Ohio High School
  195. Pedophile teacher says today's students are "tremendous temptation"
  196. Busch beer buckled in but not the baby in the back seat
  197. Officers Shoot Sexual Predator
  198. Teacher Shot, Stabbed By Husband At Ohio School
  199. Cops: Massachusetts Teen Kills His Therapist
  200. Prosecutors: Defendent Used Steak Sauce To Cover Up Murder
  201. Need help finding hit in run in CA
  202. SWAT Officer, 4 Others Die In LA Standoff
  203. Driver Assaulted After Marta Bus Hits Boy
  204. Box Truck Crashes into 3 Motorcycle Cops
  205. Heidi Fleiss Arrested in Nevada
  206. Mass Shooting at a Kirkwood, Mo. council meeting
  207. Woman wounds pilots on New Zealand plane
  208. Murder for hire
  209. Shooting at Louisianna Tech College
  210. Dad Circumsises Sons With Utility Knife
  211. Birthday Present from Mom, Pot and Beer
  212. 80 YO Man shoots sisters boyfriend
  213. One of Jena 6 Arrested Again
  214. GA Officer Suspended For Mailing "Homewrecker" Fliers
  215. Murder suspect fires fifth attorney
  216. Fired Colchester Cop Withdraws Appeal
  217. Gun Laws too Lax?
  218. Vermont State Police Bust Another Suspect With Dangerous Drug
  219. Yet Another Convicted Sex Offender Arrested On Child Porn Charges
  220. A Picture Really Can Speak Volumes
  221. Rapist Convicted Because 11 year old Watched CSI.
  222. New Suspect Charged In 1992 Rape/Murder Of A 3 Year Old
  223. Don't Let This Guy Babysit The Kids
  224. Pompano Beach Man Busted
  225. Crime lab technician gets 45 years for stealing cocaine
  226. Man hid wife in drum for 23 years
  227. 19 yo Found Guilty of Double Murder...
  228. Man gets 18 years in prison for beating girlfriend to death
  229. Lawyer Charged With Assault After Shaking Prosecutors Hand "Too Hard"
  230. Couple Arrested in Arkansas for Death of Niece 8 Years Ago
  231. Former husband sought in slaying of Medfield woman
  232. Baby Twins Bashed.
  233. Police in Wash. Take on Scalp Mystery
  234. Man Charged With Sex Assualt After Convincing Victim He Was A Werewolf/Vampire
  235. 40 yo impregnates girlfriends 10 yr old daughter
  236. "Catch him, kill him"
  237. Man pleads guilty in death of girlfriends infant
  238. 7 dead, 5 wounded
  239. Missing 4 yr old boy found dead - cousin charged
  240. Deputy dumps man in wheelchair on the ground
  241. Mummified Body Found in Cottage Bathtub
  242. DNA solves another cold case from 1983
  243. Evidence for trial: autopsy results, 911 tape and a Myspace page
  244. Carnival Cruise Slavery Complaint
  245. Mother charged with feeding sons rat poison
  246. Sex Offender Arrested 4 Days After Release From Prison
  247. 'Shame of being single mum'
  248. AR day care 'teacher' caught on tape raping 4 yr old
  249. If I were in charge, I'd outlaw duct tape in classrooms
  250. Six month old found dead in car seat.