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  1. British Businessman Tried To Rent Oven At Pet Crematorium After Wife Disappeared
  2. Australia - Father accused of tossing daughter off bridge
  3. Former CIA Official under investigation for rape in Algeria
  4. Australian Throws Daughter Off Bridge to Death, Police Say
  5. Ohio Family of Four Found Dead in Apparent Murder-Suicide
  6. Police: Illinois Teacher Claims to Have Molested 75 Boys
  7. Man Killed 6 Pets Execution-style With His 6 Kids Watching
  8. Three kids killed in police pursuit crash-14 yo driving
  9. An Ohio Family Victims of Apparent Murder-Suicide (sadly again)
  10. Mom confesses to murder-
  11. Sister beats Bride, looses 911 job
  12. 4 Children Left Alone for Days After Parents Die in Apparent Murder-Suicide
  13. MO - Thai National Busted In Cyber Sex Sting In Missouri:
  14. Athens, Ga man held in shooting deaths of his 3 siblings
  15. Phelps acknowledges photo using pot pipe
  16. GA - Joyce Hutchinson, body found in Walmart parking lot, Albany, Lee County, 2009
  17. Grim Twist in í85 Atlanta Rape Case
  18. Woman Fractured Skull Of 1-Month-Old
  19. A Slap & 'This Ain't No Piccadilly' Get GA Teacher Arrested
  20. Did Sid Vicious Really Kill Nancy???
  21. Alleged Kiddie Rapist Told Little Girl He Would Kill Her If She Told:
  22. PA - Philadelphia Second-Graders Caught With Heroin in School
  23. New Leads in the Tylenol Murders
  24. Coroner: Death of boy, 10, at Ill. school suicide
  25. Sex offender arrested for violating parole on MySpace
  26. Couple Set Exotic Dancer on Fire, Tarzana, Ca.
  27. 6 y/o Denise Anderson shot in the head by father
  28. Infant found dead in trunk during drug raid
  29. 'Mom cooks me in the oven like a turkey'
  30. Woman Hit By Train In Struggle With Rapist
  31. Medical board revokes license of abortion doctor
  32. Husband faces manslaughter charge in shooting
  33. Woman Convicted Of Murder In Beating Death Of Teen Who Sent Text Mess. To The Wrong #
  34. WI-18 y/o student charged with blackmailing students into sex acts using Facebook
  35. Alleged "Domestic Dispute" between Chris Brown & Rihanna - cancels Grammy performance
  36. Utah killer kills on Feb 9th, 2006 and 2008
  37. Woman accused of killing grandmother, aunt's boyfriend
  38. Glass Artist Killed in Portland, Oregon
  39. Friends: Professor loved son charged in beating
  40. Mexico - Two Soldiers Being Held In A Mexican Jail For Attacking Two Prostitutes:
  41. Fox News Producer Busted (2nd time) for Kiddie Porn
  42. PA - judges accused of jailing kids for cash
  43. DNA from dead man solves 1984 Halloween murders
  44. Australian man charged over deadly bushfires
  45. Attorney shoots self twice, killed wife in 1989
  46. Head-on-beach murderer convicted
  47. 2009.02.05 Update: Florida Clinic Threw Out Live Baby July 2006
  48. Husband Left Wife on Floor for 10 Weeks Before She Died, Police Say
  49. Firefighter Responding to Emergency Call Finds Wife Dead
  50. Body of missing exec found near Duluth, GA
  51. Teen kept in bathroom, beaten for years
  52. Manhunt under way for suspect after he murders 3 in Oklahoma
  53. FL - Teen kept in bathroom, beaten by adoptive mother and boyfriend
  54. Boy's Essay Leads To Dad's Child Abuse Charge
  55. Teenage Girl Found Dead in Ft. Lewis Barracks (Tacoma)
  56. Justice Served:1/15/2009 for Rebecca Suzanne Howell
  57. Robbers have the tables turned on them...
  58. St Augustine FL Cat shot through legs with arrow (survived) perps sought
  59. FL - Woman injected foul liquid into baby food at supermarket, Tamarac
  60. Dr. Eugenia "Jeanne" Calle, a prominent 57-year-old cancer researcher MURDRED
  61. Judge ups bail for Houston woman facing child porn charges
  62. 48 Hour Series Live To Tell Tonight
  63. DOJ Releases Image of Child Pornographer
  64. Monroe MI: Alledge Murder/Suicide Hits close to home.
  65. Attempted Child Kidnapper Arresteed 2/21/2009
  66. Mother In Missouri Charged With Molesting Son:
  67. Soldier Charged With Murder Of Fellow Soldiers Wife:
  68. Jailing Kids For Cash Scandal
  69. Jail Break in MS, 8 on the run
  70. PA - 11-Year-Old Kills Dad's Pregnant Girlfriend, Goes to School, Wampum
  71. FBI recovers 48 juveniles in prostitution raid
  72. 16 yr old Female Pimps Charged
  73. Boy 11, Arson and 3 home burglaries
  74. I guess daycare workers tape mouths shut too....
  75. South Dade dad fatally shoots wife, 2 kids and himself 2-25-09
  76. Miami dad kills wife, 2 daughters and himself; teen son escapes
  77. FEMALE CONVICTED PEDOPHILE allegedly swaps children for COCKATOO?
  78. Two 16 Year Old Girls Pimp Out Class Mates!!
  79. Alleged cat torturer accused of cutting off tails
  80. 130 Possible Deaths Tied to Suicide Group
  81. Man Says Wife Shot Herself After Shooting Him
  82. 16-year-old Penhold girl allegedly kidnapped, sexually assaulted in Alberta
  83. Facebook group targets alleged abductor
  84. IL - Murder/suicide in Wilmette by convicted wife-killer
  85. Woman tries to drown baby at party, LE find corpse at her home!
  86. Mother killed in Antioch home; 3- and 6-year-old unharmed
  87. NY - Robert Golub admits to murder of Kelly Ann Tinyes, 13, 1989, Suffolk County
  88. 15 face charges over murder probe
  89. FL - Teacher MAY Lose Job Over Lewd Comments To Student(s)
  90. LI murder gets new look 20 years later
  91. Catch Willie Phillips
  92. 13 Year Old Boy Shoots and Kills 10 Year Old Relative
  93. 13 yr old murders brother to gain control of drug business
  94. Deputy Charged with Assaulting a Prisoner. Beating of 15 yr old girl caught on tape
  95. Bond hearing held for parents of dead toddler
  96. We do charge people without bodies !!
  97. Metro Atlanta: Handgun at school, 2 boys arrested
  98. OH - "Red Cloth" Shooter/mystery, Ohio
  99. Another car explosion, Memphis, TN
  100. Woman Charged With Disrupting Funeral, Hitting Body
  101. Boy, 12, Arrested In Shooting Death Of Mom In Morrison
  102. Mich. boy, 12, killed by gun being cleaned by dad
  103. OH - Stepfather Shoots Mother and Five Children, Five Dead, Cleveland, 2009
  104. 2 Different Men 2 Different Veh. Annoy. Children - CA
  105. Speeder found in stolen car with stolen items, "hot" dog
  106. IL - Brian and Angela Charles Found Dead, 2 year old alive in crib
  107. 2 Female Teachers Charged With Having Sex With 13 Year Old Boy
  108. CA - L.A. - Woman found murdered after anonymous fax
  109. Child Abuse soars-Tied into failing Economy
  110. Pastor Shot and Killed During Church Service
  111. Teacher sent pornographic images
  112. Repeat Sex Offender charged with killing Teen Girl in Ohio.
  113. Authorities Need Help Locating Man Who Shot Highway Patrol Trooper:
  114. Sisters Missing in Philadelphia
  115. MS - Murder victim Donna Slater was wheelchair bound
  116. Pizza delivery man robbed, shoots attacker during struggle
  117. At Least Nine People Killed in Townwide Shooting Spree Alabama
  118. Stepmother charged in toddler's death
  119. Germany - School Shooter, Kills at least 15 or more...
  120. SC - 1 shot at Rock Hill real estate office
  121. Gretzky's Former Boss Pocklington Charged
  122. Mission [Texas] P.D. searches for alleged child rapist LOOK AT PHOTO
  123. Mother and Three Children Found Death In Catawba Co Home
  124. 13yr old Alycia Nipp: Sex offender kills teen while under GPS monitoring
  125. Howard k stern rx charges
  126. Child killer Raymond Guay Jr. freed in NH :( :(
  127. Police Hope To Link Murder Suspect To Unsolved Slayings
  128. Recruited at age 13 to kill!
  129. 14 Month Old Beaten for Not Eating and Being Disrespectful
  130. Murder Charges Filed In Joplin's Toddlers Death:
  131. Republic Man Murders Ex-Wife...Leaves Her Body On Lawn
  132. Man threatens teenager into prostitution ring, and possibly also a 12 year old..
  133. Police: "Horrible" What Couple Did to Children on Camera
  134. Browns WR Stallworth hits, kills Fla. pedestrian
  135. Lindsay Lohan-Arrest Warrant issued and Big Fight at Sam's House
  136. Man Kills Four At Miami Family Gathering
  137. One Year-old Boy Dies After Shaking, Beating
  138. Toddler beaten severelyfor not eating; Motherís live-in boyfriend arrested
  139. Inmate Murdered After Put in Cell With Killer He Testified Against
  140. Help Texas police nab a convicted child killer on the run
  141. UK - Jeremy Bamber-Murderer or Wrongfully Convicted of Murdering his Entire Family?
  142. Parents arrested for child endangerment
  143. MA - abduction/attempted abduction. Amherst, 2009
  144. Is This A Recent Photo Of Trenton Duckett?
  145. Iowa man accused in murder-for-hire of sex abuse victims to appear in court
  146. UK man has murder conviction overturned
  147. Deputies: Woman Ran Over Boyfriend On I-4 After Fight
  148. Mother Gives Birth and Then Abandons Baby on Airplane?
  149. Melvin Levine, renowned pediatrician and pedophile*found deceased*
  150. Baby found in dryer
  151. Police find toddler wondering alone, meth in home and snakes
  152. California police: Four officers shot in Oakland
  153. Teens Torture; Set Cat on Fire
  154. Missouri Man Allegedly Killed Pregnant Wife And 9 Month-Old With Sword:
  155. WABC Radio Host George Weber Found Stabbed to Death
  156. Missouri Teacher Charged For Inappropriate Behavior With Student:
  157. Accused child rapist could get custody of child he molested
  158. Man in CA tries to kidnap 2 girls from library
  159. Naples, Florida teen shot in attempted burglary
  160. CA - Michael Lamb gets prison in child-support case
  161. Teen kidnapped, beaten, locked in trunk
  162. No parole for (Roy Norris) killer of 5
  163. Judge Saves Woman From a Beating
  164. Stalker Arrested At ABC Dancing With The Stars Studio
  165. Baby Left in Car Overnight in Texas Found Dead
  166. Iowa Members be AWARE!!!!
  167. NJ girl, 14, arrested after posting nude pics
  168. Former 4-H Worker Admits to Molesting Even More Children
  169. Warning, Very Disturbing! Puppy Tortured
  170. Sham Wow guy arrested for battering hooker
  171. Woman beaten for 12 minutes and ignored...
  172. Brother stabs 3 sisters kills two.
  173. 18 month old Child Was Stepped On Before She Died
  174. Daniel Acker 30 yrs of pedother article - finally caught
  175. 6 killed in home shooting in Santa Clara, Calif.
  176. Brother kills siblings
  177. Man Accused Of Abusing Baby Has Criminal History
  178. Hit-and-run driver note 'full of remorse'
  179. Grandma locks child in closet for days at a time
  180. Mom drugged daughter so she'd get pregnant
  181. Suicides or Serial Killer Victim's? Three Utah bodies found in burning cars
  182. Previously unpublished photos of the MLK assassination
  183. 4 People Shot, 41 Hostages Taken at Immigration Center in Upstate New York
  184. Mother Stabs 2 yr. old Toddler with scissors
  185. Human body parts found in religious temple
  186. SC man's corpse was apparently cut to fit coffin
  187. Teen mother held without bail in murder of 1-year-old son
  188. Police: Five Children, Their Father Found Dead in Washington State
  189. Linda Louise Crowe
  190. Autopsy: Orland Park toddler was murdered
  191. Pittsburgh Surgeon AGNEW shot by X-wife
  192. Mom kills son, then self at Casselberry shooting range
  193. Woman With Slit Throat Walks Out Of Woods
  194. Questions surround baby's drowning death
  195. Man Jailed After Attempting to Beat Demon From Son
  196. Children's author, K.P. Bath, pleads guilty in porn case
  197. Baby Left in Car While Mother Worked Dies
  198. Woman Repeatedly Run Over, Killed During Gas Theft
  199. 4 dead in Alabama home.
  200. Attempted Rape in Rockville, MD
  201. FL murder/suicide -mom kills son, self at firing range
  202. Ala. man kills wife, 3 others, self
  203. Stranger tries to abduct 5-year-old boy at Pike Place Market
  204. Senior citizen shoots 4, kills 1 at church retreat
  205. 2009.04.09 Angel Pitcher Adenhart Killed in hit and Run this morning
  206. Vandals Cut Fiber Lines; State Of Emergency Declared
  207. Child Charged in Slide Tampering
  208. Gettysburgh college senior charge with murder
  209. Gunman on Campus in Dearborn, MI
  210. Man charged exposing,fondling himself to students school buses
  211. Cops: Sunday school teacher held in girl's death
  212. 3 dead after a New Orleans Home Invasion-Suspects on the loose
  213. Teenager Accused of Setting Up Rape And Beating Of 89 Year Old
  214. Dead Baby Found in 14-Year-Old's Bedroom
  215. Police Kill Woman With Toddler in Car During Pursuit
  216. 2 Children, Woman Dead in Dramatic Louisiana Home Invasion
  217. Couple On Trial for Being Too Drunk to Notice SIDS
  218. Student Killed In Love Triangle Involving Teacher
  219. Man receives unprecedented prison sentence for child porn
  220. Baby Exposed To Meth, Rushed To Hospital
  221. Baby Has Broken Arm; Mom Under Investigation
  222. Alleged Abused Baby Suffers Submersion Burns
  223. Domino's Pizza: Workers Who Videotaped Themselves Passing Gas on Food Face Arrest
  224. Shooting Reported at Long Beach Hospital
  225. FL - Escaped Inmates are Suspects in Woman's Murder, Putnam County, 2009
  226. Miss. woman gets shot in head, makes tea
  227. OK - Tulsa Man Busted In Online Sex Sting
  228. 5 Found Dead Inside Frederick, Maryland Home
  229. Mom Kills Daughter and Fetus
  230. White Hall child beaten to death - (mother met online and moved in Monday)
  231. Murder-Suicide. Family of five found dead
  232. 5 children dead after car is swept away in Texas storms (driver drunk and on cell )
  233. Angry Woman Taped Dog To Fridge ***Dog is Okay**
  234. Teen, Boyfriend Arrested in Slaying of Teen's Mother
  235. Slumdog Millionaire Kid Star Reportedly Put Up for Sale by Father
  236. Missouri Attorney Married To A Judge Charged With Sexual Misconduct:
  237. Supreme Court To Decide If Prosecutors Can Be Sued
  238. FL - Woman arrested with gun at school, Gulf Breeze, 2009
  239. 14 Children die of abuse and neglect while being investigated by CPS
  240. 12-year-old charged with capital murder in toddler's death
  241. Mother Makes 2 Daughters Get Out Of Car & Drives Away
  242. 9-year-old quadriplegic found dead in storage unit
  243. Glen Burnie Teen Charged With Killing Mom
  244. Breaking News, St. Louis MO: Crime Scene/Dig happening all day 4/23/09
  245. TX - $270k, House, and car seized after finding 2 kilos of cocaine
  246. Bronx School Evacuated
  247. Murder-Suicide leaves two dead in N.C.
  248. CA - Warning: San Diego Violent Predator - Matthew Hedge Released!
  249. Body of 3-year-old girl found in Passaic River
  250. GA - George Zinkhan, UG Professor Sought in Three Shootings, April 2009