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  1. Mother convicted of raping 8 yr old daughter
  2. Mom Exonerated After 13 Years in Prison
  3. Peeping Tom Arrested After Hiding Under North Carolina Man's Bed
  4. Campus Shooting at NIU (Northern Illinois University) - DeKalb, IL
  5. (Drunk) Pregnant woman arrest after bar fight
  6. Woman gets 6 years for punching 2 year old
  7. ALERT: New Video Could Help Solve Two PBC Murders
  8. Girl, 11, Finds Dad Murdered With Corkscrew In Head
  9. RSO posts bond for strangers in exchange for sex
  10. 'Suicide Town'
  11. Sibling Love
  12. Woman Injured In Violent Slashing Attack On Trolley
  13. Totally senseless deaths; Drag Race Tragedy Kills 7 in Maryland
  14. 11 Year Old Survivor of Murder Suicide
  15. Vile paedophile films rapes
  16. Portland Rapper Shot Dead In Houston Motel
  17. Bristol Police Warn Residents of Sex Offender
  18. Armed Shoplifter in Williston
  19. Alleged GA Child Molester Flees With 4 Yr Old Daughter
  20. Dad Kills Daughter After She Text-Messages Boy
  21. Brother 22 Kills Younger Brother 12
  22. Diocese says priest accused of molesting kids is HIV positive
  23. Woman Pimps A Child To Pay Her Rent
  24. This Horrid Priest Defrocked
  25. Woman Caught Beating Grandson
  26. TX Youth Minister Arrested After He Admits To Slaying As A Teen
  27. Woman killed after cops tell her to stop calling
  28. NJ Teacher Arrested For Allegedly Sending Lewd Pics To Student Via Cell Phone
  29. Man accused of molesting children while mom is on smoke break
  30. Missing woman's body found in illegally parked car
  31. Intoxicated Man Sits On Grandson, 2 Months Old, Killing Him
  32. Caught on Tape: Cop's Vicious Beating of Female Inmate Sends Her to Hospital
  33. St. Albans teen to face charges in fatal crash
  34. Convicted Child Killer Lionel Tate In Trouble Again
  35. Sex Offender Poses As Teen, Takes 14 Yr Old To School Dance
  36. Suicide Of Pedophile The Good And Bad News
  37. Grandmom Murdered With Hatchet And Prostitute Shot
  38. Second man freed by judge held on sex charge
  39. Mom Charged With Child Neglect After "Going On Strike" From Caring For Sons
  40. Teacher pleads guilty to molesting 1st and 2nd graders
  41. Man shakes 5 month old to death.
  42. Michigan Mom Snags Maryland Sex Offender
  43. Undercover Cameras Show Kids Playing With Sex Toys In Spencer's Stores
  44. Distraught cop quits after his son's killer acquitted of top charges
  45. Baby Left Alone in Car Seat for 8 Days
  46. Who Shoves A Pullup Diaper In A Four Year Olds Mouth
  47. Son Murders Parents Leaves Brother To Find Them
  48. Mental Health Worker Arrested On Dui While Driving Ward Of State
  49. Girl Sues ABC For Airing Footage Of Stepfather Abusing Her On "Primetime"
  50. Woman murdered,illegal alien on the run
  51. Report: Elmo Doll Threatens To Kill Toddler
  52. 5-year-old boy home alone dies in Queens fire; brother is charged
  53. Steve Wilkos has mother of Laddie McGee on show today
  54. Mom Videotaped Son's Fight
  55. Mom charged after baby drowns in pool
  56. Email "Killer" Duping People Into Paying To Save Their Lives
  57. Body Parts Found On Island
  58. Mom Teaches 4 Yr Old A Lesson In Marijuana
  59. Arrested For Sodomizing Dog Twice *warning Gross*
  60. Son Murders Mom, Step-dad, And Brother
  61. Teen Murders Dad Who Threatened To Take His Caddy Away
  62. 7 yo owes 60K in taxes
  63. Five dead in apparent murder suicide -- OC, CA
  64. Police search for up to SIX more bodies at scandal orphanage
  65. Horrible Myspace Stalking Crime
  66. Children Found Dead in New Cassel
  67. State Trooper Stalked
  68. Wife & MIL Claim Carbon Monoxide Killed MAN-Cops Say No
  69. NannyCam Catches Nanny Being Neglectful/Abusive
  70. Teen Fatally Shot After Snowball Fight
  71. Mother kills her 3 Children
  72. Girl raped on school bus.
  73. FLA Child Porn Suspect On The Run For 4 Yrs Caught In Thailand
  74. Dad Kills 2 kids, Self, At OK Air Force Base
  75. Woman Jumps From Third Story Window During Attack
  76. Two teens spend six to eight hours torturing disabled woman
  77. Father chases down 4 year olds kidnapper
  78. Man Charged With Animal Cruelty For Cussing At Police Dog
  79. Negligent Mom Of The Day
  80. Bradley Dieffenbacher Taught More Than Math
  81. Teacher's Aide caught in hotel with minors, drugs and alcohol
  82. Babysitter accused of injuring 1 Yr. Old in Richardson, TX
  83. Dad Shoots And Kills Biker Following His Daughters Home
  84. Life Sentence for Child Porn Charge
  85. 8 Wounded in Los Angeles Street Shooting
  86. Dad Arrested Injured 28 Day Old Baby
  87. 20 Year Old Stabs 72 Year Old Boyfriend
  88. Myspace Kidnapping
  89. Woman survives being thrown into traffic
  90. Special needs children sexually assaulted on school buses.
  91. Woman wounded in I-465 road rage incident
  92. N.J Nanny Admits Drugging Toddlers So They'd Sleep
  93. Long Island man killed girlfriend's cat, wounded another
  94. LAPD announces reward for predatory male nurse
  95. Father Murders Three Year Old Daughter
  96. Deputy & her 2 daughters murdered....Son arrested
  97. Ricin Possibly Found At Las Vegas Motel
  98. Girl, 16, Dies in House Fire While Chained to Bed
  99. 4 Schools on Lockdown-SoCal
  100. Missouri teacher sends topless photos to student
  101. Man Blames High Gas Costs For Beating Sick Wife
  102. Mother's Beau Critically Injuries Baby And Rso Is Witness
  103. Cook Charged With Placing Foreign Objects In Edibles
  104. TX family killed by 4 youths
  105. Disturbing Disturbing Father Of Three Month Old
  106. LA Guncrime so far in 2008
  107. Toddler found in blood of mother
  108. A New Murder on The Beach, Jenner, CA
  109. Woman Accused of Embezzling Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars from Nursing Home
  110. mom watches american ido while toddler nearly drowns
  111. Fort Lewis Honor Guard Soldier Allegedly Kills Couple, Kidnaps Baby
  112. 2 Dead, Wendy's Killing, FL
  113. 3 charged in death of 2 year old Alton, IL
  114. Fmr. sheriff's major accidentally kills wife
  115. Six killed, three children injured in Memphis
  116. Patricia Taylor, From Ann Rule's Book "Everything She Ever Wanted" In Trouble Again
  117. Inmate Accuses Guards of Rape
  118. Toddler Beheaded in Supermarket
  119. 6 week old infant beaten and drugged *merged*
  120. Gang Violence takes promising young life
  121. Florida Man Charged With 350 Counts of Sex Abuse Against Daughter
  122. Shooting Send Stray Bullets Into Daycare And Home
  123. Father Killed Son To 'Get Back At Wife'
  124. Woman wants sisters murder reopened after 25 years
  125. More Criminals Getting Rid Of Fingerprints
  126. Murdered Father's Daughter Makes Chilling 911 Call for Help
  127. Another Teen Couple in TX Plan Murder
  128. Two teens charged with plotting to steal unborn baby
  129. Man Jumps to Death From Courthouse Hours After Child Molestation Conviction
  130. Auburn Freshman Shot to Death
  131. Uncle murders baby in front of mother
  132. Smack Heard Round the World
  133. Video Captures Woman Abusing Girl in Car Wash Using High Pressure Hose
  134. Student Shoots Himself In FrontOf Classmates
  135. Son: "I Killed Dad For Restricting My MySpace Time"
  136. Woman Arrested For Leaving Mom Dying In Floor For Two Weeks
  137. Dad Burns Kids In A Dryer: "I Was Showing Them A Good Time."
  138. Man Accused Of Squeezing Baby To Death
  139. Has crime been getting more frequent and violent this week?
  140. Woman Powerwashes child
  141. 'I don't blame myself' says mother of girl found dead on beach family left behind
  142. 6 year old steals TVs from Target
  143. In The News? Bizarre News? It's Both!
  144. Dog Beaten and Buried Alive, Suspect Due in Court
  145. Fugitive Captured in Vermont
  146. Police: Man Drove Into House
  147. Man offers money, booze in exchange for sex with young girls
  148. Mom Arrested After 4 Yr Old Shows Up At School Drunk
  149. Web Paedophile Jailed Over Girls' Photos
  150. Shooting over hairstyle
  151. Body found packed in dry ice in hotel
  152. Milton, VT Man Charged With Rape
  153. Middle School Basketball Coach Commits Suicide In Jail Awaiting Charges
  154. Couple Injured Infant In Tug Of War Fight
  155. Graphic retelling of ghastly murder
  156. Virginia Law Takes Aim At Adults Who French Kiss Minors
  157. U of A Student Allegedly Killed by Male "Acquaintance," 3/9/08
  158. NY Gov Spitzer tells staff he's linked to prostitution ring
  159. child kills himself after finding dads gun
  160. Tamara "Strawberry" Greene's death linked to Detroit Mayor?
  161. Five children involved in theft at Regency Mall
  162. Elizabeth Smart Case Update...
  163. Woman Face FIne For Dyeing Poodle Pink
  164. Former 'Gilligan's Island' Star Caught With Marijuana in Car
  165. Wife suspected of killing husband because of "fat jokes"
  166. Man Found Dead on Los Angeles-Area Street With Arrow in Chest
  167. Jane Durrua 13 Murdered 1968/ Zarinsky Charged
  168. ages 3 and 7 -- with a belt, paddle and shower rod so severely that the children's
  169. Dallas Police Say Mom Throws 2 Kids From Overpass, Then Jumps
  170. Court Drops Case of 'Peeping Tom' in Target; Says Victim Was Not in Private Place
  171. Six Accused in Illinois Ring of Torture Leading to Pregnant Disabled Woman's Death
  172. Janitor Accused of Raping 10-Year-Olds Faces New Allegations
  173. Mom Charged After Daughter Is Tortured And Dies
  174. Toddler Assaulted At Church: Police Need Your Help
  175. Jury deliberates in death of emaciated 7-year-old girl
  176. Drunken boater to serve additional year in prison
  177. Two charged in holding child as sex slave.
  178. Girl, 10, Arrested For Bogus Report of School Shooting
  179. The 'wannabe gangster' who shot dead his pregnant neighbour
  180. 2 boys accused of trying to rob 2 workers inside PSL police station Florida
  181. Foster parent charged with sexual assault
  182. No Jail For Man Convicted Of Selling Crack Near School 3 TIMES!
  183. Man Accused Of Forcing Daughter, 7, To Kill Pet Cat
  184. Serial Child Molester Claims To Be Sent By God To Molest Little Girls
  185. Man rapes 5 month old
  186. Battered baby has spleen removed, pancreas reconstructed. Mother's fiance to blame!
  187. Wife of Soldier Serving in Iraq Charged With Starving Their Infant Daughter to Death
  188. Cold Case finally resolved
  189. Yet another baby abused
  190. Mother To 12 Yr Old Son: Kill Yourself
  191. Man Slits Mom's Throat, Reads Her The Bible As She Dies
  192. Busted Online Hooker "Magical Lizzy" advertised on over 30 LOCAL sites
  193. While Shopping Look Out For These Freaks Deciding To Spread Their Seed
  194. Father Accused of Assaulting 2 Month Old Son
  195. Jeffrey MacDonald house being demolished today
  196. Hidden Camera Catches Nanny Shaking 5 Month Old
  197. Parents Lock 8 Yr Old In Truck As They Go Get Drunk In A Bar
  198. Dad Charged After Daughter Rides Tricycle In Traffic
  199. Police Arrest Teenage Mom After Her Kids Eat Cocaine
  200. Women Wanted In Boyfriends' Murders
  201. Complaint Over Swimming Dog Ends In Neighbors Death
  202. Man accused of Raping his own 6 mo old baby
  203. America's Most wanted 3/15/2008
  204. Man Attacks Girlfriend with Ax, Kidnaps and Murders 2 Year Old Son
  205. Man convicted in tourist's slaying killed near same Miami street
  206. Hotel Security Guard Allegedly Rapes, Throws Girl from Balcony
  207. Neighbor in the News for murder-for-hire
  208. Police: Parolee Sexually Assaults 8-Year-Old Cousin
  209. Trust Your Instincts Maryland Man Arrested For Child Pornography
  210. Runaway brides groom marries somebody else
  211. Couple grills child's body
  212. Realtor found dead in smoke filled home
  213. Man Allegedly Murders Mom Over Mother's Affair With His Wife
  214. 65 Year Old Man Shot During Home Invasion by 12 Year Old Boy.
  215. Cousin Held In Slaying Of New Jersey Teen
  216. another hairdresser murdered by disgruntled client
  217. Repeat sex offender gets life sentence
  218. Massive Child Porn Ring Bust In Florida
  219. Missing Teens Found Murdered Pottsville, PA 3/20/2008
  220. Abuse of Power/Sexual Coercion By Immigration
  221. Disabled pregnant woman used as target practice *merged*
  222. Jane Carol Britt-75, Found Dead in Her Car Trunk
  223. Police Get Break In 30 Year Murder Case
  224. Texas; Easter Bunny arrested for injuring baby
  225. Texas; 2-year-old toddler crushed by obese relative
  226. Oregon Murder Suicide Ten Year Old Son
  227. Lover triangle ends in death of 2
  228. 15 Hepatitis Infections Tied To Ex-Nurse
  229. Mother Stabs 15 Year Old Son During Supervised Visitation
  230. Nixzmary Brown's step father just gets manslaughter?!
  231. Pachino Hill Is Going To Church
  232. Iowa City Shooting - Multiple Family Members Shot
  233. Felony charges against Detroit mayor
  234. NC - Quadruple Homicide in Charlotte
  235. Another child killed by a parent
  236. 10 year old boy facing competency hearing
  237. Speaking to Children-A Crime?
  238. 13 Yr Old Girl Arrested For Luring Young Kids Into Prostitution
  239. Man uses gun to install TV-kills wife
  240. ER Doctor Sentenced for attacking patients
  241. Woman serving life for slaying husband about to become a bride again
  242. Man Asking For Women's Worn Underwear In OK
  243. Daycare Owner Breaks Four Month Olds Arm
  244. Man Sold Laptop With Child Pornography On It
  245. Baby "For Sale" in online classifieds - Salt Lake City
  246. Girl Dies After Parents Pray for Healing
  247. Child dies because of parents choice to pray and not go to the doctors
  248. 18 year old stabs to death 4 people in Alaska
  249. cold case siblings charged with murder
  250. French serial killers on trial