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  1. Mother Stabs 15 Year Old Son During Supervised Visitation
  2. Nixzmary Brown's step father just gets manslaughter?!
  3. Pachino Hill Is Going To Church
  4. Iowa City Shooting - Multiple Family Members Shot
  5. Felony charges against Detroit mayor
  6. Quadruple Homicide in Charlotte, NC
  7. Another child killed by a parent
  8. 10 year old boy facing competency hearing
  9. Speaking to Children-A Crime?
  10. 13 Yr Old Girl Arrested For Luring Young Kids Into Prostitution
  11. Man uses gun to install TV-kills wife
  12. ER Doctor Sentenced for attacking patients
  13. Woman serving life for slaying husband about to become a bride again
  14. Man Asking For Women's Worn Underwear In OK
  15. Daycare Owner Breaks Four Month Olds Arm
  16. Man Sold Laptop With Child Pornography On It
  17. Baby "For Sale" in online classifieds - Salt Lake City
  18. Girl Dies After Parents Pray for Healing
  19. Child dies because of parents choice to pray and not go to the doctors
  20. 18 year old stabs to death 4 people in Alaska
  21. cold case siblings charged with murder
  22. French serial killers on trial
  23. Pregnant woman murdered
  24. Tom Hickman, Red Lobster exec, TX murdered 3/13/2008
  25. Id wanted on two possible terrorists in Washington
  26. gang initiation in buffalo ?
  27. Man Charged With Trying To Sell Baby On Craigslist - Salem, OR
  28. Baby found dead in French family's freezer
  29. Man Dies After Attack By Teens On Subway Platform
  30. Husband Murdered Bludgeoned Stabbed In Groin
  31. Child Abuse Petition
  32. Man Wanted On Child Sexual Assault Found In Florida
  33. Two Children Found Shot
  34. Mom Kills Children, Threatens College With Gun
  35. Child Abuse Caught On Cell Phone Video
  36. Heroin Bust Nets Elderly Couple
  37. Hacker Gets 3 Years for 911 Hoax
  38. Florida School Security Officer Tasers 11-Year-Old Girl
  39. Child trafficking stats go up as ages decline
  40. 3 Dead in Shooting at Hospital Where Gunman's Mom Died
  41. Rare Car Recovered May Link Va. Interstate Shootings; Police Hunt Gunmen
  42. Woman Brutally Murdered in Home: 1 yr. Anniversary
  43. Krystal Skinner, Rutgers Student and Mother Stabbed to Death
  44. 2 year old boy raped and killed.....
  45. Newborn Abducted From Hospital
  46. This happened to my cousin
  47. Momidiot Fakes Kidnapping Of Baby During Armed Robbery
  48. Daycare Aide Found With 18,000 Child Pornography Images
  49. WOW! Web tip leads mom to Asia, abducted son
  50. 13 arrested for rape/sex charges of two 12yo & one 14yo girls
  51. Donna Yost successful appeal
  52. Poison Drummer Collared on Rape Warrant
  53. Vermont; Missing Williston child found, mother charged with DUI
  54. Vermont; human torching
  55. Terry Blair, 46 - Convicted of 6 Murders
  56. Molester works with children, gets arrested again
  57. Cops: Neglected Boy, 4, Wasted Away to 10 Pounds
  58. Potty Cam Lawsuit
  59. Three Children Found Dead at a Hotel in Baltimore
  60. Spokane teen pleads not guilty to her father's murder
  61. Police Baffled by Four Suspicious Deaths-Chester, PA.
  62. Bull Head City Cops May Have Stopped A Tragic Ending Here
  63. Home Invasion Horror
  64. A Group of Georgia Third Graders Plot To Attack Teacher
  65. 14 y/o girl questioned about fetus left in airplace trash bin
  66. 17-Year-Old Charged with Murdering 46-Year-Old Woman in NJ
  67. Sicko Sends Video of Sex in Front of Child to Authorities
  68. Pro Wrestler "Hardbody Harrison" Gets Life In Prison - Sex Trafficking
  69. Officer Pushes Woman Down Stairs
  70. Child pornography sting Task force raids homes in Salt Lake Valley
  71. Registered Sex Offender Strikes Again
  72. Sibling Rivalry Leads To Attempted Murder Charges
  73. Attempted Kidnapping At Catholic Church
  74. Hostile Man Bites Off Top Of Cops Finger
  75. 6 murders in 30 hours in fort wayne indiana
  76. 7 Year old girl mising fopund dead
  77. Serial Cat Killer On The Loose
  78. 2 teen boys abducted after home invasion Baltimore, MD
  79. 14-year old 'mother' tries to flush newborn at school
  80. Woman Charged For Sending Kids To School With Head Lice
  81. Indianapolis man calls 911 to report his suicide/wife and daughter's murder
  82. Baytown Texas Girl Tries To Flush New Born Baby.
  83. Madison, WI Homicide Investigation: Joel Marino
  84. Man Charged with raping 4 yr old daughter
  85. 3rd Graders Find Gun In Classroom Cabinet, Teacher Arrested
  86. Mistrial declared in Police Chief's sex trial.for 2nd time..she was 14!
  87. Cat Complaint leads to Drug Bust!
  88. Mom Abandons Daughter After Car Accident
  89. Mom And Boyfriend Charged In One Year Old's Death
  90. Mother Gives Methamphetamine To Three Month Old
  91. Babysitter Assaults Child With Vacumn Cleaner
  92. Florida Man Threatens Va Tech Like Attack
  93. Lover Murders Woman With Scissors When She Gets Cold Feet
  94. Sex for Scholarship Money
  95. Violent Sex Offender Writes Notes
  96. Caseworker May Have Saved Boy's Lives
  97. Identity Theft Leads To Child-Porn Arrest Nightmare For Innocent Man
  98. Strike Two For Female Predator
  99. Four Men In Orlando Charged With Hate Crime
  100. Woman Hacks Another Woman With Machete
  101. Eleven Year Old Drives 100 Miles An Hour
  102. Woman Stabs Husband Over Hotdogs
  103. Eight Teens Arrested In Beating Of Teen Girl
  104. Police Allege AZ Man Traded Sister For Heroin
  105. Little Girl Found Assaulted At Scene Of Fire
  106. Princess Diana Death "Unlawful"
  107. 3 Children found dead in B.C. home Canada
  108. Man Pours Boiling Water On Cat
  109. Four Strikes Aren't You Out-rso At It Again
  110. Two Year Old Fights For Life-beaten With Video Game Controller
  111. Police seek IDs of girls abused in sex tapes
  112. Body Parts Found Bagged Outside 2 Greenville Homes *merged*
  113. 6-Year-Old Found Dead; Mom Likely To Be Charged
  114. 3 year old beaten by mom's BF returned to mom
  115. 2 Moms Arrested After One Leaves Baby With Teen Sitter For One Week
  116. Gunman Shoots Children at Birthday Party, 2 Killed, 3 Wou
  117. Woman Raped In Wal-Mart Parking Lot With A Baby In The Car *Merged Threads*
  118. Principal arrested sex party with teens
  119. Teen Girls Killed in Wreck After Attempting to Rob Cab Driver by Slashing His Face
  120. Wal-mart Assault In West Virginia
  121. Teen Girls Killed After Slashing Cab Driver's Face
  122. Teacher assaulted in class - video posted on myspace
  123. Military mom says she was brutally raped in Iraq
  124. Teen Arrested In Murder Of One Year Old
  125. Oregon Father And Son Arrested On Sex Abuse Charges
  126. Police say woman showed up drunk to clean their office
  127. Iconic Figure Guilty Of Incest Charge
  128. Mom Fires Gun At Sons
  129. Father and Mother fight over which gang 4 Year old son should "claim"
  130. Tv Viewers Help Catch Level Iii Sex Offender
  131. Woman shot after attacking LE with SWORD
  132. Rso Fails To Return Child
  133. Murdered in her home in Portsmouth, VA: Meghan Landowski, Age 16
  134. 8 Year Old Boy helps find missing man
  135. Strasburg VA mother tries to drown her son
  136. Opinion of what happened between Cesar and Maria
  137. McDonald's Employee Stabbed By Co-worker
  138. Woman With Child Burglarizes Apartment
  139. Longmont Sex Offender Suicidal Over Recent Claim
  140. Frederick Maryland Man Nabbed With Child Porn
  141. Parents Fight Over Which Gang 4 yr Old Son Should Join
  142. Feds Get Hands On Bandit Cop
  143. Teen Charged in Identical Twin Bro's Murder
  144. Elderly Woman Killed Over Glass Cleaning
  145. Woman Fatally Shoots Beau While Holding Infant
  146. Subway Rat Arrested 53 Times For Groping Women
  147. Two Young Women "Honor Killing"
  148. Vermont missing woman drowned daughter and comitted suicide other child missing
  149. Man's Body Found Off Galveston Bay
  150. Fatal Shooting Prompts Cancellation Of Classes In SC
  151. Man Accused Of Handcuffing New Bride In Cage
  152. Another day care center putting children's lives at risk
  153. Daycare Questioned Fifteen Bites On Baby
  154. Five Week Old Twin Infants Found Dead
  155. Forced into Sex Acts, claims defendant
  156. 14 year old girl gets probation for shooting father
  157. Teen leads boozed-up youths on a town centre rampage
  158. As Gas Prices Rise, Thieves Go High-Tech
  159. 18 month old forced to smoke pot on tape
  160. Man pays his cousin to stage a robbery and kill mother of his child
  161. Birthday Clown Arrested On Child Porn Charges
  162. Oh my! Suspect Barricaded After Shooting Capac Chief, Deputy
  163. Vermont; Judge: 25,000 Child Porn Images Can't Be Used as Evidence
  164. Florida Woman Shot Between the Eyes and Survives
  165. Sex Offender Shoots Pregnant Girlfriend
  166. Babysitter Throws Eight Month Old Into Furniture
  167. Attempted Kidnapping In South Carolina
  168. Teens Charged After Boy Rides In Trunk, TV Gets Back Seat
  169. Victim of chimp attack back in the news
  170. Sheriff: Corrections Officer Raped By Prisoner
  171. Audit finds sex offenders at Calif. child care facilities
  172. Wedding DJ Accused Of Sharing Child Porn Instructional Video
  173. OC man faces animal cruelty charges
  174. Assistant softball coach inappropriate behavior with juvenile
  175. CNN Journalist Faces Meth Charges
  176. Camp counselor teaches soldiers' kids the "choking game"
  177. Mistaken Identity Leaves Man Beaten In Maine Hotel
  178. OK Sheriff Charged With Running Sex Slave Operation
  179. Mother arrested after her son dies in fire
  180. Mayor, wife get jail in theft of $20K from little league
  181. Amy Giordamo's remains confirmed
  182. Two Year Old Shot In Face Police Cleaning Guns
  183. Sandra Bullock unhurt after suspected drunk driver hits car
  184. Police Say Man Tried to Abduct Little Girl
  185. 8thgrader faces felony for putting peanut butter crumbs in allergic classmates lunch
  186. Extremely Complicated Child Porn Case
  187. No Contact Order Disregarded Mom And Beau Get Locked Up
  188. Teen Arrested in High School Bomb Plot
  189. Violent Sex Offender May Be Freed
  190. Parents Arrested Infant Has 40 Broken Bones
  191. Twins In Deplorable Conditions Mom Arrested
  192. Couple Arrested As Four Kids Put In Danger
  193. Grandma's House
  194. Sex Offender Doesn't Show For Sentence
  195. The Homicide Report
  196. Podiatrist convicted for sexually attacking patients
  197. "Mom" gets 3-8 years in reckless death
  198. Bank Teller IN Indianapolis Pregnant With Twins Shot During Robbery
  199. Bartender killed after asking for ID
  200. Olympic Skater Drugged in So Cal Hotel
  201. Suspected serial bedroom intruder captured
  202. Anderson women shot
  203. International Child Porn Ring Bust (over 400,000 images seized)
  204. Teen arrested over video posing senile grandma
  205. Grandmother murdered, son arrested
  206. Rso Arrested Luring Children
  207. Grandmother Arrested Charged With Child Endangerment
  208. Mesa Mom And Boyfriend Arrested For Beating Eight Year Old
  209. Ex Priest Now Teacher And Coach Arrested By Fbi
  210. Ten Year Old Arrested Trying To Poison Classmates
  211. Cop Who E-mailed Child Porn From Work Sentenced
  212. Fiancee Of Wanted Sex Offender Charged
  213. Two Shot Over Eviction Notice
  214. Couple Found Dead After Frantic 911 Call
  215. Mother & Daughter Assault Teacher
  216. Caretaker Went For Booze, Patient Died
  217. N.J Officer Performs Sex Acts On Cows
  218. Hostages Taken In Bank Suspect Surrenders
  219. Buried Alive: The Sumner Murders
  220. Elderly Woman Accused Of Attacking Dog With Hatchet
  221. Unexplained deaths in UK: Mother and disabled son
  222. Guardian Arrested For Purposely Burning Child's Hand Twice
  223. Man's Body Found On Atlantic City Beach
  224. Mother kills daughter's college roommate
  225. Amish Father Charged with Incest, Child Molestation
  226. Mystery in San Fran: Murder or Suicide
  227. Convicted Sex Offender Charged With Child Luring
  228. Dad Tries To Abandon Kids On Strangers Lawn
  229. Teen arrested after 4 family members found dead at SC home
  230. Toddler Dies At The Hands Of Mother's Boyfriend
  231. Albany New York Woman Arrested For Planned Sexual Contact With Minor
  232. Woman Held Captive, Had 7 Children by Father
  233. Twin Dies in Parent's Care
  234. Special Ed Teacher Took Students to Motel For Sex
  235. The Sadness of Family Anhilations in Ireland
  236. Becca McEvoy.... this will make you seethe!
  237. Cheri Otero's Father Murdered in Nashville
  238. Pa. man charged with pushing friend into coal mine; victim survived 500-foot fall
  239. Man Gets 15-30 For Murdering Baby Girl
  240. Newborn Thrown In Trash
  241. Father stabs other student at school
  242. Cops: 2 Dead, 2 Wounded in Los Angeles Murder Suicide
  243. Another boyfriend...
  244. Kansas Bureau Of Investigation Revisits Drowning Case
  245. Teen Mom, Aunt Charged In Baby's Death
  246. Man flees crash, leaving injured nephew
  247. inmate lost 105 pounds, complains he is being starved
  248. killer alerts
  249. 7 yr old steals Grandma's SUV
  250. Wife, mother, prison escapee arrested after 32 yeas on the lam