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  1. Five Bodies, Including Three Children, Found in Houston Home.
  2. Tallahassee - confidential informant killed in drug sting
  3. Teen Girl Gang Blows Up Houses With Homemade Bomb Over A Boy
  4. Ohio Man Serves Jail Time For Daughter's Failure To Get GED
  5. Murdered the day after his 16th birthday
  6. Woman Gives Birth Hours After Husband Dies
  7. Necrophilia at the Morgue
  8. Man Accused Of Park Beating Released From Jail 10 Days Ago
  9. Skimpy Dress Gets Teen Cuffed, Taken From Prom
  10. Teens Slain on Prom Date
  11. Pair Indicted For Training Child To Be A Dominatrix, & Selling Her For Sex Acts
  12. Just plain irresponsible
  13. Police Say Two Children Among Four Found Dead in Utah Murder-Suicide
  14. FL Boy, 11, Found With Marijuana Traded iPod for Gun
  15. Traffickers target child cyclone survivors
  16. Police waiting to release sketch of Mesa predator
  17. Chicago Cop Fired!
  18. This one makes me so P'OD
  19. Man stabbed to death on bail for acid gang rape
  20. Conn. Teen Charged With Attempted Murder After Firing on Basketball Players
  21. Israel Hawkins Trial/Cult of Yahhweh in TX
  22. Man Who Taunted Police On YouTube Sentenced
  23. Teenage Boy Kills Mom with Baseball Bat
  24. Parents of the Year
  25. Woman Foils Sexual Assault By Biting A Chunk Off!!!
  26. Victory for Megan Meier!
  27. Another suspicious Madison WI death mishandled by police
  28. Man Charged After Calling 911 To Ask About Phase Of Moon
  29. Husband arrested after wife's body found
  30. Boy dies of bone deep bed sores
  31. Man Suspected In Four Missing Persons Cases
  32. Police: Drug Store Robber Captured
  34. How Not To Abandon A Two Month Old
  35. Hear 911 call - Student(19) Dies At Professor's (51) condo
  36. Rapist Ordering Child Porn From Prison
  37. Former School Bus Driver Arrested For Stalking Girl
  38. Puppy Stomped To Death
  39. Newborn locked in trunk of car
  40. 911 Operator Caught on Tape & Fired
  41. Mother Arrested After Severe Injuries To Two Month Old
  42. Dallas Minister Resigns After Soliciting Underage Girl
  43. New Lead in 1990 Houston Murder Case
  44. Pit Bulls Attack and Kill 7-Year-Old on Rural Texas Road
  45. Two Inmates Dead, 13 Hurt In Oklahoma Prison Fight
  46. Parents Charged With Neglect In Infant's Death
  47. Parents Of Convicted Sex Offender Behind Bars
  48. 15 Year Old Accused Of Murdering Man With Baseball Bat
  49. 19 cats and kittens tortured, Man could get 95 yrs!
  50. Skeletal human remains found in Okeechobee County near canal, FLORIDA
  51. Police: Man Raped Woman, Left Her for Dead
  52. Lou Pearlman *NJAIL -- Gets 25 Years in Slammer
  53. Girl, 7, starves to death. 5 siblings eat bread for birds
  54. Mother leaves 5yr old to care for tot!!
  55. ASAP Need help from AZ Wsers!
  56. Alex Phillips Is 17 And He's Facing Some Serious Charges
  57. His Face Is On South Dakota's Sor But There's Five More Victims
  58. Rso Charged With Assaulting Stepmom With Alzheimers
  59. Volunteer Firefighters Face Charges in Arsons
  60. Argentine man sentenced for holding daughter as sex slave
  61. Mother, Daughter Accused of Harrassing Teen
  62. 17 Month Old Scalded By Mom's Boyfriend
  63. Wal-mart Sex Assaults By Teen
  64. Seattle Groper Danger To Society
  65. Exec Arrested for Bison Slaughter
  66. Baby's body found in freezer of motel
  67. The murder of Gloria Redman, 12 years old
  68. Catching a paedophile online
  69. Teen Actor in Upcoming 'Potter' Film Stabbed to Death in Bar Brawl
  70. Finally! Father Charged after Mom kills baby
  71. Teen charged in mother's allergic shock
  72. Prom Rage Arson
  73. Ten Days Out Of Prison Sex Offender Rapes Again
  74. 5 found dead inside Southern California home
  75. Clues Surface in 14 year old Greg Holman's 1978 Slaying
  76. Bride, groom shot at outdoor wedding in Arkansas
  77. Australian man pardoned 86 years after execution
  78. Police say man tried to grab 12 yr old beverley girl off her bike
  79. "Broken Britain"
  80. Aol Reports Man Trading Child Pornography
  81. Court Appointed Special Advocate Arrested For Child Sexual Assault
  82. Grisly baby murder cases shock Germany
  83. County children's advocate arrested in girl's assault
  84. Caught On Tape: Sexual Predator Targets 5-Year-Old At Bookstore
  85. Madison WI Unsolved murders *Merged*
  86. Baby survives as five others found dead in Calgary home
  87. Man held after alleged attack on woman in Satellite Beach, Fl
  88. E-Mail Trail Key To Marine's Capture In Murder Case
  89. Convicted “grandma-on-the-run” faces 75 years for $3 BILLION scam
  90. Father arrested for death of 15 month old
  91. Cops: Colorado Man Delivering Divorce Papers Killed
  92. Man Charged Trying To Kill Wife On Honeymoon Skips Court
  93. PA - Woman Found Stabbed Raped Bound In Hotel Room, Philadelphia, 2008
  94. Registerd Sex Offender Assaults Friend's Teen
  95. Accused Child Rapist Held On $200 Thousand Cash Bail
  96. Woman Charged in plot to kill husband
  97. PA - Young Woman Murdered by Psycho Neighbor, Pittsburgh, 2008
  98. One of the most ludicrous ALLEGED sex crime I've ever heard
  99. Imprisoned Sex Offender Still Selling Photos Of Young Boys
  100. Nurse found murdered in her home-Mississippi
  101. UK - Children, 4 and 5, 'stabbed to death'
  102. Mom kills 3 year old for potty mistake
  103. Registered Sex Offender Rapes Pizza Delivery Girl
  104. Marine, back from Iraq, shot dead in his home town
  105. Tatum O'Neal Busted
  106. Woman Murdered/Killer Leaps to his death
  107. Baby fatally struck after crawling from home
  108. 2 year old boy penned in kitchen for weekend while mum partys
  109. Man Pleads Guilty To Killing MCAD Student
  110. Mother against gun crime stabbed to death by grandson
  111. Registered Sex Offender Rapes 78 Year Old Woman
  112. Girl, 15, knifed at least 10 times
  113. One Year Old Found Half Mile Away At Gas Station
  114. Kids In The Tub Mom Gets Beer
  115. 17 Month Old Killed In Driveway
  116. Man kills Ex-Wife's husband - no charges filed
  117. Alaska Man Arrested for Alleged Sexual Assaults at Sleepovers
  118. Baby beaten with hammer
  119. Someone kidnapped Jesus in Detroit!
  120. National Television broadcasts Denise Amber lee and 911 this Friday!
  121. SOB entombs kittens in wall & foam
  122. Registered Sex Offender Caught 37 Years After Prison Escape
  123. Amy Ignatowski, Coastguardsman, Murdered
  124. Linnea Dick, 20: Sexually Assaulted, Strangled & Murdered in CO
  125. Cross Lanes woman charged in infant death
  126. Convicted Sex Offender Allowed Sleepovers With Girlfriend
  127. VA - Virginia Beach Man Attempts Child Abduction Right From Mother
  128. Convicted steroids dealer David Jacobs & Amanda Jo Earhart-Savell found dead
  129. Bystanders Ignore Hit-and-Run Victim Who Lies Motionless in Busy Street
  130. 14-Year-Old Girl Strikes, Kills Toddler With SUV, Mother Charged With Manslaughter
  131. Prosecutor Details Rape That Lasted 19 Hours
  132. Raleigh NC pastor questioned in wife's murder
  133. Officer arrested for sex assault on minor
  134. NFL Steroid Dealer & Girlfriend found dead
  135. COP and Asst COP arrested for sex assault.
  136. A West Point Grad Murdered in USA
  137. Police Investigate Possible Gang Rape Of Teen
  138. Teacher Accused Of Sexual Relations With Jailed Teen
  139. Teen Accused Of Killing 79-Year-Old Man
  140. Police Seek Man Wanted For Sexual Assault Of Young Girl On South Side
  141. Police found a two-year old with third degree burns
  142. Baby girl dies from child abuse
  143. Santa Monica teacher denies 9 more abuse charges
  144. PA - Woman Slain Near Parochial School, Philadelphia
  145. Day Care Provider Charged With Kidnapping
  146. Police arrest teen for making 1,650 prank calls to 911
  147. Tokyo Stabbing Spree: 'I Came To Kill'
  148. Mother Arrested After Abandoning Child At Airport
  149. Baby Bones Found in Duffel Bag on the Side of Wis. Road
  150. Gastonia NC Woman Finds Ex-Boyfriend's Dead Body In Trunk Of Car
  151. Sleeping teen killed as drunk driver slams truck thru house
  152. Scott Peterson Wrongful Death Trial
  153. Pregnant Woman Fatally Shot; Baby Survives
  154. Escaped Sex Offender Florida
  155. Two Bodies Found At Sheriff Deputy's Home
  156. 25 years missing, then found
  157. Man Passes Note To Boy In Library For Sex
  158. Two Arrested For Kidnapping Robbing Disabled Man
  159. Smart Alec Accused Pedophile Don't Feel Safe In Jail
  160. Jackpot Winner Busted At Casino
  161. Police: Father punched toddler in Salem restaurant
  162. Two Toddlers Shot In A Baby Pool
  163. In Chilling Detail, NYC Student Recounts Torture
  164. MACKINAW ILL, Another missing mother found murdered, husband has been questioned.
  165. Drunk Baby Born '15 Times' Over the Limit
  166. Police say mom sold tot for $100
  167. Video released of Paul Bernardo interview
  168. Mom Sentenced For Signing Sons Girlfriend's Abortion Papers
  169. Fire Fighters Fight Child Porn
  170. Hedge-fund swindler disappears/Car Found
  171. Child rapist lawsuit upheld
  172. Gainesville man's body found in canal
  173. 7 Arrested For Cheering At High School Graduations
  174. Grandmother battered to death with a spade/shovel while in bed
  175. Dad jailed for toddler's sunburn
  176. Man Dies After 'Checkout Rage' Attack
  177. 3 Year old starves to death in beetle infested room
  178. Police: Teen Sleepover Turns Into Sex Party
  179. Dekalb county home-invasion
  180. Sex Offender Accused In Abduction Attempt
  181. Pair Arrested In Rape Kidnapping Two More Sought
  182. Mom Helps Police Arrest Unregistered Sex Offender
  183. NC couple face murder in death of son tied to tree
  184. Woman charged with repeated sexual abuse of minor female relative
  185. Mom shoots son
  186. Woman Gets 5 Yrs For Forcibly Branding Ex-Lover
  187. One Year In Prison For Killing Son With Ping Pong Ball
  188. Disabled Couple held 20 Years!
  189. Registered Sex Offender Rapes Robs And Kidnaps
  190. 5 yr old boy tortured and abandoned
  191. Add A Pervert (alleged of course)
  192. Registered Sex Offender Lied On Travel Log
  193. Woman stabs step son after abuse allegation
  194. Toddler Beaten To Death On Country Road In Cali
  195. PA - Would Be Teacher Shot Dead After Work
  196. Reward Offered: Wild Horse Shootings at Outer Banks
  197. Mother Of Kidnapped Baby Behind Bars
  198. Children 'gassed by desperate father driven to suicide by bitter divorce battle'
  199. Son Stabs Dad To Death On Father's Day
  200. Husband Shoots And Kills Wife In Front Of Teen Son
  201. Girl, 15, torched: 'You won't be pretty anymore'
  202. Eat the rich!
  203. Dallas woman killed in Richardson, TX after night of smoking crack with 3 men.
  204. MS charity Scam in Ohio - carried out by a 12 year old
  205. Man Arrested After Ordering Python To Attack Cops
  206. Stylist injured by raging, suicidal husband
  207. Seven Shootings One Stabbing In Ten Hours
  208. Disney Employee Arrested In National Child Porn Sting
  209. Evidence of Torture used at Gitmo, Abu Ghraib
  210. 2 Teens Charged in Mother-Son Killings
  211. Potential Child Abductor Arrested After Girl Snaps His Picture
  212. Parents sought after doctors find drug in baby's system
  213. GA - Unbelievable Arrest Of A GA Mom
  214. Judge, Deputy Held Nanny Against Her Will In GA Home
  215. Another story of a puppy chewing off a baby's genitals
  216. 3 yr old abused, almost to death
  217. Family tip-off police over drink-drive mother
  218. Conn Rapes linked by DNA...
  219. Boy Shot Outside Of Graduation
  220. 'Cannibal relatives ate boy alive'
  221. Woman Beats 7 Foot Child Molester With A Bat
  222. Teacher charged with performing oral sex on student
  223. Computer virus caused man to be caught wit kiddie porn
  224. 17 Teenage Girls (under age 16) Pregnant After "Pregnancy Pact"
  225. NV - Woman Involved in Pacman Jones Strip Club Brawl Found Dead, Las Vegas
  226. Clinic held patient captive
  227. Surf Trip Turned Torture
  228. 11yo girl killed on her way to summer school
  229. Soccer Player Savagely Bites Ref
  230. Sex Offender Given Leniency Allegedly Rapes Again
  231. "Mother's boyfriend" beats teen for poor report card
  232. Mom Leaves Kids Home Alone To Find Beau
  233. Mom Behind Bars Drugs And Rat Poison Near Kids
  234. Indy Man Murders Ex When He Had Shot Man In Head Three Times
  235. Suspected murderer turns out to be son of State Senator
  236. Woman said Pimp wouldn't let her pick up 1yr old
  237. Two Women Fatally Shot Inside Georgia Home
  238. Father Pleads Innocent to Baby's Murder
  239. Level Iii Sex Offender Arrested
  240. Level 3 Sex Offender Targets 11 Year Old
  241. Party Host Arrested After Teen Death
  242. 3 bodies found in Wittmann AZ home 06-23-08
  243. Estate agent/Realtor jailed for 'revenge' kidnapping
  244. Police Identify Bodies Found 06-22-08 on I-384 in Manchester CT
  245. GA Woman's Body found in freezer
  246. Former Carter Adviser Indicted for Stalking StepDaughter
  247. 7 Month Old Baby Found Dead In Firepit
  248. Father of 4, son, victims of road rage
  249. She blamed the affair on his small penis
  250. Murder Suspects Describe Two Killings in $2 Robbery