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  1. Albino's killed in Tanzania for body parts. NY Times.
  2. Fugitive spammer dies in murder-suicide
  3. Registered sex offender arrested assaults boy in bathroom
  4. Aunt arrested suspicion of torture abuse
  5. Pa state trooper arrested internet sting
  6. Murder in the Family: Honor Killings in America
  7. Bodies of R.I. couple found in septic tank
  8. Gunman wounds 7 at Tennessee church
  9. Underwear measurer arrested
  10. Actor Shia LaBoeuf in DUI car crash
  11. Obstetrician Arrested On Molestation Accusations
  12. 6 Year Old Kidnapped From Bed And Released
  13. Dr. Phil Guest ....is He a Murderer?
  14. Bride Killed, Groom Wounded In Antigua
  15. Level iii sex offender busted again
  16. Budding Serial Killer? Dog Found Skinned
  17. Attempted murder charge on man trying to lure teen
  18. Mistaken About Taunting, Dad Stabs Boy In Face
  19. Mom Charged WiTh Placing Baby In Fish Tank To Stop Its Crying
  20. Dead Teen's Rape Linked To Morgue Attendant
  21. WPB Armoured car surrounded by 7 gunman
  22. Wheelchair Stolen
  23. Boy stabbed 40 times
  24. Body of Mother of Eight Found in Freezer
  25. 12 year old Marisol Caceras found stabbed dead after possible sexual assault 07/30/08
  26. Registered sex offender found in 89 year old's home
  27. Police: Body found in Ala. freezer was mother of 8
  28. Teenager in critical condition after being attacked with battle ax
  29. Attempted kidnapping suspect arrested
  30. Mom robs house brings toddler along
  31. CANADA - Horrific Bus Incident (Canada) Passenger Beheaded
  32. Teens arrested in possible hate crime!
  33. Parents Charged with Child Abuse, Torture - Face Life in Prison
  34. Another inmate's confession halts execution
  35. British Girl found hacked to pieces in a suitcase in Brazil.
  36. Mother kills son 5, commits suicide leaving an "I told you I would make you pay" note
  37. Plastic Surgeon found Guilty of mutilating 90 Women goes on the run
  38. Camo gunman on loose in WI
  39. Another trusted 'Adult' giving minors alcohol
  40. Police: PA Couple Went On 18 Month Egging Spree
  41. 9 Charged In Starvation Death Of 42 Pound Disabled Teen
  42. Skull mysteriously ends up in St. Petersburg man's closet
  43. Murder of a friend
  44. Scott Loper Tortured in Canadian Jail - His 11-Year-Old Son Missing
  45. Man Arrested After Calling 911 To Complain That Sauce Was Left Off His Sandwich
  46. Tucson teen charged with abusing his baby
  47. ? "Rockefeller" link to CA murder
  48. Registered sex offender arrested posing as cop
  49. Webcam hacking... voyeur ends up in jail...
  50. Woman smothers 7th child
  51. Federal Agent shot in Pembroke Pines Florida post office-Manhunt is on. 8/05/08
  52. Woman Sentenced For Whipping 4 Yr Old With A Phone Cord
  53. Mystery House
  54. Cat stolen along with Jeep in CT
  55. Danielle - Feral Child in Florida
  56. Fatal Error by 911 Operator - Atlanta
  57. Registered sex offender molests child in target
  58. Judge won't let molester return home
  59. 3 bodies found in double murder-suicide, Ft. Worth TX 08/06/08
  60. Cloned Puppy Lady Joyce McKinney may be wanted fugitive...
  61. Amazing Forensic work
  62. Afghan children raped with impunity...
  63. Swat Raids Mayors House and Kills Two Dogs In Botched Raid
  64. Granny Arrested for Driving With Child on Roof
  65. Registered Sex Offender Pulls Girl In Trailer
  66. Mom arrested after 2-month-old infant dies from meth dose.
  67. Esacped Spam King Murders family
  68. Baby left in car for an hour dies
  69. British Businessman Decapitates Himself in Sports Car Suicide
  70. Florida woman found dying in the street; ear missing
  71. Registered sex offender dies after motorcycle chase
  72. Delaware man busted downloading child porn
  73. Murder at the Olympics: Olympic Parent Todd Bachman
  74. Chilean woman found dead in West Virginia
  75. Crimes and Your Neighbors
  76. Registered sex offender prancing around with only hat and shoes
  77. Websleuths Schedule for the Carol Espy Radio Show
  78. 9 Month Old Baby Boy Critical after Sexual Assault by Mom's Boyfriend
  79. Police: 'Cult' Starved Toddler Who Wouldn't Say 'Amen'
  80. Pa man arrested after trying to meet 13 year old
  81. Arkansas Democratic Party Chairman shot critically by gunman
  82. Gunman Kills AK Democratic Chairman
  83. Officer charged in January 08 death of Tasered man, Baron "Scooter" Pikes
  84. Registered sex offender arrested in disney
  85. Registered Sex Offender Tasered
  86. Two women steal suv with baby on board
  87. Have you seen this weird man in a cape?
  88. Young Transplant Receipient Arrested
  89. Death of a New Year's Baby
  90. Carjacking attempt-Oak Park Mall-Kansas
  91. DJ Attacked in FLA, Eyes Cut Out
  92. Girlfriend spent days with corpse
  93. Missing Woman Found Dead In Locked Room; Car Missing-Helen Calahan-Florida
  94. Woman's body found in trunk of car in Mo.
  95. Registered sex offender "diaper boy" arrested
  96. Mom Has 12 Year Old Drive Her To Bar
  97. Rapist gives out phone number
  98. Once again....BAD, BAD TEACHER!
  99. Rapper 50 Cent's Suspicious House fire
  100. Five rapes in one week
  101. I am so tired of this..
  102. 2 Year Old found dead in Tulsa, Oklahoma
  103. Police: Boy, 14 Threw Girl, 10 Off Bridge For iPod
  104. Mosque in Iraq holds torture chamber...
  105. 1 killed, 2 injured and family shaken by violent rampage after minor Fla. car wreck
  106. Waitress Tips Police to Possible Child Molester
  107. Woman's body found in cab of truck after driver brags at bar
  108. 11-Year-Old Boy Among 5 Arrested in Dramatic Gun Shop Heist
  109. 5 & 2 Yr old found dead in car in Colorado
  110. Another baby left in car to die
  111. Man Responsible for 1994 Rape
  112. Man held in 1985 killing of Pa. teen
  113. Employee Of State Hospital Helps Sex Offender To Escape
  114. Arrests made in child endangerment case
  115. Woman & her B/F arrested for attempt to sell daughters for sex in San Antonio
  116. Woman arrested in child porn sting
  117. Woman attempts kidnapping of virtual beau
  118. Husband Kidnapped, Drugged and Tortured Wife
  119. Cop: Sex With Hooker Wasn't Fun, It Was Work
  120. Man in pa busted sending naked video to thirteen year old
  121. Seven month old murdered at hands of mother
  122. Grandpop arrested after beating boy
  123. Step-Dad Held In Death Of 2 Year Old
  124. Registered sex offender arrested doesn't know the rules
  125. Twin 3-Year-Olds Left in Car in Driveway Found Dead
  126. Man gets 90 days for 18 counts of sex offenses
  127. Lead Commander of State Anti-Kidnapping Divison Killed
  128. Registered Sex Offender Does Whatever He Pleases No Problem
  129. 7 men at large after jail escape in Clovis, NM
  130. Rose Ron, Israeli girl aged 4, murdered by stepfather/grandfather - not 'missing'
  131. MD - Edna Mae Trout, 57, of Mount Airy found dead in Van, Aug 2008
  132. SICK, SICK, SICK: A Boy and His Dogs: Justin Sharp, of Palm Beach Gardens, FL
  133. Your not going to believe this one!!!
  134. Smilin' Bob Not Smilin' So Much These Days
  135. 17 yr old charged in death of his son
  136. Just a walk in the park? 21-yr-old caught with apparent rape kit
  137. Four Women Raped By Iillegal Immigrant
  138. Pervert busted thanks to burglary
  139. Three year old exposed to meth
  140. Family missing amid shocking arson carnage at English country estate
  141. Lonely Joe
  142. Registered sex offender arrested exploitation of children
  143. Texas mother arrested thank heavens
  144. Boy ''Gutted for His Meat''
  145. Yay for dna arrest made from 2005 assault/kidnapping
  146. Mom charged with trying to suffocate daughter 9
  147. 100,000+ protest crime in Mexico
  148. Registered sex offender and unconcious man
  149. Infant body found
  150. MOTHER ABANDONS 6 month old on street
  151. DNA links neighbor to 65 year old woman's murder
  152. She tired of cheater so he killed her
  153. Man to be sentenced for assaulting 5 year old kills self
  154. Not one but two rso's arrested
  155. Parents charged in death of 6 week old
  156. Kidnap attempt at hospital er
  157. 100 year old woman murdered
  158. Pace University Student Found Strangled In NYC Apt; only 19 yrs old.
  159. 'In a world' voiceover master dies at 68
  160. Matt Garcia 22 yr old Fairfield CA, Councilman murdered
  161. WA - 6 Dead In Washington State Shooting Spree
  162. Man barricades self after girlfriend's slaying
  163. Nine year old living in closet thanks gram and gramps
  164. skeletal remains of siblings in storage unit
  165. 15 yr old child beaten to death by foster mother
  166. Mother gets probation for starving child to death!!
  167. 9-Month Old Foster Child Dies in Hot Minivan-Georgia
  168. Mom's Body Found Stuffed In Suitcase Daughter's Beau Arrested
  169. Mother arrested for kidnapping adult son
  170. Rso breaks into nursing home
  171. Troy gooch serial rapist
  172. Texas Woman Kills Home Intruder With His Own Gun
  173. Stun guns and lipstick
  174. Rapist of 9 yo OK Girl Gets 580 Year Sentence
  175. Neal Sweeney, Tulsa, OK- Possible Victim Of A Hit
  176. Meth registered sex offender and three year old
  177. NC "pastor" gets 100 yrs for sex crimes
  178. Tired of being abused woman calls law on rso
  179. Fugitive arrested in atlantic city thanks to citizen
  180. The Mysterious Murder of Irma Simeus
  181. Montana Mom Puts Child's Body in Trunk
  182. Woman assaulted in Back Bay T station
  183. Baby with 8 broken ribs dies after returned to mom
  184. Four Women Found Shot to Death in House Fire, Irvington NJ
  185. Baby killed by being bent backwards
  186. In a bag by a Dumpster: The Murder of Alexandria Salem
  187. Arrest made in unprovoked bloody hammer attack on subway
  188. Woman, 3 girls found slain in Lancaster CA house fire (not the same as NJ story)
  189. British Film About Murder Of Officer Faulkner Shown In NYC
  190. Color Me Badd singer Bryan Abrams arrested
  191. Kanye West Arrested At LAX For Vandalism
  192. They Got the Tater Salad Again-Ron White Arrested
  193. KY Retail Clerk Charged With Failing To Help Child Locked In Hot Car
  194. Four arrested in home invasion, shooting
  195. Mother drowns disabled girl UK
  196. Army man charged with child porn
  197. Lewd vandal leaves greasy imprints on Neb. town
  198. 84 Year Old Man Beaten And Robbed In Popeyes Bathroom
  199. Police object to low bail for level 3 offender
  200. Priest charged with selling cocaine
  201. Suspect's Girlfriend Leads Deputies To Wife's Body
  202. Dad Attacks Nude Boy In Daughter's Room With A Pipe
  203. Mom Steals Daughter's Identity To Attend School & Be A Cheerleader
  204. 24 people found shot to death in Mexico
  205. Two registered sex offenders operating kiddie rides
  206. "cool mom" arrested giving vodka to 13 year olds
  207. DR. Arrested On Sex Charges
  208. UConn Student Arrested In Home Invasion Sexual Assault
  209. Mam commits suicide after domestic dispute manhunt
  210. Police say woman in fatal crash had been shot
  211. Today's reoffending sex offender walking around tampa nude
  212. Gambling mom leaves 10 month old home alone
  213. Baby with severe head injuries thanks to daycare worker
  214. Eight charged in kidnapping and killing of Joshua Bailey
  215. Father admits to shaking infant very hard
  216. Man shot ex-girlfriend's doorknob
  217. Family dog tortured/dead, taunting notes in blood
  218. Babysitter Murders 5mo Baby w/Clothes Dryer
  219. 12 year old helps nab registered sex offender
  220. Abused 1 year old dies, Mother tried to stitch childs tongue back together
  221. Infant Girl Dies After Being Thrown From Car Seat During Apparent Drag Race
  222. Grandma rescues woman being attacked by psycho man
  223. Ryan O'Neal and son arrested on drug charges
  224. Hope for GA cold case: new technique "lifts" fingerprints that have been wiped away
  225. Rso poses as hurricane evacuee
  226. Former SATC actor & ball player kills GF cat
  227. 86 yr old liquor store clerk beaten half to death
  228. db cooper case
  229. Milk scandal: Company 'kept quiet for three years'
  230. SoCal Man Held 13-year old Girl as Sex Slave
  231. Tot shoots self in head after mom just warned him.
  232. child rapist being released
  233. Accused child molester on America's Most Wanted
  234. Sex offender in crayola factory
  235. Crystal meth in dolls
  236. Danvers, nh sheraton hotel alert
  237. Parents arrested 4 year old found dead
  238. Arkansas Evangelist Compound Raided In Child Porn Case
  239. Man stuffs dead animals in lockers
  240. George michael busted in public loo again
  241. Child's body is found in trash bin
  242. Another infant thrown away....
  243. Seriously Messed Up Mother kills B/F makes 14 y/o help her move body
  244. IN - Indiana family has 50 convictions between them
  245. Man In Shooting Deaths Had History Of Violence
  246. Man murders girlfriend stages motorcycle accident
  247. Fugitive sex offender caught near school
  248. School shooting in Finland kills 9
  249. One Officer Killed, Second Wounded In Shooting
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