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  1. Parents starve girl: 14 yo weighs 48 lbs.
  2. Three girls under age 5 left home alone
  3. 88 Year Old Husband Shoots Wife In Hospital
  4. Turkins Airlines Hijacking attempt thwarted by passengers!
  5. Mother of Injured Toddler Takes Stand Against Ex-boyfriend
  6. family bar-b-qs mom for benefits
  7. Triple Homicide/Attempted Homicide, Roaring Springs, KY - 10/15/08
  8. Nude pics boost charges against ex-DCF official
  9. Miami Juvenile Court Judge Has Indecent Exposure Flap
  10. Son put mom's body in freezer in her Colchester home
  11. MO - Elderly Couple Murdered in their Home, Carthage, 2008
  12. Police Need Help In OKC
  13. Woman murdered by her own children
  14. Bear found dumped at WCU with Obama signs
  15. Teen Missing From Underage Drinking Party Found Dead
  16. Stepmother beats toddler into critical
  17. Femicide
  18. Justin Matthew Eberhart Shot and Killed in Portsmouth, Va-My Friend's Son-PleaseHelp
  19. Feds Arrest 60+ Mongols
  20. "Grandma Scam" Please warn seniors in your life...
  21. CA - Willie Cook, 6, kidnapped & murdered from Happy Camp, 1976
  22. Campaign shocker
  23. Austrian Horror Dad: I was "Born to be a Rapist"
  24. Jennifer Hudson's Mother and Brother found dead.
  25. AR - Two Students Shot, Killed at Univ of Central Arkansas
  26. Texas children rescued in prostitution bust
  27. Police: Mom confesses to beating daughter...to death!
  28. Frees 47 child prostiutes in U.S.
  29. Feds Interrupt Skinhead Plot to Assassinate Senator Barack Obama
  30. 14 yo Boy Kills His Pregnant Mom,Shoots 12 yo Sister
  31. Kehoe Mother/2 children/Iowa
  32. Homeless Man Set on fire and Murdered Cali
  33. $5.00 Dollar National Criminal Backgound Checks. HURRY. NOT 4 LONG! Need MySpace Help
  34. MA Legislater busted for accepting bribes...
  35. Man gunned down by police in case of mistaken identity
  36. Jonathan Perfetto, convicted SEX OFFENDER saying he's worried he'll offend again!!!!
  37. Chuckie Taylor convicted of torture...
  38. Mom beat girl, 4, threw her in path of SUV
  39. Investigation nets 14 men on child porn charges Central Florida
  40. Man 'killed parents, then used their money to buy ring' New Jersey
  41. SC boy shot, killed trick-or-treating; 2 injured
  42. Mom dead and her 3 sons too.
  43. Boy shot and killed while trick or treating :(
  44. Michael Mineo assaulted by NYPD
  45. Johnny Upton killed in his home-Barren County, Kentucky
  46. 13-year-old Somali rape victim stoned to death
  47. 5 shot to death in LA, possibly homeless
  48. A British Casey
  49. Biggest Loser Trainer arrested for beating a child.
  50. Baby severely beaten Orlando
  51. 18 year old High School Student's body found Miami
  52. Child rapest out on $2500 bail!!
  53. Arizona Police Search for Missing Mom, 3-Year-Old Daughter
  54. Lt. Todd M. Cox, 40, of Altoona, Pa Murdered
  55. Joran Van der Sloot
  56. Teen Girl Found Dead in Apparent Home Attack
  57. Officers Have Trouble Finding Sober Driver to Drive 1 Year Old Home
  58. UK: Men found guilty of baby's death
  59. Brutal rape and murder of couple outside Philly
  60. FL high school student dies after 'incident'
  61. Boy, 11, allegedly hits mom with saw; offers her $5 not to tell police FT Pierce FL
  62. Neb. parents rush to desert kids before law change
  63. Grandmother, aunt charged in child's starvation death
  64. Eric Volz to be retried in Nicaragua
  65. Lauren Shockey ~ Langhorne, PA ~ Throws her 8 day old infant face first onto asphalt
  66. Bound Body Found Dumped Beside Road
  67. New Bedford man tries to get back at his girlfriend
  68. Smoking and Oxygen Tank-not a good mix
  69. 7 Yr Old Disappearence of Alzheimers Patient from Dallas Airport Ruled a Homicide
  70. Body Found Behind Rochester NH Church
  71. Boy Dies, Father Found Shot In SUV, Madison WI
  72. TX - VP Cheney and AG Gonzales indicted in TX
  73. Springfield, MO Woman says dog mutilated...
  74. Pregnant Long Island woman takes down mugger
  75. Woman's Body Found In Box
  76. Murdered woman's child ignored for 6 weeks after telling her teacher mom was not home
  77. PA - 5th Police officer killed in the line of duty in 2008 In Philadelphia
  78. Hacker Dshocker headed to prison
  79. Man tortures child with hanger
  80. Baby "cockfight" filmed and encouraged by Ft. Bragg dad...
  81. Police: murdered woman made 911 call before her death
  82. Garner toddler found in plastic bag
  83. Pregnant Woman Sought in Car Burglary Melbourne FLa
  84. WA - Two shot at mall in Washington state!
  85. Carjack suspect hit in the head with frozen turkey
  86. Mom: I Flushed Newborn Down Toilet By Accident
  87. Mother Dead, 3 Girls Missing in Saginaw, MI
  88. Mom tells of taking girls head out of trash!
  89. Rapist father given life sentence
  90. For $50.00 You Can Advertise Your Business On Websleuths For The Holidays
  91. 7 Men May Face Kidnapping Charges-
  92. Police arrest Ark. man in TV anchorwoman's death
  93. Vicky trial hears final evidence
  94. Austrian Fritzl - becomes Buddist - wants to reunite with wife!
  95. Michael Konek Declared sexual predator
  96. 9 Headless Bodies Found in Mexican Border City
  97. Craigslist Criminal Libel Case in CO
  98. GA woman escaped kidnapper in Florida
  99. Suspect Out On Bond On Kidnapping Charges
  100. Roman Polanski seeks dismissal of charges
  101. 2-year-old girl beaten 'like a slave'
  102. Daycare Center Closed After Serious Abuse Caught On Webcam
  103. Level 3 SO reoffends weeks after his probation is up.
  104. Messages for Kyle
  105. After Being Held/Tortured For A Year It's Up 2 Us 2 Show Kyle Not All People Are Bad
  106. Biloxi woman arrested double murder/baby
  107. Father Of Badly Beaten Infant Flees ..PA
  108. CT - Rapist charged in '80s murders of three Hartford teens
  109. Aaron Lemon Craigslist porn baby sitter
  110. More People Getting Away With Murder
  111. Blackwater Contractors must head to DC..
  112. Governor of IL in Federal Custody
  113. KY - Convicted Ky child killer to have his record expunged???
  114. Mark Ruffalo's brother, Scott, died of gunshot wound to head
  115. TX - Twin Toddlers Possibly Left Home Alone Die In Fire/Houston
  116. Please watch Dr.phil today
  117. Employee theft is on the rise
  118. Teen trio kidnaps, tortures 75 Y/O woman
  119. Myisha Ferrell - Accomplice in Jesse Davis Murder to be released from prison
  120. US Anti Kidnapping Expert, Kidnapped in Mexico
  121. Dan W. Hiers Jr. fugitive
  122. Boy Says Parents Shot Him With Pellet Guns
  123. What a letter to Santa looks like in our world...
  124. Investigators asking for help in Boulder, CO "peeping tom" case
  125. PTA official caught with 13 year-old boy in the back seat
  126. Major Case Squad investigating murder in St. Louis
  127. Reality Star, Todd Homme, 23, Found Dead in his Manhattan Apartment
  128. MA - Body of Cape Cod teen Jordan Mendes found burned in pit
  129. Another baby badly abused :(
  130. 2 arrested in killing of police dispatcher’s baby Miami Springs FL
  131. Iowa Woman Pleads Guilty to in Florida Infant Death
  132. Paris Hilton's Home Robbed - 2 Million in Jewels Stolen
  133. Mom and two children found dead in Dallas
  134. Tricia on the radio!
  135. N.C. Marine corporal charged with attacking his wife
  136. MO - Woman Pleads Guilty to Videotaped Sex Slaying in Exchange for Life in Prison
  137. Traffic Hour Sniper Kills 2 in Dallas Area
  138. Fund Manager Tied to Madoff Case Found Dead
  139. Mexican beauty queen arrested in gun-filled truck
  140. Man in santa suit opens fire at party, multiple victims, shooter commits suicide
  141. Has anyone here heard of Brandon Hein?
  142. Man charged with beating infant
  143. Boy Left In Old Diaper Now Critical In Pittsburgh Burn Unit
  144. Woman arrested for killing 8 year old son Port St Lucie Fl
  145. 3-month-old receives critical head injuries
  146. Coach wanted for child rape in MA
  147. Sanford youth pastor indicted in child porn bust Orlando, FL
  148. Child maid trafficking
  149. 15 year old girl charged with 2 murders Westchester NY
  150. Dad leave child to walk alone and freeze to death
  151. Hostage Situation in Hialeah
  152. Mother Dead, 2-Year-Old Daughter Found Safe
  153. FL - Woman dies after falling 16 stories at Orlando resort
  154. Family dog unearths baby in Milton, fL
  155. Missing man found in burned car in Lakeland
  156. Infant, Isayah Denison, beaten and shook by mom's boyfriend
  157. Oregon Mom, 19, Charged with Murder: Shook infant, Ian Eugene Noe, to death!
  158. Medics Caught On Tape Allegedly Decided Disabled Man "Not Worth Saving"
  159. Man Wanted For Allegedly Forcing Daughter Into Prostitution and Child Porn
  160. 88 yo foils naked home invader
  161. 17 Year Old Charged With Killing His Foster Mother
  162. 20-year-old arrested in Fla. infant beating death
  163. Convicted Killer Gets New Trial
  164. Mom arrested after naked rampage
  165. Rso arrested luring girls
  166. 93-year-old Man Killed In Home Invasion Lakeland
  167. Man rapes child in emergency shelter
  168. Dad tries to kill 8 day old
  169. Mickey d's worker thwarts kidnapping
  170. Fake cop busted after three attacks
  171. Father found shot to death outside his business Garrison, NY
  172. 4 yr. old dumped at truck stop, Mom dead at home
  173. Man kills son to avoid paying child support!
  174. Grandpop leaves 5 month old in park
  175. Career **** bus driver abandons severly disabled man
  176. Brother Arrested for Murdering his Sister
  177. Father Labels Wife Evil - Killing MILD Cerebal Palsy Daughter
  178. Man breaks *into* home to sell drugs
  179. Son charged with neglect of 90 year old mother...
  180. Stepfather Charged With Child Abuse Resulting In Death:
  181. Police: Angry Ohio boy, 4, shoots baby sitter
  182. Boy missing since 1999--parents never reported it!
  183. Fatal shooting Illinois armed robbery suspect Interstate 55 after high-speed chase.
  184. 6-year-old takes family car after missing bus
  185. Boy,4 shoots babysitter
  186. Man steals purse at deadly crash site
  187. MA girl found, tracked by cell and Google
  188. Domestic Abuser charged in deaths of mother, and ex girlfriend
  189. Shooting at Pfizer Campus in Chesterfied MO
  190. Level 3 sex offender (full blown AIDS) found in my town with a 16 yr. old boy in car!
  191. Woman charged with murder in "hunting death" of her husband Pa
  192. Teen, 17 yrs, Charged with 4 killings, in Rochester, NY
  193. NC couple abuses kids with BB gun
  194. Pistol whips man, steals SWAT SUV, friend dead
  195. WA - Awol soldier wanted kidnapping rape arson
  196. Sex Offender Will Babysit Cheap
  197. Man Tries To Sell Daughter For Cash, Beer, Meat
  198. Police: Man tries to sell girl, 14
  199. Daughter and beau murder dad
  200. Skeletal Remains May Belong To Sex Offender
  201. Three stabbed, woman clinging to life,
  202. Wisconsin mayor arrested for sexual assault of a child
  203. People fighting back!
  204. 8 year old Autistic Girl Handcuffed at School
  205. Ohio man arrested over his hooker-review Web site
  206. Ky. couple found dead at rest area on I-95 in Fla.
  207. Man and woman found Murdered in rural Adams County Colorado
  208. Tonights Dateline
  209. 11 Year Old Boy Not reported Missing in A Decade
  210. Leesburg Teen Shoots Father In Head, Self In Mouth
  211. Saudi Arabia Authorizes Child Bride Marriages
  212. Toddler found in shallow grave in Titus County, TX
  213. Eryn Allegra - Killed Her 8 year old Son Christmas Day
  214. A phony, cross-dressing veterinarian
  215. Two 15 yr Murders arrested after mother sees sketch, New Orleans, La
  216. Four Years After Grandmothers Death Man Now Wants Jury Trial:
  217. Bus driver guilty of braking hard to throw kids
  218. Rescued infant dies year later in day care
  219. Convicted Sex Offender Found Guilty Of Two Counts Of Second Degree Murder:
  220. Carjacker punches baby to keep her quiet
  221. Human Rights worker connected to U.N. charged with child porn at JFK airport
  222. Graduate Student Murdered On Virginia Tech Campus
  223. Carlsbad: Victims' son is suspect in double homicide
  224. Infants stabbed at Belgian creche
  225. GA - Kimberly Burton found beaten to death in her Canton home
  226. Prosecutors: RI man killed parents, went shopping
  227. 17 year old accused of killing his mother, SC
  228. Mother of Branch Davidian's Koresh found murdered in Chandler
  229. Iowa man flies to Texas to meet 12 yr old boy
  230. Mom accused of prostituting daughter, 5
  231. Teen accused of sexual battery at parents' day care Titusville, Fl
  232. Mall Florida rapist?Could this be the same man?
  233. Mom finds 2 kids dead in trunk
  234. Basketball player distraut over slayings of son's mother, and her daughter Chicago
  235. 2 kids found dead in an 18 inch storage trunk
  236. 7 dead murder suicide near LA,CA
  237. 2 dead, 7 injured in Portland OR shooting
  238. 2 dead, 7 injured in Liberty City FL (Miami) shooting
  239. 2, killed, 7 injured in shooting at Wichita Wake Kansas
  240. British Businessman Tried To Rent Oven At Pet Crematorium After Wife Disappeared
  241. Father accused of tossing daughter off bridge
  242. Former CIA Official under investigation for rape in Algeria
  243. Australian Throws Daughter Off Bridge to Death, Police Say
  244. Ohio Family of Four Found Dead in Apparent Murder-Suicide
  245. Police: Illinois Teacher Claims to Have Molested 75 Boys
  246. Man Killed 6 Pets Execution-style With His 6 Kids Watching
  247. An Ohio Family Victims of Apparent Murder-Suicide (sadly again)
  248. Mom confesses to murder-
  249. Sister beats Bride, looses 911 job
  250. 4 Children Left Alone for Days After Parents Die in Apparent Murder-Suicide