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  1. Remember the bomb collar/bank robbery case?
  2. Vegas couple charged in starvation death of toddler
  3. Police: N.M. Helicopter Shot Down
  4. Detroit's most arrested is at large 69 and counting
  5. Husband was 'loving,' said shooting victim
  6. Murder suspect was frantic, sister says
  7. NC - Tahishie Harrison, East coast crime spree suspect captured, Hope Mills, 2005
  8. Atlanta policeman gunned down today
  9. Wife-killer confesses
  10. No Balm For Parents' Anguish
  11. Diary of a Murderer
  12. Toddler Beaten to Death by Mom and . . .
  13. Man Accused Of Spraying Nurses With HIV+ Blood
  14. Man Allegedly Trying To Rob Church Dies After Beating By Witnesses
  15. Two acquaintances of suspect helped police find body at mine
  16. A.J.'s mom indicted in his death
  17. Woman drives a mile before realizing boyfriend shot
  18. accused cop killer/The defense has brought a litany of motions
  19. Did sibling friction lead to death? 75-year-old sister charged
  20. Homicide detectives search for information about alligator shoes
  21. Green Bay father will plead to lesser charges in children’s deaths
  22. Chilling 911 Call Made By Shooting Victim
  23. Police stopped the funeral procession on it way to the grave site/arrests brother
  24. NV - Las Vegas' Bonnie and Clyde duo
  25. Drifter confesses to more murders
  26. Man convicted in Lincoln officer's killing asks not to be paroled
  27. Baby-sitter horror
  28. Sex-assault victim tells of ordeal
  29. County refuses to accept custody of murder suspect
  30. Cops Search For Escaped Murder Suspect
  31. Child says I want to go to court
  32. Murder Trial Starts For Woman Accused Of Killing Her Husband
  33. Jensen Beach man charged with hiring hit man to kill wife - again
  34. Trooper gets 4-year prison sentence for sexual assault
  35. Her tender mercy
  36. Mother, Grandmother Shot During Visitation Exchange
  37. 13, hormones, family turmoil, adult boyfriend, a little girl lost-forever
  38. Another Peterson/Hacking case!
  39. Court arraigns officer accused in escape case (Mi this time)
  40. Beach man pleads guilty to killing mother, stuffing her in freezer
  41. Pardon,only woman executed in Georgia's chair
  42. CA - Terror Plot Hatched In California Prison
  43. New turn in search for a killer
  44. N.C. Law Encourages Guns for Victims
  45. Teenage Girl Pleads Guilty To Killing Her Rival
  46. Murder or suicide pact?
  47. Sexual Assaults in Jail
  48. Homeless Man Admits Killing Reverend Who Offered Him Sandwiches
  49. attempted murder conspiracy/poisonous plant
  50. Twins Face Charges In Stabbings
  51. 'My mama is dead' Witness quotes tearful tot's tale of mom's slaying
  52. Man gets six years for murder
  53. Janet Abaroa Update
  54. Pocket rocket fight leaves one dead
  55. It's never too late: Mother, boyfriend arrested in 25-year-old murder of boy, 2
  56. 20-Year-Old Found Dead In Car Riddled With Bullets
  57. UT - Woman sought in SLC slaying of Darla Marie Woundedhead
  58. Slain woman's husband arrested for child porn
  59. Dad sentenced to 30 years in death of boy, 3
  60. Machete massacre aftermath
  61. Slain woman spent lifetime striving to overcome obstacles
  62. Suspect was off meds, complained of police treatment
  63. Reen & Stepmother Kill Mother
  64. Teen, stepmom dead in murder-suicide
  65. Boy charged with murder after mother dies from beating
  66. Authorities press search for baby killers
  67. Custody feuding precedes killing of mother
  68. Triple murder and suicide of devoted family
  69. NY - Ellis Mercado, 13, Young bodyguard killed, Brooklyn, 2005
  70. Boy who was likely to testify about abuse is found dead
  71. Woman to question sons in her murder trial
  72. Aunt rips witnesses to girl's beating
  73. Gotti's family puts up $4.5M for bail
  74. Man's rampage wounds police chief
  75. Police search for student in woman's slaying
  76. Mother, children shot in Greenwell Street home
  77. Expert: Sedative caused 1-year-old boy to suffocate in his sleep
  78. Child sex assault suspect arrested
  79. VA - Pros back away from Route 29 Stalker theory
  80. Man With History Of Domestic Abuse Accused of Murder
  81. court decides opening such records could harm child welfare system
  82. Five bodies found in home after standoff
  83. Man held in shooting deaths of 2 Wal-Mart workers
  84. Man accused of slitting his wife's throat testifies it was an accident
  85. Run Down And Killed Over Gas $$
  86. Fugitive Tuskegee Murder Suspect has Troubled Past
  87. Debt May Have Lead To Slayings
  88. Elderly man charged in cleaver attack on wife
  89. Stratford Man Accused Of Trying To Kill Mother
  90. Suspect arrested in brutal UT slaying
  91. Road rage, New York
  92. Ex-con sitter eyed in slay of gal pal's 2-yr.-old girl
  93. Teenager escapes abduction, police say
  94. Man killed trying to help pregnant teen
  95. CA - Whittier man convicted of murdering his neighbors, 2005
  96. Mom to son: Surrender/ Son accused of murder
  97. It wasn't suicide
  98. Family alleges hate crimes
  99. Mom applauds son's detention
  100. Suspected serial rapist in custody
  101. Ashley Lyons' case: ex-girlfriend of convicted murder pleads guilty, then cries innoc
  102. Teen Beats 10 mo Baby Girl in Street Assault
  103. Girl, 15, Accused of Killing Men in Motel
  104. Autopsy Report Released On Woman Found Dead
  105. 14 yr old found in Texas
  106. Fugitive's mother joins the missing
  107. TX - Officer Charged With Wife's Murder
  108. Family Reacts to Elderly Woman's Death Being Ruled as Homicide
  109. Bizarre Statement Issued During Trial of Man Accused of Murdering Wife
  110. Two sex offenders killed in Bellingham
  111. Dozens of fetuses found in boxes
  112. Minister charged in baby's scalding
  113. 'World's Worst Houseguests'
  114. The two young boys evidently saw everything.
  115. Child Porn Charges Filed-massive amounts of online child pornography.
  116. Gunman commits suicide after fatally shooting four at Texas church
  117. Answers expected in funeral home murder case
  118. Brother Helped Kidnap Victim Escape Alive
  119. Mom's beau held in tot's beating slay
  120. Woman killed after writing about boyfriend, 'He will shoot me.'
  121. Father charged in house fire that killed his three children
  122. Canadian woman recieves "conditional sentence" for killing lover
  123. Couple sought in 2003 fatal stabbing
  124. Subway flasher in '94 rap?
  125. Man Sentenced For Soliciting Underage Sex Online got 40 Weekends
  126. IL - Family Believes Dead Teen, Michael Williams Jr Lured By Phone Chat Line, Chicago
  127. Ex-Cheerleading Coach Convicted on Child Sex Charges
  128. PA - Parents blame police practice in daughter's killing
  129. shooting victim knew ex-husband wanted to kill her
  130. Is anyone following Empire Glass Case?
  131. Police: Woman lied about kidnapping
  132. Oklahoma synagogue bomber gets 39 years
  133. Woman had sex with children -- live on Internet, police say
  134. Chef Accused Of Stabbing Wife In Front Of Child
  135. Wife, 73, allegely shoots husband over VD
  136. Insane killer's escape angers police, officials
  137. Man accused of killing 13 y/o girl booked with rape of 8 y/o
  138. IA - Michael Page charged with shooting pregnant GF
  139. EMU Assault suspect still at large, reward offered
  140. He thought he had just shot his wife
  141. Carlie Bruchia, Smith Pled Not Guilty
  142. Bodies of missing U.S. models believed found in Laval quarry*
  143. Judge orders Boynton molester to undergo chemical castration
  144. One child has died each week over the past decade in Indiana, of abuse
  145. Black market for park tickets is dark side of Orlando tourism
  146. Registered sex offender charged with murder
  147. 5 murders including 2 police officers/ suspect off his meds
  148. Child murders not a modern phenomenon
  149. Man runs into estranged wife, kills her on street
  150. Papers unveil girl's sad life, death
  151. Greenfield man charged in sex-slave plot
  152. LA - Alicia Hogan - Louisiana Woman's Body Found In Chicago Suburb
  153. Girl Accused Of Stabbing 15-Year-Old To Death Over Boy
  154. NV - Las Vegas woman, teen daughter, arrested in man's death
  155. Attack on Baby Under Investigation
  156. Man Stands Trial For Murder/He killed the man found in bed with GF
  157. Man Repeatedly Raped Young Child, Police Say
  158. Driver Shoots At Deputy, Rams Cruiser, Police Say
  159. Chester Co. Sex Offender Accused Of Murder
  160. Montreal man held in kidnapping, rape
  161. 9 men hold & rape girl for over a month
  162. Cops nab pervert in stalking of boy
  163. Probe finds ex-convicts at carnivals
  164. Woman charged with stalking financial planner
  165. Plea Deal For Woman Who Had Sex With 8-Year-Old
  166. Police Search For Rape Victim
  167. Molester of 2 in DeKalb receives 20-year sentence
  168. Milford detectives investigate apparent use of date-rape drugs
  169. Teenager records mother's shooting
  170. Stepmom receives 60 years in killing of girl, 6
  171. Boy testifies against teacher in molestation case
  172. Trio indicted for killing father, daughter
  173. NY - Baby Stabbed in NY
  174. Teen Pleads Guilty To Rape
  175. Man sentenced for sexual assault of neighbor, age 10
  176. Kidnapped boy's rescued
  177. Man accused of shooting, raping wife
  178. Gym teacher charged with sexually assaulting students
  179. Number of alleged crimes against children grows to 72 for 31-year-old man
  180. Convicted Sex Offender Charged With Elderly Woman's Rape
  181. Mom Charged With Leaving Daughter, 5, On Side Of Road
  182. Woman Charged Over Baby Found In Outhouse
  183. IL - Civil suit in Ryan Harris Slaying
  184. Sex Offender Sought: Police Say Man Has Attacked 4 Teens In 2 Months
  185. Teacher Charged With Raping Students
  186. Murder Suspect Accused Of Paying Kids To Clean Up Crime Scene
  187. Prosecutor: Vista man stalked then killed woman
  188. Man charged in slaying of woman found in trunk
  189. Woman kept in outhouse since Reagan was President
  190. Porn charges for ice cream vendor
  191. Iowa man exposed 3 boys to HIV, police say
  192. IN - Arrest made in 95-year-old woman's murder case
  193. Fugitive arrested in death of wife five years ago
  194. Boys fight turned deadly, woman killed
  195. Doctors Euthanized Patients?
  196. Katrina Evacuee Suspect In Acworth Rape?
  197. Man accused of killing best friend, raping wife
  198. Police: Man Tried To Give Porn To Child
  199. Sheriff: 11 Kids Kept Locked In Cages
  200. Brutal killing came after mentally ill suspect was set free
  201. Witness says ex-boyfriend admitted to slaying of pregnant woman
  202. Parents turn in Ely High student who fired shot in class
  203. White Hen Rape as Mgr. Kept Watch!
  204. Breaking News: Negligent homicide charges filed in nusing home deaths during Katrina
  205. Evanston Sexual Assault Suspect Caught On Tape
  206. High School Students Accused In Bank Robbery
  207. IL - Cindy Wolosick killed by friend/business partner Diana Thames, Palatine, 2005
  208. OH - Would-Be Rapist Attacks Woman In Toy Shop, Cincinnati, 2005
  209. Kids' Chess Master Arrested On Sex Assault Charges
  210. Woman charged with sex crimes against girl, 14
  211. Convicted rapist gets 12 1/2 years for child pornography
  212. 71 Year Old Charged With Aggravated Sexual Assault
  213. Woman accused of molesting girl, 4
  214. Suit Vs. City Over Woman's Slaying Settled
  215. Teen killed for home, car
  216. Now WHY CAN'T THIS HAPPEN to MORE child KILLERS????
  217. Heather Tallchief of $3.1 million heist turns self in
  218. Thieves steal hurricane donations
  219. Officials: 10-Year-Old Had Cocaine At School
  220. Newborn Baby boy found at bottom of airshaft- 2nd baby also found
  221. Mobile phone video rapist jailed
  222. How an Airline Captain Should Look and Act
  223. Police: Woman Takes Dog, Leaves Child
  224. Man severs dog's ears to make him look tougher
  225. Man Held For Capital Rape Of 5-Year-Old
  226. Man Tries Sex Video to Get Order Lifted
  227. Gov. Bush's Son Arrested
  228. AR - University Of Arkansas Student Found Dead
  229. Man shot after collision linked to Sept. 6 rape
  230. Family Attacked; Pregnant Teen and 1 yr old Beaten
  231. Toddler survives night in flooded bath with deceased mother
  232. TV crew turns crimefighter
  233. Allegheny County Police seek witnesses in slaying
  234. Home invaders turn heel when ‘confronted’ inside
  235. Children Left Home Alone Die In Blaze
  236. Body found buried in the backyard of missing Fort Lauderdale man
  237. Girl, 13, Shot To Death In Her Home
  238. CO - Wellington Teen Raped By Intruder, Larimer County, 2005
  239. Man Charged with Importuning
  240. Catholic Priest Pricks Children With Pin
  241. UT - Police Taser Mentally Disabled Man
  242. Child Murder Suspect Gets $6.2 Million
  243. Police investigate dismembered body
  244. Teacher denys sex with child
  245. Dallas Police: Pregnant Woman Fatally Shot In Fight Over Dog
  246. Husband Charged With Murdering Wife After She Wounded Him
  247. Uncle Accused Of Killing 11-Year-Old Laguna Niguel Girl
  248. Man accused of raping 2-year-old girl
  249. mysteriew
  250. Intoxicated student had been released to parents he later shot