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  1. What is it with men and their lust for Xboxes that causes them to murder to get one?
  2. 7 TEXAS children found in Nigeria orphanage.
  3. 87 counts of CHILD Rape!!! How well do you know your kids BUS DRIVER?
  4. suppressing the black vote is alive and thriving in the Sunshine State
  5. TX -Tortured into false confession 42 years ago, TX man freed
  6. "The Scream" famous painting worth millions just stolen
  7. Mom Arrested-Boy Found Locked In Trunk
  8. 10 yr old kills father during custody visit
  9. Mom allegedly pimped daughters, 9 and 12
  10. Woman Accused Of Putting Feces In Daughter's Mouth
  11. Woman charged with murder of her daughter, missing since 1969
  12. OH PUKE! SKAKEL attorney asks court to throw out conviction
  13. POLL - Kobe Bryant case dropped: How do you feel?
  14. 11-year-old girl charged with torturing a kitten
  15. remember the couple accused of abuse
  16. Police: Fugitive kills 2 at store, kidnaps girl
  17. Grandpa allegedly kills wife, daughter, grandson
  18. Wife fed husband rat poison laced Tacos
  19. Olympics Marathon disrupter booked on indecency charges
  20. Baby daughter taken to bank robbery
  21. Kansas City police link six decomposing bodies
  22. Kansas man gets life for murder, cannibalism
  23. Florida Man uses Hurricane Francis to lure Mom to her death
  24. 14-year-old girl suspected of attempting to rob bank
  25. Robber Gets What's Coming to Him
  26. Young Accomplice
  27. LA - Evil in New Orleans - Could this be more insane?
  28. Girl in Texas missing....
  29. Moors Murderers
  30. Distraught Father grabs Policeman's Gun after baby dies in hot van
  31. Couple charged after daughter takes mold-covered food to school
  32. Former cop questioned in Matthew Margolies child killing 20 years ago
  33. Women Groped After Giving Birth in Hospital
  34. More Trouble for Tigger. . . now Goofy
  35. Couple charged in abuse of five adopted children
  36. Gynecologist surrenders to police
  37. 11 year old dog killer faces rape charge
  38. Police: Indy Mother Drove With Kids In Trunk
  39. Woman in coma after drinking poison-laced Diet Coke
  40. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH" Macaully Culkin charged with drug possession
  41. Couple arrested for Ninja sword attack on Grandmother
  42. Teen arrested for alleged Columbine-style plot
  43. Yet another Pitbull attack
  44. Deputy arrested in gun incident
  45. Boy dead in brutal beating
  46. Fearing jail, he let tot die
  47. 14 year old faces sex murder charges killing his 4 year old sister
  48. Dad photographs Son 'mooning'... and faces sex exploitation charges
  49. Major Child Porn Bust in Canada Today (Sep 22)
  50. 11 yr old RAPES 76 yr old woman
  51. cops cannot locate little girl's 911 call location
  52. Malnourished teen found chained to bed railing
  53. Trailer park resident kills neighbor with sword
  54. Mom, partner held in infant's death
  55. Man denies killing girlfriend in his suitcase
  56. Murder Mystery
  57. Town Marshall Stabbed in Stratton, Co
  58. Man OPENS FIRE in a DAY CARE center
  59. Toddler Killed In Sledgehammer Rampage
  60. Bronx Teacher accused in strip search
  61. Mutiny on The Bounty
  62. NFL Lineman dies in police chase; fiery crash
  63. Verdict stands, even though juror was tanked on vodka
  64. amber alert cancelled
  65. a grim picture of abuse investigators at Texas Child Protective Services
  66. Woman agrees to sexually assult her 4 year old in exchange for NFL tickets
  67. Incredible murder story with 30 year Indiana/Florida connection
  68. Dead Church Janitor taped himself molesting children!
  69. Bemidji rape case causes fear, anger on campus
  70. Tornado Blows Lid Off Child Porn Collection
  71. Remember Christian Ferguson... disabled child missing?
  72. Teen charged with poisoning teacher with cleaning fluid
  73. Slaying plot alleged at high school
  74. Child attacked babysitter with Machete.
  75. FBI Searches for Mob Victims' Remains
  76. Mother stabs 10 year old Son for damaging her stuffed animal
  77. Man, 62, is accused of pouring a cup of coffee on little girl's head
  78. Fugitive Phony Doctor Nabbed
  79. Robert Durst
  80. 12-year-old girl accused of shooting Mother after grounding
  81. Lennox woman cut and burned in chain saw attack dies of injuries
  82. Son Kills Elderly Mother With Crossbow
  83. Miami-Dade police officer accused of raping woman he pulled over
  84. 8-year-old handcuffed, charged with battery
  85. Police shoot Lottery Winner
  86. Childrens playground boobytrapped with glass shards
  87. Woman tried to sell baby for $10, police say
  88. 11-year-old held up at gunpoint by man demanding 'lunch money'
  89. DelVal professor charged with child porn
  90. Cheap rent a lure for sex assaults
  91. Man Accused Of Having "Personal Sex Slave Contract" With Juvenile
  92. Veterinarian charged with cruelty to abandoned cats
  93. Boy sexually assaulted by six-year-old classmate
  94. Vancouver cops probe bizarre sex case
  95. Judge lightens up on teen sex defendant
  96. Anyone heard of this one? Man serves homeless wife's body parts in soup
  97. Mom gets prison for helping 5-year-old son smoke crack cocaine
  98. Officer stuns woman, 75, with taser
  99. Parents out $10,000 each after sons vanish while free on bail
  100. Coffee served with rat poison: Husband booked for attempted murder
  101. Man Gets Concurrent Terms for Killing Pregnant Ex-wife
  102. Pregnant Woman Missing 2 Hours Before Being Induced For Labor.
  103. D.A.: Deliveryman made obscene calls after dropping off goods
  104. Mom Makes Girl Sleep W/ StepDad
  105. Female Bus driver charged in nude photos incident
  106. FL - WSVN's Bill Kamal charged in sex case, Fort Pierce, 2004
  107. OMG! REALLY Weird Web Case
  108. 'John Doe' DNA Leads to Suspect in Old Sex Crime
  109. 8 yr old boy tells 911 Operator "MY DADDY killed me"
  110. Dad Shows Work Nude Daughter Pics
  111. Beth Lochtefeld killed by spurned bf Toolan in Nantucket
  112. Lawyer to post list of 2,600 Perv Catholic Priests
  113. Rhode Island Couple kills 3 year old foster child (nephew)
  114. Rape Victim Spots Attacker On TV
  115. Nigerian-scam - Financial Adviser jailed
  116. Man tries to poison nun out of jealousy
  117. Daughter has 6 babies by her Father ~ bungled incest inquiry
  118. "Man of God" gets 80years for child rape
  119. Napa Valley Beauty Queen and Roommate stabbed to death
  120. Wonder if this man is guilty of killing mother of 3?!
  121. Former pediatrician gets home confinement for child porn
  122. Florida first-grader brings crack to class; mom claims it's Halloween booty
  123. Man Admits To Spraying Wife With Acid
  124. 5 year old girl with brain damage horribly abused
  125. Minister apparently decapitates wife, suicides
  126. Woman Has Sex With 8 Year Old
  127. Osama bin Heatherington
  128. Astronaut's Son In Child Sex Tourism Bust
  129. UPDATE! 8 Year Old Victim's Mother Speaks!
  130. Woman killed while police wait outside
  131. Teens Arrested In Killing Of Sharks At Aquarium
  132. Judge frees woman convicted of murdering her husband
  133. Former lottery officer charged with disclosing where $1M ticket was on sale
  134. Newborn survives after being tossed from second floor window
  135. Police Use of Stun Guns on Children Riles Parents
  136. Police Taser 12 Year Old Girl
  137. Cops: Couple wanted to sacrifice children on an altar.
  138. DNC theft suspect linked to Joyce Chiang, Chandra Levy
  139. Jury Finds Outback Killer Guilty
  140. Bridgeton, NJ murdered female
  141. Mom starves 2 boys to death, their brother is emaciated
  142. Man arrested for putting porn DVDs in boys' Halloween sacks
  143. Dad kills cat as kids watch, police say
  144. 3rd Grade Boy charged with felony sex crime
  145. GA - Two Girls Accused of Serving Poisoned Cake, Marietta
  146. A New Record??
  147. Teens Tried To Abort Fetus With Bat
  148. Boy, 12, Allegedly Raped By Male Classmate At School
  149. Teen Convicted Of Abortion Clinic Shooting
  150. Mother Charged With Murder Years Later...
  151. Chicago teacher accused of paying boys for sex
  152. Couple imprisoned for torturing roommate
  153. Four Accused Of Taking Human Remains
  154. Mother Charged in Son's 1972 Death Towson, MD
  155. Redwood city man accused of groping girls during driving tests
  156. Mom gave toddler Tylenol for his gunshot wound!
  157. mom found Guilty after making her son rake yard naked
  158. NBA players suspended!!
  159. Suspect threatened with torture to help locate kidnapped child! Police on trial.
  160. 13-Year Old Charged With Abducting Exotic Dancer
  161. Boy, 14, Is Called 2-Time Rapist - will be tried as an adult
  162. Mom allegedly locked children inside storage unit (interesting read)
  163. Robert Chambers in trouble again. Big surprise!
  164. Aura-changer faces felony fraud count
  165. Dad kills 1 robber when they threatened to rape his daughters
  166. Kidnappers steal baby from mother's womb
  167. It's not my fault. I'm mentally ill
  168. UK - James Bulger's Mother Tracks down Killer
  169. Boy Allegedly Forced To Rub Feces On Himself As Punishment
  170. Man Charged With Getting An 11 Year Old Girl Pregnant
  171. Cop Aquitted In Fajita Brawl
  172. Another Mother of the Year? Toddler Alone Outside Bar
  173. Texas Possibly Delays Woman's Execution
  174. 15 Year Old Robs/Rapes Elderly
  175. Infant dies after parents' Thanksgiving cocaine binge
  176. Claim: Teacher had teen girl become pen-pal with murderer
  177. NY - Syracuse man charged with sexually abusing dog
  178. Grandma Accused of Locking Boy in Trunk
  179. Wedding Thief Arrested!
  180. 11-Year-Old's Wheelchair Stolen
  181. Man carrying five-week-old baby arrested in drug bust
  182. Remember family killer Longo?
  183. Golf Ball SUV Rage!
  184. 88 Year Old Fights Off Burglars With Cane
  185. Michael Jackson fan site posts victim's name
  186. Mother, Boyfriend charged with child rape, and putting pics on internet
  187. Police say teacher 'wed' 14-year-old girl in pagan ritual
  188. Family doctor admits possession of child porn
  189. Dachshund was second dog burned
  190. Gigantic Settlement Pending, millions to victims of Pedo-Priests
  191. Boy Scout Leader Faces Pornography Charges
  192. Stupidest Criminal...
  193. Criminal profiling
  194. Former Pantera Guitarist Killed on Stage
  195. Man Acquitted of Rape; Says He Was Asleep
  196. Man playing Santa charged with molestation of Girl "elf" helper 11
  197. Woman Charged With Running Down Boys In Parking Lot
  198. CA - Girl, 9, assaulted in bedroom by intruder
  199. Cops: Boys, 10, plotted to ambush and rob ATM users
  200. Police say teen tried to kill 9 year old sister
  201. Mom Arrested After Child Dies in Dirty Motel
  202. Springford murders - Montgomery, AL
  203. Gunman holed up in Crystal Cathedral
  204. San Jose man arrested in '01 disappearance
  205. Nurse murder horror shocks France
  206. Lottery Jackpot winner's Granddaughter found dead
  207. Suspects in girl's beating arrested in Missouri
  208. Pediatrician accused in porn case found victim through Big Brother program
  209. Dr. Jeffrey MacDonald case
  210. Mentally Ill Man Stabs Six People in Daylight Attacks In London
  211. One of Europe's Largest Armed Robberies - two men have their convictions quashed
  212. Mom seeking attention put baby at risk, officials say
  213. Crying baby abandoned next to bin
  214. Toddler beaten to death day after Xmas
  215. 13 years olds charged in security guard death on Christmas
  216. Sex Offender Called Children While In Jail
  217. Woman charged in scalding death of toddler
  218. Man accused of using gun over potty training incident
  219. Has anyone here followed the case of Dr. Harold "Fred" Shipman?
  220. Dog digs up videos of sex assault on 3 yr old child
  221. 3 Teen Girls, Age 13 & 14 Murder Woman
  222. Murdered 14 yr old pregnant English girl
  223. Former Catholic priest accused of molesting teens in rehab center
  224. NC - Josh Davis murder unsolved, Garner, 2005
  225. FBI Agent's daughter found dead in drum barrel.
  226. Chilling Details of Family Murder
  227. The Spider Made Her Do it!
  228. Crazy Granny Kills Granddaughter
  229. Defense requests two juries in teen sex slaying case
  230. Senior was victim of savage Car Jacking
  231. Man used two daughters 'as bait'
  232. Home daycare provider & Son charged with child molestation
  233. Teacher Charged With Abusing Special-Needs Students
  234. Police kill World's toughest bad guy?
  235. Convicted Rapist Speaks to victims family at Sentencing
  236. Inmates at a California Youth Authority facility allege sexual abuse
  237. Judge orders drug addict to stop having children
  238. Pamela Smart Seeks Pardon
  239. Hooker's Tip Leads To Child porn Bust
  240. Teen age Tsunami Victim Raped by Rescuer
  241. 1st graders tried to have sex at school??!!??
  242. 1-Month-Old Hospitalized With Fractures, Bite Marks
  243. Pregnant mother stabbed to death
  244. Prostitute does the right thing
  245. Mother injured while attempting to kill her children
  246. Mother accused of murdering two children years apart
  247. Police: Women Use Baby In Shoplifting Escape
  248. Another murdered woman
  249. Denial of battered pregnant woman's divorce sparks outrage
  250. Retirement home housekeeper goes on rampage