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  1. California police: Four officers shot in Oakland
  2. Teens Torture; Set Cat on Fire
  3. Missouri Man Allegedly Killed Pregnant Wife And 9 Month-Old With Sword:
  4. WABC Radio Host George Weber Found Stabbed to Death
  5. Missouri Teacher Charged For Inappropriate Behavior With Student:
  6. Accused child rapist could get custody of child he molested
  7. Man in CA tries to kidnap 2 girls from library
  8. Naples, Florida teen shot in attempted burglary
  9. Dad Gets Prison In Child-Support Case
  10. Teen kidnapped, beaten, locked in trunk
  11. No parole for (Roy Norris) killer of 5
  12. Judge Saves Woman From a Beating
  13. Stalker Arrested At ABC Dancing With The Stars Studio
  14. Baby Left in Car Overnight in Texas Found Dead
  15. Iowa Members be AWARE!!!!
  16. NJ girl, 14, arrested after posting nude pics
  17. Former 4-H Worker Admits to Molesting Even More Children
  18. Warning, Very Disturbing! Puppy Tortured
  19. Sham Wow guy arrested for battering hooker
  20. Woman beaten for 12 minutes and ignored...
  21. Brother stabs 3 sisters kills two.
  22. 18 month old Child Was Stepped On Before She Died
  23. Daniel Acker 30 yrs of pedother article - finally caught
  24. 6 killed in home shooting in Santa Clara, Calif.
  25. Brother kills siblings
  26. Man Accused Of Abusing Baby Has Criminal History
  27. Hit-and-run driver note 'full of remorse'
  28. Grandma locks child in closet for days at a time
  29. Mom drugged daughter so she'd get pregnant
  30. Suicides or Serial Killer Victim's? Three Utah bodies found in burning cars
  31. Previously unpublished photos of the MLK assassination
  32. 4 People Shot, 41 Hostages Taken at Immigration Center in Upstate New York
  33. Mother Stabs 2 yr. old Toddler with scissors
  34. Human body parts found in religious temple
  35. SC man's corpse was apparently cut to fit coffin
  36. Teen mother held without bail in murder of 1-year-old son
  37. Police: Five Children, Their Father Found Dead in Washington State
  38. Linda Louise Crowe
  39. Autopsy: Orland Park toddler was murdered
  40. Pittsburgh Surgeon AGNEW shot by X-wife
  41. Mom kills son, then self at Casselberry shooting range
  42. Woman With Slit Throat Walks Out Of Woods
  43. Questions surround baby's drowning death
  44. Man Jailed After Attempting to Beat Demon From Son
  45. Children's author, K.P. Bath, pleads guilty in porn case
  46. Baby Left in Car While Mother Worked Dies
  47. Woman Repeatedly Run Over, Killed During Gas Theft
  48. 4 dead in Alabama home.
  49. Attempted Rape in Rockville, MD
  50. FL murder/suicide -mom kills son, self at firing range
  51. Ala. man kills wife, 3 others, self
  52. Stranger tries to abduct 5-year-old boy at Pike Place Market
  53. Senior citizen shoots 4, kills 1 at church retreat
  54. 2009.04.09 Angel Pitcher Adenhart Killed in hit and Run this morning
  55. Vandals Cut Fiber Lines; State Of Emergency Declared
  56. Child Charged in Slide Tampering
  57. Gettysburgh college senior charge with murder
  58. Gunman on Campus in Dearborn, MI
  59. Man charged exposing,fondling himself to students school buses
  60. Cops: Sunday school teacher held in girl's death
  61. 3 dead after a New Orleans Home Invasion-Suspects on the loose
  62. Teenager Accused of Setting Up Rape And Beating Of 89 Year Old
  63. Dead Baby Found in 14-Year-Old's Bedroom
  64. Police Kill Woman With Toddler in Car During Pursuit
  65. 2 Children, Woman Dead in Dramatic Louisiana Home Invasion
  66. Couple On Trial for Being Too Drunk to Notice SIDS
  67. Student Killed In Love Triangle Involving Teacher
  68. Man receives unprecedented prison sentence for child porn
  69. Baby Exposed To Meth, Rushed To Hospital
  70. Baby Has Broken Arm; Mom Under Investigation
  71. Alleged Abused Baby Suffers Submersion Burns
  72. Domino's Pizza: Workers Who Videotaped Themselves Passing Gas on Food Face Arrest
  73. Police Hunting for Boston 'Craigslist' Killer *8-15-10 UPDATE PM Commits Suicide*
  74. Shooting Reported at Long Beach Hospital
  75. Escaped Inmates are Suspects in Woman's Murder
  76. My ex-husband's killer might only get probation! Help by Signing Petition
  77. Miss. woman gets shot in head, makes tea
  78. Tulsa Man Busted In Online Sex Sting
  79. 5 Found Dead Inside Frederick, Maryland Home
  80. Mom Kills Daughter and Fetus
  81. White Hall child beaten to death - (mother met online and moved in Monday)
  82. Murder-Suicide. Family of five found dead
  83. 5 children dead after car is swept away in Texas storms (driver drunk and on cell )
  84. Angry Woman Taped Dog To Fridge ***Dog is Okay**
  85. Teen, Boyfriend Arrested in Slaying of Teen's Mother
  86. Slumdog Millionaire Kid Star Reportedly Put Up for Sale by Father
  87. Missouri Attorney Married To A Judge Charged With Sexual Misconduct:
  88. Supreme Court To Decide If Prosecutors Can Be Sued
  89. Woman arrested with gun at school
  90. 14 Children die of abuse and neglect while being investigated by CPS
  91. 12-year-old charged with capital murder in toddler's death
  92. Mother Makes 2 Daughters Get Out Of Car & Drives Away
  93. 9-year-old quadriplegic found dead in storage unit
  94. Glen Burnie Teen Charged With Killing Mom
  95. Breaking News, St. Louis MO: Crime Scene/Dig happening all day 4/23/09
  96. $270k, House, and car seized after finding 2 kilos of cocaine
  97. Bronx School Evacuated
  98. Murder-Suicide leaves two dead in N.C.
  99. Warning: San Diego Violent Predator - Matthew Hedge Released!
  100. Body of 3-year-old girl found in Passaic River
  101. University of Georgia Professor Sought in Three Shootings
  102. Man flashed, tried to kidnap girls at school bus stop
  103. Twin Sisters Accused in Death of Invalid Mother
  104. Police Release Graphic Photograph in Hunt for 'Nail Gun' Killer
  105. Bags of bones found INSIDE tree trunk
  106. 4/27/09 NYPD Forensic Investigator Found Brutally Murdered in Her Apt
  107. Craigslist ad for sex and murder ends in meet with undercover cops
  108. Driver in crash lost license 78 times
  109. Deputies say man lied about son's abduction to recover motorcycle!!
  110. 3yr. old boy accussed of beating infant twin siblings.
  111. Police Raid Bar, Find 14-year old Topless Dancer
  112. Confessed Killer To Go Free - Florida
  113. Man did surgeries as a fake doctor, police say
  114. Rochas Drop Their Wrongful Death Lawsuit Against Scott Peterson
  115. Shooter protected by law, bf charged!
  116. Katy 12-year-old charged with murder in father's shooting
  117. Woman Convicted Of Murder Goes Home And Kills Herself After Hearing Verdict:
  118. Charges withdrawn in alleged rape of girl, 1
  119. Man knowingly exposes women met online to AIDS
  120. Murder Charges Dropped Against Stepfather In Jaycee Hardin' Death:
  121. CA- FOUND ALIVE! - 3 YO Boy Abducted During Robbery-Briant Rodriguez
  122. Lubbock, Tx. mom who put dead fetus in fridge to go on trial
  123. 2 Toddlers Found Shot in Gas-Soaked Home
  124. Another tragic family murder suicide. FL dad shoots wife, 2 children, self.
  125. Breanna M Schneller Wausau, Wisconsin Murdered
  126. Amber Alert: Three-year-old taken at gunpoint
  127. Texas police shake down drivers, lawsuit claims
  128. Murder Trial Of Mother Accused Of Starving Little Girl Delayed:
  129. Teen Arrested For Stabbing Sleeping Parents
  130. Gunmen abduct 3 year old from home
  131. The Death of Christopher Thomas, 13 months old
  132. Mother charged in '06 starvation death of 7-month-old daughter
  133. Pregnant Teen's Body Found In Woods
  134. Kansas Girl KAYLA BJORNDAHL Found in Mississippi River after reported missing
  135. CT police searching for shooting suspect on Wesleyan University campus
  136. Man hit six teens with car on purpose, SLC, Ut
  137. Charges Pending Against Man Who Tried To Gouge Out Jasper County Sheriffs Deputy Eyes
  138. 4 Children Find Their Mother Beaten to Death
  139. 3 men shot leaving a St. Louis nightclub 5/8/09
  140. Pedophile at my childs school!!!
  141. 2 kids, 2 adults hurt when vehicles shot up in Liberty Co.
  142. 97 year old woman raped in her home...
  143. Decomposing Body Found on Sherman Denison Border ~ Texas
  144. New Crime Show ... Dallas DNA
  145. Father Arrested in Stabbing Deaths of 2 Young Daughters
  146. 14 year old teen murdered while closing a food stand in St. Louis, 5/8/09
  147. Teen Accused of Abuse Starts Mother's Day Weekend in Jail
  148. Eldery couple found murdered in their New Orleans home- 5/10/09
  149. "You probably think I'm a monster"
  150. Naked suspect arrested in Washoe Valley shooting death
  151. Baby's Body found in trash- Mom sentenced to 2 1/2 yrs.
  152. TN - Police: Teen killed mother, sexually abused corpse
  153. CCSU Football players arrested after setting popcorn fire and tying doors shut
  154. Wolfeboro Mother of 5 Murdered
  155. 97 Year Old Woman Beaten to Death in Oakland
  156. Was 19 year Old Girl Kidnapped By Parents?
  157. 1-800 mattress wife murdered! 2 other children previously died.
  158. Driver with revoked license kills four year old
  159. 3 Dead in Double Murder-Suicide in Texas
  160. Father, son arrested on child porn charges
  161. Sex Offender Neil Rodreick, 29, Posed As 12-Year-Old Boy For Years
  162. 22 Years On Death Row...Exonerated by DNA
  163. FL- Inmate walks away from work release program and is now on the run
  164. California mom had sex with boys to keep them away from daughter
  165. Father Accused Of Eating Child's Eyes Out
  166. Our dear friend was murdered on Friday Morning :(
  167. Make Your Websleuths Pages Ad Free. This is Voluntary. No One Has To Pay This Fee!!!
  168. Mentally Disabled Forced Into 'Fight Club" At Corpus Cristi State School
  169. Could Be Stacy Peterson's or Lisa Stebic's
  170. Heather Strube Murdered in Target Parking Lot
  171. Yet another mother in FL to loathe
  172. Homicide investigates case of boy dead and girl injured in Oregon river
  173. Child abuse suspect at large
  174. UT - Kimberly Hain, 33, murdered in home in UT 05/22/09
  175. Veteran cop charged hit and run killed 13 yr old
  176. 17 Year Old Boy Charged With Double Murder:
  177. Woman Charged With Hurling Baby in Car Seat at Wal-Mart Employee
  178. Abigail Baughn-Asst. Principal murdered in her home
  179. Dad tattoos son
  180. Suspect in Girl's Rape, Murder Knew Family
  181. Rapist takes responsibility for actions
  182. "Nothing to fear" about 3 dead bodies Northampton, MA
  183. PA-Bonnie Sweeten, 38 and Julia Rakoczy,9, Upper Southampton
  184. Woman killed father over biscuit
  185. Severed Leg Washes Up at Sunoco Pier-New Jersey
  186. Body Found Buried in Backyard
  187. Springfield man, 'detained' by neighbors, arrested on child-enticement charges
  188. Neglected Russian Girl
  189. State Treasurer accused of spousal abuse
  190. Girl, 3, Accidentally Shoots and Kills 2-Year-Old Brother
  191. MO - Man Charged With Murder In Wife And Daughter's Disappearance 23 Years Ago
  192. Pizza Guy Helps Save Abducted Rape Victim
  193. NYC Teacher Accused of Classroom Sex With 14-Year-Old Student
  194. Man, two children-murder suicide-Hillsboro, Or
  195. France: Police arrest 90 in pedophile web swoop
  196. Murder/Suicide or not?? Omaha Case
  197. Saudis Behead, Crucify Convicted Child Molester, Murderer
  198. Wheelchair-Bound Man Found Beheaded
  199. Manhunt launched for 2 murders who escape from an Arkansas prison 5/29/09
  200. Abadoned newborn found in box in Ocala, baby ok!
  201. Abortion Doctor George Tiller, 67, murdered at his church in Kan., 5/31/09
  202. Billy Bob Thornton's Daughter Charged In Death Of A Baby
  203. NC Momster accused of burning handicapped daughter
  204. Billy Bob Thornton's Daughter Charged in Child's Death
  205. Richard Allen Davis- Death sentence upheld
  206. 20th Exoneree Greeted By Other Exonerees
  207. Operation Child Shield...Child Porn ring busted
  208. The face of Dom Violence-what happens when he is let out?
  209. Suspect in rape of 11 yr old beaten by neighbors
  210. Police: Man arranged for wife's rape
  211. Mother, son and child being babysat killed, ongoing situation?
  212. Fort Wayne unsolved murder case to get a new look
  213. DNA Frees Convicted Murderer...D.A. Will Re-try Him
  214. Did Son Allegedley Kill Mother For Relegious Reasons:
  215. Police looking for men who beat dog with machete
  216. Nevaeh Buchannon Found Deceased
  217. EMT charged with posting photo of corpse on Facebook
  218. 11 yo boy beaten by father on street
  219. Man on the loose - threatening to kill President Obama
  220. Two of the Webb's three children witnessed the murder
  221. Fired and Behind Bars, A Teacher Still Gets Paid
  222. Bronx teen confesses to roasting kitten
  223. Tanya Harden Murder Conviction Overturned
  224. Elder Abuse
  225. Breastfeeding Baby Ejected from Car During Accident
  226. Cops: Local Marine Dropped, Shook Baby 30+ Times
  227. NC- Minister Michael Smith found dead in his driveway 6/4/09
  228. Amish Woman Murdered in Her Home....
  229. Husband, not car jacker, charged in wife's death
  230. OR: Woman accused of killing pregnant woman; baby dies
  231. Driver Was Drunk...Really Drunk: Kills 9 Year Old Girl
  232. Dallas/ Fort Worth Area Mom Murders 12 Yr old, 13 Yr old Critical
  233. Mother, two sons dead after apparent murder-suicide
  234. AZ-Alacia Robinson, pregnant mother of five murdered
  235. AZ - Man arrested for allegedly fracturing girl's skull
  236. Police: Officers rescued boy during Pa. gun battle
  237. London, ON: Jennifer Sinn
  238. Missouri Man Charged With First Degree Murder In Wife's 1992 Death:
  239. Teenager and Grandparents Found Dead In Missouri Home:
  240. OH- Newborn baby boy found alive after being abandoned on the road 6/9/09
  241. Cats being mutilated and killed in miami-dade, fl
  242. at least two shot at the holocaust museum in DC
  243. Teen gets 100 years for child sex abuse
  244. RCMP gambles on 'terrifying' child kidnap warning
  245. Newborn baby found abandoned in Dallas apartment
  246. baby dumped in port a potty
  247. Minute Maid Park alcohol seller could lose a license
  248. Florida: 77 Arrested in Child Porn Sting
  249. Murder Conviction Of 20+ Years Overturned ... Insufficient Evidence
  250. 9 year old boy set on fire in 'prank'- Hammond, IN