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  1. Four in Custody after Body Found - MI
  2. Union, Ky., official, wife slain
  3. Girl, 6, Burned by Ma, Grams in Voodoo Ritual
  4. Fulton DA wants BMW (Hit and Run) driverís bond revoked
  5. Durham, NC - Jessica Ellis shot in her home
  6. Supreme Court...Inmates Don't Have a Right To DNA Tests
  7. Gracie Trentham
  8. FBI leads stepped up investigation into 2004 murder of Riley Fox
  9. 4 Year Old Girl Killed in UK - Alledged "Momster" Arrested
  10. Alberta: Katrina Effert Jury Deliberates
  11. Waurika (OK) Man Accused of Burning Wife
  12. Man And Three Children Found In Submerged Vehicle In New Mexico
  13. N.C. Man Charged With 45 Counts of Child Sexual Abuse
  14. Montclair,NJ woman forces girl to have sex with teen boys
  15. New Jersey Montclair woman forces girl to have sex with teen boys
  16. Three Life Sentences Based On Junk Science
  17. Denny's holdup fatal, 100 people there during robbery
  18. Man Pleads Not Guilty to Raping Stepdaughter, Fathering Child
  19. 911 Call: "Daddy killed Mommy."
  20. 3 Adults, Toddler Found Dead at Kansas City, KS Home
  21. Gretchen Grodin 11 month old murdered 9 years ago. Father found GUILTY
  22. Fort Hood: soldier stabbed to death by ex husband
  23. Dadís day horror: Father charged with beating son
  24. OK-Woman's Body Found In Elk City Lake
  25. Another female offender- 2 year old victim
  26. Man beats 18 month old to death for knocking over bassinet
  27. Elisabeth Hasselbeck accused of Plagiarism
  28. 'You Light Up My Life' writer indicted on sex charges
  29. Mother who left newborn in Wal-Mart toilet not guilty
  30. Shooting suspect is local Pastor
  31. Popular Iowa High School Coach Shot Dead
  32. Parents give 15 yr old drugs and OD's
  33. Man drives murder victim to police station
  34. Mom shoots man after he molested her daughter
  35. Convicted Killer "Maverick" Busted For Impersonating Cop In Missouri:
  36. Supreme Court... Defense Has A Right To Cross-Examine Forensic Experts
  37. Man found in car with toddler and naked preteen girl
  38. Missing Toddler - Jada Justice found dead
  39. Arkansas Supreme Court Reverses Murder Conviction Based On 5th Amendment & Coercion
  40. Sad Case That Shows That Drunk Drivers Need More Help.
  41. 6 year old girl escapes from her kidnapper while in leg shackles!!
  42. Dad lures son home, tries to kill him
  43. Man, Woman, Child found dead in backyard pool
  44. Tot, 2, beaten,killed and burned by mother's boyfriend
  45. OMG! Man Demands Sex From 17 Year Old For Lost Dog
  46. Police Arrest Teenage Rape Suspect
  47. Man Charged With Sexual Battery Of Child
  48. Police: Couple Forced Teen To Have Sex
  49. Man arrested for shooting man and dog with bb gun
  50. Update: Husband Charged With Murder Of Burned Wife
  51. Woman killed by attacker AND police
  52. Sarah Parks: Pregnant woman's death after fire ruled murder
  53. Caller tells mom where to find son's body
  54. BillyBob's Daughter Accused of Murdering a 2 YO AND she is Casey's New Neighbor
  55. 1 dead, 4 hurt in SoCal dental office shooting
  56. Body Found May Be Man Missing Since 2005
  57. Three murders, five days..Gaffney SC
  58. Raleigh woman faces child sex, drug charges
  59. Zebulon teacher charged with indecent liberties with student
  60. Major Drug Bust in Northern NY
  61. Two Missouri Teenagers Help Man Before They Found Out He Was A Wanted Murderer:
  62. Police: Infants locked in shed behind illegal day care in Sealy
  63. Montana man reports being shot by hitchhiker; wife dies
  64. Drug Addicted Hospital Worker Exposes Patients To Hepatitis
  65. Yogurt Shop Murderers Wrongfully Convicted ... Or Not?
  66. Woman accused of targeting girl, 9, with Craigslist ad
  67. Ex-NFL QB Steve McNair found shot to death in condo
  68. UK - Holly Agius, 14 months, Allegedly Poisoned By Momster
  69. Teacher's Aide Facing Even More Charges in Sex Abuse Case
  70. Police: Texas City dad locked chain around sonís throat
  71. Mass. Mom Accused Of Denying Son His Cancer Meds
  72. Wrongfully Convicted Of Raping A 9 Year Old Girl ... Or Not?
  73. We will be on the news tonight
  74. 12 shot at birthday party in Overtown (Miami)
  75. Self-Proclaimed "Prophet" Accused of Molesting Children
  76. Mickey Sherman Chat on Wednesday
  77. Man kills stepdaughter and leaves wife almost dead on driveway.
  78. Man Kills Teen, Wounds Woman And Child Over A Dog
  79. Explorer Henry Hudson - Was He Murdered?
  80. Two Former Death Row Inmates Relased ... Confessions Made During Torture
  81. Crazy Elderly Lady Beats Defenseless Fawn to Death with a Shovel
  82. Kids found alone in OC house with trash, maggots
  83. Double Murder-Suicide in N.C.
  84. More than 100 bodies dug up at cemetery-Plots resold
  85. Deputies: Man Puts Child In Headlock, Fatally Shoots Her
  86. Man sets co-worker on fire in Pocatello, Idaho
  87. Grandsons Charged with Beating & Urinating on their Grandmother
  88. Woman admits she falsely accused man of rape
  89. 25 Years to Life In Babysitter Murder
  90. 9-Year-Old Helps Stop Assault on Friend
  91. NC military police seek mother of abandoned baby
  92. N.C. couple, stopped for speeding and DWI, charged with woman's murder, Body in car
  93. Missing children identified in St. Petersburg manís collection of child pornography
  94. Woman disappears in skyscraper
  95. Hannah Montana, child porn & a Polk County principal
  96. 8 children found in home with dead parents, Florida
  97. Minnesota boy, 9, escapes kidnapper
  98. Couple who adopted 12 children slain
  99. Two human skulls discovered at a Bridgeport, Conn cemetery.
  100. WV - Human Skull found Jefferson County, WV
  101. New Judge Turns Minor Technicality Into Shocking Reversals Of Wrongful Convictions
  102. The 50 Most Infamous Female Teacher Sex Scandals
  103. Monster due to die in Va. electric chair 6/14/2009
  104. Former Jersey City boxer Arturo Gatti found dead in Brazil
  105. Scent Evidence ... Reliable Evidence Or Junk Science?
  106. Shelter Volunteer Facing Charges After Stealing 37 Cats Set to be Put to Sleep
  107. Man Blasts Porno Movie Sound Out Of His Window Toward Kids
  108. Police detain wife of former boxing champion Gatti
  109. 2 convicted murders/rapist escape from Ind. prison
  110. Parker, CO girl molested in her home
  111. Body found in house with woman, may be child
  112. Posters! Need Your Input on Possible Chat with Dr. Michael Stone
  113. Porn King's Son Held On Murder Charge
  114. Body of Homicide Victim Found Near GA World Congress Ctr.
  115. Baby cut from womb turns 1; a grandfather grieves
  116. 83yo rescues family from armed intruder - assailant at large!
  117. Carjacking, abduction, suspect still on the loose
  118. NJ Shootout leaves 5 cops wounded, 2 suspects dead
  119. Barbara Sheehan - Should She Go to Prison?
  120. Man Held In Wife's Death On Cruise Ship
  121. Dekalb Teacher arrested for fondling a student
  122. This Crime Is Soooooo Weird I Can't Even Describe It Here!
  123. Girl Bakes Kitten, Mocks Animal Lovers
  124. Girl, 5, found by sheriff, tells of abuse
  125. West Texas Nurses Indicted on Felony Charges for Reporting Doctor
  126. Car Burglar leaves note
  127. 6 people killed in Huntsville, Lincoln County, TN
  128. ATL - 2 Roommates Found Shot to Death
  129. Man once sentenced to death accused in kidnapping
  130. Operation FALCON made 1,196 arrests in North Carolinaís Eastern District in June
  131. Police Charge Man With Six Murders in Two-State Killing Spree
  132. Woman left beaten and naked on street
  133. Three more sick perverts arrested
  134. Armed Robbery at Portland Or Grocery Store
  135. Woman arrested for falsely reporting child missing to teach husband a lesson
  136. Infant Hospitalized After Being Bitten By Rats
  137. Bobby Cutts conviction upheld in Ohio appeals court
  138. VA Tech gunman's mental records found
  139. Santa Barbara, CA - 11yo escapes poss. predator!
  140. TX: 69 yr old Doctor arrested for child sex abuse
  141. OK-Ponca City: Possible Murder/Suicide
  142. Murder/Suicide Fort Lewis PX
  143. Byrd and Melanie Billings -Murdered
  144. CBS News: 300,000 Children and Teens are Lured into Prostitution
  145. TX Southern University; 6 shot and wounded in drive~by
  146. Major FBI Corruption Probe Nets Mayors In N.J. Over 30 Arrests!
  147. Double Murder in Austin, Texas
  148. Young boys sexually assult 8 yr old girl -- Family blames victim!!
  149. After three-day search, Jersey County nabs murder suspect
  150. Michael Vick Will Be Suspended Four Games For Fighting Dogs!
  151. Shannon Shepardson-44, Family Claims Murder
  152. Man pleads GUILTY to child rape, expresses remorse
  153. AR - Evangelist Preacher Tony Alamo Found Guilty On All Counts
  154. Daeívon Bailey 6YO-A dozen abuse calls made before his death
  155. Men confess to sex with 12-year-olds
  156. winnipeg teen accused of killing and dismembering dad
  157. Ex-'Idol' contestant struck, killed by car in NJ
  158. Deputies: Mother Kills Baby, Self
  159. FBI Nabs A Top 10 Fugitive Child Molester!!
  160. OH - Toddler and infant found in Trash Bin, Ohio
  161. Authorities Believe Jackson Doctor Gave Him Fatal Dose
  162. Man Sentenced to ONLY 24 Months for Death of Toddler
  163. Fight To The Death: 19 Arrested In Illegal Canary Fighting Ring
  164. Texas girl, 12, arrested in sex assault of four children, ages 4-7
  165. AL - Cops Taser a Deaf/Mentally Disabled Kid - Antonio Love, 37
  166. Finally a parent steps in to help his baby!!
  167. Dad Tossed Daughter Off Cliff to Avoid Child Support
  168. Jeff Pelley - IN - Guilty or Innocent?
  169. Judge Sorry for Stalkers Release
  170. Woman Charged After Locking Disabled 5 yo in 120 Degree Attic
  171. Amy Kuscmas calls her daughter while killer stands by
  172. Children, 4,3,2 and 1 home alone in filth
  173. 89 Y/O Man Found Beaten to Death in His Upper East Side, NYC Apt
  174. Arrest made in 1991 death of Camp Couselor in Pa
  175. Attorney for family of infant left in car asking public for compassion
  176. About To Be Killed, Mom Calls Daughter To Say Goodbye
  177. Arrest in Ď80 slaying of high school sweethearts- WI
  178. Horse slaughters have Miami on edge
  179. 72 yo Woman Brands Child With Hot Potato Masher
  180. Female "Sex Ring" Uncovered In Beggs, OK
  181. Mom Locked Toddler in Attic, Cops Say
  182. Overland Park KS Mother Charged, Baby Found in Refrigerator
  183. Slain BP Agent
  184. 28 Year Old Rape And Murder Wrongful Conviction Dismissed...Evidence Withheld
  185. Jack Sebastian Koller, 2 months, may not survive
  186. Family Saves Kidnapped Relatives
  187. Sheriff's deputy arrested on sex-abuse charges
  188. MN Mom Accused of Starving Disabled Daughter
  189. Children removed from rat infested home Indiana
  190. Murder Charges Filed In 1986 Death of Kathy Engle -OK
  191. Neighbors question foster agency after shooting
  192. Lubma Hussein will receive 40 lashes for wearing pants?
  193. Shootings in Pittsburgh Gym
  194. BSO missed signs of abuse of baby who died
  195. 7 Year Old Brought To Hospital Weighing 15 LBS
  196. Terrorits kidnap, torture boy to bully Iraqi policeman
  197. Father and son rape team
  198. SC~24 y/o found face down in creek..is it homicide?
  199. NJ pimp enslaved prostitutes
  200. The Economy Is Even Tough On Nigerian Scammers!!
  201. Teen Awakes From Bad Dream, Shoots Sister In Head 10 Times
  202. 5th Child Dies in California Police Chase Crash
  203. Pet Horses in Florida Butchered
  204. Nadia Gehl - 3 Arrested
  205. VA - 6 yr old tied up in bedroom for taking food
  206. Man guilty of groping Minnie Mouse at Disney
  207. Six accused cyber child predators jailed
  208. Oildale, CA: Restraining order didn't save woman's life
  209. CDS FRAUD - Make Madoff Look "Small-Time"
  210. 18 year old man tries to swap child porn for a car
  211. Saw this story today {link only}
  212. Convicted Tulsa Sex Offender Found With A 2-Year-Old Girl
  213. NC--Convicted offender charged with raping 5-year-old
  214. Who Killed Shannon Hercutt?
  215. Splendora police officer indicted for solicitation (of a 13 yr old) GRRRR!!!
  216. Mother strangles own daughter to get back at boyfriend
  217. Bones of Two Infants Found In Car Of Woman Charged With Killing Her Infant Daughter
  218. OK Rep Calls For Death Penalty For Repeat Child Molesters
  219. Nursing Assistant in MA charged with elder abuse
  220. Murderer Allowed Through Canadian Border To USA. He's One Skeery Dude!!
  221. Body of true crime author found
  222. 2 Bodies found in backyard in San Carlos Park, Lee County, Fl
  223. Another mom beating/starving her child
  224. Friend Drowns Mother and Daughter
  225. OH Man Reports Wife Missing Saturday - Body Parts Found at Their House
  226. Police Say Men Shot Mother And Attacked Child
  227. NJ-Morris Township mom strangled 4 year old
  228. B.C. boy found dead in apparent homicide: RCMP
  229. Georgia woman kidnapped.
  230. Katy ISD Police officer abducted by boyfriend.
  231. MA Baseball assistant charged with molesting 8 year old
  232. Autistic Boy Watched Parents get Killed
  233. Man 31 y.o. only gets 25 years for raping/impregnating 12 y.o.
  234. Another body found, possible Jennings murders connection
  235. MA Man beats and then stuffs 5 year old in a dryer
  236. Baby stabbed in biscuit brawl
  237. Man fathered daughters 2 kids and only gets 18 months??
  238. 17 year old girl says she murdered 30 men in Brazil
  239. AL-Mobile-Llewellyn Ashley Bowen-Teen accused of sexually abusing 8 y.o. may flee U.S
  240. 'Boulder Jane Doe' suspect living in Australia
  241. Police charge 12-year-old Syracuse girl with prostitution
  242. NYC man killed 4 of girlfriend's cats
  243. Remains Of Several Infants Found In Texas
  244. Courtland Smith UNC Frat President Shot by police
  245. OK - Carol Daniels, 61, found murdered inside her church, 8/24/09
  246. Prominent Houston doctor murdered in home UPDATE: Arrests Made
  247. Mom Arrested After Baby Found Bitten, Dead
  248. Missing Mother And Daughter's Vehicle Found, But Where Are Louise And Christina Bisho
  249. California School Explosion
  250. Man Wanted In One Of Country's Largest Human Trafficking Cases