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  1. AL-Mobile-Llewellyn Ashley Bowen-Teen accused of sexually abusing 8 y.o. may flee U.S
  2. 'Boulder Jane Doe' suspect living in Australia
  3. Police charge 12-year-old Syracuse girl with prostitution
  4. NYC man killed 4 of girlfriend's cats
  5. Remains Of Several Infants Found In Texas
  6. Courtland Smith UNC Frat President Shot by police
  7. OK - Carol Daniels, 61, found murdered inside her church, 8/24/09
  8. Prominent Houston doctor murdered in home UPDATE: Arrests Made
  9. Mom Arrested After Baby Found Bitten, Dead
  10. Missing Mother And Daughter's Vehicle Found, But Where Are Louise And Christina Bisho
  11. California School Explosion
  12. Man Wanted In One Of Country's Largest Human Trafficking Cases
  13. "Young Foster Kids Found Hitchiking in 'Escape' Attempt"
  14. 5 girls allegedly abused by sitter in Indiana
  15. 2 VA TECH students shot and killed
  16. Murder Suspect Lashes Out At WFTV Reporter--Kathi Belich
  17. 2 Virginia Tech Students Found Murdered in the Woods
  18. 3 people found murdered inside Florida home- Manhunt underway.
  19. Blackberry Saves Kidnapped Woman
  20. Court rules new evidence will be heard in Polk murder
  21. Rolling Stone Brian Jones 1969 death might have been murder
  22. Couple charged with felony child abuse after dog chews off baby's toes
  23. U.S. Pedophiles Nabbed in Cambodia Sex-Tourist Sting
  24. Child abusers arrested
  25. Amber Maccurdy - Another child, another missed chance?
  26. CANADIAN BOY DAKOTA HUNTER - Bullied for Years and now Murdered
  27. Man slaps stranger's baby in Walmart
  28. Former Ontario Attorney General Charged in Couriers Death - TORONTO, CANADA
  29. Winnipeg teen 'hero' saves baby from sidewalk bashing
  30. Texts Lead to Tragedy in Michigan
  31. 3-year-old Conroe boy dies within week of CPS visit
  32. Shooting at California community college
  33. CA- 14 and 17 year old found dead with their throats slashed in North Hollywood home.
  34. Ex-Con Just Released Accused Of Raping Woman
  35. A sex offender was escorted of the campus of a middle school....:(
  36. Fire chief shot by cop in Ark. court over tickets
  37. School Psychologist Raped, Tortured Son for 18 Years
  38. 10 & 12 Year Old Brothers Admit To Vicious Sexual Attack On 2 Boys
  39. GA: Pastor killed by plainclothes detectives in drug sting
  40. Molester gets 330 years to life in prison
  41. Nun Charged with DWI on Long Island, NY
  42. Body of Pennsylvania Boy Found in Septic Tank, Suspect in Custody
  43. Girl lured boy to his death :(
  44. 2-year-old, 3 others dead in La. murder-suicide
  45. Nun Charged With DUI
  46. Convicted sex offender murdered in Cincinnati 9/6/09
  47. California Woman Charged With Kissing 6-Year-Old
  48. Skeletal remains found near Pueblo, CO
  49. TX - Cameron Willingham ... Wrongfully Executed, 2004
  50. 11 Month old Baby in SC Molested before Death
  51. Crime in Rocky Mount, N.C.
  52. DNA clears man convicted of rape and murder at the age of 15
  53. 9 Women Trapped in Hoax Reality Show Filmed for Internet Porn
  54. Mom Found Long-Lost Son Online, Raped Him
  55. 50 year Old Man Will Possibly be Charged with Rape/Murder in Juvenile Court
  56. 8 yr old Left to die, victim of brutal abduction, rape now seeks justice 19 yrs later
  57. Ut, 5 or 6 year old girl assaulted and found in neighbors yard.
  58. Wheelchair-Bound Man Raped
  59. Florida Man Murders GF's One Year-Old
  60. Lawman attacked for dating Native American woman
  61. WV Police Officer Shot and Killed
  62. Abduction Alert-TX: Mirella Collazo (WF, 15 y/o)
  63. Marina, Le Mans France. Missing found dead.
  64. Pregnant Teen shot and Killed at Bus Stop
  65. Bakersfield To Pay 5M$ For Wrongful Conviction
  66. student kills burglar with samurai sword...
  67. Son Hugs Mom, Then Stabs Her
  68. Woman Beaten, Possibly Racially Motivated
  69. Grandfather Kills 6 Year Old Over Watermelon
  70. White student beaten mercilessly by black students, police say no racial motivation
  71. Mother stabs herself and 2 young daughters in botched murder-suicide
  72. CA-2 Kids, Man Found Dead in 'Gruesome' Homicide
  73. Elderly Man Brutally Beaten - Salem, Oregon
  74. The Preacher and the Porn Star: Ex-Adult Actress Felicia Lee Murdered by Preacher BF
  75. Prosecutors say Hofstra student fabricated rape charge
  76. Eyewitness Errors Cause Huge # Of Wrongful Convictions
  77. California Pastor Gets Life Term for Beating Drugging Adopted Daughters
  78. Milwaukee Police Manufactured Evidenced To Gain A Wrongful Conviction
  79. FL--Woman, 5 Kids Found Dead, Husband Sought
  80. UK, Teacher Jailed for Pupil Affair
  81. NJ Cops: Porn, cuffs, body bag found in accused child kidnapper's home
  82. Woman in critical condition after being set on fire
  83. Tresa Rains - Charged With Murder Of Her Baby
  84. Convicted Sex Offender Facing New Charges Released
  85. John Tyler Teacher Killed In School Stabbing
  86. Authorities in NY, MA, and CT Link 1995 Shootings
  87. Braeden Gardner-Another Abused/Murdered Child
  88. Saw this link
  89. Census Worker Killed in Rural KY
  90. Jacksonville, NC - Marine kills wife, calls 911 2 days later
  91. Bonnie Bergin-Murdered in Lakewood, CO-July 2009
  92. Sheriff's police raid dog-fighting ring at day care home
  93. Texas terror suspect arrested
  94. Newport News Couple charged with sexual assault of a child
  95. VA Man leaves 1 year old and 4 year old home alone
  96. Felon Awaiting Sentencing Walks Away
  97. Jamie Harney - IN - 3 Young Children Find Mother Brutally Beaten
  98. MOUNT AIRY-MARYLAND: Two adults, two children found dead in home
  99. John Allen Muhammad to be executed Nov 10
  100. Mary Ann Humphrey murdered in Douglasville, GA convenience store
  101. Grand Jury Indicts Former Columbia, MO Funeral Director For Unlawful Practices:
  102. Former Church Camp Director Charged With Sex Offenses Involving Kids:
  103. Long-Secret Oklahoma City Bombing Tapes Released
  104. Man Arrested After Climbing Into SF Zoo Bear Exhibit
  105. Police hunt missing girl, 13, missing with 22-year-old man she met over the internet
  106. Three charged with murder in beating death of Chicago Teen
  107. Man gets prison for killing and feeding father to coyotes, who sexually abused him
  108. B.C. billionaire busted in sex-worker 'struggle'
  109. Sister makes public plea for help in brother's unsolved murder Portland, Ore
  110. Doisy murder Suspect,Johnny Wright,arrested after requesting bkgrnd ck at PD in GA
  111. P.G. man indicted in child sex trafficking case
  112. Elizabeth Smart testifies against Brian David Mitchell
  113. Sarah Widmer - murder or natural death?
  114. Grandfather murdered; 11 year old girl beaten and sexually assaulted
  115. 2 female paedophiles and 1 male plead guilty to abuse
  116. Attempted child abductions in MD
  117. Letterman: I faced extortion over sexual affairs
  118. CO-Barbara Irish-53, Gunned down in AT&T employee parking lot
  119. Radio Show on Roman Polanski
  120. 2 more FLORIDA parents "Do stupid things"
  121. Caregiver Threatens To Behead Elderly Womans Cat
  122. Jada Harper----A Story Of Love.....And Kindness!:
  123. Arrest Made In ESPN Nude Tapes
  124. Woman didn't realize 2nd cold medicine purchase violated drug laws
  125. 12 Year Old Allegedly Kills Baby Cousin
  126. Baby Found Dead in Dumpster
  127. Two Death Row Inmates Forever Free...Prosecutorial Misconduct
  128. "A.J." former fiance of Housewives of Atlanta Kandy-Dead
  129. BPD officers claims of rape dismissed by judge
  130. Dad Tells Gang Who Kidnapped Son, 6, 'Just Kill Him'
  131. 2 Winston Salem NC cops shot, wounded in chase
  132. Gun-toting soccer mom is shot dead
  133. UCLA Student stabbed by Student in Lab
  134. MO Man Charged In Murder-For-Hire Plot To Kill His Parents:
  135. Punishment for those who pervert the course of Justice.
  136. A Great Way To Ensure A Much Longer Sentence.
  137. CA-Wife saved from kidnapping, search for shot husband underway
  138. Child Rapist pleads guilty in MA
  139. Breaking news---developing: Triple homicide in laclede county, mo:
  140. Rat Strangled over last Cig
  141. FL - Child Dies After Beating For Not Eating, Soiling Pants
  142. Rape Alledged At Oklahoma Governors Mansion
  143. Tennessee Woman Arrested for Facebook 'Poke'
  144. DNA leads to rape suspect after 19 years, FBI says
  145. Juveniles laughed after setting 15-year-old on fire
  146. Convict From Southwest Missouri Indicted For Threatening President Obama:
  147. Man charged with CAPITAL murder in death of infant
  148. Breaking news! CO-Boy Floats Away In Homemade Balloon Craft Urgent search underway
  149. Amish Couple Facing Charges Related To Sexual Abuse Of Their Daughters:
  150. Police: California Mom Kills Son, Critically Wounds Another
  151. U. of Connecticut football player Jasper Howard stabbed to death on campus 10/17/09
  152. Woman wants to lift protection order on boyfriend attacker
  153. CO - Colorado Balloon Boy Hoax #2
  154. 28 Years in Prison ... Dewey Bozella Wins Right To 3rd Trial
  155. Acid attack victim bravely shows her face
  156. Mother Gets 70 Years for Starving Twins clayton county,ga
  157. Winner of Big Brother busted for selling oxycodone
  158. Somer Thompson missing from N FL...
  159. VA Home Invasion Victim shot with crossbow
  160. Newborn baby found alive in trashcan Jacksonville Florida 10/20/09
  161. Man Makes Coffee Naked in His Own House- Passerby Presses Charges.
  162. Taney County, MO, Woman Charged With Masquerading As Registered Nurse:
  163. Former Reserve Cop Accused Of Drugging, Raping And Shaving Friend
  164. Another forgiving woman ends up murdered by abuser
  165. Son Arrested For Murder Of Both Parents- Utah
  166. West Virginia Woman Recants Story About Attack.
  167. ER Actor busted in Oxycodone peddling sting
  168. NC~Misty Carter 21 found Oct 19th roadside on the Blue Ridge Parkway
  169. Man accused of sex with baby (mother allegedly participated)
  170. Nightstalker Named as Suspect in 1984 Slaying of 9 yr old Mei Leung
  171. MA Alert- 3 Attempted Abductions- Same individual?
  172. Mom claims 2 year old smothered 11 month old
  173. NJ- Rev. Edward Hinds, 61, murdered
  174. Mace Incident with Child - Real?
  175. Jayden Lenescar 4 YO Killed- Mother & Borfriend Charged
  176. Man Turns Foster Child Into Prostitute
  177. TX- Child Molester Gets 80 Life Sentences
  178. Is Texas Ready To Execute Another Wrongfully Convicted Person?
  179. Father and Neighbor beat molester of 3 yr old
  180. Sex Offender In Jail After Posting Bizarre Videos
  181. Teen charged after man found dead in Metro-East motel room
  182. FBI: 50 Children Rescued From Prostitution in National Sting
  183. Two Men ... Wrongfully Convicted Of Murder ... Released
  184. Baxter County, AR, Man Held on $250,000 Bond After Assault on His Wife With an Axe:
  185. Church of Scientology convicted of Fraud in France...
  186. Fla. teen allegedly kills brother over computer
  187. Child sex trafficker sentenced to 50 years in Jacksonville case
  188. SO attacks woman in MGH bathroom, bystander comes to her rescue
  189. RI motorist drives with victim on the windshield.
  190. Court upholds man's 4,060-year sentence in child sex abuse case
  191. Mother and 15 Year old son -Double homicide in Cape Girardeau
  192. US man convicted of scuba death of wife in BVI
  193. Reward increased in Jennings, LA serial murder investigation
  194. Gunman shoots two at L.A. synogogue
  195. Wrongfully Convicted Man Setlles 3.9M$ Lawsuit
  196. WA - Man, ex-wife guilty of rape of their 4 year old on webcam
  197. Important Message From True Crime Author Dawna Kaufmann/Elizabeth Smart Case
  198. Brumley man arrested for child abuse, infant in hospital
  199. Authorities In Bonne County, Arkansas Say Couple Kept Their Kids Prisoners....Chained
  200. B.C. police seek serial groin-kicker after series of attacks
  201. NC- 4 shot to death in Mt. Airy 11/01/09
  202. LA - New Orleans Plastic Surgeon found stabbed to death in his home 10/31/09
  203. 4 year old found dead in a clothes dryer Nov. 2, 2009
  204. NBA Ref's Decide The Outcome Of Games - Per Tim Donaghy
  205. Police: Suspect linked to 11 rapes in Texas, New Mexico
  206. Arkansas Lawyer Busted For Allegedly Selling Meth Out Of Office:
  207. 14-year-old boy inflicting terror on a local neighborhood
  208. NYC Detective Drunk driver kills a Grandmother collecting bottles NYC
  209. 64 yr old Nun murdered in Navajo, NM on Rez Federal & Tribal Investigators
  210. Lake Park Fl woman identified found murdered in the Keys
  211. Fayetteville, NC Murder-suicide Father kills wife and two children
  212. Alexis Oesterle - found dead at home behind shed - Indiana
  213. Owensville girl shot in head, dies
  214. Father kidnaps killer of his daughter
  215. Meth lab discovered in home day care - OCEAN SPRINGS, MS
  216. Palm Bay, FL man Kidnapping unravels sex-slave scheme
  217. SC man gets 3 years in prison for sex with horse
  218. Closing arguments wrap up in NJ 'fat defense' case
  219. 11 Yr Old NM boy charged with murder in father's death
  220. Vernell Loggins charged w/ dismembering girlfriend
  221. Judge says 'enough is enough'- Man gets life for raping child
  222. Lakeland Baby Starves to Death
  223. Pittsburgh, baby found dead in trash in apartment
  224. LA couple arrested on multiple sex charges
  225. MO-Carol Thomas-23, kidnapped and murdered, 4 arrested
  226. Mass Shooting at Ft. Hood 11-5-09
  227. HLN reporting 8 people shot in Florida highrise
  228. Bryan Able, LE Student, murders a cat in OH
  229. Dad of the year burns son for wetting bed
  230. 13-Year-Old Kidnapped, Raped & Injected With Meth
  231. Joe Neff (my dad) unsolved murder 14 May 2009 -no leads
  232. Framed for child porn - by a PC virus
  233. Framed for Child Porn by Computer Virus
  234. NM - Two Charged in Woman's Gruesome Murder
  235. New York Mom Accused Of 'Concentration Camp' For Dogs
  236. DC Sniper to be Executed 11/10
  237. Texas throws the book at child sex offenders
  238. Found after 30 years...
  239. Nelson: Death penalty trial begins
  240. 2 dead, several injured in Oregon office shooting 11.10.09
  241. 5 Family Members Arrested In Connection w/Child Sex Crimes
  242. Japan bathtub murder suspect held
  243. DCF Employee Molested Girl, 7
  244. S.C. Educators charged in abuse of autistic children
  245. Former Neosho Band Teacher Charged With Sex Crimes Involving Students:
  246. Kansas City, MO; six kids find their mother Halima Ismail dead at home
  247. LAPD asks for public's help in search for acid torture rape suspect
  248. Portland Teen Saves Child from Abusing Dad
  249. Man Wrongfully Convicted Of Murder Cleared After 18 Years
  250. Oregon man convicted of sex abuse of toddlers